Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/19/2013 – Brad Thor

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/19/2013 – Brad Thor

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Thor

Recorded 07-16-2013 – Release Date 07-19-2013

Production Number #1122

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Adam is opening this rare “banked” episode, recorded immediately before the Jo Koy and Tony Hale Episode.

BB has a solid #TopDrop from Matt Fondiler, now Adam is listing the things that Matt didn’t know about till Adam explained them to him.

Adam is explaining Matt’s Chassis snafu, Alison has a nice muted laugh and Adam is trying to be fair to him while stilling pointing out the egregious pronunciation error.


Adam is telling the gang about the music being played during his latest haircut, hilarious one liner about Adam as to why they charge more for ladies haircuts.

Adam is now doing an extended “Spirit in the Sky” jag, explaining the religious message behind the song as it was playing during his haircut.

Alison is no longer rocking out to the song in response to Adam pointing out the lyrics, he’s now making a great point about “vibe” and how people go by vibe over all other things in all areas of life.


Adam is now citing “Shrifty” from Kimmel’s wedding and how his appearance contrasts to a commercial airline pilot while joking about how you would react if Shrifty told you the same thing.

They’re now playing the 2nd song Adam heard while in the chair “Into the Groove”, BB calls it a guilty pleasure and Alison seems to agree with Adam about the song.


Adam is now explaining how Jimmy has been “shunned/blackballed” by Jim and Chris Carolla, he’s explaining how part of being a loser is avoiding winners.

Adam is crediting all of his success in life to Jimmy and explaining how his parents are well are but still have zero interest even despite the fact Jimmy allowed Adam to gain wealth he shared with them directly via home repairs and vehicles.

Alison can’t believe that Adam’s parents have never interacted with Jimmy’s and how his parents never bring Jimmy up, he’s sharing how he’ll think of them while leaving grand events and how they refuse to take part in doing anything.


Adam is explaining the “nothing trumps something every time” policy of his parents, Alison is noting that doing nothing is nice but there are something’s that require almost no effort that are enjoyable.

Adam is now explaining how Jimmy’s achievements in Late Night are among the highest achievements in all of show business yet Adam’s parents don’t care at all.

Adam is joking about their famous fiend being featured on “Hoarders” while his celebrity pal hosted one of if not the funniest and most daring all time White House Correspondents Dinners.


Tales from the Cheap

1st caller Tom, he’s a big fan and has a bit of a stilted intro but gets in a nice plug for BB’s other show TFV.

Adam is full on monosyllabic waiting for Tom to get to the meat of the call, he telling them about his relatives who are very wealthy yet still very cheap.

He’s citing their humble lifestyle and now Adam is getting him to tell the tale from the cheap, pretty good!


Adam is spelling out what he’s saying and now Tom is sharing how they used the same Ziploc back for raw chicken for over 5yrs.

Adam is citing the good side of Tom’s call to explain the differences in their backstories.

Adam is now listing the various characters from his extended family and their cheapness via one line examples.


Adam is sharing the story of the fruit rollup he stuck the ceiling of his stepdad’s bedroom and how he was talking with Jimmy about it.

It’s coming up on the 40th anniversary of Adam throwing it on the ceiling and Jimmy thinks Adam should eat it, much like Jimmy’s infamous McDonald’s Canadian bacon food stunt.

Alison wants to know the flavor and BB is amazed Adam was willing to part with food as a kid, Adam is now fleshing out the story of the “load bearing fruit rollup”.


2nd caller Steve, his dad didn’t believe in “overpaying” for toppings on Pizza, so he would bring his own bizarre choices.

Adam is now explaining that his brazen display should have required a corkage fee, Tom has more details of the cheap.

Adam is now going off on the DMV from employment to the scary notion of 37 languages for the test vs. only one for the street signs.


Steve and Adam are now discussing Steve’s ability to consult his dad for tips regarding registration and licensing, Adam is now being informed there are 31 language options at the Los Angeles DMV.

Alison has an anecdote regarding Chris Maxipada and Adam has one about Dr. Drew and Chris to boot.


3rd caller Dan, his dad gifted the pirate flag to the Warehouse, nice!

Dan is telling them about “Extreme Couponing”, his mom is into that and they have a stock pile of free stuff.

Dan’s mom now uses an app where she points her smart phone at the TV and collets points to obtain various tiered prizes.


Adam is now declaring “Kindle Fire” his new gay porn names and he’s explaining the blue chip trading stamps to the gang and the audience.

Adam is now joking that food stamps, blue chip stamps, anything with stamps on his got his mom’s stamp of approval.

Adam and Alison are describing them as a combination of Marlboro Miles and pre-rewards card rewards program.


Alison is quizzing Adam about the redemption stores for the blue chip trading stamps, he’s quoiting a conversation he had with Assistant Producer Gary about other people wasting their time.

Adam is now explaining how and why he blocked out parts of this experience, now Gary is doing some awesome Google work and pulling up tons of information and images for Adam.

They’re back to Dan and now they’re all breaking down “the allure of free” as Adam puts it.


Brad Thor is now joining the show, he’s telling the gang regarding Glenn Beck’s quote about his new book and where its premise originates.

Brad is telling the gang about the Federal Reserve and its backstory, he’s differentiating between reality and what is in his novel.

Adam is explaining how many people such as Drew agree with him regarding high taxes but keep it quiet due to the political climate that then results in you being labeled for being honest.


Adam’s bringing up the Bikini Island nuclear weapons testing and what happened to the people once they were paid off for their land as a comparison to what welfare does to some people.

He’s touching on his theory about the trap of rent controlled housing and he’s being fair weaving in the subject of people feeding their own children and the pride involved in that action.

Alison has a cute deliver of her question regarding the monkeys placed on the island and now Adam is getting her to read some facts about the detonations.


Adam is now working into an improv as the first convoy sent to negotiate the Bikini Island relocation program, BB is jumping and they’re having some fun.

They’re all now discussing T.C. Boyle.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on an article from Salon aimed at ABC declaring that Jenny McCarthy and her possible presence on “The View” will be harmful to children.

Alison is now reading the letter and Adam is mocking the idea of people taking medical advice from a playmate, great “Singled Out” one liner.

Adam is noting the many reasons he dislikes her and now they’re onto the topic of words that start with the same letters and small differences in naming schemes for streets.


2nd story is on a Latvian designer who has invented a sink urinal, or heard of Adam’s invention.

They’re all commenting on the device’s appearance and Adam needs to trademark his own “Piss Podium” according to Brad and Alison.

Brad is telling the gang about calling dibs on shoveled parking spaces in Chicago during winter.


Adam is now commenting on the coat placed in the seat next to passengers on southwest flights, Adam wants people to have a universal etiquette when it comes to displaying if a seat is occupied or not.


3rd story is on Kris Jenner’s new daytime talk show premiering in 5 test markets with different co-hosts rotating between episodes.

Adam and BB are bringing up the similarly structured 1st season of Jimmy Kimmel Live, BB has some vivid memories and Adam has and even better recollection, bringing up his dad’s crappy line of questioning regarding the time of day it’s filmed.

Adam is now going off on “The Real” his new favorite pile of shit TV show.


Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is further going off on “The Real” and their breaking down the cast, he’s now going off on people dying their hair confusing shades that don’t match up with any natural shades from their ethnic background.


Adam is doing a great Tonx Coffee live read, he’s giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.