Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2015 – Kenny Florian and Russell Howard

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2015 – Kenny Florian and Russell Howard

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kenny Florian and Russell Howard

Recorded 07-16-2015 – Release Date 07-17-2015

Production Number #1618

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Adam is back in studio with BB and Gina Grad, he welcomes Russell to the show and mentions how he might join him while he’s out in the UK.

Russell doesn’t know what the Goodwood festival is, he’s telling them about his touring as a standup comedian.

Russell is cracking them up and telling them about barnyard life, Adam is telling Russell how people will buy our kids elaborate gifts like “home tie-dye kits” and he says his sister bought his kids a fake shopping playset.


Adam wants to know why we invented fake carrots when we want kids to eat real vegetables.

Adam has a funny “my first butt plug” line and Russell is riffing a bit.

Adam comments on how Americans respond to English accents, he wants to know how his vocal qualities will translate to the UK.


Adam is explaining how Americans presume intelligence along with a British accent.

Adam says the black guy with the English accents beats out Russell, Adam is now commenting on Frank Bruno and Adam asks if he owns a waist.

Adam is commenting on how black guys have lats down to their nuts.


Adam is now asking for more pictures of Frank Bruno and Adam jokes about gay code with Russell, he shares some Canadian gay hookup slang.

Adam jokes about being large curd and further comments on Frank Bruno and his muscles that Adam simply doesn’t possess.

Adam is telling August to book Frank Bruno.


Adam is doing a Game of War Live Read with Caelan


Adam is commenting on Lynette’s crazy story regarding Southwest Airlines, Adam tells Gina to share her story for Monday too.

Adam then decides to let Gina tell her story, she shares how she was able to fly with an expired license and how she was dealing with the bitchiest woman at Burbank TSA.


Adam says the part that pisses him off is the “to what end” element, Adam doesn’t like the way they’re so fast and loose with someone else’s travel plans.

Adam is making some great points and BB is commenting on the abuses of power among low level employees like this.

Gina knows the rule about being able to travel for a year with an expired license.

Russell is sharing his own experience with airport security.


Adam is riffing about TSA and comments on the different extremes you’re met with, Adam shares his crazy updates from Lynette being harassed by Southwest.

Adam says that Molly is alive and well, his wife had a change of heart and Moly Girl is doing much better, oh thank the Great Magnet!


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Adam is talking about the international world of porn, he says it transcends all borders now, Adam is talking about porn on laptops with Russell.


Lord of the Jungle #LOTJ

Rob, the winner this week who bought himself a motorized kart.

Adam is riffing about Rob having to buy safety stuff for the kid, joking he wants lead based paint and other dangerous items.

Gina asks what was the last thing that Adam’s parents bought him for a birthday that was 250$ off.


Adam is talking about his mechanical gene that causes him to notice cheap crappy stuff vs. something like the hand welded aluminum in a Paul Newman race car.


Adam says he would just collects the small sums of cash for his birthday and get his own gift.

Adam is telling them about redline forks for his bike, Adam is mocking his dad’s less than stellar home and belongings.

Russell is asking how old Adam was when he realized his parents were imbeciles, Gina brings up the shrimp deveiner gift that was given out during one Christmas.


Adam tells Rob he’s 10 times the father he will ever be, Adam plugs the #LOTJ and wraps up the segment.

Rob tells Adam about the finger point at 4 way stops, Adam is asking Russell what they do in the UK.

Adam is talking about the guys holding the “slow” signs while encouraging you to move past them.


Gina wants to blow off people holding the signs who aren’t cops.

Adam is talking about Battlebots.

Adam is telling Russell about the shows premise, he’s asking him about it and Adam explains it to him.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Adam laments the low battery smoke detector chirp.


Adam is now showing them a video of Battlebots, he loves this one model and calls it his favorite of all time.

Adam is teasing the arrival of Kenny Florian and is now watching the video of his favorite Battlebot.

Adam gives out the plugs for Russell and Adam mentions he’ll be reuniting with him once he hits the UK for the upcoming first overseas live shows for the podcast.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Kenny Florian making his ACS debut, they’re immediately talking about Battlebots and Adam once again mentions Ziggo his favorite bot.

They’re discussing the weight limits and Adam talks about the mini bots that some models are now using to creatively make the weight limits while adding a competitive advantage.

Adam is talking about the recent controversy involving a match with ‘Tombstone’ and Adam describes the gift box the competitor brought in and sabotaged Ghost Raptor.


Kenny is explaining how the controversy erupted, Kenny thought it was very creative and BB asks if you can customize your bot for its current opponent and he has a solid MMA comparison.

Gina asks Adam about celebrity ‘Battlebots’ that he and Jimmy took part in back in the day on comedy central, they went up against Jay Leno’s bot.

They’re now watching the clip of Ghost Raptor and the net.


Adam is asking him about where they film the show and now getting into Kenny’s origins in MMA and with the UFC.

Kenny is telling them about the first ‘Ultimate Fighter’ series he starred on and Adam is now asking him about the current state of affairs in the UFC.

Kenny is telling Adam about Jon Jones hit and run accident that stripped him of his belt, Adam has a killer riff about Jon impregnating the woman he hit before leaving the scene of the crime, they’re so fast!


Kenny offers up an interesting theory about highly gifted athletes who need to find some excitement outside of the sport and end up undoing themselves, Adam compares this to his Richard Gere gerbil story explanation theory.

Adam is back to Jon Jones and wraps up the discussion.


Adam is doing a Live Read

It’s 2015, we have robots battling, and you’re still going to the post office? – Adam


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the escape of a drug kingpin in Mexico, Adam comments on how fantastic Mexicans are at tunneling, Kenny has a funny on time/on budget one liner.

Gina is now playing a clip of the news report on the escape.

BB is asking why they’re releasing this video and Gina says the most the country could scrape together for a bounty is 3 million.

Adam says he would like to be a rich guy in Mexico and thinks his life would be much better, he jokes about keeping 20’s on his person to get free motorcycle rides from cops after DUI stops, hilarious riffing about asking for the cops gun badge and how much to fuck his wife.

“It’s called your dad running for mayor” – Adam on the Mexican version of the death penalty, Adam is commenting on the way Mexico refuses to extradite prisoners to America.

Adam is now referenced the lead or silver option for most officials in Mexico.



2nd Story is on the most recent ESPY awards.

Gina is playing a clip of Caitlyn Jenner accepting the lifetime honor award, Adam is now saying that “not thinking they’re weirdos” is the best first step in the right direction for trans people, Adam agrees with the speech, he liked the hosting duties as filled by Joel McHale, he enjoyed the monologue.

Adam is commenting on the crowd and their lack of intelligence, he says you must simply treat it like a transcript and you’ll never get the night at the Apollo reaction you’re hoping for, BB has a funny racial one liner.


3rd Story is on the Emmy nominations, she goes over a few and then skip right to reality TV.

Gina reveals that ‘Catch a Contractor’ wasn’t nominated, Adam is all for the nominees except for Heidi Klum, Gina doesn’t have the best host nominees for reality shows.

Gina gives him the lead actors in a comedy nominees.

Adam thinks Transparent will be sweeping this year, Adam is asking about the series and if his character has his junk still.


Adam is doing a Therabreath Live read

Adam says Jon Jones should carry these and dump them all over his head when he gets pulled over.


Gina is reading the nominees and reveals that Adam once again wasn’t nominated, not good enough for the Emmys.

Adam talks about the false progressivism of nominating people bases on race or sexual identity.

Adam comments on the need to go for diversity regardless of talent.


4th Story is on the charges against Amber Heard for bringing her and Johnny Depp’s dogs into Australia, Adam tells them to fuck off and comments on the revenue Hollywood brings into their country/continent.

Adam comments on how they must look the other way when guys who have brought you millions, Adam says the tiny Yorkshire terriers aren’t going to be leave the electric fence or property to rape kangaroos.

Adam says this is about defying them and the need for their fat blowhard officials.


5th Story is on DMX recent jail sentence for failure to pay over 400k in back child support, she has the list of his previous charges and his attempt to settle with creditors.

Adam is calling for a super popular rap video where it shows a guy sitting down with a certified financial planner setting up an IRA.

Adam jokes about the wrong message that the rap videos of the past sent to young people and other aspiring rappers.


Hilarious current day Tawny Kitaen and practical jewelry shopping outing with a leased Bentley company car, Adam is further riffing about this idea for a financially responsible rapper, and Kenny jumps in and coins the label for said rapper.

Adam has Gina wraps up the news.

Adam jokes about his FICO score going up like a pinball score behind him.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up with Kenny, he crushed it!

No Dawson closer on my file, strange.