Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2013 – Tony Hale and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/17/2013 – Tony Hale and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tony Hale and Jo Koy

Recorded 07-16-2013 – Release Date 07-17-2013

Production Number #1123

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Adam is opening this rare edition of the ACS with two separate guests, Jo Koy is making his first in studio ACS visit after two live shows.

Jo is telling the gang about the “Meter-maid Ninja” twitter account that contacted him after his last visit, Jo just accused Adam of making the twitter account, Alison’s reaction is priceless and I wish they would further quiz Jo on what kind of person they think Adam is.

They’re all talking about Meter maids, Adam is sharing a recent anecdote of dealing with a local gas provider to provide contrast demonstrating how fast the city is when it comes to collecting cash.


Adam is sharing a quick version of the man on the street “Man Show” bit where a woman was ticketed before she was able to step up to the curb and pay.

Adam and Jo are mocking the concept of “I’ve already started” the standard meter maid response and Adam is now riffing on the things one can stop once they’ve begun, using mainly running traffic signs as his examples.

Adam is bringing up Jo’s other fan favorite character the “PF Changs host’er” and now he’s ranting about the water scam found at most restaurants.


Adam is being vague again talking about being in a house with his kids who were thirsty but refused to drink from the tap, Adam is remarking about the evolution of the bottled/purified water industry and the bizarre psychology behind it.

Adam is asking Jo about his divorce and life along with the batting average for comedians and marriages ending in divorce.

Adam and Jo are discussing the types of fights that come up between spouses and Adam is sharing one from his own life.


They’re on the topic of how working in comedy can often seem like the opposite of work to people not involved in the daily grind, Adam is using the “Man Show” to make a point about one of his jobs that seemed like little work but was actually very intensive.

Alison has a great point about how difficult Adam made working on The Man Show seem and Adam is noting the night he taped the drunken pilots bit at LAX and then hightailed it to Loveline.

Adam is going off on the concept of “Consulting” as a job title to explain how the majority of jobs don’t involve a sunburn nor coalmine as they once did.

Adam’s connecting the use of credit/electronic banking and the lack of cash to connect to his larger point about the invisible world of income and work, Alison sums it up nicely.


Jo is sharing an anecdote of his divorce, citing his daytime gig at Nordstrom Rack in the west valley, Adam just guessed the very store and is telling Jo about applying for a job at that very location, and he even remembers the name of the man who interviewed him, Tom Collins.

Jo is back to his anecdote, sharing the details of his un-finalized divorce.

Adam is telling the gang about his search for a part time gig and goal of 250$ per week which led to him applying at the Nordstrom Rack.


Alison has a question about how they weed out foot fetishists over at the rack, Jo just revealed that he’s actually into feet, nice work A-Rose!

Adam has an insane “consuming the knowledge” of a postal expert themed live read, gold!

Adam and Jo are now doing an improv scene set the local “PF Changs”, pretty great! Alison’s reactions are priceless and Jo’s pronunciations are only topped by his observation on how he squints even while in studio.


Adam and BB are talking about great impressionists and how part of the vocal impression does require facial movements, he’s citing the hacky De Niro impression.

Alison has a nice anecdote about her apartment tour for a place that was “L Shaped”.


Adam is now sharing a clip he heard Dennis Prager playing on his radio show, Adam is elaborating trying to express his take on the “I don’t know what to tell my kids” response from people for various news events.

Adam is making a great point about human’s and what we’re born with, he’s tying race into physical appearance and many other things.

He’s making a clear difference between nature and culture, this is very sound logic and it’s sadly harsh but true.


They’re now playing said clip.

Adam is making a point about Jewish people perhaps being the most discriminated race/religion worldwide and Jo has a nice point about Asians, Adam wants to know why they’re never classified as “other”.

Alison is asking Adam for practical advice for young black males who don’t want to be lumped in with a stereotype nor targeted/discriminated against.


BB is asking Adam if it’s then ok to shoot kids, Adam is of course disagreeing and he’s now elaborating on a deeper level to make a larger point about the actual discrimination in society and what motivates it.

He’s using his classic cab driver analogy but with a new twist, he’s adding The Jefferson’s and Stone Cold Steve Austin into the mix.

Alison and Adam agree that it sucks to be associated with activities you’re not involved in, Adam is saying we need to look at the root of the problem, big to small as it were.


Alison is now further asking Adam’s take and he’s so logical with his cab driver responses I cannot disagree, Adam is now quoting the actual statistics and risk of danger for a practical conversation a mother should have with her child.

Adam is saying the statements in the clip are inflammatory and insane and he thinks the guy doesn’t believe what he’s saying, hilarious Subaru one liner.

Alison tops it with a better example and BB has a key bit of Leykis drop work, gold.


Adam is now quoting some interesting facts about Zimmerman and his past voting record along with charitable work with black kids that change the narrative that the media was trying to tell.

Bryan has about 4 “hold on a second’s” for Adam, he thinks his point is a topper and Adam is telling him not to be an asshole nor a dick, BB and Alison are now challenging Adam.

Adam is saying it’s racial profiling, Adam is making a point it’s not only racist to profile but also sexist, because women are left out of the mix when it comes to this type of profiling, it’s sexist if it’s racist, perfect logic.


Adam is now breaking down the profiling, he’s going step by step and trying to get the rest of the group to look past their emotions and use the facts and now Jo is understanding and trying to sum it up for Adam.

Adam is now sharing his anecdote of the mysterious Asian window snooper from outside his home, he’s explaining why the gentlemen caught his attention.

Alison is agreeing and explaining her constant profiling and analyzing as a woman, Adam is explaining that it’s engrained and agreeing with Alison while saying we should not pretend people don’t profile and that it’s neither good nor bad, it just is.


Adam is making some brilliant points and sharing an inherent human truths, I don’t see how you can debate him on this, and he’s calling for a focus on the genesis of the problems that lead to discrepancies of negative behavior associated with different races and communities.

Professor Aceman!

He’s now lapping back and summing up his thoughts and clearing up what he meant, Jo is sharing his profiling and how he assumed the black juror was automatically going to find him guilty, hilarious and proves Adam’s point.


Adam is sharing a detail he learned about the Ollie North case having an all-black jury after Alison’s wise points citing Mark Geragos and his take on jury selection and what it means for a case.

Adam and Jo are now doing an improve jury selection scene, hilarious!


Tony Hale is now making his debut on the ACS, Adam is asking him about VEEP and the mainly British writers/creators, and Tony’s explaining the lineage of the project.

Adam is now calling for the vice president position to be retried, everyone seems to agree and Tony has a fine point about nobody aspiring to be vice president.

Tony is telling the gang about Julia Louis Dreyfus and her work on the show, Adam is now joking about Biden requesting they leave some secret service detail behind for him.


They’re still joking about the vice president and Adam is commenting on how they only make the news when they put their foot in their mouth, he’s got a great Pippen reference to sum up the understudy role of the VP.

Tony is telling the gang about a plot of an episode where Julia as the VP has to appear at a yogurt store.


Adam is now making a great point about HBO vs. regular TV and why they get so many Emmy nods, BB is in the mix and he’s commenting on Adam’s joke, nice.

BB is asking Tony about the production of Veep and how they end up filming after rehearsals.

Adam is asking Tony about the latest season of Arrested Development and Tony is telling Adam how impressed he is that Adam still remembers the name of the guy who showed him around Nordstrom’s Rack back in 1990.


Tony is quizzing Adam about his memory and how it works, Adam is explaining it’s exceptional for weird things but not for the names of the people he works with.

Adam is now quoting the YMCA safety song from a PSA he used to see when he was 7yrs old.

They’re now all on a tangent about “Harvey Wallbanger” and Tony is sharing an anecdote about his recent discovery of “Greyhound” cocktails.

They’re all now on a deeper “Galliano” tangent, this is like “Inception”.


Alison’s News

Alison is asking the gang how much she’ll be fired if she decides to check a bag, Adam has a funny one liner and he’s now explaining his assistant’s nickname with a funny Zimmerman one liner.

“He should be paying me for the amount of shitting, eating and toilet paper usage over here” – Adam.

Adam is explaining that he needs to bring all of his racing gear with him and might have to check a bag, hilarious joking with BB about Adam walking on a plane in a fire suit.


Adam is telling the gang about how he’s pecking away on the Paul Newman documentary, so he’ll be visiting Connecticut to drive one of his old cars and film some more for the documentary.

This sounds great, Adam is telling the gang about the “fucking beast” he’s going to be driving and how the content will be woven into the documentary.

Alison and Adam are going to be baggage claim buddies, Adam is remarking on his on stage outfit and BB is comically incredulous.


Her top story is a follow up on the book publisher dropping the Juror’s book option, she’s quoting both the juror and the publishing agent.

Alison is explaining the possible actual reasoning for the literary agent rescinding the offer.

Alison wants to know if they number all of the jurors that same way and Adam is now explaining they shouldn’t as B is an actual name.


Alison is sharing how she’s bumped by the last name Dan Tanna on the Newsroom in reply to Adam’s “Vegas” explanation, he’s now sharing a description of an episode where Dan Tanna happened upon a sunbather.

Adam’s now sharing his number #2 all time “Vegas” moment, Adam is trying to explain why this PA plot element bumped him as a kid.

Adam is on a crazy funny Legal zoom live read and Tony seems to be enjoying the shit out of it.


2nd story is on the CNN interview with the juror from the Zimmerman trial.

Alison is skipping the clips.


3rd story is on Stevie Wonder boycotting the state of Florida until the repeal the “stand your ground” laws.

Adam and BB are now joking about his agent tricking him.

Adam is now remarking on the various cities he visits in reply to Alison’s idea for his bookings, BB is now quizzing Adam if he likes visiting new places and he’s explaining how you have to attach a restaurant to it to get him excited.


Adam is telling Tony about his grandpa Lotzi and his homemade cooking, Adam’s memory is vivid and the meals sound delicious.

Adam is sharing a conversation he had with Jimmy about a Hungarian place in Hollywood who didn’t know the terms of his favorite dishes.

Alison is sharing an anecdote about asking for Vodka in Spain and Adam is perplexed


4th story is on the death of Cory from Glee, Adam is complimenting the hard and expedited work of the toxicologists and law enforcement in Canada.

He’s contrasting it to our own system that seems to always have a backlog, Adam is now saying we should expedite all famous people’s autopsies as “Their Last Perk of Celebrity”.

Tony is being very sympathetic and Alison is filling in the facts, Adam doesn’t get why anyone would add booze to a heroin high.


Adam is now mocking Alison’s “Vodka” pronunciation and they have a great back and forth that’s so good you would’ve thought they worked out the beats in advance, gold!

Adam is asking Tony if he’s Mormon as he confused his drugs for a moment, good stuff.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show. BB closes it out with Adam’s great new future #TopDrop “Where Are You Going?” from the topless sunbather in that episode of “Vegas”.