Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 161

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 161

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-14-2014 – Release Date 07-17-2014

Production Number #161

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, Drew’s phone is going off and he can’t get it to turn off all the way, Adam is giving him shit and bringing up his own track record with the phone in the studio.

This harkens back to Drew and his pager days of the mid to late 90’s that eventually seemed to stop somehow…

Adam is giving plugs for the live read and has a sad sigh in reply to finding out that July 19th is Sunday, now Drew is telling Adam he can choose not to work.

Drew is asking Adam about how far ahead he is of the bills, Adam says he’s scared not to work and must spend his time clocking hours.


Drew is bringing up recent social media complaints about Adam’s anger, Adam is now challenging him about the two tweets, from the same two voices.

Now Drew is saying the complaints are about them sounding like Tea Party mouthpieces and now Adam is bringing up how they always catch him at a bad time, Drew is out of town so much they schedule this show’s taping around him.

Drew is bringing up how Adam used critique him for chasing nickels across the country as his kids were growing up.


Adam is bringing up how his schedule creeps on him and they must add a 2nd show, you pay all the bills for show 1, then show 2 is how you make money, it’s where you get paid.

Adam is now going off on Personal Audio and how it will only result in attorneys profiting, they won’t be getting a penny.

Adam is now bringing up his wife forgetting to bring him home dinner on Sunday, he ate AV Ed’s half of a sandwich from half a week earlier.


Adam is now bringing up his miscommunications with his wife, she screws the math up quite often according to Adam.

Adam is now explaining how he focuses and lists the things he’s bad at, his wife doesn’t.

He’s bow bringing up her “you said 8:30” claim and now Adam can’t figure out if he said it, she believes that or wants to believe it, Adam says he didn’t say it.


The schedule is always 5pm recording, him getting home at 10min to 7pm.

Adam is now getting to the gray area of “this is what I kinda would like it to be” that his wife operates in and his lack of options “scream Liar?” – Adam

Drew is now asking what they need to do to make these two whiners on social media happy, Adam calls Drew an asshole and says he doesn’t fucking care.


Adam wants to know why everything becomes political, he just wants to talk about stuff and Drew is now agreeing from his Libertarian POV.

Adam is bringing up the Dinesh D’Souza topic and Drew is bringing up him being convicted of some crime, Adam is now speculating on government overreach citing the missing IRS documents of them targeting certain political figures.

Drew is explaining why social media is scary, the mod mentality.


Drew is once again bringing up his interview with Ryan Holiday about the anger in social media, Drew is further explaining how these things escalate.

Adam is bringing up Drew’s sensitivity and he cites the old Amazon reviews for his book, Adam cites the one Chunkster who had to chew him out an airport.

Drew is bringing up the Dr. Oz controversy and Adam is giving his take on things not existing.


Adam is now bringing up his Occupy Wall Street rant than went viral while he was on the road, I was actually with him for at least one of the cities on that tour.

Adam explains he was immune to the sensation of the clip due to be on the road and out of the loop, Adam is explaining how he tries to get Matt and Lynette to reply to tweets for him while he’s on the road, to mixed results.

Drew is bringing up the frank lies about him from “” and the Wall Street Journal’s out and out lies about him, which almost cost him his license.

Adam is asking about the lies, Drew is telling him how he was summoned to Philadelphia to plead his case to a panel of ethicists to avoid any professional tarnish for the lies of mentally damaged bloggers, Drew says they’re a bunch of liars.

Adam is saying he’s not going to argue with Drew about this shitty, sad state of affairs.


Adam is sharing his fantasy is to crawl into bed like John Lennon and Yoko, just to see what happens.

Drew is doing a live read for

Drew says he pays attention to it because it’s threatening and Adam says that’s just how Drew is put together and he’s further explaining how people react to lies about them in the media and press.

Drew says his biggest button is talking and not being heard, he feels helpless and his wife actually listens to him.


Adam is now back to Lynette and how he would never say that to her, who is she talking to?

Drew is offering up practical advice to enhance their communication and Adam says Lynette just wants it to be that way.

Drew is now advising a calendar, it’s already done and Adam jokes about asking Gary for a BJ, he has a killer reply, gold!


Adam is waxing poetic on writing things down and how everyone treats not taking notes like a badge of fucking honor, Adam says he drives and writes shit down.

Adam is now breaking down the microcosm of what’s frustrating, he’s telling everyone what the feeling is, he’s giving a dinner where you talk shit about a 3rd party friend “Joel” and how it gets back to Joel and is just the negative.

Adam is now critiquing Drew trying to change the name to Jules Dash.


Adam is bringing up the “blacks and Hispanics” Huffpo headlines after Gavin Newsom appeared on the podcast.

Adam has an “everyone can’t be” reply about how the calling wolf regarding racism and bullshit is only making the claims weaker.

Drew is commenting on how one of his guests said that the left is now using these pejoratives as a modern day form of McCarthyism.

Adam already has this observation on his own, didn’t need to write any books about it nor study anything.

This was covered on ACS #1361, Adam is now challenging Drew on the idea of racism existing “to the level” these guys says it exists, Drew resists and Adam tells him he’s on record as a hero, don’t worry!


1st Letter Pete, he’s in love and doesn’t give his age. Chris is reading the letter and it’s clear that Pete is now ready for a long-term relationship.

Drew says bottom line he’s not ready and these letter don’t work.


1st Caller Peter, he wants to know about the conversation from the “Frames” episode #151 of this very program, Peter is trying to paint Adam has a hypocrite and now Adam is explaining how stereotypes work and how they can be overcome with a series of effective analogies.

Drew is miscalling the conversation and Adam is stepping in to correct things, the way you fee about other people for the most part is earned.

Adam is getting to the good and bad stereotypes, he’s bringing up Nanny Statistics and Peter even challenges Adam’s logic after he makes an exception for that very comment.


Adam is now telling Peter to be quiet as he tries to flex the college education his parents paid for to a fucking genius who knows more than him.

Adam is explaining how he saw Hench treated like shit by many producer assholes who are now out of gigs and he’s taking over Hollywood.

Adam asks when stereotypes are dangerous, Adam is arguing against Drew’s logic.

Adam is once again telling Drew what a hero he is as he pretends not to know how 99% of comedy writer’s rooms are staffed with white male Jewish Harvard grads.


2nd Caller Steve, he’s got a bad phone connection due to wind and he’s going very slow, hitting each beat at a snail’s pace, he is literally taking a moment for each verb.

Adam says we’re dealing with a bad connection and a person with a bad connection to their own brain, taking a pop song by the Archie’s and turning it into In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Adam has a funny bitch comment.

Drew is now doing a live read for Bark Box.

Adam is now condemning on how Lynette did buy him dinner, he’s being fair, it was just at 9pm.

Adam is now asking Drew to resolve Steve’s problem without bringing him back on mic.


Steve wants to pursue construction and Drew tells Steve that his mother is correct, he need to enter an organized sobriety structure.

Steve is now back on mic sharing his hopes for a life of construction despite not having any skills.

Adam is bringing up his first job of pulling ivy off a silver lake 2 story house, middle of summer covered in rat shit and dust, Adam is going in into detail about why he did that and how they moved up to diffing footings and caissons.


Adam is now telling Drew about starting out on a construction site and how you do bad, dirty and dangerous work.

Adam is now telling Drew about digging inside of a hole, Adam has told Drew about this before it’s some of the most harrowing work stuff Adam has ever shared on air.

Adam is telling Drew and Steve about how he worked his way up to a finish carpenter.

Adam is sharing the detail about laborers paid more than carpenters during the Los Angeles Earthquake rehab, Adam says he doesn’t know how the city could get more fucked up.


Adam says that a construction site works like a farm system, Drew is trying to say this was unique to Adam’s first asshole foreman.

Adam is explaining this is universal, it’s a meritocracy where you need to put in your hours.

Adam is describing how you eventually become a carpenter, despite your opening skill level, Adam is now using jobs like mover to say they don’t have a rise up the ranks farm team system.


Adam is saying with a job it’s important to have a place to go, some incentive to evolve in your profession.

Adam is now brining up radio and how people rise up the ranks in production capacities, all of media now really according to Drew.

They’re back on the line with the caller, giving him the same advice they gave offline when his call was wonky.


3rd Caller Dustin, his wife and him are about to be separated and they have two kids together, he wants to know the healthiest way to break this to his kids.

They’re 1 and 5, Drew says the 5 year old is going to be effected, Drew is telling him to make his kids feel like they’re part of a unit.

Drew says he’s going from a 5 to 10 scale to tell him how not to effect the kids, there are no 1’s the kids are going to take a hit, 5 is the lowest damage/impact you can do.


Adam is using his own parent’s crazy behavior and refusal to be in the same room together after their separation and Adam is saying they used that as a smokescreen for events they didn’t want to attend.

Adam says he didn’t feel responsible for those two fucking idiots, Drew is now giving practical advice.

Adam says he sussed out why his parents couldn’t be in the same room together, nobody cheated on anyone, Adam says that someone would have had to have been attracted to one of them.


Adam is breaking down how it wasn’t as dramatic as some separations and he’s describing his parents as relatively friendly, docile sloths of human beings.

Adam says his parents have just about admitted to them they were both mutually ashamed of the time they spent with the other person and the other person in general, Adam says it’s the person that has the goods on you, and you don’t want to be around them at a party.

Adam is now asking Gary about a hypothetical party, who wouldn’t he want to see, the person he argued with or the person who witnessed him trying to suck his own cock wearing a Gerber’s bib, Gary has a killer reply, hilarious!


Adam is bringing up his former manager Howard and how they don’t mind seeing each other despite past disputes, Adam is killing with this auto-Fellatio metaphor and does a self-satisfied sniff.

Adam is now doing a live read for AVG cleaner, Adam has a 1st world problems theme for the read.

Adam is thanking the fans and wrapping up the show.