Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2015 – Nick DiPaolo and Jessica Drake

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/21/2015 – Nick DiPaolo and Jessica Drake

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nick DiPaolo and Jessica Drake

Recorded 07-20-2015 – Release Date 07-21-2015

Production Number #1620

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Adam opens the show with a thanks to you, share it with a friend intro, BB plays Lynette’s new drop and Adam welcomes Nick DiPaolo back to the show for his 4th appearance.

Adam asks him about his run on DIRECTV with Artie Lange, he explains how it ended and that he’s still cool with Artie.

They’re all now talking about sports being taken so seriously to almost cover up for the extreme negative behavior among athletes.


Nick shares an anecdote of a fight he recently witnessed, Adam shares his “women punch” reflex theory for why women are instinctively more violent than men.

Adam is further describing the “living in the moment” way women exist, he’s explaining how Natalia gave him the “huh, what!” reply when he was coming in to tell her that Natalia wanted her to say goodnight.

Adam has a funny one liner about what men want to do, Adam says that if women had 50lbs on us they would be kicking the shit out of us.


Nick shares his theory, Adam comments on how Natalia doesn’t reduce her blows while sparring with daddy’s midsection.

Nick comments on how women now get physical with men more often due to radical feminism, Gina brings up Ronda Rousey.

Adam is sharing his polar bear theory on why you shouldn’t blend the genders, Gina is afraid she doesn’t have the instinct to be a great mother.

BB teases the Ventura comedy club incident.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam is commenting on the jump rope competition and how he was brought in as a ringer, he’s explaining how he he’s attempted to coach his wife how to film landscape instead of full frame 4×3 style.

Adam is commenting on how Lynette struggled to understand this shooting style, nor for him but for the archives.

Gary was able to adjust the incorrectly recorded footage to show Adam skipping rope for the kiddos.


Adam says he’s never double dutched before, Adam is commenting on using your own jump rope vs. someone else’s.

Gina brings up pasta necklace varieties and Adam kills it with some funny pasta/jizzing innuendo.

Nick is asking about the video, Gary shows them how it original looked.


Adam says he doesn’t care as he’s never going to go back and watch these, but for Sonny when he watches it with his family.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Gary is now playing Nick the footage of the woman freaking out during ACS #1172 and Gary is on mic offering up some behind the scenes, Adam is sharing how they edited out Adam begging her to calm down.

Adam says he’s become obsessed with the people who are on a train destined for destruction and cannot remove themselves from their behavior/choices.

Nick comments on drinking and how it effects people this way, Gina explains she doesn’t drink that often and says only 1-2 times.


Adam is now giving his take on how he views that woman and the event, he feels badly for the audience who paid but it does become show fodder.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Trainwreck’ and Adam says that Amy is getting the added boost of lacking conventional beauty, Gina gives her take and BB puts it in different words.

BB is breaking down the plot of the film, Adam is now referencing Lynette and landscape mode.

BB compliments her performance in the movie, she was acting her ass off according to him.


Gina brings up the John Cena role/scenes and Adam asks about the Apatow effect of the film, BB gives an enthusiastic review without a letter grade, again.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kevin, he compliments ‘Road Hard’ and Adam jokes about only giving him a tight 15min to deliver the praise.

Adam explains the premise behind his movie and the death of the development deal, Nick says he hates travel and being at the airport.

Adam mentions all of the guys who are now on the road after a film and television career in the 1980’s and 90’s, David Alana Grier, Bobcat Goldthwait and Artie Lange.


Adam is commenting on Kevin’s comments about his marriage and question about when to have kids, he says if everyone waited until they were 32 to have kids we would live in a utopia.


2nd Caller Gary, he’s asking if he can use Adam’s “Viking ship/oar” analogy and he refreshes Adam on the riff.

This guy is a huge fan and gets Adam talking about hot mopping tar and is asking Adam about a meeting they may have had at a roofing supply store, Adam is trying to have a romantic moment recalling their first meeting.

They’re now playing some ‘Same Old Lang Syne’ by Dan Fogelberg and Adam is riffing some impromptu lyrics, Nick asks how many people have taken their lives to that song.


BB is now offering up some of his own chosen suicide music, Adam is teasing the arrival of Jessica Drake, they apparently spoke on a flight.

Adam says he is in such a blur he has spoken to half of North America while drunk on flights, Adam recalls meeting Alec Baldwin at the AA counter before taking off.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam gives out the plugs for Nick and they head to break


They’re back from break with Jessica Drake making her ACS debut, Adam is asking her about their conversation on a flight.

Jessica explains the scene, she didn’t want to fan girl on him and freak out.

She explains it was the first time she drank on a flight, thanks to Adam and comments on how she wanted to get on his show.


Adam got the company name wrong when he was trying to reference her, Adam has a killer “wicked tuna” joke and Jessica is recalling how Adam offered her some booze.

Adam clarifies the booze offer and is now asking her about her radio show, he’s asking her what her current focus is.

She is telling them about pleasure based sex-ed and Adam is now asking her about her origins in adult filmmaking and stripping.


Gina asks her if it’s empowering to work in the sex industry and Adam jokes about BB feeling empowered from beating off, gross/possibly too honest reply from BB.

Adam jokes about “open vag night” and how someone evolves and develops their name in the business, Adam asks her about her first adult film, she was 25.

Adam asks her how discerning she is with whom she works opposite, she says she’s very picky and mentions her favorite girl performer Asa Akira, a previous ACS guest.


Adam is asking her about her ideal male performers, she says she’s condom only and lists off her likes and dislikes, she explains how she wants to be left alone after the scene is over.

Adam jokes about porn being a great business, we just get done Cornholing but getting lunch is too personal.

Adam is asking her about the way women in the industry can evolve in the business, go on to direct and Adam asks her where the money is made from in todays’ world.

She mentions her ‘Real Doll’ and Fleshlight, she is complimenting the guys for pulling up some photos.


Adam jokes about this being a life-size voodoo doll and some cultures believing they would feel pain, Adam is asking Gina and Jessica for the super creepiest guy they ever knew or went to high school with.

Adam is trying to get how she feels about the grossest guy fucking her doll, she is recounting her worst dude, and he was a club owner who was verbally abusive and cruel.

She shares his attempt at a strip club manager apology, Adam is riffing and gets back to him banging the doll, Adam jokes about a lease program for a Real Doll.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story her top story is on the Ashley Madison hack, she has all of the details of the threats against the company and its users.

Adam is reacting to the news and mentions how the women are going to take it out on their spouses for being members, how about a little sherbet for the guys who aren’t members.

Adam comments on the lack of security on the internet.


Gina explains the dilemma for the company, Adam says his favorite part of a guy who is busted, who waters the lie before going in for the big work, mentioning the bogus names on the list he heard about from Stu at work.

Adam is only interested in the celebrity that we would never believe is on there, Adam asks about which celebrity would be using this service.

Adam says we’re going to hear of a lot of big executives and BB makes a prediction.


2nd Story is on a Portland Diner where an owner snapped at a customer’s child and Gina plays a clip before giving the rest of the details.

Adam is for it, Adam is bringing up how when you were a kid and a broken glass was a huge deal, Adam doesn’t care if his kids break shit.

Adam is recalling the horrible parental instincts to punish kids for such dumb shit, he mocks the ‘The Brady Bunch’ broken vase plot.


Adam asks if Ikea changed all of this or if parents were just dicks?

Adam is mocking the notion of gluing mugs back together, Adam says its cheapness meets fanatical thinking, and Adam says you want to ask these people if they don’t know themselves better.

Adam comments on his mom and her nutty theories about health and medicine.

BB doesn’t like mismatched wine glasses and Adam says that Natalia broke the universal remote, Adam doesn’t like clean up related stuff.


3rd Story is on Bill Cosby’s latest controversy, Adam says that all guys pretend to listen in order to fuck, Gina has the details of Cosby’s comments, Adam asks if Quaaludes are or aren’t good blowjob drugs.

Adam is trying to straighten out what he was doing, Adam says that Quaalude isn’t a roofie, it’s more akin to a 6 pack in a pill.

Adam jokes about using Amazon to click through and buy her real doll, Gina quotes Bill who claims he would “play with them” meaning the women he drugged and assaulted.


Adam is now asking Gary for a more scientific description of the Quaalude high, Gina asks if Adam can think of another drug they stopped manufacturing.

Adam is trying to figure out if Bill was raping/penetrating these passed out chicks, or was he just doing some other weird non penetrative rape stuff.


Adam is doing a Nest Smoke Detector Live Read

Adam loves Nest


Gina has more info about the type of assault Bill is accused of, Adam comments on how this might have to do with the STD and illegitimate child element.

Adam jokes about herpes crabs.

Adam says he could go home and grab his wife’s titty and that’s rape and then comments on what BB did to his poor wife.

Adam is bringing up the “visually impaired” call with a woman on Loveline, a semi regular caller who argued the terminology with him.


Adam has a decent recollection of the call(s) and Gina wraps the news.

Adam is giving out some plugs, he says that Mike August fooled him by booking Howie Mandel after Adam demanded it.

Jessica is telling Adam how he and Howie should come fly and see her dance, Adam is riffing and Gina sets Jessica up for another plug, she’s explaining how she raises money for the AIDS walk.


Adam is commenting on how the gold team means 2nd place in the modern world due to the creation of platinum.

Jessica has the details of the incentive packages, Adam gives out some more plugs and wraps up the show.