Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2014 – Art Alexakis and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2014 – Art Alexakis and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Art Alexakis and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-16-2014 – Release Date 07-17-2014

Production Number #1369

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Adam is opening the show with a funny intro from Dawson almost challenging him to pronounce Atchity and he does it right after, BB opens the show with the closing drop from yesterday, Alison’s BJ comment is the #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up the movie “Face Off” and explaining the plot to Alison who hasn’t seen it because it’s a movie people have seen.

Alison has a funny reaction to the plot of the movie, Adam is now breaking down the plot and how fake “Castor Troy” must get info from his brother, Adam is mocking the brother for being suspicious.


Adam has a killer reenactment about trying to question his sister and laying out his assumption about her swapping faces.

BB brings up the body type, which was addressed in the movie via “liposuction” and they had a similar height in the movie.

Adam is bringing up the critics scores for this move in comparison to “The Blues Brothers” and Adam is saying if “Face Off” was on he would watch.


Alison is bringing up the movie “Shattered” and not giving the twist ending away, she says it was only given a sore of 30 something on RT.

Adam has a theory about going out to eat formerly being a treat much like seeing a movie, hence you remember movies as better than they were.

Adam is describing an age before widespread cynicism about movies and now BB is explaining the crew of “Shattered” and he references “The Fugitive” as a solid movie.


Adam is binging up his X theory one famous women lowering in value over time, he’s adding Greta Scacchi to his list.

Alison references Nastassja Kinski, BB didn’t know of Greta and is saying she didn’t have a distinguished film career, Matt Atchity is now joining them.

They get a picture of Greta and Alison has a funny “Meow” for her own comment and now Adam is asking BB about something, his finger being on the pulse of all things Hermaphroditic.

Adam is asking him if he uses the dishwasher, he thinks most guys don’t use it and he’s saying that the sink washing is simpler and uses less energy and references “The Spot Maker” and mocks the process with funny quips.


BB says the dishwasher is his domain and he loves it, BB is now sharing how he lived with a dude from college sans dishwasher for 8 years.

Adam is now joking about how you don’t use telepathy to load and unload the machine, he says it’s about lethargy.

Everyone disagrees with Adam and are giving their full take as to why they prefer the washer, Matt likes to put plates in dirty, Alison fears caked on soap and spaghetti and BB is a lady.


Adam is telling them about jumping rope and dictating to his assistant while skips, Adam described his patented release move of the rope and his punch combo follow up.

Adam is explaining that Maxipada freaked out on him, this was discussed on the most recent Alison Rosen show, Chris is now on mic and he’s giving his take about how frightened he was.

Chris is further expressing how he thought it was fluke and Adam is going super in depth on why it worked, his toss and how he made them recreate it, hilarious “big loss” one liner about them losing eyes.


Adam is doing a blinds galore live read.


Rotten or Fresh – Gary Oldman movies

Adam is now adding someone to the douchebag acting department, he’s saying he didn’t attend the Spike guy’s choice awards but Skip his cohost from “Catch a Contractor” did and he’s describing the scene as painted by Skip.

Adam is telling them about Skip calling Matthew McConaughey “Matt” and got no response from him, Adam is now bringing up the celebrity Dodgers game and the notion of not being mean to other celebrities.

So Matt is now crediting twitter users for themes, no Bueno.

1st Movie “Sid and Nancy” (1986)

Adam didn’t even know that was him and he never finished the movie, BB says that Gary is the prime “oh that’s him” guy due to his chameleon nature.

Adam is now commenting on the discrepancy between critics and the audience.


2nd Movie “Leon: The Professional” (1994)

Adam likes this movie but has probably never seen the director’s cut, which is 30min longer and he says he doesn’t have the patience to finish it when it comes on cable, he’s happy he saw it in theaters.

Alison is still winning.


3rd Movie “Air Force One” (1997)

Adam says the critics aren’t going to like this and is further praising Gary and his talents.

Adam has a point about action movies being judged against other movies of the same genre, BB agrees and Adam assumes the critics were much tougher on this than they were.

BB is back in the mix.


4th Movie “The Book of Eli” (2010)

BB loves it, Adam and Alison didn’t see it.

Really good movie, BB says it must be because he liked it a lot, now he says he loved it.

BB is fucking everyone over with his prefacing before each vote, BB has a funny animal backed into a corner comment and Alison jokes about this being the BB who made more than his wife last year, calling back the earlier discussion about him being a hermaphrodite.


5th Movie “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (2011)

Adam is unsure of the movie’s quality and BB says it’s boring, he can’t get through it.

Alison goes high despite BB’s track record.

Alison explains the title, it’s a counting game from the UK.

BB pulls back ahead and wins the game, Alison got the Silver and Adam only podiumed.


Adam is now riffing about winning and losing and painting a picture with his tongue, a vivid one.

Adam says it’s a 720 degree way of thinking.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tony, he’s started his own business, Adam is asking him if he’s stalling Adam for a surprise party, Adam is killing it mocking him and his delayed speech.

Adam is now saying that each time you refer to yourself as an entrepreneur you lop off 20k from that years take home pay.

Adam is now asking Tony about his business, he resells e-cigarettes, Tony is a human IKEA Allen wrench and Adam jokes with him about putting together E-cigarettes.

Adam jokes about putting one together in hard locations, on a wing, Matt references the infamous Twilight Zone episode and Tony knows both the original version an the movie from 1983.

He’s asking Adam about how to exploit this market before it gets too full of douches, Adam is now commenting on people with the smokers laugh and the idea of “pack years.”

Adam is bringing up the smoker laugh and now Adam is asking Tony about his smoking history, he’s asking him why people with that laugh crack themselves up at such an alarmingly high rate.


Adam is once again pointing out how he underscores his own fucked up laugh, why do chain-smokers crack themselves up inessentially.

Matt has a funny theory about them self-testing their effects from years of smoking, Adam references his chocoholism.

Adam asks Tony about his kids and he cracks himself up again, Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is now doing another interview with Tony in the form of BB’s drops, this is gold!


Adam has Tony walking back to “the trailer” to talk to his wife Katherine and Adam is further riffing with BB’s replay 360.

Adam starts a legal zoom live read but Katherine comes on the line, Adam mocks her “nyes” reply and is asking what she calls Tony.

Adam is asking her about their relationship, Adam has a killer “Nyo means Nyes” one liner and Alison has an awesome reaction.

Adam is further peppering her with these questions and tony takes the phone back so she can return to her game of “Mario Kart” so Tony has a WII U huh?


Adam is saying we should all wish to be happy that we’re us and not them, Adam is now doing a legal zoom live read with Tony’s “YES” drop going the whole time.


2nd Caller Tino, he’s calling about his shitty boss and Adam is telling them about his foreman Mike and how he once met his ex-wife who couldn’t believe they worked for him.

Adam tells him to focus on the work and wraps up.

Adam is plugging the shit for Matt and wrapping up the segment, they’re heading to break.


They’re back form break with Art Alexakis making his ACS debut, he was on the Adam and Dr. Drew show for episode #117, did the KLSX morning show once in December of 2006 and first started guesting on air with Adam on Classic Loveline #187 – Meshell Ndegeocello and Everclear 06/17/1996 after meeting Adam at one of the station affiliate music festivals.

Adam is now giving out some opening plugs and Adam is bringing up his 3 platinum records, Art mentions how it’s been a long time since they were on air.

Art remembers the festival, it was from a Minnesota affiliate and the concert was held in Wisconsin, Art remembers doing loveline with Rikki Rachtman and how he swore he would never guest again.


Adam is bringing up the time someone through a mini Jägermeister bottle at his head, hard enough to dent his head.

Adam is bringing up how huge Korn was at that festival, Art and Adam remember it in amazing detail and Adam brings up the part where he brought Iggy Pop on stage and he ran right through him.

Art is now explaining his reluctance to return to Loveline after guesting 2-3 times pre-Adam, with the Swedish Eagle and with Rikki Rachtman.


Art is sharing how he Rikki was nice to him but he didn’t like the Hollywood model, Art is now saying how nice Adam was back then in reply to BB trying to mock him.

Art is telling them about his acting work in his new movie “Wild” and Art says he hasn’t seen it yet but he looks great in it, Reese Witherspoon is starring.

Art is telling Adam about acting as Youngman, he’s bringing up Greta Scacchi and the movie “The Coca cola Kid” and Adam is asking if he’ll be acting more coming up.


Adam jokes about sneaking Art into his neighborhood if he wears long sleeves to cover the tattoos.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the woman who sent ricin envelopes getting sentenced, Alison is giving a thumbnail of the last time it was brought up on the show in December.

Adam is sharing what he loves about guys, how they overlook any crime or atrocity for beauty and jokes about men thinking “why would you do that, you’re pretty” and now Art says she’s had some work done.

Art is telling them about his childhood “Oh Yeah!” Kool Aid commercial and how he turned down a scholarship to a major acting program.


Art tells them about his daughter heading to Law School.

Adam is now asking if people can take the time to perfect an instrument nowadays, Art waxes poetic on a bygone era of being famous for possessing a talent or skill.

Adam and Art are commenting on the sentencing of 18yrs and now Alison is mocking herself for not reading the part of the article about how she made the ricin.

Alison is now reading the quotes from the letter sent to Obama.


They’re all joking about her in prison trying to explain what happened, now they’re riffing about “White Pride” being a version of bread, like Wonder bread or Home Pride.

Adam comments on someone stepping on some joke, BB I think and now Art is telling them about recently eating some white bread and American cheese and how good it was.

Adam is sharing how synthetic can taste better than real, he’s going off on the artificial grilled cheese flavor and Alison says they only had margarine as a kid, no butter.


Art is now teasing how they make the stuff, Adam says we all should’ve known it was toxic when they introduced it.

Adam is now riffing about “I can’t believe it’s not pussy” and everyone is joining in, killer one liner coming a mile a minute.

Adam is now joking about the “Parkay” commercials as entertainment in his media starved youth.


Alison is now asking if she’s ever shared the story of the first porn she watched with a dude, it was based on “American Gladiators” and was based around teams.

A wall of glory holes where women had to figure out which was the real dick, Art says he’s seen it and now says he’s thinking of a different one.

Alison says it was like Double Dare, now Art says it is the same one.


Adam is now joking about being a horrible porn producer and shooting down these elaborate parodies and ideas.

“Or we could lay a blanket down and have them fucking” – Adam

Alison has a “Seymore Butts” reference that’s oddly telling and now Art is bringing up why men watch porn, to masturbate.


Adam is talking about the bygone VHS porn era and how whatever seen you finished on was the most telling about your character and what flipped your cookie, Adam says he would “give it the spin” like combination lock on a school locker.

Adam is now bringing up his VCR days living with “The name redacted” and his demands about the VCR being in his room, which then designated that the “jack room” for all the roommates.

Adam is now bringing up the rush of going out to but a CD player with 300 disc carousels, Adam is bringing up the joy of buying electronics that doesn’t exist in the same way.


Adam is talking about the “head out anticipation” and BB tells them about buying a 25 disc changer in 1995 from “The Good Guys” with his first paycheck, I did that too!

Adam is doing a live read for Go to Meeting.

Alison is asking what kind of guy the gents are, what they liked to ejaculate too, Adam says the Money Shot is the end, catch as catch can, most guys jizz in unison with the dude on screen.


Adam likes BJ scenes, anal is not his cup of ass.

Adam says if the movie/film is anally based he tries to stay away from that, he says the quality of actress drops with the stunt threshold in the movie.

Art is telling him about the modern girls who now doing everything on camera, American girls not just strange Europeans like Adam said.


Adam says we should stop talking about climate change and the doom of the human race, as it only inspires living like there is no tomorrow, the YOLO culture living for today making pornographic mistakes.

Adam is now predicting his own daughter not caring about her movie being brought up at the PTA meeting because all of her peers will have the same shit online.

Art is now sharing an anecdote and now BB is bringing up the movie “The Other F Word” and how it was based around this very theme.


Adam says it’s ironic that in bygone eras when we lived till 40 nobody was living for today, now we all live to 90 and everyone is living for today.

Art is sharing how grateful he is for everything that enters his life, good and bad.

Adam is saying we need to convince young people to plan accordingly or their later years on the planet.

Art says he’s totally sexually addicted to his 32yr old wife who is much hotter than him, Adam says he has a much hotter wife too and now says he feels like he’s swimming in semen.


Adam is now sharing his theory on predicting how things feel before you try them ala skydiving, boobies, unicycle riding.

Adam says he’s never ridden a big wave but thinks it would feel exactly like he assumes and is now joking about a cruel person with a vat of semen, gold!

Alison says she’s convinced that Childbirth is like insanely bad cramps but worse, Art warns her and says it’s not, he’s seen a couple kids born and it seems much worse.

Adam tells Art about her trying to get pregnant and she has a great callback to the vat, Adam is killing it riffing about appropriate vat swimming and diving techniques.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read.


Art plugs his tour with the 90’s band with huge hits, like Spacehog and Adam sings the praises of that band and Art reveals he goes up to sing with them most nights for “In the Meantime” and now they’re wrapping the show.