Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/23/2013 – Judah Friedlander, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/23/2013 – Judah Friedlander, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Judah Friedlander, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Recorded 07-19-2013 – Release Date 07-23-2013

Production Number #1126

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Adam is opening the first show of night 2 from Caroline’s in NYC, Judah Friedlander is making his return to the podcast for his 2nd appearance and BB has an excellent #TopDrop from the Aceman himself.

Adam is now building up his “pre-nap” story to see if the gang agrees his latest ordeal was worth the nap, Adam’s now breaking down the blow by blow of his travels and asking about the misery index in the city caused by the extreme heat.

Adam is joking with Judah about not being bothered by the heat and now Alison is sharing an offstage conversation with BB to ask if Judah is really not bothered but he’s now going after an audience member instead of earnestly answering the question.


Adam is back to the events of last night and earlier in the day, including an appearance on Artie’s show along with Opie and Anthony.

Adam has a great time travel joke while describing his 19min nap before O and A.

Adam and Judah are both remarking on the rules regarding pumping gag in New Jersey, Adam is a huge fan of the policy and prefers it to Los Angeles.


Adam was what Alison describes as a street team meeting, Adam is describing how he was briefing a group of people who will be serving Mangria.

Judah is sharing the detail of Mexico surpassing the United States when it comes to obesity, taking the number #1 spot.

Adam and Alison are talking about dine in theater and now Adam is telling the gang about his Mangria signing event.


Adam is telling them about the growler of beer and Hungarian lunch that left him totally ready for that aforementioned nap.

Adam is claiming he was actually trying to convince the woman who cooked the meal to come out and make him Hungarian food in California.

Adam is joking about why his knowledge of Hungarian names isn’t impressive and he has a great American name equivalent to make his point, very funny.


Adam is now joking about the infamous photo of his parents that can be found via the show page above or in your very own copy of Not Taco Bell Material.

Adam is sharing how the fact that his Grandfathers name was spelled the same way backwards and forwards provided him with endless entertainment in his pre 8-bit youth.

They’re now joking about his Grandpa’s last name being used for a character and Judah is riffing it.


Adam is explaining how they found this great Hungarian restaurant after he demands they return tomorrow to Mike August.


Audience Questions

1st question from Johnathan, he wants to know Adam’s first big purchase upon becoming a millionaire.

Adam is telling him about his first house purchase and his 3 year old Nissan Maxima that he still thought was almost too much car for him, how time changes things.

Adam is telling Judah about his fuel cutoff toggle switch he installed in his old mini pickup truck and he’s topping it off with his brown spray painted Sony car stereo.


Adam is now sharing the details of how he was pulled over despite all of his white privilege and how the cops ended up admiring his handwork to prevent crime.

Judah is telling Adam to write a book, a “MANual” of sorts telling people how to do these types of small tricks, Adam’s got a great tampon string analogy to help make sense of it for Alison.

Adam’s now back to his house purchase and how everyone told him in 1996 that 350k$ under the Hollywood Sign was a mistake after only doing one season of MTV Loveline.


Adam is describing how depressed he was after tearing the house apart and how Jimmy Kimmel asking why he didn’t just tear the place down.

Adam is sharing the rarely told details of how he couldn’t afford the fancy appliances after spending his last penny rebuilding the house.

Adam is now sharing some rules of life and Alison wants to know who thought Adam was a good bet at that point and agreed to lend him cash, Adam is claiming he did a “lease to own”.


2nd question from Alex, he’s thinking about dating a girl from work and wants advice.

Hilarious joke from Adam about how people will end up finding out if he ends up dating her, Adam is now going off on the nature of company Christmas parties.

Adam and BB are remarking on how it’s a bad sign when they eliminate plus ones for holiday parties.


Adam is joking about Judah being with Tina Fey and Judah has a couple excellent follow up jokes.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the L.A. artist who has made piece of art composed of colored fly vomit and shit.

Adam is predicting a pissed off dad somewhere in the Midwest and wants to hear the description he gives to his coworkers about his son and his profession.

Alison is reading the details of how the art was created and BB is sharing some nice trivia from 1986’s The Fly remake.


Adam is saying he’s topped off on art and doesn’t need any more being created and now Judah is telling the gang about his art and desire to create.

Judah is proclaiming Adam’s genius inventions as art and calling for his brown painted radio to be displayed in a museum.


Alison is joking about him not being a real artist because he didn’t attempt to recreate the Sistine chapel and now Adam is riffing about how tricky it must’ve been to paint from that perspective.

Hilarious one man improv, comedy gold!

Adam has now added “The Sixteenth Chapel” to his list of long misunderstood phrases and titles.


2nd story is about the school in San Diego offering Yoga classes, it’s a follow up about parents protesting their children being taught “eastern religion”.

Alison is explaining how the classes have been stripped off all culture and now Adam is inventing Frozen Yoga, hilarious counter program to Bikram Yoga.

This is great, Adam’s on a crazy hilarious roll, complete with partial frozen jizz mustache, great Mr. Freeze guest instructor one liner to boot.


Adam is bringing up Artie Lange not knowing of FroYo last year on that very stage and Judah is sharing his dislike for “Totes”.

Adam is running the “Curb” abbreviation by Judah and asking him if people ever abbreviate 30 rock.

Alison is sharing her “awesome sauce” experience with Kevin Rahm on her podcast ARIYNBF, Adam wasn’t familiar with that phrase or its spiritual cousin “Amaze Balls”.


3rd story is on the death of the inventor of the computer mouse, they’re joking about his name and Adam claims he should have named it after himself, much like “Bob Jacuzzi”.

Adam is sharing his art of “Spunk Shui” and how it came about.

Judah is sharing how he was caught masturbating and Adam is now explaining he’s the exact opposite of the kind of parent who wants to catch his kids doing stuff.


Adam is sharing one of the most infamous Classic Loveline calls, that led to his invention of the in cheek cyanide tablet for emergency situations after witnessing his kids engaged in activities he doesn’t want to witness.

Alison is commenting on the computer mouse being on its way out, being replaced by touchpads and screens.


4th story is on Twinkies returning to store shelves in a smaller size.

Adam is now commenting on the Mexican “Bimbo” products and Adam wants to know if there is a gayer mascot on earth when compared to “Twinkie the Kid”, Adam’s description breaking him down is brilliant!

They’re now listing off various other possibly gay mascots and Alison is sharing how much they’ve reduced the new Twinkies.


5th story is about 600 people in ponchos who gathered to make the largest human playing card.

Adam is on a hilarious riff explaining this is why the terrorists hate us, Judah is now weighing in on the appearance of all the attendees.

Adam is asking about the artist who would do large installations and the audience is now hooking Adam up with an assist.

They’re now talking about the work of “Christo”.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read for complete with a plug for Joe Rogan’s podcast and a description of his MMA cage along with what it was like to do the show.

Adam is giving the plugs and now wrapping the show.