Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/22/2013 – Artie Lange, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/22/2013 – Artie Lange, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Artie Lange, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Recorded 07-18-2013 – Release Date 07-22-2013

Production Number #1125

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Adam is opening the first of 5 of their annual ACS Live from Caroline’s Extravaganza with a brilliant intro from Lynch and Dawson.

Artie Lange is on stage making his 5th appearance on the podcast, his 6th on stage with Adam if you count the Not Taco Bell Material live stage event.

Adam is going off on the jet way/bridge between aircraft and arriving gates at the airport, Alison agrees and they’re remarking on the extreme heat upon landing and how unwelcoming it is.


Adam is now going off on the flight out to NYC and remarking how he always goes off on the dumb “extra cop talk”, he’s connecting it to the sing-songy TSA woman listing off the entire list of pocket possibilities.

Adam is now joking about packing a suitcase being a euphemism, comedy gold!


Adam is now getting Artie to walk them through his first meeting with his fiancé, Adam is stepping in to flesh out some of the details from her perspective, funny.

Adam is connecting Artie’s fiancé’s claim that she didn’t recognize Artie to Karl Malone’s wife and her claims about actually thinking he was a mailman.

Adam and Artie are now riffing about having the genitals of Karl and now Wilt Chamberlain, weird yet hilarious tangent, Alison has a great “Friends” reference and now they’re on a Gunther Tangent, gold!


Adam and Artie are talking about focusing on extra in background scenes, Artie is bringing up the Billy Batts scene from Goodfellas and describing it in great detail.

Adam is asking if bringing up Stern is too sensitive a topic and Artie is being extremely diplomatic while explaining his absence from the show.

Adam is sharing an embarrassing moment involving that stemmed from a touching moment with Howard Stern and Beth, he’s now telling the “Ben and Matt” story after joking with Alison about Artie’s methods for enjoying a wedding.

Artie is now riffing as Vince Lombardi in response to a factoid he just shared about Liberace in his tangent he spun from Adam’s story, hilarious impression and great drop work from BB!

Artie has a great one liner about his sobriety and Adam is now asking him about his wedding plans, they’re joking about her profession and income.

Adam is telling the crowd about BB riding in 1st class with him to NYC and how it pissed him off, Alison just chimed in to make note she was even more pissed.


Eric Stonestreet was also in their 1st class cabin, heading to the wedding of his costar and Adam is wondering why they didn’t just have the wedding in Los Angeles now that it’s legal.

Adam is now sharing the Rachel Uchitel encounter where she brought up the podcast with Drew where she called in and Adam mistook her for one of the prostitutes involved in the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

They’re now all discussing Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their child, Adam is off on a tangent complaining about the “mini celebrities” we’re now required to pay attention to.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st Topic is Central Air from Catherine, Adam is already pissed and he’s going off on people who say “do I look like Catherine with a C?” and get offended that you can’t predict the spelling of their name.

Hilarious domestic violence closer “literally softening Adam’s blows with blows” and Alison sums it up nicely, comedy gold.

Adam is now recalling the epic journey into the realms of no air conditioning he bought up on the show last week, Adam is now complimenting Artie by bringing up his dead father, holy shit!


Adam is on a rant about his dad’s loser status only being worse with his swamp cooler, he’s now mocking the idea of putting fake wood grain on various shitty common items.

Alison wants to know what swamp coolers actually do, Adam is telling her how he could replace the device, hilarious!

Adam is telling the gang how his mom and stepdad now have 11 wall mounted air conditioning units running in her small house instead of simply installing central air.


Adam’s now going off on hotel services that are activated by keycard and how the hotel staff should be forced to inform you upon checking in.

Adam is now bringing up his two moves, the battery roll in the hotel TV remote and the keycard across the leg of his pants wipe, hilarious joke about angling the remote.

BB has a nice bit of 80’s Nintendo nostalgia and Adam tops it with a great one liner, Artie is now joking about making scumbag threats to hotel front desks to get what he wants.


2nd Topic from Kit, he wants to know if Adam can complain about a cold glass of Mangria on a warm summer day.

Adam is now joking about it being the cause of his eventually death, great Madame Curie joke followed up with some excellent elf comedy.

Adam is now joking about his kids mocking his nightly cocktail with noises emulating ice cubes in a glass, Alison is asking Adam about his rules regarding drinking.


Adam and Artie are now on a great riff about simulated actions, Adam is taking it to the e-cigarette movement and Artie is giving his funny take, Adam’s demanding all e-cigs come equipped with a laser pointer.


3rd Topic from Deborah, she wants Adam to try and complain about financial backer of his new crowd funded film “Road Hard”.

Adam is telling he caught “Dirty Work” on cable and now Adam is asking him he knows when he gets paid residuals for his film work.

Adam is explaining the campaign and the downside regarding about half of the tweets critiquing him for not financing it out of pocket himself.


Adam is now joking about the charitable campaigns also running on Fund Anything and how it makes him feel in comparison.

Adam is now sharing the attempted suicide of the man who killed John Lennon and how he was saved in Hawaii, he’s got a new twist about the guy’s wife always having the ammo of the unintentional consequences of his choice/actions.


Alison’s News

Adam and BB are now discussing the velvet rope separating first class from economy, amazing Rachel Uchitel callback, gold!

Adam is commenting on all the passengers bypassing the velvet rope to shit up his 1st class commode and how he would fly “Bouncer Air” a new airline featuring security to prevent Adam from smelling the poo of the poor.

Adam is sharing the story of the flight attendant who wouldn’t tell him about the drink options and kept demanding he check the magazine located in the seatback in front of him.


Her Top Story is a list of the top 10 grossing comedians of 2013, Adam has a great joke aimed at Artie combined with a broken bottle topper, incredible!

Alison is now listing the comedians, BB is getting her to clarify the income sources and Artie is defending Ron White and Adam is calling him the Pete Best of the Blue Collar Comedy crew.

They’re now weighing in on Gabrielle Iglesias and Daniel Tosh, Adam is sharing the tip he gave Adam about hiring a guy to take all the photos at his theater gigs, something Superfan Gio suggested back in 2010.


Adam is now sharing Mike August pulling of his classic moves when they arrived in NYC, Adam is now on a tangent about Alice Cooper fans and how they are “Scary, Scary”.

Alison is listing off the remaining names and now Adam is calling for him and Artie to pick a nationality or angle in order to make more money catering to dimwits.

Adam doesn’t think Louis C.K. is 14 million dollars funnier than him and Artie while respecting his talent and now BB is helping Adam list off the 3 names Jack Silver famously “bulleted” from the KLSX morning show.


They’re talking about Jeff Dunham and now Adam is telling the gang about asking him about auto rotating and flying helicopters, Make sure to check out his episode of Carcast to hear the whole story.

They’re now talking about Russell Peters, Adam is telling Alison about his humble abode and appearance along with how his fame allows him to pass in the public without much hassle.

Even Artie admits he’s not sure what Russell Peters looks like, Adam and Artie have now just invented a game show revolving around him.


Adam is now telling the gang about Artie having a hard out to start his radio show.


2nd story is on Mary Louise Parker quitting acting because of the nature of the internet.

Adam wants someone to have the balls to announce they’re going to quit acting but not their job, just standing in place not actually performing.

Alison wants to know if Adam and Artie can relate to her point of view, Artie is now sharing the story of his tweeted series of photos with Bruce Springsteen and a kid who replied with some hilarious truth mocking Artie and his pictures.


Artie is making an early exit and Adam will be following him to guest on his show.

A member of the audience is engaging with Adam about Gavin Newsome and Elliot Gould on the podcast, Adam is now ordering him spit out his question.


3rd story is about how fucking loud restaurants in New York are, she’s explaining that reasoning behind the increased volume is due to the trend in exposed wood floor plans and how it changes the acoustics.

Adam is blaming the top 40 music bring pumped too loud and he’s describing the recent experience where a waitress had to read the special to each side of the table separately.

Adam is now commenting on how when you’re yelling like that all you’re doing is spitting on your companions entrée.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping the show.