Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 376

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 376

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Adam Ray

Recorded 07-11-2016 – Release Date 07-15-2016

Production Number #376 – Work Your Way Down To The Bagel

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Dam opens the 2nd hour with Adam Ray, Drew is still out globetrotting, Adam plugs ‘Ghostbusters’ and brings up his role in the new MADTv, Adam likes a world where MADTv exists, it’s like Henry’s tacos where he used to get the broke taco shells and hot sauce to eat free, a world without them bums him out.

Adam says there was a pinball machine in the 711, he shares his love for the tits on pinball machines when they had the more adult themed artwork, that and or Fonzie.

Adam Ray is talking about the schedule to film MADTv, Adam says he doesn’t think people have appreciation for what it takes to create a funny 3 1/2-minute comedy scene.


Adam brings up The Man Show bit where he had sex with his mom, he says Jimmy didn’t’ want to do it and calls him “semi-religious” as he goes over the insane schedule to film the bit, he shares how the director wanted Adam to use more tongue.

Adam Ray can’t believe the actress wasn’t aware of the premise, Adam is now playing the bit for Adam Ray, this is amazing.

Adam is doing some light commentary over the classic bit, Adam Ray is loving it.


Adam says they filmed it like a reality show, they used his father’s actual house but cast an actor to play him, he says the actor playing his dad was really scared of him.

Adam says the actress was holding the silly string can in his face, too close to him.

“Old Women Can’t Act” – Adam


Adam Ray is asking about the nudity, nobody compliments the actress on her excellent delivery of “at your place” and Adam Ray says it was imperative they hit every location to make it funnier.

Adam Ray says he would film his own YouTube videos and he was in charge of the production, now everyone else gets to run around and get him all ready to do his thing.
Adam asks if he’s doing any writing, Adam Ray is now listing off a bunch of the cast and tells Adam about pitching ideas and impressions.


Carol Leifer is a writer, Adam is now putting a button on banging his mom and he tells them about the configuration of the desks where Daniel and Jimmy’s desks would face Adam’s.

Adam says his mom called while they were watching a rough cut of the bit, he made it clear he was watching that bit while he was talking to his mom, he shares the use of “homage” and how she was flattered after looking up the word.

“homage is French for son fucking” – Adam Ray


Adam says he knew he was safe to film the bit as his parents would never get cable, the waited until he was off cable to sign up, they don’t have to listen to the pod-cart do they!?

Adam is saying that the costuming and prosthetics are a tricky part of filming, he says when they filmed their wrestling bit, they got the shit kicked out of them, Jimmy got slammed and jacked up in the bit.

Adam says that isn’t acting, that was Jimmy getting slammed hard.


Adam Ray wants to twist his Wolf Blitzer impression and make it special for an upcoming bit.

Adam talks about trying out for the Raiders and shooting all day, he had to get to LoveLine at the end of the day, Tom Stern dropped out of the bit as he was too sick.

Adam says that every time a person doesn’t make a flight and is sick he worries the plane is going to crash, just to give that guy a story.


Life Lock Live Read

Philly Cheesesteak has it too Edition

Adam has Matt order some screws for a switch plate cover, Adam has life lock to keep him safe and give him peace of mind.

Danny Glover Teas Cozy and Oven mitt riff from the Adams.



1st Caller Rebecca, she lost 200 lbs. from diet and exercise, Adam says that everyone he knows who lost weight without getting a surgery simply quit soda and started walking.

Adam asks what she gave up, she had insufficient protein.

Adam asks her what she got up to, 385.


Adam asks her what she went from in a numbers sense, what was she before the weight loss and what after, she’s still got a fat girl self-esteem and Adam jokes about her being into blowjobs.

Adam has a killer “work your way down to the bagel” reply that led to the show title.

Adam Ray shares his “quick fat” body type and how he was called Crispy Crème Jamal by an old coach.


Adam asks if she resents her parents for not intervening and keeping her from eating poorly, Rebecca wishes her parents did try more and did help guide her, Adam says parents tell kids not to smoke.

Adam says his daughter just turned 10, she has a sweet tooth and she’s a little deceptive, like a young Hillary Clinton, Adam says his son will get an old fashioned glazed donut, his daughter orders a fudge brownie when the go to Starbucks after a walk.

Adam shares how his daughter will try and get double desserts.


Adam Ray has a funny “when your son is runner up in a wet t-shirt contest” joke for parents who give their kids ‘Cookie Crisp’ and Rebecca shares her worries about the scars she’s going to be left with after getting her extra skin removed this week.

Adam is riffing about future dudes getting blown and asking about her scars, hilarious female softball tangent and Adam asks why women don’t wear ball caps while playing softball.
“nah we do visors; we have to look like accountants from the turn of the century” – Adam


Adam Ray has a powerful comment about women throwing each other under the bus leading to softball pitching skills.

Adam Ray suggests she turns the scars into tattoos of American heroes, Mark Zuckerberg and Seal on each arm, Adam jokes about Seal being scar on scar crime, integrate the existing scars.


2nd Caller John shares the details of his son’s rad wedding present, he stole a park bench where John and his new wife had their first kiss.

Adam riffs about John’s son bringing a hobo in tow, he did steal his living area.

Adam Ray is now impersonating the homeless guy that showed up in John’s garage.


Adam and Adam agree this is a sweet gesture, John shares his 3 options he offered his son.

Adam likes the idea of the covert ops sitcom plot where they get caught and arrested while returning the bench.

Adam says the municipal benches are contracted out, you cannot buy one.


Adam presumes the city overpays for them and has them made custom, Adam suggests John could fabricate a replacement, john is immediately resistant to this idea.

Adam is now riffing about the homeless prevention bars used to keep people from sleeping on municipal property.

John says not a chance, he’s not doing that and instantly becomes less rad than his son.


Adam Ray is asking where the guy’s son goes next, hilarious box spring from where he first banged Shelley comment, Adam Ray has the taint of his former friend who said this marriage wouldn’t work out, holy shit!


3rd Caller Tyler, he doesn’t think Adam can complain about the toilet paper rolls in public bathrooms.

Adam would like to bring a group of young ladies into a men’s bathroom stall in a park…

Adam is now doing an improv scene with Adam Ray playing one of the young ladies in the men’s room checking out the soggy toilet paper roll, to make a point about men and what they do.


True Car Live Read

Did Chris Maxipada buy the Prius for the mileage or just to piss Adam off edition

He pissed Gary off who mocked him for being the producer of CarCast and driving another lame white Prius.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.