Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 07-17-2013 – Release Date 07-18-2013

Production Number #1124

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Adam is opening the show declaring they should put up a “race dialog clock” and now he’s remarking on the futility of things like the national debt clock/ticker.

BB has a great hand job #TopDrop, it’s another rare no guest episode with the full gang.

Adam is now taking it back to the wedding and he’s sharing a detail he forgot to bring up after his long conversation with Johnny Knoxville and his wife.


Adam is citing the reaction scene in a film he walked in on mid airing “The Ringer” and BB is wrongly crediting the film to the Farrelly brothers who were producers, instead of the true originator of the idea/screenplay Ricky Blitt.

Adam is now playing a clip of Bryan Cranston from the exclusive bonus footage/deleted scenes from the Fund Anything video, pretty great!

Adam is breaking down the behind the scenes details and filming, along with how they hit the various beats instead of having a script.


Adam’s using Bryan Cranston to contrast the other people in Hollywood who are seemingly out of it 24/7 and Adam is citing the time he worked on Alison’s project and didn’t prepare to make his point.

Alison is now explaining that both Adam and Drew were on Alison’s pilot, she’s explaining how easy it was to work with Adam and how little questions he had.

BB is sharing the experience of asking both Adam and Drew to contribute to his book.


BB is making a point about TV dads and their typical acting options post sitcom, they’re all now on “dad from Alf” tangent, leaving out his infamous crack addiction/tabloid expose.

Adam is now bringing up the debate he had with Gavin Newsome over check cash places and their high fees and often predatory business practices.

BB is telling Adam that’s the very topic he was just bringing up, regarding people needing to be liked over actually issues and what matters.


Adam is now on his “Home Court” idea for society, as opposed to the mall food court, this one takes the best policies and practices from across the globe and brings them back to America to optimize our way of life.

Adam is citing the local L.A. traffic and the signs over decades that show things have truly devolved and Alison agrees.

Adam is bringing up the “If It Steers It Clears” signs that came up during his debate with Gavin, they’re now all discussing his incredulous “joke mode” reaction to Adam while he was dismissing his practical advice.


Alison wants to know why the politicians don’t actually seem to care, she’s got a great hair care concern follow up comment that Adam runs with excellently.

Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read.


Mr. Brightside

Second Caller Craig, nice comedy mocking caller Drew who wasn’t on the line.

Craig is laying out his troubles of no AC and a missing “Weed Man”, Adam is now ordering all weed dealers to leave a pumpkin filled with weed outside their front porch.

Adam is now describing his AC history to the gang and caller Craig, BB is declaring this is not how you play the game buy I would wager Adam sharing his horrible past could be seen as a way to make Craig’s present day seem less horrible.


Adam just stumbled onto the idea of his dad trying to cure him like meat, Alison sums it up with an Adam Jerky one liner and Craig is a Superfan for sure!

Adam is walking them though his late nigh cockroach/dog dodging late night ninja dips into his neighbor’s pool.

Alison and Adam are both discovering they’re depression increases during the summer, Adam is blaming her black attire and now he’s bringing up the Sunday night depression he used to experience that feels similar to the summer dread.


3rd caller Adam from South Dakota, he’s got an elaborate almost Rube Goldberg/Mousetrap style accident damaging crucial equipment and costing a couple grand to repair his truck.

Adam is using the angle of “you raped yourself with your own plunger” and BB has a choice one liner.

Adam is now on an epic “dances with dings” explanation to tell of the assholes who point out small imperfections on new vehicles, gold!


Adam’s going off on the “what happened here” point out in general and he’s connecting the zit guy to the ding guy and citing how they both remark on your imperfections.

“At least you got to fuck yourself, this horrible world” – Adam

Solid self-inflicted face punching closer.


4th caller Drew, has spent the last 5 years of his life working towards becoming a doctor and despite his GPA and test scores he wasn’t accepted by any of the schools he applied to.

“Turn your fucking computer down you cretin” – Adam

BB has a great transformer drop that nobody comments on and Adam is now riffing about fruit fly research and how unsettling it his humans have so much in common with fruit flies and mice when it comes to testing.


Adam is now riffing on the animals he wants to be associated with instead, he’s now joking about how intangible fruit flies are and how they don’t weigh enough to be killed.

Adam is pointing out that even Mike Tyson is powerless against fruit flies and pollen, BB is in the mix with some solid one liners.

Adam actually attempted some positive spinning, Adam is asking Bruce about his research and BB has a killer Atkins one liner.


5th caller Andrew, after the heavy rains his home’s foundation is now crumbling and its 17k to fix it.

Adam is quizzing Andrew about the home and now making the ultimate Ace On the House themes point about his buddy Ray still dwelling in an apartment.

Adam has an “everywhere is mobbed up” complaint about the Mangria distribution from state to state.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Rolling Stone’s latest cover featuring The Boston Bombing Suspect.

Adam is giving his take and how he couldn’t help but think of the Mimi Rogers photograph of Jim Morrison.

Adam is explaining how fresh bodies add heavy weight to topics, citing why he can’t make jokes about these things and why missteps like this cover only make things worse for the victims’ families.


Alison has a very interesting point about other terrorists appearing on magazines like Time and Newsweek and how this cover even strikes a different cord in her.

Adam is explaining how Rolling Stone does this to generate buzz and why it’s a victory for them.

Alison has a hilarious claim about the photo and Adam tops it with a question about her rolling up the magazine to achieve her goal.


Adam is joking about Richard Jewel not making the cover of Rolling Stone and he’s now connecting that to his two favorite artists Graham Parker and John Hiatt never making the cover of the magazine despite this piece of shit getting his own cover.


2nd story is on Former Mayor Villaretardo now being appointed “strategic advisor” for Bank of America.

Adam is bringing up his take on the former mayor and arguing against the people who say he just doesn’t speak well off the cuff.

Alison is asking Adam’s take on George W. Bush and his intelligence level despite his difficulties with public speaking.


Adam is now joking about Villaretardo taking another crack at the bar to sum up his mocking of the man and his “work”.

Alison is now bringing up characters who work at a bank now being absent from TV and Film plots, Adam is giving his take as to why while citing 1994’s “The Mask”.


3rd story is Ariel Castro pleading not guilty

Adam wants to know how that works, Alison is explaining the facts and details from his brief court appearance.

Adam is now comparing owning a Llama to having a basement full of kidnapped girls and joking about it not being all fun and the responsibility that comes into play.


Adam is telling the gang about his “two fold” approach to Molly having to make a trip to the vet, he’s sharing how Lynette was up at 5am urgent to take Molly to the vet.

Adam is explaining how Molly is falling apart at the seams, her old age is advancing almost overnight.

Adam is explaining that Lynette is outwardly more affectionate and worrisome about Molly than she is him.


Adam is now pitching his opposite game to “Mr. Brightside” where he goes to Rwanda and brags about his dog’s medical bills in reply to finding out how much their entire way of life costs.

Adam is now commenting on the metaphorical kicking of the can down the road of increasing veterinary costs.

Alison wants to know the guys take on threesomes, Adam is saying it’s something you want on your bucket/fuck it list and an eager Chris Maxipada is nodding away according to Aceman.


Adam wants to see the shape of the graph showcasing the amount of people who have engaged in various group sex activities with ever increasing groups.

Adam has a hilarious pharos/lava pit/BJ riff, gold!

Adam is now on the “DeSacto” orgy, one guy with 9+ women.


4th story is on the Glee reality show on O network not coming back for a 4th season.

Adam is now sharing his semi gay thought from the other night about the movie “Grease”.

Adam is talking to Alison about Beth Ringwald and the nature of crushes, how time changes perspective.


BB is now commenting on people coming out of the woodwork from your past claiming to be your childhood friend.

Adam is sharing how that happens to him with people telling him about someone they know claiming to be his friend from North Hollywood High.


Adam is doing a live read, giving the plugs and wrapping the show.