Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/22/2015 – John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/22/2015 – John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and David Wild

Recorded 07-21-2015 – Release Date 07-22-2015

Production Number #1621

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Adam opens the show with a “going into seven years thanks to you” intro, BB plays Lynette’s new drop as today’s #TopDrop and Adam is now riffing about ‘Hard Locks’ a parody TV show in response to David Wild’s quick comments.

David is making his 89th appearance and Adam is commenting on the racism among Barcelona football fans and he says you know there is no god because they won the world cup the year it was getting media attention that they threw bananas at black players.

Adam references the Chris Borland story and explains that his father’s connection to money helps makes sense of him walking away from that contract so easily.


David brings up The Eagles and Adam is mocking ‘The Heat Is On’ and ranting about the horrors of super shitty 80’s song.

David comments on the music from the 1980’s that sounds different than previous decades.

Adam is commenting on the 1979 and 1980 era of music pre-MTV and Adam is mocking the groan syntho puss rock.


David comments on how video killed the radio star and they’re talking about Jeff Lynne, BB asks Adam what artists from the era of whiny rock he likes, he mentions some surprising artists.

Adam is mocking ‘People are People’ and the shitty drum breakdown in the song, Adam explains he loves ‘Duran Duran’ and says it’s not their fault he doesn’t like large portions of their musical work/art.

Adam blames the cocaine and producers of the era, David is now dropping some music knowledge and they’re talking about ‘Squeeze’ and Adam shares his love for ‘Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)’


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

You could probably rape him if you had to, by the side of the road – Adam on Matt Fondiler as the ideal Uber driver.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he’s got a nice ‘Adam Carolla’ pool game bit, Gina is now sharing a story of her 5 weeks to take the Mensa IQ test.

Gina is now explaining that her score was much higher than she ever imagined, she was under the impression she was dumb and Adam is trying to reconstruct her education and get to the truth.

Adam is commenting her college career, Adam is trying to make a point about the dumber kids he knows who couldn’t even get into a state school.


Adam is trying to recall if Gina took the SAT’s and she confesses to a low 2.0 GPA.

Gary gets on mic and explains how state schools view grades, Adam is asking her about her parents and if they ever made her feel inadequate.

Adam thinks that perhaps her parents support left her in a different form of a trap.


Adam says that school is like a sport and comments on Wayne Gretzky sucking at basketball, he would suck at sports if we only had basketball.

Adam comments on his lack of options, Adam is asking her about her IQ and David is asking her more info.

Gary tells them the score is above 132 for genius level intellect and Gina explains how official the tests are, Adam wonders how this was done 30 years ago.


Adam jokes about Sumo camp in reply to Gina’s information, she explains she was invited to Mensa and got a card, she says she was prepared to not make it.

They go back to Mike, he wants to know about Adam doing more bits with Kevin and Bean, he comments on his allegiance with them.

Mike is asking about their latest bit, Adam is telling people to embrace opportunity and comments on how he’s broadcast for 500k+ people and needs to come up with a 6-7min standup routine, he says he uses that material for his books.


Adam is sharing his “Alaskan Badge” reality show idea to bust criminals in Alaska, Adam is asking him about his job and how he protects Eagles.

Adam comments on his years of exposure to asbestos and his mom’s take on microwaves, white bread, white flour etc.


Adam says that at some point his mother was getting her house torn apart, it had terrible shingles over the redwood roof.

Adam comments on the asbestos particles and the reality of actual danger vs. fake danger, Adam was happy when she was spending cash on this fake nonsense after her years of preaching about the standard hippy fears regarding modern life.

Adam is commenting on his mother’s old home, they’re checking out the old photos and BB has a hilarious “Noooo!” reaction to his mom’s bedroom.


Adam is mocking his history of “white privilege” and he says this is why he has a unique perspective, he knows what it’s like to be poor, Adam does too know what it’s like.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read thanks to BB


Adam is asking for his sister’s room and comments on the remaining photos, David is offering some funny follow up about the photos.

Adam is sharing another animated segment from his most recent book ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ where Adam talks about the bouncy castle he put over the pool.


2nd Caller Zoltan, he’s a bit pressured in his speech telling them about a recent buffet experience and Adam is now asking what’s sadder, he mentions the fat guy on bicycle built for two or guy in a wheelchair pushing himself across the road with his feet.

Adam is back to the scene Zoltan described.

Adam is commenting on the new doggy area being added to JFK and he explains his take on dogs being brought into inappropriate areas.


3rd Caller Andy, he’s a huge fan and comments on Adam’s various predictions and explains something he saw, Adam is commenting on the blending of the genders and how it’s not going to end up where the people hope it is.

Adam says that if you’re different that must mean you hate everyone different than you, Adam is commenting on how anyone of any race or gender can make good policy decisions for other people.


Adam is using the governments of impoverished nations to make a point about being governed by someone who represents your community.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

They’re heading to break, Adam teases the arrival of John and Jonathan.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up with David Wild.


They’re back from break with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein making their ACS debuts, Adam and John Francis Daily probably don’t know about their ‘Freaks and Geeks’/Loveline connection.

Adam is asking them about their new ‘Vacation’ film and he describes the scene he saw, John and Jonathan are talking about the custom car in the movie.

Adam asks them about Chevy Chase, he’s shocked to hear him described as “a delight” and they can’t say anything about the new Spiderman movie, Adam is riffing up a storm as Jonathan enjoys his Mangria.

Adam is now riffing about Angry Spiderman, perhaps played by Adam.


Adam is asking them about the ‘National Lampoon’ branding they chose to go without, Adam plugs the movie and asks them about their other projects.

Adam and BB are asking them about Burt Wonderstone and he comments on the “friends of his mom” who work in comedy development.

John Francis Daley is backing up Adam’s point explaining their role for studio projects as the writers, Adam is asking about the comedy completion for their film.


John and Jonathan both agree it’s a movie meant to be seen in theaters, Adam shares his “2nd date theory” and how he knows the crawl under season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ clue him in that there will be another season.

Adam describes their career trajectory as a 2nd date with anal.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a Florida gun shop owner who has declared his business a “Muslim free zone” and Jonathan has a funny idea, Adam is now asking if we’re at the point where this is purely done to generate publicity.

Adam riffs about the camel shit all over his building from the line of Muslims waiting to get in, Adam is asking about the single and dual hump camels.


2nd Story is on the decision to allow Uber drivers and passengers at LAX, BB explains why this is a huge deal.

Adam has a killer “not when I’m in charge” one liner about Muslim cabbies in his future overlord scenario.

Adam is now ranting about cab drivers being put out of business, Adam is now sharing his idea for cab drivers to carry water behind the Uber car.


3rd Story is on the death of a man in Demi Moore’s pool, she was out of the country and Gina has the details, they’re talking about whether you change the water if someone dies in it.

Adam jokes about using bedsheets as body handling materials, to dispose of corpses, Adam jokes about the pool water now being “lucky” and the odds of another person drowning is next to impossible.

Adam says he’s never signed off on the notion of Demi Moore being hot, Adam is describing how much like Britney Spears she was able to get the most out of her limited natural aspirated beauty engine.


Adam is asking about the Demi Moore freak-out story, he comments on the assistant who would rather someone die rather than mention she was 49 years old.

Adam is commenting the fear of people to share the details of celebrity emergencies on 911 calls, Adam is saying that a lawyer should be on this.

Jonathan is weighing in with some legal expertise, Adam thinks someone is bound to die and BB is now weighing in on the hot or not status of Demi Moore.


Adam is asking about her fake tits, now they’re playing the 911 call for Demi Moore.

Adam is commenting on the eventual death of Leonardo DiCaprio surrounded by whores in a hot tub, Jonathan is sharing the real problem with the medical industry.

Gina is offering a police argument for not sharing police body cam footage.


4th Story Is on the Awesome Foundation, she has some examples and now Adam is joking about starting a competing foundation where he just tells everyone there idea is the gayest one they ever received and they were getting only rejection letter they ever wrote.


5th Story is on fried food being removed from Naval ships, Adam is riffing about Denny’s islands and Adam is now riffing about all of the obesity awareness themed advertisements.

Adam jokes about ordering his son green apple slices at ‘Jack in the Box’ he would feed them up his ass next time he took a nap.

Adam is crushing it and the guests are getting in some very funny one liners and solid tags.

Adam is joking about Davey jones locker and references ‘Pearl Harbor’ the movie.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Gina the certified Genius drives a Mazda 3


6th Story is on China’s “no face” day, she has the details and Adam is asking some follow up questions, John Francis has a funny question and Adam asks if this isn’t going to turn into rob a liquor store day.

Adam is joking about this becoming akin to Halloween, where everyone puts their mask to the side after 15min of trick or treating.

Gina is wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a NEST smoke alarm live read

Adam is talking about envelope houses and the notion of “thermal bridges” for constructing a perfect house.

Adam is giving out the plugs, he asks John about his Mangria, hits the plug for the movie again and closes out the show.