Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 380

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 380

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dave Dameshek

Recorded 07-19-2016 – Release Date 07-21-2016

Production Number #380 – The Windbreakers

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Adam has the standard intro, he explains the “mandate” part of his intro and welcomes Dameshek back to the show, he goes for a funny Man-Date gay joke and gets a shaken head in disapproval from probably Gary or Chris.

Adam is bringing up the NFL network first launching back in 2004, he is given the actual date as he recalls discussing the new network with Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam doesn’t recall the first time he was on air with Rich Eisen for Classic LoveLine THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2004 – GUEST: RICH EISEN • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW promoting the brand-new network, solid ep!


1st Caller Ryan, he has another windbreaker idea for the Aceman and Adam explains the original idea to Dave, first discussed on the ACS and ADS and then in detail again on ACS #1003.

Adam is now explaining the idea to Shek, Shek interrupts to talk about Scott Baio speaking at the RNC and suggests Adam would be a better conservative voice, sigh.

Adam is going in full on his idea, he is breaking down the penis water displacement test.


Adam jokes about the world where these windbreakers rank you, Adam says the #1 guy will be the biggest celebrity in the United States, Adam says every year there will be a new crop of 10 million 18-year-old males and how things could quickly change.

Gary says it’s roughly 4 million per year in America, 11k per day.

Shek is now asking Adam to float some names and he says the beauty of this competition is that beautiful guys like Johnny Depp won’t be the #1 guys, it will be some random dude working in the Midwest doing menial labor.


Adam says there will be enforcement and Gary says the guys who don’t show up to measure are really revealing themselves as the smallest wanged among us.

Dave asks if as an employer you can ask someone to reveal their ranking, Adam has a great “could be worse” example that Dave enjoys and he also compliments Adam’s “I’m Simply Saying” and Ryan wants to know why Adam would come up with an idea that would likely negatively affect him.

Ryan shares his idea for a ranking after Adam’s killer Will Rogers Joke and they call it the Blowjobs Earned ranking, Adam explains the premise and contrasts the Mr. Fix-It of the network Charles with Jordan Rubin who seems to possess no discernable skills yet gets laid all the time.


Adam is now talking about how awesome the life of as Fireman is and they move on, Dave stops Adam and brings up Jordan Rubin’s first comedy set that Adam spoiled before he performed it on ‘The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ and Dave relishes how cruel it was.

Adam blames Jordan for not knowing Adam was up to something like the women with the service animals he wants to photograph on flights, he’s going to use that picture for evil.


2nd Caller Devin, he’s an all-around capable guy but can’t get past the term “handyman” he thinks if he was a specialist or had a better title he would earn more and be more successful.

Adam says the payday is in the specializing and cites Michael Jackson who Dave dubs the least versatile creative genius and Adam thinks if he had focused on standup he could be conquering that world, he’s fine with his choice but the payday is in the specialty.

Adam says home entertainment system installation is a great specific field and Dave says we need a new name for the deeds of a handyman, he recommends “Fix Man” and Adam is bringing up the James Taylor and Del Shannon song ‘Handy Man’ then Adam has Gary play the James Taylor version before Del’s.

Gary has another rendition form Jimmy Jones, which apparently predates Del’s recording.


Five Four Club


Gary is playing Jimmy’s version and Adam asks if it doesn’t sound like they’re parodying a 1950’s song, Adam is saying it’s the most 50’s song you could ever get.

Adam is now suggesting a new name “Journey Master” and Dave convinces him it’s not so great, they’re still gonna work on it and they move on.


3rd Caller Ryan, he brings up “Douche-Nozzle” and he wants to ask Adam how he turned out so well after he came from such a fucked-up home life.

Adam says his parents never gave him an expectation, Ryan has a good point about Adam has a father without having the example to follow.

Adam says he wants to punish the guilty and reward the innocent and he explains why he would never let the past bleed into how he treats his kids, as difficult as it may be.


Adam is now talking about how some people get pissed off about little things that he isn’t bothered by.

Adam jokes that most of his life lessons he’s got today come from the show ‘Maude’ and Adam says that he tries not to focus on the things that cannot be controlled like vertical leap, genes and being born “lucky” and he explains why we can make an argument for why everyone could be lucky or unlucky, so it’s a waste of time to focus on it.

Dameshek is now mocking the notion of being able to be whatever you want that is fed to kids, he says it’s not true and Adam is now talking about the “when’s my turn” reaction people have to Dave, Adam has a killer memory foam callback after Dave brings up how people mock his appearance.


True Car

Maxipada got his Prius from them edition


Adam is plugging his live shows and Dameshek mocks Adam for not performing in PA and he jokes that he and August did go and tried the Primanti Bros. sandwiches but weren’t impressed, Dave asks if August was forced to pay and that’s why he didn’t enjoy it.