Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2013 – Ian Ziering and Anthony Ferrante

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2013 – Ian Ziering and Anthony Ferrante

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ian Ziering and Anthony Ferrante

Recorded 07-15-2013 – Release Date 07-16-2013

Production Number #1121

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Adam is opening the show to a great intro from Dawson and an equally solid #TopDrop, Adam is explaining that someone tweeted him about someone mocking Adam.

BB is jumping in to explain that he was the one who tweeted Adam, hilarious back and forth between Adam and Alison, BB is now explaining the connection involving his longtime friend Rich.


Adam is officially declaring he no longer needs zucchini in his meals while simultaneously defeating the arguments about deep frying it with some choice cannibalism comedy involving his own child, comedy gold!

“Cucumbers mock Zucchini in the flavor department” – Adam Carolla, Adam is now explaining how anything can be used as a substrate for deep frying.

Adam wants all of us to start a dialogue about zucchini, great additions from Alison and BB, Adam is now waxing poetic on the lonely beet, BB has a great one liner to top it.


Adam is demonstrating his range by bringing up Jesse Jackson speaking of Treyvon Martin, calling him “boy” and how rare and unusual it was to hear the term being used by the Democratic Party in contrast to “young man” being used by the republicans and the right.

Alison seems to dig Adam’s point and gets the weight of the stark contrast, BB is getting Adam to flesh it out more in response to BB’s joke reply.

Dawson is now on mic to defend the Zucchini and Adam is joking about his future with the company in response, nice back and forth.


Alison is demanding to know if the guys are going to sit back and defend celery and Adam has actually just swayed her by explaining its role in different dishes.

They’re now playing the local tech report and Adam is responding to the points addressed in the video.

Adam is explaining the crowd funding model and the differences between it and just giving money, he’s got a nice “Oasis” analogy that Alison is playing along with nicely.


Adam is now taking it back to “The Hammer” and he’s trying to explain what a film being “closed” means and is explaining how his director and editor did the thing that nobody should ever do to him.

He’s now citing the one scene that bothered him while screening the film at Tribeca with Howard Stern and his wife Beth in attendance to boot.

Adam is now explaining the move pulled by the director and the editor regarding the phantom truck lumber, his reaction is priceless.


Adam is back to the familiar topic of people unknowingly gaslighting him out of laziness. Hubris and or ignorance and the nature of the “No Roll’s” he often finds himself in with other people.

This is a very rare untold story, even during the very in depth coverage of the making of the film on the morning show in 2007 this wasn’t fully divulged/discussed.

Alison is getting Adam to spell out the thing that nobody should ever do, he’s now relaying the “No Roll” and how he will walk people through every step of his “I’m not calling you a liar but …”


Adam is now sharing an anecdote from a recent “Ace on the House” recording with Ray where he took credit for his advice segment titled “Just the Tip” that was actually titled by a fan on twitter.

Adam is explaining how Matt Fondiler tried something similar with his dad’s shoes he was sporting and attempting to deny, Matt reminded him of the exemplary profiling.

Alison has a great reaction to Adam’s description of Ray being clever, Alison has a wise point about Adam hating people who take a 2nd and unnecessary conversational lap but when he does it, he often gets the information the person is hoarding.


Adam has a funny one liner about the rubbing compound not being what it sounds like and now Adam is going in depth on why Matt’s dad shoes bumped him.

Adam is now joking about Israeli airport vending machines in response to Alison’s half of a point about Israeli airport profiling, Adam’s got a great bit of mouth sound effects, gold!

Adam is now examining a photograph of Matt’s shoes and calls BB out for attempting to shit on his point, much like the time he shared the mixed up facts about the 1998 #Classic Loveline batting cage call.


Adam is telling the gang about walking in on his wife and her best pal Jodi hanging out discussing Jimmy’s wedding, Adam spotted Jodi’s bare feet resting upon his pillow.

Adam is now explaining the cool conversation between him and Jodi trying to figure out how bad that move actually was, he’s now citing guests such as Sarah Silverman show sit upon their shoes while on a couch.

Alison is now trying to do the feet math and their discussing the idea of lounging in someone else’s bed, Alison is asking about sock decorum and Adam is praising her for making the right move at his house while explaining there is no science behind his opinion.


Adam is doing a live read for a new sponsor and BB is declaring they should all use it as segment for the show, Adam is plugging “23 and me” a genetic testing service.


Blah, Blah Blog

1st blog choices are Ryan Gosling, Alanis Morisette and Robin Wright, Adam is going off on “Drive” with some new angles on its plot holes in response to BB telling him about the follow up film with Ryan and the same director.

Adam claims to have some inside info that Alison wants him to divulge, he’s kind of blowing past it.


2nd blog choices are Alec, William or Stephen Baldwin and Adam once again claims to have some insight

Adam and BB are remarking on how bizarre it is that anyone even brought up the topic of trying to remove one of the founding sports from the Olympic Games.

Adam’s insight actually comes from Alison’s news in from early May of this year, where she reported on which Baldwin joined the committee to preserve wrestling in the Olympics during the live episode with Jeff Ross at Amalfi ACS #737(Production Number #1069).


3rd blog choices are Bono, Roger Waters and Sting.

Adam is remarking on Lynch and his abilities to fool the staff with out-thinking his candidates.

Dawson makes a rare error and calls it before Alison gives her final pick, though this one was kind of unclear and now Alison is sharing the “jelly/cock” joke.

Adam and Dawson have some fun joking about where they heard that joke.


4th blog choices are Richard Branson, John Cusack and Adrien Grenier.

Adam has a funny noise upon the reveal of the 3rd name and an explanation for why Richard Branson might be on the list, a galactic citizen.

Adam is now full on blaming Lynch and his advanced psychological tactics.


5th blog choices are Larry King, Bill Maher and Al Sharpton.

Adam is now calling for a catch weight for Al Sharpton, citing his extreme weight changes and how neither super heavy weight nor bantam weight seem to work for his head size, comedy gold!

Adam has a funny black herring one liner and an even funnier comment about how many times one is allowed to say the name Lynch and Al Sharpton in the same sentence, brilliant word play!


Adam is doing a personal capital live read, working in the “Veal & Venison” bit from #Classic Loveline.

They’re back from break and they have a #Classic Loveline clip found by Producer Gary.


Ian Ziering is making his ACS debut after doing a couple great #Classic Loveline appearances, along with “Sharknado” director Anthony also making his ACS debut and he seems to be a daily listener, awesome!

Alison is explaining how she just found out she was offered a role in the movie “Sharknado” they’re promoting.

Ian is explaining what about this “piece of poop” interested him and has a nice callback to 90210, Adam still has love for the OG series and BB has a nice bit of drop work that Ian doesn’t seem too annoyed by.


They’re now explaining how the title came about and how Anthony came aboard the production just two weeks before filming.

Adam is complimenting Ian on his incredible shape and he’s telling them about wrapping up a multi week run with the “Chippendales”.

Adam wants a bucket list comp for him and one of the twins, Ian is explaining how he leaned up while filming Sharknado and after wrapping the production.


Adam is asking if there is turmoil between the Chippendales and the “Thunder from Down Under” guys, Ian claims they’re all pals and Adam is trying to tie in some of the passive aggressive bickering from the comedy world.

They’re asking for an audience breakdown of men vs. women and Adam is asking about the sexual preferences of the performers, Ian is being super honest while emphatically praising his costars.

Adam is explaining how he was sent to an acting coach by CBS while prepping his pilot, Ian is jumping in to explain he was in that acting class and Adam is now explaining how bumped he was by Ian playing his role.

This is gold!


Alison’s News

Anthony wants to know about the C bomb in her news theme and how it impacts various guests, very thoughtful replies from Alison and Adam.


Her top story is on Juror B37 writing a book about her experience working on the Zimmerman Trial.

Alison is reading the quotes from the press release and Adam is joking about the 34 pages of build up the juror is going to have to work in to pad the page count.

BB has a Judith Regan name drop and now Adam is explaining why he doesn’t care for the woman, she was late at her own hotel room and shit on the idea for the “Adam and Drew” book based off of Loveline.


Alison has a compliment for Ian and then adds one in for Anthony and Adam makes her recreate the way her brain processed the compliment.

They’re talking about “Millionaire Matchmaker” customer Dustin and Adam is connecting it to the Kimmel wedding and contrasting what the guys were doing while the gals got their hair and makeup done.

Adam is explaining how he was alerted by the event staff to get Lynette’s makeup for her and bring it to the massage facility.


The Adam the Max Factor Mule story as it were, Anthony wants to know how Adam was able to corral all of the different containers.

Alison is even getting nervous thinking about Adam making these critical decisions, Alison is explaining this was already her “edited collection” her road kit and was already reduced from what she normally works with.

Adam is now explaining how his good deed finally did end up with him not going unpunished, Alison is following up on Adam successfully getting Lynette to “take back” what she said demanding to know why Adam hadn’t alerted her that Rob was heading to the house to work on her car.


2nd story is on Jenny McCarthy joining the view and Adam has some funny comments about the size of the vacant seats left at “The View”.

Adam is joking about Jenny taking a break from the lab, he’s now sharing his take on Jenny McCarthy and he’s using her film “Dirty Love” to quantify her talent level.


BB wants to know if Chris Hardwick is now a bigger star than Jenny McCarthy and Adam is calling her some loveline names, citing her “Candies” campaign and multi camera shoot PSA.

Adam is citing her multiple 2005 Loveline cancellations and her March 30th 2007 radio phoner to the KLSX morning show ACS where she refused to get Jim Carrey on the phone who was in the other room.

Anthony wants to know if anyone has ever come after Adam once he’s spoken the truth about them on air and he’s complimenting his balls in doing so.


Alison is quoting Barbara Walters reaction to Jenny joining the show and she’s updating everyone Elizabeth Hassleback’s plans.

Adam is now mocking the day time talk show audience and why a talk show for dudes doesn’t work, they’re all now talking about “The Other Side” which starred Danny Bonaduce Adam’s 2007 KLSX ACS co-host/dueling guitarist.


3rd story is on 6 Cedars Sinai employees being fired after being discovered checking the records of famous patients including Kim Kardashian.

Adam is declaring it “game on” now and using the no photography rule at Jimmy’s wedding and reception and how he was tweeted a photo of himself despite the rule.

Adam is now citing some inside info about how paparazzi guys get tipped off about the travel itineraries of celebrities, Anthony thinks Adam might be right not knowing that he’s for fact right and these people are tipped off.


Adam is citing the random fat guys who demand he sign their various merchandise, autograph dealers essentially.

Adam is joking about scarves and scarf wounds, comedy gold.


4th story is on the first set of Panda Twins being born, Adam is now riffing about his thoughts on Panda’s and how he doesn’t believe in leasing them from China.

“So we’re keeping your bear” – Adam, he’s now joking about the names Kirk, Dutch and Shelley the names he wants for Panda’s in North America.

Adam is quoting his own book and his theory about lending China a cow “it’s gotta be named Steve  …”


Alison has a killer on liner as a Panda in character in a Panda porn film, replacing the pizza delivery trope with the Koala’s meal of choice, even more hilarious!

Adam is now sharing his hilarious idea about a Panda pulling out intentionally to discourage researchers, gold!

Adam is explaining how lucky Pandas are that they are cute and possess such an off the charts “cuddle factor” that we as a species make excuses for them.


Adam is now joking about the wife of a researcher/producer of this panda porn they’re watching finding his browsing history and hard drive contents and reacting as if he was in too deep, so funny!

Adam is doing a live read with some great contributions from Ian, he’s giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show with some funny mix ups and mild threats of strangling.