Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2014 – James Gunn and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2014 – James Gunn and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest James Gunn and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 07-17-2014 – Release Date 07-18-2014

Production Number #1370

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James Gunn the legendary now 6 time guest will be joining the show after the break, click on the links if you would like to hear his first visit ACS #67 (feat. James Gunn) or his follow up ACS #178 (feat. James Gunn) also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, Ray is joining them in studio and Adam seems psyched to welcome “friend of the show” James Gunn back and says this movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” is going to be a big one.

Ray is now asking about it and Adam is amazed at the budget but unfamiliar with the characters or plot.


Adam is giving out the plugs for the upcoming live shows and bottle signings for Mangria, Adam welcomes Ray to the show finally and he impersonates his dead mother saying hi back to Adam.

Adam comments on the time they’ve spent together and the dumb stuff they’ve done, Adam says its a compliment.

“Ray doesn’t have a dimmer switch” – Adam


Adam says Ray would’ve been imprisoned a long time ago in today’s climate, if the same rules applied to him when he was growing up, Adam cites the T shirt rip story and the barbell over the kid’s neck story.

He’s now joking with Adam about ripping his clothes, Alison mentions like a bodice and reveals she’s never had her panties destroyed in the way Ray implies he does with the ladies.

Adam is now telling them about the night he refused to go along with Ray and his bullshit, he’s telling them about the ice rink that was rented out at midnight on a Saturday night and the way the chicks would play broom ball “The Puffs” vs. “Chanticleers” and BB is now asking them how this got rented out and they got away with having the place to themselves.


Alison wants to know if anyone in their group had parents who cared where they were on a Saturday night and Ray references the rich kids who were also present, trying to make a broken point but inadvertently makes another one about abandoning parents in poverty and those that are wealthy, rich man poor man indeed!

They’re now talking about the laws and BB brings up some loopholes in what’s allowed with renting a U-Haul truck and calls it a rare holdover from a bygone era.

Adam says there would be no such thing as a BYOB evening with the kids renting out a hockey rink in today’s world, Alison is now asking them about running a mobile brothel out of U-Haul and Adam has a killer joke about painting the scenes on the sides of the trucks, “Asian business man getting his dick sucked.”


Adam is telling them about the streaking plan for the ice rink, joking about wearing bags over their heads and genitals, Ray is making the story 20% shittier and Adam is telling at him “thanks dick!” and now Adam is clarifying and they’re yelling at each other full blown.

BB is playing the drop about yelling and Adam is now joking about Ray making him a “cock ice bag liar” and Alison makes it hilarious.

Ray hates his chair being lower than Adam’s and now Adam is finishing theory and explaining the plan for Ray to streak, Adam is explaining why he didn’t want to go along with him.


Alison wants to know why Adam wouldn’t, Adam predicted they would tackle Ray and that it would be bad, the entire school would be watching and see him fully nude without a bag on his head, ice cock and all.

Adam says it’s the embodiment of a nightmare, totally nude in front of the entire school while standing on a block of ice, Alison takes a moment to consider the Shrinkage factor and BB clues her in.

Ray even says he’s not a shower, he’s a grower, what does that then make Adam? Though Adam has remarked about his “good gym dick” in the past.


Adam is explaining that Chris joined Ray and is explaining how it was their 3rd game and they had their footing down, Alison is having them explain what happened.

Ray explains the girls wanted to rip either bag off and Alison asks about what it’s like running on ice, Ray says both of his bags got ripped off, Alison didn’t believe the cock and balls in bag part.

Adam jokes about small plastic bags and Alison has a funny “drugs” one liner.

BB plays the “Yes” drop from yesterday.


Adam is doing a live read for Blue Apron.

Adam is joking about his mom doing a “stuffed biorhythms wheel” in reply to remembering Ray’s mom’s stuffed peppers.


Just the Tip

Ray’s tip is about the thermostat and the poor location it’s often in, Ray tells them to hang a picture over it with a hinge or French cleat, Adam has ray explain what that is.

Adam helps him flesh it out and explains it so Alison and BB can visualize it, Alison says she wants everything like that in her house, super simple easy.

BB is having speech problems, rare to hear these pop up now, Ray makes BB feel bad, at least comically.


Adam is now trying to get Ray to further flesh this idea out and Adam says the hinge is better, but every time he opened it up and there wasn’t a safe he would be disappointed.

BB is now asking Ray about home improvement at his behest, Adam is talking about hanging doors with BB and he tells them how he wants a Dutch door, Ray tells them about a Dutch door with a doggie door in it and promises to bring in pictures.

BB wants a Dutch door front door, Adam tells him it’s traditionally the kitchen door, and it’s pretty rare for front door material.


Adam has a killer brain tumor line that I’m not sure he even notices, BB has a subtle almost non reaction, which was hilarious!

They’re further breaking this down and now Adam is talking about the relationship between the term Dutch and things being split, he’s giving many examples of terms and tells Ray to be quiet.

Adam is now telling them about a “Dutchman” patch in construction, everything cheap is Dutch and Ray asks about the Flying Dutchman, Adam says it’s a boat or a captain or something…


Gary just told Adam off mic that Dutch doors are popular in his parent’s neighborhood, Adam mocks him and asks for more Dutch examples.

Adam is now joking with Alison about knowing Joran Van Der Sloot and she calls back the “Dean” joke from ACS #1365, wow good stuff!

Adam and Ray are now talking to BB about his house, making sure to take up all the time so the guest doesn’t get a full hour visit, seems fitting for one of my bookings, BB has a 100% track record for this, adding show material to an episode where a guest I booked is coming on, much like the infamous Mike Schmidt episode where he only got 27min and spent an hour pacing in the green room, a truly innocent “dog pillow” series of actions from BB that still bums me out.


Oh my god another lap about fitting the door, guest on “Ace on the House” buddy, this is a comedy podcast, Ray is telling them about Adam’s hard on for doors.

They’re wrapping up the segment, Ray forgot the sponsor part and Adam took a call too early, Ray is now giving the live read for Maxxima style.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, he’s about to move to his first house and Adam is doing the “Winner” thing from Ace on the House without explaining it to the non-crossover listeners.

Alex is telling them about his past in Chicago and was told his current landlords are sticklers about returning a security deposit.

Ray tells him to do a walk through with them and make sure it’s on your time and make a verbal agreement and get your fucking money back, Ray says landlords never give it back, he’s been sued twice and one both times, he gets loud, rad!


Adam is telling them about his first apartment, the rabbits, the bongwater and the racecars pad after 4 years and many roommates, Ray just fucked up the story completely, wow!

Adam is now telling the true story, thanks point shitter Oldhafer!

Adam is bringing up the carpet and Ray says big deal, it’s supposed to be replaced. Adam is now telling Ray about his deposits with his property and how fair he is, he’s asking if Adam got his deposit back form the “Montrose” house.


Adam is now giving his policy on renting and he’s sharing some horror stories, Alison has an anecdote and now Adam is explaining how people treat money in their bank account, in their mind it’s their money they’re giving you out of their pocket, it’s an emotional thing.

Adam is bringing up the people who get 10k in computer banking errors and then reply “that’s my money” like a crazy person, Alison asks if it shouldn’t be your money because of their error, no it shouldn’t.

Adam is now further explaining how landlords view this, giving their money and Adam says everyone else is wired that way, except for him, he’s superior and he doesn’t get emotionally attached to this stuff or other’s money.


Adam is explaining why you need a deposit, he’s describing the messes’ people leave, regardless of their background or income, and it’s all fucked up when they leave.

Adam sums up his fair-minded thinking and actions and says it’s not an excuse to make a little extra cash, it’s a deposit to protect him from pet damage and lost money repairing their mess.

Ray has to fart and they all get quiet.


2nd Caller Darren is asking him about the worst car accidents they’ve ever been in, each cast member? Wow thanks Darren, couldn’t have called on a no guest night huh?

Adam is now sharing an anecdote and BB is now giving his take on “Red metering lights” and how he blows through them all, every onramp, of course he does.

Ray is asking about being let go by the CHP and Adam says that’s never happened and says he’s shit on his point 3 times and now Adam tells Ray to shut the fuck up and they’re yelling again, Adam basically gets Ray to admit he made up a scenario that never happened to him.


Adam is telling them about Ray driving them home from carpet cleaning in his mom’s Datsun Honeybee and how he would run red lights and scream, he’s calling Adam a pussy for putting his hands on the roof.

Adam says that if the timing was wrong they wouldn’t be here, that would’ve been half good.

Ray is telling them about being pulled over for doing that and Adam says he agrees, he could have killed a family and now Adam is reading the history of the Dutch and stereotypes created by the English centuries ago.


Adam is now contrasting the pejoratives of today “you douchefuck” vs. yesteryear “you’re super pragmatic when you go out to eat” and he’s giving a few more.


3rd Caller Wallace, Adam says “oh my god just talk” as Ray interrupts, so this now officially the shortest episode in 2 weeks, has the biggest guest in months and they’re deciding to take more calls than they have all week, it’s like they do it on purpose.

I’m guessing 12min interview before the news starts.

Wallace is telling them about his 4plex/fourplex lifestyle and Adam says Ray lives in one, Wallace has some original windows and he’s taking forever!

Adam is trying to interrupt to speed things along, Adam is now breaking it down for the lay people and he has a great “Superman” analogy.


Wallace is further blabbing about his painted windows, fuck man this is boring.

Ray is now calling back the fourplex/4plex and yells at Wallace, he tells him to fuck off, yes!

Ray took back the fuck you and now Adam is going in depth on wood screws and pilot holes, pre-drilling and when it’s required to prevent cracking wood.

If this keeps going James could get less time on air than the time he got short shrift due to Bob Zmuda on his 4th appearance.

Now Alison is asking about the glue and why it’s needed, really?


Adam is doing a life lock live read, Alison is joining him and doing her thing.

“Everyone’s a pile of crap, that’s why you need Life lock Ultimate!” – Adam, he references the “Kaput” from earlier in the week as well.

Adam teases James Gunn, feels like he’s almost about to take another call, what!?


Now Adam is breaking down “Send me and Angel” by “Real Life” again and affirming he was listening to good songs during this era, Alison has a wicked “Brainwash” point and says we should take the word back.

Adam is now playing the song he came up with that was worse than that song, Adam tells Gary to give BB a break because he has a brain tumor and now it’s quiet for a long beat.

Ray recognize the song after the first two pipe hits and Adam calls it “British Gay Whine Rock” and mocks the song despite having a long history with Duran Duran on Classic Loveline.


Alison is asking about their takes on “Human League” and they’re all commenting on the song “People are People” by Depeche Mode.

Adam and Ray both thought it was “Tears for Fears.”

Alison jokes about where we’ll end up if we keep having to find a worse song and this is the extended dance version (of course it is) and now Adam is saying how much he would have loved to have been in the room for the pitch of the extended version of this track.


Alison asks what James Gunn thinks about this shitty music, thank you Alison!

Now Adam is ranting more about how much “hippos ass this blows”, Adam wants to know why only shitty songs get extended dance versions and he’s calling for “Once over twice” by X to be lengthened and Ray says he saw them perform last week, he says it was fantastic.

Adam is giving out the plugs and heading to break, it will not be James officially shortest appearance on the show, and maybe we’ll get 36min, wow!


They’re back from break with James returning to the show for the first time in over 2 years.

Adam is asking him about “Guardians of the Galaxy” and has some decent info, he knows they’re like 3rd tier Marvel characters and has even seen the extended trailer.

James is telling Adam about the step up from 3 Million dollars to 170+ and how he has staffed the best people around him, he doesn’t have to do everyone’s job on set.


Adam is now giving his own low budget indie filmmaking example of costuming and the difficulties and now James is getting to continuity and further compliments the “artisans” he worked with, the son of Kubrick’s AD and he describes how the class system works to your benefit in a way.

James says the sets are night and day different than anything he’s seen on a big budget film shot in the states vs. what he experienced shooting in England.

James says that anything he imaged he could kind of do, Alison is asking how he got involved in the project.


James says he’s know the Marvel guys for a while and they pitched him on it, h was competing with other directors and he saw the movie in his mind’s eye while driving home from the meeting, he sharing his Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark inspiration.

Adam is asking James how he competed for the project, he is describing his further meetings with Kevin Feige and the rest of the execs in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Adam is complimenting James ability to speak and how he must be able to pitch on a level that others can’t keep up with, he’s agreeing and citing his screenwriter background for this ability.


James is explaining how knew what movie he was making the whole time, he’s very happy with the finished product and the response has been great so far.

Adam says we don’t need to see what happens opening day to get him new offers, Adam says it will be nice when it opens huge but regardless James is now in a different directing pool.

James is haring how he is going to make the sequel if the movie does well and can only do other projects that want him if the movie doesn’t do well enough to warrant one, strange dilemma.


BB is calling this movie a “tweener” nope, James is being kind and asking how he gets everyone on the same page to nail the specific tone of the movie.

James says he just describes what the tone is and is now citing “Blade Runner” and “Alien” changing the cinematic color palate of sci-fi and how he wanted to merge an amalgamation of feelings about the project.

Adam wasn’t aware that James actually wrote the screenplay too, Adam is impressed and James is explaining how he got to do his own thing and didn’t like the 2nd screenplay that came in on the day he signed the contract.


Adam is asking about the credit and asks James who gets credit, Adam jokes about the guy who fucked it up who did the shitty job, James is being diplomatic and says it didn’t speak to him.

BB is asking James about other big jobs and wasted effort, BB doesn’t know about “Pets” the big budget movie he was exiting as he first guested on the ACS in 2009, linked at the top of the page.

James is now giving his take about not caring, if he doesn’t get the job he can just lay around and have fun, Adam jokes about his approach working on women in addition to pitching movies.


Adam is telling how he told Mike and Matt in the studio about how they need to work for free and come early and often, Alison is mocking Adam’s advice and effects on the staff.

Adam is now getting to wasted effort and he says the two things that aren’t wasted, you need to strike out to have a batting average and you’ve gotten a little bit sharper and better at what you do.

James has an anecdote about hearing about Spielberg not being able to get certain projects financed and Alison wants to know if James thinks Steven has a sense of self doubt about being a fraud, he doesn’t know and has a solid answer.


James is bringing up the lack of guys still making good projects in their later years, Adam is now referencing the classic Acs #75 (feat. Francis Ford Coppola) episode where he said he couldn’t make a movie he wanted to make today unless it fell into a stereotypical category of his previous work, something derivative.

Adam has an excellent Derek Jeter analogy and Adam is now bringing in the realities of sports, skill and age.

BB has a killer compliment for James as he lists some directors who were able to work into their later years and stay relevant.


BB is bringing up the LACMA exhibit on Kubrick, James also visited the museum and they’re commenting on Kubrick’s long in development Napoleon project.

Adam is now sharing his mixed feelings for James, he wants him to still come back to the show, he says he loves this place and they’ve been great to him.

James says the people he gravitates towards are the people who actually give a shit about him, not the people hopping in the bandwagon.

Alison says she thinks James has changed and Adam is joking about not recognize the man anymore.


Alison’s News – “Yes” drop variant on the intro.

1st Story Is on MH17 the doomed Malaysian airlines flight that was downed over the Ukraine today, Adam says at least we know where this one is, BB is shocked and didn’t know about this.

Alison is sharing the various claims she’s heard throughout the day and how the United States has gotten involved in the investigation and has confirmed that it was deliberately shot down, surface to air missile tracking was used.

Adam is now going off on Russia and the way they do things, he’s calling them a piece of shit and asking for someone to wake them up and enter the modern world, stop doing shit the way you’ve always done it!


Adam is really ranting and now James is sharing how hopeful it seemed not that long ago, Adam is bringing up the 1975 “trouble in the middle easy” news reports, he’s saying that if you would’ve told all of his mom’s friends to guess if it would’ve been cleared up by now.

Alison says its 18 years to the day that TWA flight 800 crashed/was shot down (Conspiracy Theory? BB is now saying it’s flight 800, he’s right.

Adam is getting to the 777 and the size, Alison is reading the passenger breakdowns and has a funny callback to the earlier Dutch segment.


Alison wants to know this plane, Adam says it was in their airspace and now Adam is bringing up the time Jimmy’s cousin Sal got a Taser at The Man Show, how long before he uses it?

Adam is comparing that to surface to air missiles, Adam is getting to the mystery component of TWA flight 800.

Adam is getting to the original news stories, it was an electrical spark in the fuel tank exploded.


2nd Story Is on the Israeli ground action on tunnels between Gaza and Israel, she’s now reading quotes and Adam is joking about those kids having their shit straightened out by the weekend.

James is bringing up the light news from his last visit, he’s right, all week soft news, no mention of the family execution, why this?

Alison has a great segue to the Valvoline live read and Adam is joking about them putting the stuff on horses and refuses to get to where they put the funnel.


3rd Story Is on the big news in the Marvel comic universe, it’s on the female Thor with no mention of the black Captain America.

Alison is reading the copy about the new character and she tells him about the writer, James says he’s a good writer and Adam wants to know how much pussy he owed when he left high school.

James is bringing up weird fetishes and how he’s interested in it, he’s now describing the fetish community about changing genders of characters, males to female and how it turns people on.


James doesn’t know why people want to see the female Spiderman then fuck her, Alison has an interesting theory and now Adam is joking about Marge Simpson with a cock and balls being a turn on.

Adam is asking about female Thor’s “Golden Tampon” and Alison comments on her masculine build, she says it’s He-man with tits.

Adam tells the nerds to rejoice and tells all of them about pornography and says they can beat off then go to work, call it a life and raise kids.


James is mocking Adam’s logic of comic book fans jacking off to comic books and Adam rants against them, James says he loves them and now Adam is defending “Guardians” and says he likes it because it avoids the morose and “dark” angle of other comic movie properties.

Adam likes “The Avengers” so he will probably like this, James is sharing how people have been so ok with all of the changes to the story and plot elements.

James explains that his regular actor Michael Roooker plays “Yondu” in the movie, changed from the comic books, Adam remembers him best from “Cliffhanger” and James said that people are pissed about the small fin on Rooker’s head in the movie.


Now they’re doing a side by side and Adam is mocking the threatening tweets from the obese comic fans, hilarious!

James is now joking with Adam and Alison is asking James to defend the comic book world to Adam, in light of her husband working on a graphic novel.

Adam is bringing up the reading part that turns him off and how it didn’t stick with him growing up, he was bummed by the glossy covers and newspaper interiors, Alison agrees on that point.

Adam explains the counterintuitive part of reading comics and James is now offering a nice counter point.


4th Story is on “Guardians of the Galaxy” taking over Jimmy Kimmel Live for the premier of the movie, she’s saying that Mike August had her add this story into the mix.

James is predicting the superhero knowledge and Adam is shocked that Vin Diesel is the most comic literate of the bunch, forgetting his 2000 classic Loveline where he talked about his love of D&D.

Classic Loveline THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2000 – GUEST: VIN DIESEL

James is now telling Adam about Chris Pratt living next door to James the entire time they were shooting and now Adam is marveling at how quickly Chris has risen through the Hollywood ranks to leading man status.


James is telling them how he was overweight at the time and didn’t want to read him, James is telling them about Chris losing 80lbs of fat and toning up, but how he was willing to cast him despite his size even if he didn’t lose the weight.

James is telling them about Chris losing weight for “Zero Dark Thirty” and how he gained weight for “The Delivery Man” and Adam jokes about not saying more weight.

Alison wraps up the news.


Adam is doing his first live read for Cheapo Air, it’s a bumpy live read oddly enough.

Adam is now giving the plugs for the upcoming live shows, Adam jokes about Jewish people not reading comics and James says they do for sure, James is now sharing how many great comic book creators are Jewish.

Adam is shocked and has a funny riff about James being a “Jew Lover” and he’s now saying he never knew about the Jewish comic book fan stereotype he never thought about.

Adam shares the “looks bad with his shirt off and lactates” stereotype for comic book readers, he says he’s never seen a guy in a Yarmulke reading a comic book.


James is telling them about his Spider-Man Yarmulke and BB is bringing up Stan Lee and his Jewish heritage, BB asks have you heard him talk, he was on Classic Loveline in 1996 actually, it turns out he had to run right as they took a teenage anal sex call oddly enough.

Classic Loveline #102 – Stan Lee 02/19/1996 

Adam is now equating Jewish qualities with old timey stuff, James mocks him a bit and now he’s wrapping up the show with a hilarious plug, never again indeed!


Adam mixes up the plurals on the last plug, great episode!

Alison’s panties drop is of course the closer today, Dawson is losing his shit a bit but pulling it together in the closing jargon.

No repetiton, totally new content, not enough time with James but there never is, maybe one day he can sit in for a full show, like the old one on ones