Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 255

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 255

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-13-2015 – Release Date 07-16-2015

Production Number #255 – The Middle East

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Sonny is joining them in studio, asking Adam about his hat.

Adam is sharing how he left his hate behind at the makeup trailer while filming ‘Catch a Contractor’ as he responds to Sonny mocking him for leaving his stuff behind.

Drew riffs about an apparently tired/hungover Chris, Adam on people imploding and watching them unravel.

Adam wants to sit these people down, Adam explains to people that they’re pissing off their bosses.


Adam is now offering up a word to the wise, he comments on the people who don’t want say “don’t let those F’ers F you over!”

Drew recommends ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ and tells Adam he would appreciate the total lack of insight depicted in the movie.

Adam is telling Drew about his drive in with Sonny, he explains how they drive through red turn arrows together and asks a concerned Drew how much time he would like his kids wasting at intersection that at one time had no turn arrow.


Adam is commenting on the caravan of imbeciles he witnessed, he’s describing the left lane when coming off the freeway.

Adam is now breaking down the positions of the guys in front of him.

Adam says there were 13 guys, they slid into the vacant left lane and he told Sonny not to be those people slowly merging onto the freeway.


Drew is telling them about a capture the flags routine he used to do where he would smartly go after the flags in the back while everyone else crushed themselves to get the 10 up front.


Drew is doing an AVG live read


Adam saw a Ford Probe while driving in, Adam says when he’s in charge he’ll just coach people up and make things 25% more efficient.

Adam is going on about the more efficient water use since the awareness campaigns across the state, Adam is mocking click it or ticket, he compares that to Syd and Marty Kroft.

Adam is making a larger point about name recognition and the people who don’t know about it and those who have heard of it and hate it.


Adam recommends some helpful awareness campaigns, Drew brings up Y2K and Adam is explaining how he doesn’t care about any of the doom and gloom predictions, he says things like 9/11 happen out of the blue and he name drops Gina.


Drew and Adam are doing an Uber Live Read


Adam is commenting on his cap, he’s wearing his own hat as its very nice and talks about wearing a Jim Rome T Shirt during his construction show as it was a comfy shirt.

Adam is telling Sonny to listen and learn.

Drew is asking Sonny where Adam falls short as a father, he says maybe reading.


Adam is telling Sonny about buying 1k baseball caps for the business and how spending 8-9$ over 1-3$ causes people to end up wearing your stuff.

Adam and the rest of the crew wore their new ‘I am Rappaport’ T-shirts thanks to Michael, Drew is asking Adam about the coffee today.


Lord of the Jungle – Shane Free


Adam riffs about ‘Born Free’ and takes it back to the Ford Probe and he says the reason we don’t see them 20yrs later as they’re such piles of crap.

He purchased a NES cartridge shaped novelty flask, Adam is on how he wants coke stickers to put around the cans to then be able to drink in public.

Adam asks him how many ounces it holds, Drew is looking at it.

Shane is the guy who cut Adam’s trailer for ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and he tells Adam they were very easy to deal with.


Adam comments on the differences in cutting the documentary trailer over a comedy one.

Sonny tells Drew he saw the Paul Newman movie too many times, Adam is plugging the hashtag and Adam says it’s not just who spent the most money.

Sonny is telling them about walking down the hall like a big boy, Adam is bringing up the conversation he has with his wife about Sonny walking alone.


Sonny wanted to run home alone, good story.


1st Caller Christina she wants to know about people using Anti-Diarrhea meds to get high, she has the details of her sister who died after taking Anti-Diarrhea pills.

Drew says he’s seen some toxic colon and electrolyte problems, Adam wants to know why she was on that, Adam tells her to give her parents a nice hug for keeping stuff from her.

Drew asks about the cause of death, he wants the toxicology report.

Adam tells Drew if the authorities ever think suicide with him, it is, even if they find a bloody boot print, he hired the guy to do the deed.


Adam is getting his Mazda tomorrow

“Finally” – Sonny on Adam getting a new car

Sonny wants to know about manual transmissions.

Very funny unique riff, check this out!


2nd Caller Chad, he’s bringing up the tired big budget movies like the latest Terminator in comparison to Adam’s most recent ‘Road Hard’ and he comments on the complaint of “bunch of Adam’s old jokes”

Gary thinks Windell Middlebrooks recreating the “just chilling” event from Adam’s life adds new character to it and makes it a new joke.

Adam talks about the death of Windell, Drew was unaware.

Adam says Windell was super sweet and Drew reacts to the embolism that killed him, Adam says he was southern sweet.

Adam thanks Chad, he has a question for Drew.


He wants to know if anyone has pushed back against the ADS for its similarity to Loveline, Adam says the new world order means everyone has a show.

Adam is talking about back when they started and getting passed over for syndication in San Diego and the reaction to Bean moving to Seattle to broadcast remotely.

Adam thinks it was Mike August who said to him that ‘Orange Is the New Black’ is on Netflix, he says it feels like Showtime but it’s not, it’s not even on a network.


Drew talks about ‘The New Loveline on E!’ with Brodie Jenner, Drew is open to the competition and Adam thinks it’s impossible to steal their magic, it’s not in the format.

Adam plugs his new podcast with Mark Geragos.

Adam says it’s called ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and comments on how interesting it is to get his expert opinion on various cases in the public sphere.

Adam is commenting on settlements and how you’re buying privacy, Adam mentions his mistress the sea, April, he’s totally down with her.

Adam loves that he was set up for that one, nice.


Drew mentions consent and they talk about Bill Cosby.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam says they’re trying to steal Sonny’s identity and jokes about them returning Ray’s.


3rd Caller Kareem, calling from Zurich.

He wants to know about Adam and his take on the Middle East, he wants to know where it comes from.

Adam says it’s because he has a TV set.

Drew talks about the sweeping statements Adam makes, he recommends Dubai, Adam asks if that isn’t just a garish display of oil money and comments on the modern day slave labor.


Adam and Drew are doing a Therabreath Live Read


Gary is reading the real world stats, Adam marvels at how he can ruin anything with facts and his brand of logic.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.