Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2015 – Chris Jones and Brittney Cason, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2015 – Chris Jones and Brittney Cason, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Chris Jones and Brittney Cason, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Recorded 07-11-2015 – Release Date 07-16-2015

Production Number #1617

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Adam is opening the final live show from Vegas and teases the guests and the Gay Walking scheduled.

Adam and Gary do a Game of War Live Read

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Adam plugs #LOTJ Lord OF the Jungle and Take a Knee bundled with the archive.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is opening the final show from Vegas, night #2 show #2 and he welcomes Chris Jones to the show making his ACS debut. Adam welcomes Brittney Cason as well and explains she’s had him on her show in Vegas.

Brittney is now sharing a “finger in your ass” offer she was given, Adam is now asking for a show of hands from the fellas about how they feel regarding butt fingers, Adam says he feels the same way when they want to do some ball work, he appreciate the effort.

BB is sharing them about his wife touching his butt cheeks.


Adam has a killer “dick in my exhaust pipe” analogy for Brittney and this woman at the golf tournament, Adam says drunken stripper at a golf tournament can spell disaster.

Gina is now chiming in and Adam is sharing his ass-play policy, his rule of thumb, he needs a 13hr heads up that includes him taking a sits bath.

Gina is sharing the meaning of “carmeling” and now Adam is riffing about caramel apples and how they seem to be designed to destroy children’s teeth.


Adam is saying he doesn’t use the word hero often in reply to Brittney resisting the finger offer, Adam is now asking Chris about his appearance on ‘American’s Got Talent’ and he’s telling them about the audition process.

Chris can’t share how far he went this last season but it was an experience, Adam is now sharing his theory on guys who can play instruments and magicians and the lack of pussy in high school.

Adam is asking him how he got into this, Chris is sharing how he got into magic and he comments on hypnosis and childbirth, Adam jokes about what he does with the women giving birth.


Adam says normally he doesn’t see color but when it comes to beer he’s an eagle eye, he’s asking BB is he took his last IPA, he asks permission to enjoy it sir.

Adam is taking it back to ‘America’s Got Talent’ and he wants to know the behind the scenes details, Adam is asking him about the most popular requests for his work.

He shares how he helps people with their golf game, Chris requests a Mangria.


Gay Walking

Adam gives a refresher on Former pre-op board Bill

1st Question Who was the lead figure in the deflate gate scandal?

Adam laments nobody using his ‘Mr. (Mister) Fister’ gay nightclub.

They’re all guessing.

Adam is now asking BB about the diehard Tom Brady fans that would jack off Tom Brady, Adam hasn’t seen Ted 2? Holy shit!

BB does not comment on it.


2nd Question What does the 500 in the Indianapolis 500 refer to?

They all take their picks, Gina explains it for everyone and Adam is now asking Brittney about her work in racing, Adam shares his appreciating for the name Denny and wants it brought back with Dutch.

Adam says Gina is on quite a gay roll.

“Some kind of way to measure Scottish people” – Adam on what NASCAR fans think a Kilometer is.



3rd Question which film series features a group called The Cobra Kai? Adam is asking Chris about his midsection and scarring.

Chris is telling them about his super-fast digestive track, Adam says that Mike August thought he was shot and Adam calls him a racist.

Adam has a killer closing line.

Adam is now sharing his favorite part of The Karate Kid, Adam is quoting the “Finish Him!” command and the opening of The Karate Kid Part II, Adam comments on how to lose business as a dojo and how assaulting a senior citizen might be it.

Gina is now quoting the movie.


Adam is commenting on the abundance of trophies at every Dojo, they must come with the lease.

Adam says he’s not done with the movie and wants to riff about The Karate Kid, he says he was all central valley in high school and Adam comments on Daniel being kicked in the knee getting booed when it was against Daniel vs. the Crane kick to a guy’s nose.

Adam and BB are riffing about Mr. Miyagi’s healing abilities.

Adam is lamenting his bad run.


4th Question if you’re on the website Draft Kings what are you doing?


5th Question which Supreme Court judge do you hate more Scalia or Thomas?

Adam is riffing about the Supreme Court judges and Adam thanks everyone for his god given abilities that led to his win.

Chris is now asking if people want him to bust out some of his abilities, Adam doesn’t want people are listening to crash their car.

Adam explains no tom foolery has taken place, he is showing them something with a poker chip and Adam is explaining it for the listeners.


Chris is now further doing some of his magic, Adam has a killer shitting out a kid line and tells the audience to come on.

Chris is hypnotizing someone now.


Dawson is cutting in explaining that you could fall asleep while driving, so they come back to the show after the magic has been done.

Chris is now getting him to demonstrate his hypnosis.

Chris is really going for it, Adam is peppering in some light commentary and an audience member is portraying Dr. Drew.

Brittney has a question, Adam is hosting Loveline with Dr. Drew now, and she’s explaining what a sits bath is.


Adam is crushing this, hilarious melon baller’s line.

Gary is now reading a question for fake Dr. Drew.

Chris turns her into a superhero, she calls herself ‘Awesome Lady’ and Chris has a funny back and forth with her, she says her naughty thought is to finger Brittney.


Adam has Chris Jones wrap it up and Adam says he wishes he spent his free time not getting laid learning these abilities.

Adam is now asking Chris about his parent’s ethnicities, Adam talks about interviewing Bret Jones for Take a Knee.

Adam likes being able to stop peddling the bicycle and allowing Chris to take the reins.

Adam reveals his Dooley truck is picking up his race car in Connecticut, Paul Newman’s 1990 cutlass race car.


Adam has a funny can’t stop you from going to Monterey reply to an audience member who wants to come with.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on how beer can increase men’s estrogen levels and cause man boobs.

They all comments and Gina moves on.


2nd Story is on women making 77 cents to every dollar a man makes, Adam is taking the opposite angle and says he’s ripshit pissed about women being paid in change, he says they get a break on their car insurance and now we’re even.


3rd Story is on Face Gloria a social media alternative.

Adam is crushing it riffing about Brazil and their lack of clothes between the UFC and their frequent parades, Adam says you have a 500ft Jesus that might crush Tokyo one day or ass floss bathing suits and sexy parades.

Adam is killing it and has a funny Arnold Palmer line.


4th Story is on ‘The Cheerleader Effect’ of attractive people making you look more attractive, Adam is now asking for the ‘Hey Mickey’ music video from Tony Basil, Adam is trying to pinpoint the stocky chick.

Adam asks if she cut another video, Adam is now yelling at Gary.

They’re playing the original video, Adam says he loves this song and makes no apologies for enjoying it.

Gina even says that is not a woman, they all spotted her.


Adam is now mocking the notion of everyone blending together, this study means nothing.

Adam says the Cheerleader effect is now going down the toilet.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read

Who has bought the 4 foot drill bit audience poll edition

Adam is commenting on the guy in the audience adding fucking to every other word in his reply.


Adam asks if he hasn’t blown apart this whole theory, Gina wraps the news and Adam thanks Britney and plugs her morning show.

Adam asks her what time she wakes up in the morning.

Adam yells at the people who ask “why not just stay up!?” and Adam comments on how it’s not good to stay up all night before your work day.

Adam plugs the website and social media for Chris Jones and he plugs Mangria as they wrap up the show.