Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2016 – Caleb Pressley and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2016 – Caleb Pressley and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Caleb Pressley and David Wild

Recorded 07-14-2016 – Release Date 07-15-2016

Production Number #1860

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Adam opens the show to a flub by Dawson while pronouncing the guest’s name and a “don’t ask him what he thinks of you, he might not give the answer that you want him to” lyrical intro.

Adam is immediately trying to recall who sings that song, Dawson and Lynch both get on mic and explain that it’s older Fleetwood Mac, a song titled ‘Oh Well’ and Adam finishes the intro and welcomes Gina and BB to the show, BB has Adam’s “I’d be a horrible Wayans Brother” quote as today’s #TopDrop.

Gina brings up Marlon Wayans appearance on the morning show and David brings up his own recent appearance on Mark in The Morning along with Rick Springfield who David jokingly calls his doppelganger and BB mocks openly for the lame joke attempt.


Adam brings up Wiz Khalifah and David has another lame joke attempt that they all move past, two sings and two misses within two minutes.

Adam brings up his new series and calls it “Putting on the hits” instead of the actual title ‘Greatest Hits’ and Adam is commenting on the female host Kelsea (Kelsey) and her unique spelling and how it’s anal on anal crime.

Adam talks about Arsenio and Kelsea throwing the show to the bands to then play, their limited role as hosts and David says they do talk for longer and says that Arsenio loves Adam, Adam loves him back and they are now talking about Wiz Khalifah’s performance.


Adam says Wiz performed for about 29 seconds of the 6-minute performance, David riffs about ‘We Dem Boyz’ and jokes about Adam’s limited hip-hop knowledge, David thinks Wiz was showing respect to LL by stepping back and letting LL Cool J take center stage.

Adam asks why he doesn’t go into the crowd and show the ultimate respect and not performed at all, David mentions his most recent appearance on another podcast, Never Not Funny, Season 18, Episode 22 the Jimmy Pardo podcast.

It’s a hilarious and fun appearance with cameos from David’s wife and son, David talks about last night’s challenging lead in programming of ‘BattleBots’ and how tonight’s lead in of the President’s town hall conversation on race in America.


Adam is talking about Sonny and his love for BattleBots and how great their designs are, David says next week the show will be back and Adam tells the gang about his conversation with his son about the good news and bad news of ‘BattleBots’ being preempted by said conversation about race.


Adam is now off on a rant about the actual statistics at play and the real issues underpinning most of these endless conversations and navel gazing that never helps anyone nor fixes anything, Adam brings up the real world crime stats of black males and the built in prejudice of cops based on said stats.

Adam is very practical about changing the numbers and how this stuff works, BB chimes in and Adam says there is no such thing of talking a cop out of being freaked out by the stats.

David has a Dinesh D’Souza dig and says he reject s Adam’s stats, Adam talks about the political left and their obsession with numbers and stats when it comes to climate change and how they reject numbers and stats when it doesn’t fall in line with some dogmatic ideology regardless of it being based in reality or not.


Adam is trying to get David to acknowledge that the left does like numbers and stats and all things science when it comes to global warming, David is pretending to not understand the question and has a loose tone to his voice like he’s trying to agitate or resist Adam, he did crap on Dinesh D’Souza the last time he was on the show.

Does David not know that Adam doesn’t book these guys, it’s a certain man who shouted ‘Back to Back world war champs” at a nice concerned woman in Amsterdam trying to save their lives and prevent them from killing anyone else as he was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Adam doesn’t hang out with Dinesh and gives him the same rope he gives any guest, what they do with it is their choice, people in the audience either agree with Dinesh or they don’t, either way his booking doesn’t change anything.


Adam is now getting heated and David is continuing to propose the idea of Adam leading this discussion on race, Adam is now talking about the media comments about it being “open season” on young black people, he brings up the lack of women shot by cops.

David says he doesn’t want to argue too much politically; Adam shouts it’s not Politcaaaaaaaaaal! And David tells them about the only time he was assaulted in life and how some cop went off on him.

David says he believes he was not in a public location or had black skin the cop would have just killed him instead of making up a story with his fellow officers, why is that?


Adam brings up Mark Geragos recent case with the white victim of a police shooting, executed while lying flat and not moving, he is trying to make a point about the lack of coverage of that case and everyone just moves on again like they always do, nobody cares, not even in that room.

Adam is adamant about this part of coppery that he doesn’t like and he says it’s poor people who get screwed by cops, and the people who commit the most amount of crime, they will suffer the most and be singled out by the cops because of the statistics.


Adam is now talking about the real world stats at play and the fear and edge a cop must be experiencing when approaching a car at night, Adam says poor people get the shit kicked out of them by cops.

Adam has a great point about neighborhoods filled with criminals and those without criminals who get criminal cameos from time to time.

Adam is talking about the Rodney King beating and the open discussion that never gets to the real truth, David cites a republican congressman who has been stopped 9 times with suspicion he was driving a stolen car.


Adam says that happens to everyone, he lists some of is most egregious experiences with cops while poor, he cites the time he was pulled over on a motorcycle and his bike was towed and the cop offered him a ride home which led to Adam hitchhiking and meeting the guy from ‘Strand and Deliver’ before the movie was released.

Adam shares his frustration with the cop and his multiple rounds of begging for him to show some sympathy.

Adam says Daniel Villarreal(?) came and picked him up and told him all about the movie, so this must have been 1987, he says they smoked pot and BB continues to not remember any of these details despite having this story told to him about 3-4 times on air.


Adam says he was an interesting looking dude and they talked about acting and comedy, Adam hits home that being poor is the biggest factor when dealing with cops.

Adam tells Gina to listen and he says what black folk don’t realize is that despite being pulled over at a higher rate it happens to everyone who is poor.

Gina has the details from a reality show where they arrested a poor guy for trading pot for vitamins as he was involved in the drug trade.


Adam has a point about DAG driving through David’s neighborhood and David says Dag doesn’t look like a hardened criminal, Adam jokes about this and tries to wrap up the conversation.

David mentions Wiz Khalifah and they move on.


Adam is doing a Castrol Edge Live Read

VR Simulator compared to real life edition, again!


Adam asks Gary if he has the clip with him talking to “empty head” over at the Huffington Post where she kept fighting him on family and education as the ultimate solution to these problems.

Adam says there are 5 other races out there kicking butt in America because of family and education, he says their skin is often times browner than Hispanic people.

Adam asks about racism and says at least Hitler and the Klan are consistent, say what you like but give the devil their due, they hate everybody, why do cops cherry pick who they hate, shouldn’t it be all non-whites.


David has an anecdote about Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence and Gina brings up Chris Christie despite David saying that Mike was the VP pick.

Gina asks Adam about cops from neighborhoods patrolling said neighborhoods and Adam talks about that being a dangerous step towards segregation, it’s a racist thought to think that only a person of one race can deal with said people of that race.

Adam asks about Glendale and he wants to know about getting Jewish cops for Fairfax, Gina see the logic and makes Adam’s point for him.


Adam is bringing up racial diversity in the police forces of the country and uses the LAX TSA to make a point about dealing with majority other races and it not impacting you, Adam doesn’t need a white guy to help him at the airport.

Adam is back to the “open season on black folk” lie and David says the people he knows are giving a more nuanced message, he references the ESPY’s and David claims that Obama has brought up fathers sticking around in the inner city, Adam doesn’t recall it and David gets a Bill O’Reilly dig, as if Adam is buddies with him.

Adam is mocking the 30 years of endless dialogue about nothing, David is getting defiant and pretending to not understand Adam who is growing increasingly frustrated and it’s starting to sound like the Gavin Newsom ep.


Adam is now getting David to list the biggest factors to save the middle class and pull people out of poverty, Adam brings p Dennis Prager and his “if the Jews would only preach what they practice” and David is putting a spoke in Adam’s gears as he tries to address a perceived hypocrisy and everyone is getting loud but David is trying to crack jokes and bring back a lighter tone to the discussion.

Adam is talking about bad teachers and makes a perfect argument that David agrees with about an investment in education and David says his ideas are simple and he brings up public libraries and their hours of operation along with music education.

BB brings up wasted money on education and he cites the iPad for student’s program and makes a great point about ESL investment and Adam is telling BB how they measure spending on kids, it’s per head, per kid.


BB just said “let’s say that’s true” and Adam stops him to tell him no, for fact that is how they measure it, Adam is getting it from all angles, anything he says is not only ignored but then the basic facts are argued about.

Adam is asking David to define “anyway you can” for helping the middle class and Adam asks David about his family and if his father was around to raise him.

David asks Adam if he thinks divorce is only a problem in the black community, Adam is now back to his point and obviously very frustrated and he brings up the real world stats that everyone is refusing to accept as reality on reality’s terms.


David talks about hopelessness that is only increased by police violence and David says he likes the conversation about race, he says he thinks having a black president is a good thing, as if Adam does not?

Adam is talking to David about the increased awareness and conversation about race and racism since electing Barack Obama and Adam is further mocking the notion of talking out these issues.

Adam wants to know how much of this is about family, he bets that the president won’t bring it up and Adam tells him to hang out with Gavin Newsom and Adam says he’s being a dick and he doesn’t care and he knows that family and education will solve these issues in a matter of years.


Adam is bringing up Treyvon Martin and how the president addressed that case and David says he works with lots of Kangol sporting people, you know what he means, with some help form Adam riffing.


David says he wants to investigate Dinesh D’Souza’s claim that he only gave extra money to a campaign and he brings up his first movie and how unfair and biased he seems to be.

Adam talks about making documentaries from an angle, he gets it but doesn’t make those himself.

Gary is telling them about the charges and what he went to jail for and David is even doubting Gary’s facts and David defends Obama and shares how insane the movie was that Dinesh made about him.


BB has a “sometimes less is more” drop and Adam brings up the nonstop joke and conversation about a black president being assassinated, referencing the famous Dave Chappelle comedy bit and nobody is recalling it, not a single person brought up the infamous 2008 Keith Olbermann rant at Hillary Clinton for implying he would be assassinated if elected.

David says the security was lax when he was at an early fundraising event, Adam says it was a joke and pundits made real talk out of the possibility.

Adam says that it’s proof that there is less racism out there that nobody has attempted to assassinate him, it doesn’t mean there is 0 racism.


David says he listened to guys Adam is friends with and lists Dennis Prager and Dennis Miller, Adam has never hung out with either guy outside of a gig, David is his friend.

David is now defending Obama and Adam is in agreement and David brings up the various cases over the past couple years of cops shooting people, Adam brings up the white kid who was killed that Geragos is representing and everyone once again ignores it.

Adam doesn’t want any president commenting on a kid shot, if you’re going to say Treyvon could be your son then also say the white kid in Arizona could also be your son.


Adam is talking about Obama bringing up race, a little slap of the and for the cop memorial in Dallas, Adam is arguing against David who says that Obama doesn’t bring up race much.

Adam thinks he is working race into the conversation and shares what he would have preferred, Adam is giving his take on what Obama would do if he were up for reelection and Adam tells everyone to silence themselves.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


BB mocks the healing they did today and David brings up the Carolla cruise, Adam says no disrespect to David Wild and he gets on mic and says they live their lives in remarkably similar ways.

Adam is arguing against cultural relativism and limited expectations for other people based on their skin color, they get a caller on the line and BB is desperate to move on, wow.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he is telling them about his company that is eliminating all of the positions in his field and he wants to know if he’s offered his own job back if it’s inappropriate to renegotiate his salary.

John is telling them about the “higher risk” store he might be assigned to and he explains he’s an asset manager.

Adam says anytime you swap positions it’s ok and they move on.


2nd Caller Mitch, he wants to know about protesting and blocking roads, Adam says he’s against it and shares why pissing off the city doesn’t get your message across.

Adam wants the cops to drag them out, not BLM, some other protesters that locked themselves down in the middle of Fairfax and Wilshire.

Mitch brings up the attention angle and BB has a great drop from Larry Gatlin and David is chiming in with how blown away he was about the story about the brothers being fingered as rapists in ‘Coward of the County’; and Adam gives out a nice plug for David’s show ‘Greatest Hits’ and he references Three Dog Night as they head to break.


They’re back from break with Caleb making his ACS debut, they have a great “What Not to Watch on TV Tonight” segment with ‘Ghostbusters II’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’
Adam asks Caleb about playing college ball and being a backup QB, Adam jokes about Joel McHale playing for the Huskies and riding the bench but getting to say he was in a Rose Bowl.

Adam references ‘Point Break’ and how they spotted Johnny Utah and recognized him, they would roentgenize Caleb, Adam is now impersonating the scene with BB stepping in to assist.

Adam jokes about them deleting a scene where the guy said he couldn’t rob a bank as he had to watch more college football.

Caleb says the coach made a mistake by not playing him and Adam jokes about seeing the press conference.

Caleb tells them about becoming part of the coaching staff in his senior year and Adam realizes how much his voice resembles Mitch Hedberg, Gina misquotes one of his jokes and they all quip about the similarity.


Caleb says he’s heard it before and Adam says Mitch will be missed, he says he hosted an event in Montreal where Mitch performed, BB rightfully knew that he passed away over a decade ago and Adam is shocked it was 2005.

Adam says he recalls doing morning radio in 2006 and talking about it and says he must have died in late 2005, he finds out it was march, hilarious backtracking and arguing from Adam who says this is what he would say if David Wild was in the room, wow!

Caleb talks about his father the preacher and racecar driver, he died when Caleb was 2 and he says he was pushed away and secluded form the racing world and his gig at Barstool has him covering the racing world.


Adam is now setting up a compilation of Mitch Hedberg and Adam wants Caleb to pick a joke to recite for them, they now listen to the video linked in the show notes.

You can hear Adam react and Caleb shares his favorite Mitch Hedberg joke, Adam tells him to chamber it and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing an Oberto Beef Jerky Live Read

Keep some in your center console, listen to that little voice in your stomach edition


Caleb is now reciting the “I used to do drugs” joke from Mitch Hedberg, Adam wants to watch the rest of his set and Gina asks Caleb about becoming the Morale supervisor for his college team post time off in Ireland.

He asks if anyone watches football, Gina says she does and they don’t, nobody laughs and Adam tells him he does watch football, weird.

He explains how he came up with his own title after scamming his way into an office that was left after someone else was let go.

Caleb shares how his story was printed in USA today and Adam jokes about a plaque for “USS Muff Head Diver” for his office door in case any nosey reporters come by.

Adam misses that hat.


Adam brings up the sale of UFC and Caleb ask how salty Dana White must be with the sale, Gary gets on mic to set him straight regarding the actual facts of the sale and Dana’s net win and profit.

Adam says the Van Der Sloot twins, unclear if he mixed up the name for a joke and was so subtle it seemed like a screw up or actually mixed them up with the Winklevoss twins, everyone corrects him and misses the hilarious joke.

Adam says that people can feel slighted even with 400 million in your bank, Caleb asks if Adam would rather Be Dana White or one of the Fertitta   Brothers, Adam would prefer to be a Fertitta and not have to deal with fame or the spotlight and paparazzi.


Adam just came up with his own made up Mitch Hedberg joke “I’m living paycheck to paycheck and they’re not even mine” and he tries to get Caleb to say it, he says he wants to be 100% honest with you Mr. Carolla he doesn’t;’ get the joke and he says it’s not funny.

Adam says it was a Mitch Hedberg sound-alike and Caleb is getting Adam to explain the joke premise, they move on after Adam suggests Caleb be a Mitch Hedberg impressionist and perform on the street corner like the comic book characters outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s theater in Los Angeles.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the upcoming Emmy Award nominees; Adam says the problem is that now the free market has everything so splintered most people won’t know the nominees or have even seen the shows.

Gina is listing some names and nominees for lead actor and lead actress, Gina brings up all of the nominees from ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’ and she mentions the rest of the nominees, Adam has never heard of ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ and Caleb Pressley mocks BattleBots.

Adam name drops some Battle Bots and they move on.


2nd Story is on the popularity of Pokémon Go and Adam makes up “Words of Encouragement for the dead” where he let people who died before their time know how shitty life is in today’s world.

Hilarious crazy bitch with a Schnauzer on her cunt line and a kind “go back to bed” and Adam asks if we can’t start shaming gamers, Gina has a weird portmanteau of “Shamers”, Adam is telling people to keep their love of games on the down low.

Adam says don’t dress up as your favorite porn star and go to Comic Con, Adam is saying that Gamer is a term that inflates one’s ego.

Caleb brings up professional gaming and Adam shares his Spaz + Loser = Splosers term he coined back on LoveLine.

Adam has a funny splood (shrewd) closing comment.


3rd Story is on the viral Jon Bon Jovi wedding performance, Adam has Gina tease the clip and they go into a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read for TrackR

The only time he lost his keys was the time Lynette used them and kept them in her purse edition

“invisible little hobgoblin over there” – Adam on Pokémon Go


Gina praises his use of hobgoblin and they play the video of Jon reluctantly joining a wedding band to sing ‘Living on a Prayer’ and Gina provides some light commentary.

Adam says the last wedding he was at he made the bride promise to not ask him to perform ‘Hell is for Children’ and Caleb comments on the singer from the wedding band.


4th Story is on women using Tinder to get men to provide services for them, like moving and fixing things.

Adam talks about all of the women who got him to do free work for them over the years, he mentions a chick who refused to clean up his apartment while he built her a loft.

Adam says later on he had a shot on the chick but Ray was in the back of the camper with them and he refused to go outside, there were two options, join in or watch, Adam has a funny “there was no C” line and he goes over the details of Ray being in the cock blocker’s hall of fame.


Adam and BB riff over the ceremony and the gold jackets, Gina pitches a trophy with a Heisman pose against a vagina, BB declares it as the funniest thing she’s ever said as he further describes what she just made him picture in his head.


5th Story is on the Face girl fellatio cafes in Switzerland, they joke about spilling hot coffee on the woman and Adam brings up the fat women in the windows of the red light district, Dawson blames it on it being noon and not prime time hours for the prettiest women.

Dawson is now quoting Adam from the Red Light District in Amsterdam where after turning down tranny alley he spotted a dead ringer for past guest Fred Armisen and asked August if he was interested in fucking Fred, gold!

Adam says it was good times but the chicks were taking up the full window, if that’s what is in the window he doesn’t want to know what’s in the back.


Gina wraps the news


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Cant unring that bell edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and wraps up this very controversial episode, Adam says he did some investigation into the boat, it’s newly refurbished just last year and he tells people to reserve their tickets now as they’re going fast.

BB says he will have a poker tournament and Gary is on mic to mention there will be a live ‘Watercooler’ show from Chris Laxamana’s excellent ‘Resume’ podcast.

Caleb calls Adam a legend and is quite sincere in his closing thanks, BB has a nice drop of Caleb not getting Adam’s Mitch Hedberg sound-alike joke and they close it out.