Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2015 – Louie Anderson, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2015 – Louie Anderson, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Louie Anderson, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Recorded 07-11-2015 – Release Date 07-15-2015

Production Number #1616

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Adam opens the show with a pre-recorded intro


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam says hopefully Gronk comes by the pool this weekend, Adam plugs the #LOTJ Lord of the Jungle contest.

Adam says he crossed out his name on his cap.

Adam plugs Take a Knee.


Adam is doing a Lifelock Live Read

The Ruskies and the Commies are watching


Adam opens the show with Louie Anderson making his ACS debut, he was last on air with Adam on July 18th 2008 making his only appearance on the KLSX ACS, and it was probably a phoner if memory serves.

Adam opens the first show from night #2 and tells Gina to remind him to let them tell their stories, Louie is sharing how this podcast is being streamed to the VA hospital.

Adam jokes about helicopter blades in slow motion and cigarette butts flying in slow motion and what that usually spells for characters in movies.


Adam is asking Louie about his experience on ‘Splash’ and Adam is asking him about the initial phone call asking him about doing this show.

Louie is going over the Dutch version of the show he watched previous to signing on to the show, they discuss is weight loss surgery and Adam talks about Kareem Abdul Jabar and his impressive frame.

Louie is telling them about his experience on the show, how he was rescued and then played it up for the media to generate buzz for the show.


Adam mocks Louie’s claim to being close to his cast mate who won, Adam tells the story of his experience on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and he shares his joke about Kristi Yamguchi and jokes about Louie having the stereotype of a giant cock and jump shot.

Louie explains how he wanted to get off the show, he was trying to dive and ended up doing a belly flop.

Adam comments on hitting water from great heights vs. concrete and even though it might feel the same he would rather go with the water.


Louie is telling them about his personal trainer and Adam is asking him about his childhood, if he was always “big boned” and Adam asks him if he was built like Greg Louganis if he would have his sense of humor.

Adam is sharing his “I’m hot but I don’t know it” riff and Louie is telling them about his 11 siblings, Adam clearly never saw his cartoon series.

Adam is shocked upon learning of the projects for white people, in Minnesota, his dad was a jazz musician and he jokes about everyone in his family who looks like his mom being fat and everyone who looks like dad being drunk.


Adam is asking Louie about his first comedy set, he has the date memorized and Adam is now commenting on a photo with Louie’s mom in the background.

Louie tells them about pumping gas and Adam riffs about angry foreign gas attendants.

Adam mentions his ex from Minnesota, she had her moments and he tells them about the “udder balm” story, Adam comments on how you label people dumb assholes for not knowing something you know, your mom’s a dumb cunt.


Adam is now explaining how udder balm might be currency where she came from, Adam says before the internet you could say anything and he says she was a former Vikings cheerleader.

Adam and Louie are talking about Bud Grant and Adam tells Gary not to get premature, he does and the pic is a miss.

Adam asks for more photos to showcase his prowess, Adam tells Gina to dare him to blow the guy in the front row while mocking Louie saying he did standup on a dare.


Adam is now asking for a color photo, Adam jokes about that first night be ing the last time Louie did well, Adam is now appreciating the photo Gary has chosen and Louie is walking them through his experiences auditioning and trying out.

He shares how he was booked on Letterman and asked to be on the Tonight Show the very same night, Louie explains how he finally did The Late Show 2 years later.

Adam tells Louie not to shit on his point after telling them about his time on the Tonight Show.


Gina and BB are telling them about playing blackjack while in the pool, Adam is asking them about their dealer.

Gina is now quoting their awesome dealer who was quoting Loveline, holy shit!

Adam is asking what the swim up and pretend bathroom run is, he figures everyone else is timing you and wants to know how you cover up peeing.

Adam said IVF instead of IPA.

BB is sharing how breaking even feels best, Adam has a funny abduction analogy.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog America Ferrera, Eva Longoria or Michelle Rodriguez, Adam says they usually have a red herring and says that Eva does a lot of this shit.

Adam comments on the blow-hardiness of trying to promote and elevate everything about yourself and culture.

Adam says Mexico has done a wonderful job mobilizing the Hispanic voter and look how that’s turned out.


2nd Blog Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham or Gayle King

Adam asks who has had less sex in the last 5 years, Oprah and Stedman or Bill and Hillary Clinton, Adam jokes about spouses allowing their partner to send these super blowhardy social media posts.

Louie gets the point with his Stedman vote, Adam mocks the free cars Oprah gave away that are now worth about 1400.


3rd Blog Hugh Jackman, Sean Penn or Kelsey Grammar

“Isn’t all Haiti Rural Haiti” – Adam

Louis is telling them an anecdote about Haiti and has a funny “the good side” line after telling them about a comedy cruise.

Adam is pulling Hugh off this list, BB says Hugh shot a movie there and he thinks it could be him.

BB and Louie are now tied for the lead.


4th Blog Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend or Eric Idle

Adam has a killer riff mocking Dawson for reading in the first person, gold!

Adam mocks asshole bloggers and their nonsense stories.

Adam is sharing how he discovered that Rod was uncut when interviewing him on Loveline, he tells the gang about it.

Louie and Bryan tie so the win goes to Adam.


Adam is giving out some plugs for Louie’s standup dates and podcast.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read

Audience polling edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the lawsuit against Tom Selleck regarding his wife filling a truck with water, Adam is sharing how he grows great avocados and mocks people for telling him about hass avocados.

Adam is commenting on the nonstop tax revenue Tom has been pumping into the system since he was 18, Adam says 50 million in tax revenue equals some free tap water once a week.

Adam is ranting and killing it, Adam says everyone north of 50 million in taxes get free water.


2nd Story is on a new sizing method for clothing, Louie says he has a joke like this in his act, Adam is now asking for accurate photos in the packaging for boxers.

Adam is commenting on how women love the line between abdominal muscles and the pelvis aka “cum gutters”

They all comment and wrap this up.


3rd Story is on a study about how often men lie vs. women and Adam says he used to not be able to lie and explains how he would get roped into doing shit he didn’t want to do.

Adam and Louie are riffing about lying in show business, Adam is doing a great back and forth and Louie is matching him.

They’re booking a fake lunch date and BB asks him about the process, Adam does a funny improv bit at him, he doesn’t get to jump in.

Adam shares how you can tell if you’re being blown off in an audition and why dates matter.


4th Story is on a mystery shit found in the home of an Arizona Cop.

Adam says he might drink too much but he would never presume a shit in his toilet the work of a burglar.

Adam recalls he had a guy shit in his bathtub while/after robbing the tools from one of his job sites.


Adam is telling them about the super long hallway that’s so far away from the elevator you might die on the way to it, Adam said if he put his key in the door and it didn’t work there was going to be a fucking problem.

Adam is commenting on the MGM grand and tells them about a time he stayed there with Jimmy Kimmel and his brother John and shares the story of hos Jonathan made it about 14ft before his forehead busted open on some cornerbead.

Adam says a better man would have rushed him to the hospital, Adam implies the keycard did work.


5th Story is on the new Spam flavored Jerky

Adam says there are people on earth who will eat spam and those who won’t, Adam is commenting on his last piece of Spam in 1978 when his dad cooked it for him in a super deadbeat dad kind of way.

Adam is now ranting about Sunny D and asks are we out of orange juice, Adam rants to close it out and has Gina wrap up the news.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Louie worked on cars edition


Adam closes out the show and gives out some plugs.