Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2017 – Dr. Derek Muller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2017 – Dr. Derek Muller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Derek Muller

Recorded 07-16-2017 – Release Date 07-17-2017

Production Number #2118

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Adam opens the show to a funny “8th Person in Trump’s Russia Meeting” and BB has a killer #TopDrop of Adam shouting, Adam immediately asks Dawson to repeat “a Game of Thrones Themed Round” as he didn’t quite catch it.

BB thinks that Adam and himself have seen the least amount of ‘Game of Thrones’ out of anyone and Adam mocks fantasy as a genre, using blind swordsman who can somehow see with their other senses.

Adam is bringing up the lack of English speaking citizens in America, he explains they rented a car on the way out of Las Vegas on the way back to Los Angeles and describes the difficulty he had finding the bay of available cars.


Adam explains the woman at the counter offered him a reprieve by asking if he recalled the directions to find the cars, Adam reflexively said yes even though he had indeed forgotten.

Adam is getting very specific about the “go up the stairs” directions, he says he saw a Latin guy who worked in the parking structure and tried to ask him for directions to find the available cars, the pickup location for Hertz.

Adam is going over the pointing and misunderstanding he had with the man who didn’t speak English, BB has a killer “Who’s on primero” one liner.


Adam says that people never think of asshole douchebags in the third world, we ascribe nobility of the presumption of kindness to foreigners, Adam says eventually the guy told him to fuck off, Adam jokes about Natalia not being quite old enough to appreciate the insanity of the encounter Adam was involved in.

Adam is talking about the society we have crafted where smokers are looked down upon more than deadbeat dads, Adam asks how not raising kids “affects you” and society as a whole, Adam says he refuses to go along with the bullshit hypothesizes that smokers are worse than parents who abandon their children.

BB cites Adam’s use of retarded and makes a solid point, Adam is now connecting this back to Natalia and his evening walk to get a treat from Starbucks, she was eating a molten hot Brownie and didn’t bring a napkin, Adam says he always tells her to get a napkin but she’ll never think to grab one.


Adam is now contrasting his daughter and his son, Sonny only fucked up the napkin thing once and never again, Adam is asking about people going through life unable to augment their behavior.

Adam is sharing Natalia’s reaction to hearing about the crew that was going to Vegas, Adam says Natalia loves Gina, Matt and Bald, Gary she likes…

Adam says that Natalia doesn’t care for Dawson because he smokes, Adam says that she grew up in a society where people who smoke are bad people, he mocks the idea of this being important and BB now comments about how she could have thought bald people are evil if she was brought up in a previous decade, citing Lex Luthor and Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the Ian Fleming novels and James Bond movies.


Adam is saying it’s not even worth trying to argue her out of her beliefs, it’s like a religion that’s been indoctrinated into this generation and Gina shares how Natalia was trepidations about even being in Vegas where people can smoke freely.

BB tells Adam about his over preparedness and how he was as a kid.

Adam is talking about the shroud of childhood and inability to think ahead being something that most slough off as they develop, unlike his buddy Ray.

Adam is talking about rehab and what works for some vs. others, Adam has a killer “you hear me Sizemore” one liner and moves onto a live read.


23 and MeTravel the globe based on your DNA edition


Adam says they have a follow up on the pubic hair preference poll that originated during ACS #2113 with Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher.

Adam immediately objects to the wording of “groomed very short” in place of “landing strip” and he says Nick fucked it up, Gary is now reading the results with a bit of dread in his voice saying Adam will not like the results.

BB has a great reaction to “FULL BUSH” bring capitalized, Gina laughs.


BB now reacts to the results and mocks Nick a bit, Gary offers to modify and replace the poll.

Adam says clean shaven disturbs him a bit, Adam likes a nice groomed bush being a man who came up in the 80’s with Playboy magazine.

Gary is now sharing how they tried to make it a unisex poll, Adam says the original poll was chick centric and Gary promises to have a new set of results by Wednesday’s show.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Josh, he’s calling because something he saw in the locker room that made him think of Adam, he describes the lounge area with nude guys sitting on chairs that are meant for members to use, not violate.

Adam is now talking about the thick fog in the sauna in Caesar’s Palace and how he was afraid he was going to sit on a dude’s lap, he prefers that kind over the shitty sauna that has very little steam.

Adam has a killer riff and cracks everyone up and then gets to something he saw while they were in Vegas taping ‘Crank Yankers’ around 14 years ago.

Adam describes the nude man with one leg up shaving himself in front of everyone, BB correctly guesses these are old guys sitting around nude and chatting, I wonder if Patton Oswalt was in town recording for that episode and this is the very same nude man that made it into his standup act and special?


Adam says the Burbank YMCA made the mistake of putting a pool table in the men’s locker room, not anticipating due would be into playing billiards in the nude.

Adam blames the doctor visits where these old dudes are getting naked every time after age 65, and comments on the prodigious ball sacks they’re often sporting, Gina has a funny “clack of the balls” comment and BB says the comment Josh made about trying to dodge old man genitalia made him think of football gauntlets and Adam riffs along with it.


2nd Caller Tom, he wants Adam’s thoughts on tennis as a sport, Adam appreciates it and thinks it’s a fun game to play. Tom asks if Adam has watched Wimbledon and has any thoughts on Roger Federer.

Adam is talking about the people in the crowd who dress in tennis attire as if Roger Federer will call them in from the stands to fill in for his doubles partner.

Tom asks about the difficulty and athleticism involved in the game, Adam is very impressed by it and closes the call saying he doesn’t like anyone who was on their school tennis team.

BB has a killer drop of Minka, Adam’s favorite pornstar circa 1999 and former tennis pro who guested on Loveline.


3rd Caller Dave, he plugs his twitter account before his ‘Rich Man Poor Man’ and he asks her about the dudes who respond to her tweets, sharing a specific example.

Dave says “Dudes that hit on Gina” as a possible Rich Man Poor Man and explains how Chris Hardwick’s mom uses twitter to an inquisitive Adam.


4th Caller Brandon is actually in the gym and tells them a story that tops the first caller, Adam says it doesn’t outdo Adam’s example of the nude man shaving, the guy Brandon was calling about was reacting to a necessity, not just creeping everyone out.

Brandon is telling them about selling Gym memberships and Adam proclaims that dudes in street clothes or suits should be required to wear a towel over their suits when entering the locker room.

Adam says he doesn’t want them to have to get stripped down, but just wear a towel to make everyone else feel comfortable.

Brandon is a wedding DJ and he wants to know the U2 song Adam is referring to when he does the “bucka, bucka” impression and they listen to a couple examples, Adam says he doesn’t think the U2 hits are bad songs but he never wants to hear them again.


AloneBack for the 4th season with a crazy new twist edition


Adam prefaces that he tries to discover certain truths of life, he talks about people react to being given things for free and how they don’t appreciate it.

Adam makes note of the incongruity of the idea, Adam says he can tour a Costco parking lot and tell you which car is being paid for by the driver vs. someone else.

Adam is now citing a story Mark Geragos told him on Reasonable Doubt #103 and he sets up a clip, explaining how people react to sudden income like lottery winners.


Adam says these are human truths, we could all experience these things and turned into these examples if we had been corrupted at a specific time in our lives.


Life LockFBI says over 1 Billion lost to internet scams in 2017 Edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with Dr. Derek Muller making his ACS debut and a listener voicemail with a “Richman Poorman” example, citing “no trespassing” signs that are used by trailer trash and people with acreage.

BB says attack dogs are another example of something only uses by the impoverished and super wealthy, Adam brings up former professional wrestler “Junkyard Dog” aka JYD much to BB’s delight, Adam welcomes Derek to the show and describes a watermelon being tossed from a building video, stopping to comment on the untimely demise of JYD.

Adam is back to the “Rhino Liner” video with the watermelon that bounces instead of smashing as seen on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and Adam brings up Gale Banks who has created a roof out of the same material.


Dr. Derek Muller weighs in and explains the reasoning behind the roof, he brings up the other uses like for armored vehicles to protect the occupants from IEDs.

Adam is talking about trying to demolish buildings and he comments on the how the chimney is often the most fragile part of a home, Dr. Muller talks about flexibility and how important it is for impact.

Adam is bringing up how they used to frame houses when he began doing it and shares how they could revolutionize homes by spraying them with the liner.


Dr. Muller says there are shops around the city that will cover any object you want in this liner material, BB jokes about Sonny being covered in it and Adam asks if they have a white shaded liner, you know cause of the neighborhood they live in.

Adam brings up Dexter Holland from ‘The Offspring’ and asks about his degree, BB thinks it’s in molecular biology and Adam jokes about him writing ‘Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)’ as an anthem about catalyzing agents and two-part epoxies.

BB mistakenly plays ‘Pretty Fly (for a White Guy’0” from two albums later than the song Adam brought up, everyone is politely joking about his fuck up and BB doubles down and keeps playing it, shouting “no” and he thinks they are the same song, they are not that similar.


BB says it takes a big man to apologize to everyone under the roof for his fuck up, must be an infusion day.

Adam is asking Dr. Muller about his career and they get into climate change, he cites the 13 misconceptions about climate change video he released on this very topic.

He brings up Volcanoes and cows and their emissions contrasted to humans, Adam asks about cows and their 7 stomachs, he suggests we bioengineer a cow with one stomach and a supply of Pepcid AC.


Dr. Muller is bringing up the Paris Accords and the logic behind the United States doing the heavy lifting of the agreement and suggests his own approach to getting the other developing nations to pull their weight, eventually.

Adam is now talking about nuclear power and the hypocrisy of those on the left who argue against it, BB brings up ‘The China Syndrome’ and Adam cites this being like antiabortion folk who also don’t like the morning after pill.

Adam says we’re not using nuclear power because of a smear campaign and he blames the “no nukes” movement and says it might predate Dr. Muller, he might not understand the media saturation of it.


Adam says the optics were created regarding nuclear power, booth Adam and Dr. Muller raise their voices as they get excited about the topic, Adam explains how nuclear power was transposed with nuclear weapons and forever smeared in the public eye by misinformed but well-meaning hippies and actor/activists.

Dr. Muller wishes we could build a new nuclear plant and does place some blame on the “no nukes” campaign as to why we can’t pull the trigger, the technology was abandoned in its relative infancy and now we’re not ready to build a clean and safe solution.

Adam blames Martin Sheen and has some choice words for him, hilarious!


Adam wants everything to be approached as “reality on reality’s terms” and mentions all of the dead coal miners because of the smear campaign.

Adam asks him what the next plan is, the next video and he shares it’s about how a kilogram is being redefined and explains the definition of the pound and how there is no group maintaining the stats, Adam asks about the kilogram that’s under lock and key, K4 and K20.

Dr. Muller tells them about “Le Grand K” and Gina jokes about being only 90lbs.

Adam is now riffing a movie idea where Nic Cage has to break in and steal the kilogram in order to prove his mom didn’t have an eating disorder.


Adam asks when we’re going full metric and Dr. Muller says that will never happen, Adam jokes about Trump spearheading the campaign.

Adam talks about the movement in the 1970’s and the fearmongering that was being done during the strong push to adopt the system in the United States.

Adam talks about how much easier and intuitive the metric system is to use for building and construction.


Cars, weed and tools all use metric, Dr. Muller talks about the Mars probe that was expecting input in metric and instead got the imperial math and was destroyed.

Adam is saying it is easy to learn metric and goes into how engines are based in metric and he says the people who don’t want to do it are bad at math anyway, so screw them.

Gina asks Dr. Muller about “the quietest room”, Dr. Muller shares some background on the quiet rooms they make and how they research sound with them.


Dr. Muller explains how weird it feels to be in these types of rooms and he shares how he tried to last as long as he could in one, he tells them about the rustling you can hear and Adam jokes about the super embarrassing noises your stomach makes when you’re getting examined by a doctor, Gina knows it well and BB is curious if this happens as often as Adam is implying.

Dr. Muller broke the record and walked out after an hour, Adam asks about the agreement with the folks on the outside of the room who were supposed to help him exit, Adam wants to know what happened with the guys who didn’t come back and help him.

Adam has a killer “I know, I beat off and took a nap!” reply where people use an activity as an excuse, in the past people would have a real reason or excuse for not coming through. For a Cause Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on OJ Simpson’s upcoming parole hearing that will be live streamed on the internet, Adam says he saw his accomplices who told OJ the risks of trying to intimidate the guy he got arrested for shaking down for his old memorabilia.

Adam is now talking about wiring and how what OJ has and what football selects for is not the best for impulse control.

Dr. Muller agrees and they move on.


2nd Story is an update on the meeting between Trump Jr. and his contacts from Russia, Gina explains how a former intelligence officer was also present.

Adam suggests that perhaps Putin is a teetotaler and that’s how he was able to take over, in a land full of alcoholics and aging drunks by 30 he was able to exceed.

Adam asks about Putin and his alcohol consumption, the only non-alcoholic over 14 in all of Russia, Gary has the facts and reveal he only drinks during special occasions.

Dr. Muller is now making a point about being beholden to another nations interest, what would have happened if they had got some actual dirt.


Adam is now making a point about both candidates being dirty and therefore there were no rules of engagement, they were playing on the same level.

Dr. Muller explains he doesn’t get where the actions of the democrats come into play with this argument, what the republican party is doing and our current administration is accused of.


3rd Story comes from TMZ, regarding Shia LaBeouf and his belief that he’s not an alcoholic, he just believes he has trouble controlling his actions while intoxicated.

Gina quotes Shia and his attorney, Adam defines addiction as continued use in the face of negative consequences and outcomes, it’s not about the amount of consumption.

Dr. Muller thinks Shia might have behavioral problems in general regardless of drinking, Adam comments on the tin veneer of sanity covering up the crazy that gets removed when someone is drunk.


Gina wraps the news.


SimpliSafe – The guy went to Harvard I think Edition

Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show, including the upcoming cruise, the podcasting master class and Dr. Mullers cool videos which can be found online at

BB has a funny closing drop of a caller saying “my boyfriend thinks I’m pretty.”