Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2017 – Brett Rampal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2017 – Brett Rampal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brett Rampal

Recorded 07-20-2017 – Release Date 07-21-2017

Production Number #2122

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Adam opens the show with a “would have bought crap on Craigslist, but wouldn’t have paid for internet access” intro about his parents being cheap. Adam welcomes Gina and BB to the show, BB has a drop of Adam mocking the leader of Chechnya denying gays exist Chechnya.

Adam is now commenting on the notion of denying something exists and what it says about the person, he uses snoring as an example. Adam is bringing up the people who claim to not snore yet you have to wake them up while they’re snoring.

Adam and BB are riffing about the Armenia Genocide, BB has a solid “what!” when Adam brought up Geragos as they headed into the snoring tangent. BB and Adam are now doing an improv scene where a guy has to wake up his roommate for committing genocide in his sleep.


Gina has a great R. Kelly aside that’s funny and a solid point, Adam wraps up his thoughts on finding examples in nature and denying reality. Hilarious bear that spits on its partner during mating comment.

Adam teases Gina’s news on OJ Simpson’s parole, he prefaces it with some comments about not wanting people to be railroaded in court and with sentencing, even if it’s for a guy widely considered to be a murderer.

Adam is saying he doesn’t like OJ but would prefer a consistent system that operated case by case and didn’t factor in past actions unrelated to the crime at hand.


Adam asks Gina if OJ was paroled and Adam has Gary fire up a clip of Mayor Garcetti telling people to thank parolees for their service, we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Even BB is mocking Garcetti and Gina asks if he was on cold medicine, Adam says Garcetti and Trudeau are in a battle to see who is softer, Adam cites the Canadian government giving 10 million to a terrorist and Gina tops it with an “America’s Hat” comment.

Adam is now having Gary give the conversion of the awarded sum in USD, Adam is now sharing his thoughts on imprisonment and what deserves it, he makes a point about victimless crimes.


Adam has an attempted rape example, Adam wants that guy who drags a girl out of her room but is interrupted before raping to be tossed in an incinerator, not serving 4 years with the junkie who never harmed anyone but himself.

Adam wants people put away forever for their plans, people can or cannot do certain things and wants those who can commit atrocities to be removed from society, plucked out in their prime before they strike on society.

BB has some fun mockery for Dawson and he joins in and says you can’t predict what he’ll do, he is a smoker after all, they all mock Natalia’s brainwashing about smoking and smokers and move on.


Geico15% could be saved in just 15 minutes Edition


Adam has Brett Rampal brag about his resume as he has left his glasses at home and cannot read the bio from that far away, Adam should have 2 pairs of glasses, one for the studio and one for personal life.

Adam explains that Mike August booked Brett to clear things up after this topic has come up a few times during the past week of shows.

Adam is now asking Brett about nuclear fuel for aircraft carriers, Brett explains how long they can last and Gary feeds Adam some more data about how much diesel fuel is required in comparison.


Adam talks about the engine needing to “breathe” and how nuclear power solves that problem for diving beneath ice shelfs and going places other submarines cannot go.

Adam has Brett explain how nuclear power works, he explains the water is not coming into contact with the reactor as it would become radioactive, it’s instead converted to steam and them used that way.

Adam is asking Brett about state of the art nuclear power plants across the globe vs. what we have in The United States.


Brett explains he works for a company that is trying to get approval for a new small reactor, a state of the art plant that works passively, turning itself off if people were to vanish suddenly or if it was left unattended.

Adam asks if we have the political will to set one of these plants up, as opposed to the 1970’s when the “No Nukes” stuff started up.

Brett shares the optimism the nuclear power field has now that Trump has made his energy dept. appointment.


Adam is bringing up Take a Knee guest John Campion, TAK #85 John Campion.

Adam explains his background and how he got into setting up generators, Adam asks Brett about these modern reactors and his call drops out.

Adam tells Gary not to bother getting him back on the line, Gina mentions Thorium and Adam shares that he watched a video on it.


Adam says he likes that fans send him links after he talks about things and he then can adjust his opinion based on facts, he shares what he learned about Thorium and brings up these YouTube videos are often narrated by British guys.


Tommy JohnDawson’s balls would be sweaty without Tommy John Edition


Adam says he would like a scale for the justice system, BB jokes about Lady Justice and Adam is now sharing Mark Geragos’ father’s words about locking up young men to eliminate crime.

Adam brings up the movie ‘Bad Boys’ (1983) and jokes about the good looking blonde guy from the ADT commercials who he’ll hire to test the morality of prisoners, if the inmate shows intent to crush the skull of a sleeping guard he’s locked up forever, if he declines, he gets parole.

Adam is telling them about Sonny turning on the parental controls for his new game Batman vs. Superman, ‘Injustice 2?’


Adam is telling them about how honest and good Sonny is and how you cannot change his nature, Adam shares an example of him and his buddies who were unwilling to steal nor harm anyone’s else’s property, they weren’t amoral just because they were poor.

Adam comments on conflating poverty with a lack of morality and BB makes a solid point about the property of their acquaintances and people they knew, which was fair game.

Adam is now commenting on OJ posing a threat to the public, hilarious comments from Adam and BB.


Adam comments on Ron and Nicole and the story about them dating, it’s never made much sense. Adam shares how he would volunteer to drop off the sunglasses if he knew someone was heading to her place.

Adam says he does know that a drug cartel didn’t put a hit out on Nicole Brown Simpson’s friend Faye Resnick, Adam mocks the notion of Pablo Escobar ordering a hit on some housewife who owes money for a dime bag.

Gary gets on mic and explains some of the details of the relationship between Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.


Gina explains a “Brentwood Hello” from the FX series ‘American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson’ and Adam objects to the notion of random stranger BJ’s from your neighbors. Adam and BB have a funny word stumbling bit, gold! the latest Take a Knee with Gina Grad Edition


Adam is back to the Brentwood Hello concept and Gina along with Gary are walking him through the dialogue from the series.

Adam is killing it riffing about never locking his door and having her spread the word he’s into getting hellos from neighbors.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tal, he’s calling from Indiana and Adam can’t read it, thinking he’s in India.

Tal monitors web traffic for a fortune 500 company and has noticed that Mexico is frequently absent from the list of countries generating traffic to the site.

Tal reminds Adam of his riff about taking the space shuttle to Mexico for some victory laps, to inspire them to achieve what we’ve moved past already.

Adam is forgetting the 2003 Loveline riff about selling them scientific facts, “the moon is queso?” bit.

Adam talks about the shuttle travelling strapped to an airplane, he says he would have gladly paid an extra amount in taxes to fund a victory lap to Mexico.


Adam takes it back to Tal, asking about the reason for his call and he politely explains how it confirms Adam’s suspicions about innovation and technology and developing nations.

BB has a mild dig aimed at the caller, Adam asks about the highest-ranking countries for website traffic, Adam makes a point about Canada and the United States being attached to Mexico and he asks what could be done to help them along.

Tal brings up moving Israel to Mexico, Adam’s idea and BB suggests a military strike before firing up Tal Bachman’s ‘She’s So High’ and they discuss whether or not it was big enough to reach “one hit wonder” status, they agreed it was.


2nd Caller Trevor, he reminds Adam he tweeted him from the hospital while his wife was giving birth, he was listening to the podcast while waiting.

Adam jokes with BB about his gender reveal date with his wife, Adam mixes up the details intentionally to make it funnier.

Trevor reveals he named the baby Allison, two l’s and they move on after Adam comments on that being a nice name.


Adam shares how he was writing a woman’s name down, he wrote Cathy but it was Kathy with a K and Gina has a killer ‘Cathy’ joke, wow that was hilarious!

Adam talks about name mix-ups and not busting people’s balls, BB says they chose a name that was simple to spell, Tessa will not be mixed up very often.

Adam mocks the idea of someone being indignant about you not knowing the correct first letter of their name that can be spelled with multiple letters.


3rd Caller Austin, he’s in a rush and says “finally!” before admitting to his not great life choice and dubbing himself an observer of the world, he wants to know what a good long-term job would be for someone with his background.

Adam suggest dustless sandblasting, he explains the logic behind it and uses an old rusted truck example to explain how lucrative this could be.

Adam says many people don’t realize that just applying water does away with dust when working with masonry and BB recalls assisting Adam with his marble floor at his former Malibu home.


Adam is now having Gary look up the cost for a sandblasting rig and Adam has a killer aquarium cleaning alternative gig, which he quickly reverses on, funny.


True CarIf you’re going to go new or if you’re going to go used Edition


Gary has the details, dustless sandblasting rigs do have credit options for financing, they just helped that guy a lot.

Gina has a sign from a pressed juice place near her home, she says they have this sign at two locations she’s witnessed and she calls it a juicery and then mentions kabobery/kebabery.

Adam mocks the idea of his parents buying him fancy juices, one of them is equal to his entire back to school budget. Adam says his family will commit the ultimate sin, buy super expensive juices and then just leave them sweating with only a couple sips taken from the liquid gold.


Gina reads the sign that’s supposed to be tolerant but comes off as intolerant to a minority of racists and people with idea that don’t echo those of the business owners.

“Excuse me I’m from the Klan, do you have handicapped horse parking, ah let me set this cross down for a minute, get some electrolytes” – Adam

Adam says this is jacking off in a ceiling fan, it’s grandstanding, Gina agrees and BB has a killer David Duke joke.


Adam says he’s confounded by people who keep participating in these identity politics, Adam is trying to recall a story from The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.

Adam describes some people who attempted to open a hip hop themed soul food restaurant, called ‘M So Hungry’ in Iowa.

Adam is mocking cultural appropriation, citing his love of The Showtime Lakers and BB has a solid point about hip-hop being mass marketed to teenagers and how logical this is.


Gary is now reading from the Huffington Post article, Adam stops him to comment on the acceptability of using “white” as a derogatory identifying remark.

Adam and BB are now talking about the ‘2 Live Crew’ reference that originated from the movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and mocking the reach for a racial issue pertaining to Vietnamese people.

Adam is breaking down the logic of the article and BB talks about mass marketing, you sold it to the public, the populace and you can’t take it back, you made your money and it’s now everyone’s culture.

Adam says again there has never been a better time to actually be racist.


Gina is now reading a piece on ‘The Big Sick’ and the argument about seeing brown men with white women on screen, BB confirms that’s a true story and Adam loves seeing the left eat their own tail(s) with this broken logic Möbius strip.

BB is now sourcing some clips of Gina saying she doesn’t like seeing brown men with white women, Adam jokes about the Indian guy being the 2nd tier exotic lover, all of the cultural brownie points with none of the vaginal chaffing.

BB has a great drop from the last caller, he caught his “finally!” remark too.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on OJ Simpson’s parole hearing, Gina has all of the details and explains it went nearly 45min over the normal time. Adam jokes about him opening a restaurant called ‘Me So Talky’ and gets into the desire for the limelight.

Adam talks about female actresses who start saying too much or get into adult work/leaked photos to drum up publicity, Adam predicts he’ll start talking and let some details slip.

Adam mocks the notion of Alamo being the name of a rental car company, a muddy hut where people died makes one think of touring the country.


Adam predicts a weird pay per view polygraph or something, BB asks if OJ will be seen golfing with Donald Trump, Adam doesn’t think he would have a problem with it, but he does think his staff will prevent it.

BB thinks Trump likes driving people nuts, Gina also thinks it’s possible.

Adam is now commenting on the picture of Trump and OJ golfing with the world’s Jewiest man behind them, BB mentions Moshe Kasher, hilarious!

They’re now all weighing the odds of it happening and Adam objects to the phrasing of it being better than a 50% chance it happens, it just seems to unlikely according to him.


2nd Story is on the suicide of ‘Linkin Park’ singer Chester Bennington, Gina has the details and explains he was good friends with Chris Cornell and died on his birthday.

Adam wants another picture of Chester, Adam talks about how massive Linkin Park was and how many records they sold, Adam wanted an older picture to recognize him better as he guested on Loveline during Adam’s run.

Adam is sad about his death and Gina reads the letter Chester wrote to Chris Cornell, Adam says Dr. Drew just got the news earlier in the day, Drew doesn’t believe he killed himself.

Adam is now commenting on Chester’s childhood sexual abuse and how that trauma haunts people throughout their lives, making a point about how severe the damage is and how it can come out in a variety of ways at any age.


Superfan Side-Note: Oddly enough both Chester and Chris Cornell have remarkably similar post Adam Carolla Loveline episodes, they came on the show separately both sober, with their new wives.

Both episodes have a very similar vibe and that’s where Dr. Drew really got to know both guys.

Linkin Park have 6 legendary Loveline appearances between 2001 and 2005, Chester was present for 3 of the 6 appearances, missing their 2002 appearance, their 2nd 2003 appearance and the final visit of the Adam era where Adam was roped into donating money for Tsunami relief while Dr. Drew said “you just don’t know where that money is going.”

Gina wraps the news.


LifeLock – Adam is scared of the dark web and doesn’t want to get anywhere near it.


Adam re-opens the news and Gina shares the details of an alert she just got about Gary Ballard teaching boxing to Senior Citizens.

Adam says women are at their hottest in Bikinis and when working out, the beach and the gym.

BB plays stripper music, Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’ and Adam says no, stripper aesthetic is not hot.


Adam explains how he used to teach boxing and brings up Mike Weaver and makes a point about genetic hands and humans that are a specimen of mankind without working out or even trying to eat right.

Adam is now mimicking Mike Weaver and calling him a brick shithouse, Adam jokes about a specific black male physique that doesn’t have a waste nor hips, just lats and traps going down their abdomen and back.

“where is his bone?” – Gina asking about a different bone than what Adam is talking about.


Adam says he loves it when guys take their biceps and break it off into 4 separate sections, different climates and topography.

Adam is now telling Gina what happened to Mike, he was teaching at Bodies in Motion, he took over Adam’s former Santa Monica apartment, Adam talks about Mike’s half triplet brothers, Floyd, Lloyd and Troy.

Adam is doing the “punch low, punch high, punch low” thing Mike did for his hot chick clientele, Adam was more concerned with teaching boxing and was running technique heavy classes very early in the morning, basically when no woman could be found at the boxing gym.


Blue ApronThis stuff is better than you hope and imagine, it defies expectations Edition


Adam is now trying to clarify if they Fighting Weavers are all brothers or if they’re half-brothers, Adam couldn’t imagine they all came from the same parents.

Adam says they were good guys and Gina says August should book them, Adam agrees and Gary gets on mic and shares more details about the lineage of the Weavers.

Adam is giving out the closing plugs and he wraps up the show with a drop of Dawson proclaiming “I’m a smoker you don’t know what I’m capable of” from earlier in the show.

Solid ep!