Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2017 – Robert Anasi and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2017 – Robert Anasi and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Robert Anasi and David Wild

Recorded 07-19-2017 – Release Date 07-20-2017

Production Number #2121

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Adam opens the show to a “getting all of his F-bombs out now before he testifies before congress next week” intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch.

Adam welcomes Gina and BB to the show and BB plays a drop of Dawson saying “The House of Adam” from yesterday’s show after Adam teases some bad news for BB.

Adam welcomes David Wild to the show and he shares the bad news he teased Bryan with, Adam explains the metering lights are the only intervention that actually speed up traffic and Adam proclaims BB must kill himself.


Gary chimes in and explains that the article goes on to say the metering lights they have are not the most functional type, BB still proudly says he runs them all.

Adam says roundabouts work and they’re much safer as well, David Wild explains how he hit traffic at 03:45 heading from New Jersey to JFK, he couldn’t believe there was traffic at that hour.

Adam is now talking about ‘The Cannonball Run’ and the annual race, Gina brings up the movie and Adam says he doesn’t think the record for fastest run couldn’t be topped now due to traffic and congestion.


BB asks if Waze would help and they move on.

Adam is bringing up the story from yesterday of Gerard Butler doing research for ‘The Ugly Truth’ shadowing them during the KLSX morning show in 2008.

Gary is on mic and explains that Adam was correct about the specific episode, they now set up the clip and play it, so far, they’ve haven’t attributed the clip to me.


This clip is hilarious, excellent work from Adam, Teresa and Bald Bryan both with drops and on mic.

I actually called in on this episode back in 2008, I was still in Hawaii and someone had hacked Adam’s message-board account over the weekend while he was in Victoria, BC.

This clip never, ends, nonstop comedy!


David says it feels very Gerard Butler and Adam says he doesn’t know what prompted it, forgetting that during the first news hour he just honestly said “I was loaded” when Teresa talked about the Super Bowl, then a couple hours later this genius bit came out, but it originated with a simple honest remark.

Adam is now mixing up Gerard Butler movies and he explains the plot of ‘The Bounty Hunter’ which BB further explains to Gina.


Adam says it should really be called “how much to pay really good-looking people to do stuff they don’t want to do creatively” and he says Jennifer Aniston couldn’t have wanted to be running through ap raking lot with duct tape around her hands.

Adam asks BB to bet if the Rotten Tomatoes score for ‘The Bounty Hunter’ is lower or higher than ‘The Ugly Truth’ and BB says 13% is hard to beat, Gary jumps in and reveals it’s a tie score, Adam wanted to build it up more and they move on to a live read.


GeicoMaybe it’s crap on a Rotten Tomatoes Score Edition


Adam asks David what he was doing in New Jersey after giving his closing remarks on the two Gerard Butler turds.

David explains he was out of town for 12 days, his mom got very ill while he was visiting and stuck around to help out.

David says he knows they talked about medical care and he presumes what he said was wrong so they’re just going to move on, David says after spending 7 days at a hospital, he says it’s horrible.


David explains how he was going to watch the movie ‘Miss Sloane’ (2016) while flying out, as he was futzing with his movie selection the film’s star Jessica Chastain entered the plane with her new husband.

David hates to admit he was in first class, Adam asks him why, he should be honest and David switches gears saying he’s proud and explains how he wound up in First class by the least bougy possible series of events.

David says he was watching her film and trying to keep his screen hidden from her, before noticing another guy on the plane was also watching the movie, leading David to theorize her presence caused a run on ‘Miss Sloane’ streaming for the whole plane.


Gina reveals that she’s never flown First Class and proclaims that Jessica almost looks blue as she’s so fair skinned as they look at a picture of her on the studio screen.

Adam talks about the guy who refused all possible amenities in First Class and amazed Adam with his stonewalling of treats and offerings, Adam couldn’t imagine ever doing that, he was new to flying First Class at the time and it shocked him.

David talks about being a mess and laments his drooling and clumsiness inflight, David says he sat next to a guy who was worse than him today, he describes how the guy kept knocking on the divider and communicating with his wife and kid in economy class.


David sternly proclaims that Economy passengers are not allowed to use the First-Class bathroom, Adam talks about the perception of elitism regarding First Class cabin travel and BB steps in to declare that it is by definition elitist.

Adam is now asking about Elitist and Elite Class, unsure if they’re synonymous or if common usage has altered or transposed meaning of the term.

David shares how his wife suggested he take a single upgrade after he was returning from a grueling gig, he took the bait and the more comfortable seat and has never heard the end of it since, every time they travel it’s brought up and thrown back at him.


David explains his wife wouldn’t go for traveling in Business while the kids flew in Coach, even that was not an option so they all travelled Economy instead.

Adam is now talking about cabin space and airline seat dimensions, he goes into the various costs of travel and how the seat, legroom and pitch are the most important factors for travel, the kids in the back aren’t suffering as they have said room.


AloneNow it’s 5 competing teams of First Class and Coach Passengers Edition


BB is now reading the definition of “elitist” and Adam reacts to it, Adam shares his logic for problem vs. not a problem when it comes to premium travel options and his “elitist notions.”


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he’s got a great intro and calls David Wild a communist due to his political and social leanings.

John shares his ‘Richman Poorman’ of “being a drug dealer” which is primarily a gig for the super-rich cocaine barons and the super impoverished dudes living under a bridge.

David brings up the TV show ‘Weeds’ which Adam doubts is a real thing, does that midlevel income suburban drug dealer really exist as commonly as the other stereotypes about drug dealers.


2nd Caller Ed, he’s got a nicer intro that also includes David Wild.

Ed asks about the separate actor and actress categories for the Academy Awards, in acting both sexes are equal so why have the different awards asks Ed.

Adam is now talking about first baby born in Canada without a sex/gender listed on the birth certificate, they rib David for not knowing some details about award show productions.

Adam jokes about trying to talk a rape survivor into being a rape victim, he disagreed with the term survivor.


Adam is now sharing his prediction for how these award shows might be ruined by a single award for acting, it would become a political thing and Gina dubs it “affirmative acting” and she makes a point about roles in film for women and how they’ve changed over time.

Adam jokes about women turning their gowns inside out like pop warner football jerseys, Adam has a killer “especially when they’re in a fountain” one liner.

Adam is now channeling Dr. Drew with his “I’m just asking, am I allowed to ask” riff.


Gary has some Academy Award facts and BB is stuck on the genderless child from Canada, BB asks what will happen on the kid’s first day of gym class, encountering a crotchety old teacher unwilling to participate.

Adam says he feels that Canada will be first to change their award shows and have single categories for all people/genders.

David brings up Lenny Kravitz and Adam shares his theory for how he chooses songs, ones that he can look the coolest playing which he practices in the mirror.


Adam is telling them about the best of Lenny Kravitz CD and his challenge for his buddies at his bachelor party to guess the number of different photographs of Lenny on his “Best Of” CD.


David reveals that Lenny sleeps in leather pants and Gina brings up the time his pants split on stage revealing his dong, Adam mocks Lenny’s soul connection to Lisa Bonet.

Adam doesn’t mind a guy who cheats, he minds the guy who does all the cosmic connection talk and then cheats.

David was listening to a podcast hosted by Richard Marx with guest Jay Mohr and he comments on the reveal that Jay now makes a lot of money as a life coach, BB says David is throwing shade after he implies the guy on his second divorce perhaps shouldn’t be coaching anyone’s life.


Adam is now talking about the “cannot judge” attitude people have toward men who leave their family behind and abandon their children, Adam says men who stick around should be heroes but they’re considered chumps by society.

Adam says it started with us not judging broken families, David clarifies that he doesn’t think Jay Mohr is in the situation that Adam is painting and then goes onto share his presumption that all of the stories about Jay’s act being written by his ex-wife Nikki Cox were bullshit.

Adam says he was hanging out with Jay Mohr and his new lady Jeanie Buss on the 4th of July, he explains he was at Bill Simmons Malibu pad and ran into them.


Adam says he found himself leaning over the railing watching Jay Swim, talking to Jeanie about what a good guy Jay is.

Gina brings up Lisa Bonet who is now married to Jason Momoa, Adam riffs about not being able to judge the looks of dudes, mocking the guys who actually posture that way, pretending not to be aware of the physicality of men.

Adam brings BB into it and says they cannot tell the difference between Jason and David Wild, Gina is describing Jason and Gary has a ‘Game of Thrones’ factoid, telling them about his role in season one as ‘Khal Drogo.’

“I’ll find some gay dude and ask him” – Adam


Adam is now riffing about gay drinks and describes a Manhattan with a beard around the glass that you must suck through.

Adam is commenting on how interesting it was to be around someone who owns the Lakers and remarks on her youth and beauty.


Smart MouthTwo Part activated systems aren’t just for epoxies Edition


David brings up Jay Mohr’s new documentary and Adam jokes about hearing about it but refusing to watch it now that Jay’s getting divorced, he’s with David!

David plugs ‘The Defiant Ones’ and gets his own plugs in return as they wrap things up before break.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Robert Anasi making his ACS debut, Adam comments on spending his entire adult life arguing with people about phonetics.

Adam asks Robert about his family and his career as an immersion reporting journalist, Adam gives out a plug for his book.

Adam brings up the book ‘The Sweet Science’ which was recommended to him by Shelby Coffey III, Robert knows the author and names him, Adam reveals his daughter was the executive that ran Comedy Central when Adam and Jimmy were doing ‘The Man Show.’

Robert name drops A. J. Liebling and Adam mentions Debbie Liebling.


Adam talks about the way boxing attracts the poor and the lowest rungs of society, he comments on how long various races spent boxing.

Adam says the only culture that never did well that didn’t get into boxing is native Americans and they talk about the lack of Asian boxers.

Robert mentions the legacy of Filipino boxing and Adam cites the culture and the poverty inherent to the country, Adam makes a point about different races getting out of boxing and how much time they spend overall being a barometer for judging racial success.


Adam asks Robert about his amateur boxing record and Adam is bringing up a lightweight fighter from Russia, he’s 7-0 and Adam calls Gary a douche for bringing up Gennady Golovkin and not immediately naming the right guy Adam was trying to think of.

Robert shares how he was set to fight a professional Turkish fighter posing as an amateur, he tells them about a call that was placed to the Turkish embassy, hilarious gay bar riff with BB providing a drop and on mic assist.

Adam cites Ramzan Kadryov and his comments about there being no gays in Chechnya, Adam is now riffing about primitive practices and notions of masculinity in other cultures that are run by thugs like Putin.

Adam brags about the U.S. military and asks what year are we in, what do they think is going to happen and Gary reads a quote from Ramzan.


Adam had the thought they should just send Jon ‘Bones’ Jones to kick everyone in Chechnya’s ass just to show them that we can beat them anywhere, to get them to shut up.

Robert is talking about shadowing an informant, he critiques the notion of undercover cops consuming drugs and committing crimes, unaware of the Hollywood Vice Squad, doing coke and wearing women’s panties while trying to bust Heidi Fleiss.

Adam has a great “jailhouse confession” point and funny bit of imagery about guys chatting about crimes while locked up.


Adam has Robert go specific on what it’s like to shadow a police informant, Adam riffs about spotting the informant and looking for signs to avoid being busted in a police sting, hilarious rewinding sounds one liner.

Robert says that undercover cops always sunglasses and explains it’s because they find it difficult to lie while looking someone in the eye and how a good informant must be capable of sociopathic lying.

Adam is amazed that street level crime is still a thing in 2017, Robert explains it’s the drug trade that’s the source of most of it, he mentions border agents making 75k a year and Adam has a killer dig at Gary mocking him implying he thinks that’s large sum of money to earn.


Adam shares his theory that he would have smuggled drugs had been offered, even at age 27 he still would have done it, he was that poor, desperate and unable to think of the future.

Robert tells them about a United States judge who was smuggling arms across the border.

Adam says they must legalize drugs, it’s the only solution for this stuff.

Adam says we need to do what works, even if it goes against your moral fiber or preferences for the society you live in, it doesn’t matter.


Adam is talking about the needle exchange programs and how curbing HIV is important even if you don’t like drugs or want people shooting up, you can’t use magical thinking in these scenarios.

Adam jokes about the study that Gary brought up from Europe and they move on. will be on take A Knee again for a part II when another real celebrity drops out Edition


Adam is now making a point about elections as popularity contests, how just like in student government people promise what they’ll give voters, regardless of how unrealistic and undesirable the outcome would be.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on R. Kelly being taken to court by the father of a woman living with him. Adam riffs about knowing R. as “Ralph” and they end up riffing about “Kelly’s Camp” as they talk about Joycelyn Savage and her father’s public campaign to get her to leave.

They play a video of both Joycelyn and her father, Adam is now telling Gary to find a video of the Jacksons dressed up in a similar outfit as Joycelyn was wearing in the video.

They’re now going in depth on R. Kelly’s net worth and get into him owning the rights and publishing to ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and Adam segues into a live read.


True CarReal Dealer Prices Edition


Gina reacts to the photo of Michael Jackson wearing the same outfit as Jocelyn, BB has some funny comments and Adam breaks down the slight differences in the attire.

Adam is making a larger point about being aware of things and his extrasensory perception when it comes to his feelings, he says people shouldn’t doubt him and instead just listen.


2nd Story is on Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating, Adam immediately comments on how often he’s photographed eating and with food.

Adam doesn’t know how a guy like that can feel that good about himself, Gary brings up the photo of Chris dumping M&M’s into another M&M container.

Gina shares Chris’s reply to critics regarding his beach vacation hypocrisy, Adam presumes that his mother must have done a number on him, encouraging him that his shit doesn’t stink.


Gina reports Chris caught a foul ball while at an MLB game, they play some video of the catch and Gina has the details.

Gina suspects he was told “you have to give it to someone” and that’s why he gave it to a kid while he was being booed.

Adam is now talking about the drunken dude who runs to catch foul balls.


3rd Story is on James Franco’s upcoming new film ‘Disaster Artist’ and BB references ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ while trying to explain the film and its popularity to Adam.

Adam recalls the star Tommy Wiseau who resembles a young Gene Simmons, Adam is commenting on the clip from the actual film and Gina plays a recreation from the James Franco film’s trailer.

The gang are reacting to the clip.


Robert proclaims it the new ‘Ed Wood’ and Adam says they did the “I can’t hear you” through the door move, but you can hear the other person whispering while you’re screaming for them to “come in.”

Adam says people should instead just watch ‘Windy City Heat’ and he thinks that ‘The Disaster Artist’ may be too cool for school after Gina wraps the news.


LifeLockOnline Payday Loans and Philly Cheesesteak won’t reveal if he has the service Edition


Adam closes out the show with a plug for ‘The King of The Underdogs’ a new documentary on and BB is excited as it’s about the director of ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Rocky.’

Adam gives out Robert’s plugs and he chimes in to add to it, BB ends the episode with a drop of Gary quoting the Ramzan Kadryov from earlier in the show.