Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

Recorded 07-14-2013 – Release Date 07-15-2013

Production Number #1120

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Dawson has a Kimmel’s wedding inspired intro and BB has an excellent Larry Miller #TopDrop, Adam is fresh returning from Ojai California.

Dawson was also in Ojai and now Adam and BB are riffing while mocking his delivery, comedy gold!

Adam is telling the gang about his rant in Ojai about the club sandwich, the “Their version” thing that always drives Adam insane.


Adam is telling the gang about the actual wedding and Alison correctly guesses the venue, Adam is sharing an anecdote of his lunch with Jimmy.

Adam is now listing the various kind deeds from Jimmy and Molly for all of their guests, Adam is now having Alison read the ingredients found on their version of the Club Sandwich.

Adam is explaining how he connected the ingredients on the sandwich to the downfall of American society, Jimmy’s son Kevin attempted to point shit on Adam, Alison’s reaction is priceless and Adam is explaining how Jimmy stepped in to set things straight.


Adam is on a great airplane propeller tangent, connecting the theme of “their version” and how it could be disastrous if it was ever done in other industries.

Adam is now using escort services to make another analogy about getting what you ordered, Alison has a great reply to sum things up.

Adam is now listing off all the celebrities he rubbed elbows with at the wedding, Alison and BB are jumping in and there is some great Billy Crudup talk.


Adam is explaining his sister’s childhood drinking cup, the hexagonal glass that was actually an old timey urine collection container.

Adam is breaking down his internal dilemma trying to decide if he should ask to say a few words at the reception, Adam was the only “non-family” to speak.

Adam is telling the gang he was high two hours before the wedding and started to question his comfort level about winging a speech in front of the crowd of the A-listiest of the A-lister’s.

Alison has a wise question about being high and Adam is now describing his glass of Mangria he used to even out his buzz.


Adam is telling the gang about Gabourey Sidibe and how wonderful she is, he’s now transitioned to the paparazzi helicopter and how she took part in pulling a prank on king of the prank Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is explaining that he ended up spending some of the evening on the couch with Gabourey who it turns out it is a #Classic Loveline fan, wow.


Adam has nothing but kind words for Molly and Jimmy’s families and how it led him to think about his own parents and family, he’s sharing the “over the line” story involving his late grandmother and his sister’s wedding utensils.

Adam has perhaps the funniest one liner about what they could/had to do with the leftover silverware, he’s told this story tons of times but this is a killer addition!


Adam is really painting a picture of a beautiful event and he’s now describing running into Cousin Sal to discuss the order of speakers.

Adam is sharing the highlights of the various speeches and how of course the great magnet intervened and his speech was “rained out” by a forgetful Cousin Sal.

Adam wanted to alleviate Sal’s guilt but had switched to full party mode, some funny contributions from BB and now Alison even has butterflies in her stomach as this story takes a twist.


Adam is now quoting the wedding planner who very kindly made time for his speech that he was hesitant to now give because of his advancing buzz.

Adam is explaining that everyone was laughing at Adam, he returned to the table and started consuming a “family style” portion of food meant for the whole table, classic Ace!


Alison is asking Adam if he slurs when drunk, Adam is confirming he’s able to maintain and now Adam is walking them through his karaoke rendition of “The Kid Is Hot Tonight” with Tony Barbieri.

Adam is explaining how polished and funny everyone else’s speeches were and how intimidating it was as he was racking his brain trying to hit all of the beats he had prepared in his head.

Adam wanted to hit on a topic that was quintessential Jimmy that nobody else had touched on, his ability to bring people together and change people’s lives for the better.

Adam claims to have thrown up upon returning to the table, I think it’s in jest but it’s such a specific delivery I’m questioning it.


Adam and Lynette were trying to get ready to hit the brunch when Lynette gave him the “save yourself” speech which led to Adam leaving early and once again running into Joan Kimmel and how perfect it was.

Adam arrived to see Jimmy and Molly without the presence of the remaining guests who had already returned home, Adam is breaking down their golf cart commute back to the resort.

Adam is bringing up the “Oh Hi” and “Oh Bye” T-Shirts found on the excellent staff along with his riffing at/about a staffer “jumping on his S.S. Compliment”, gold!


Adam is explaining how it was nice to be the last folks to see Jimmy and Molly off and won’t spoil/share any details of their honeymoon travels out of courtesy to Jimmy and his probably elaborate planning.

Adam is now on the topic of the ratio to coffee packets left in hotel rooms, great material for a funny and original Tonx coffee live read, make sure to use their link on the sponsor’s page.

Alison wants to know if they wrote their own vows and Adam confirms it while he’s recounting sitting around with Jimmy a few hours before the wedding.


Adam is explaining how solid Jimmy’s vows were and how unbelievably epic hers were in return, great chasing the dragon analogy/riff.

BB wants to know if Jimmy shed any tears and Adam is speculating while hinting that they’ll return to this topic once he figures it out, great dick tap comedy in reply to the Man Show finale clip.

BB is playing “The Kid Is Hot Tonight”, not the original Lover Boy version and Adam wants to know how these alternate versions exist and Dawson is now on mic confirming and explaining why.


Adam is walking the gang through how Tony got him roped into doing Kareoke and then abandoned him to solo the opening of the song, a Kareoke Faux pas as Adam puts it.

Adam is explaining the golf cart mode of transport plentifully available all weekend, he’s sharing a conversation with a tech guy where he went off on the Kareoke screen only to discover he was the very tech guy that burned him with the screen placement.

Alison has a great reply to Adam questioning the odds of this happening to him and Adam tops it with a comical Joan Kimmel closer.


Adam is responding to a listener voicemail with some great inside information about paparazzi obtaining their own inside information about celebrity flight itineraries.

He’s now actually getting to the topic of the dog from the listener’s flight biting another passenger.

Adam is now commenting on beach rules banning alcohol and ball throwing, Alison agrees and is asking a great question of what options are even left, solid “Back to the Beach” reference from A-Rose to boot.


Adam is unsure what movie he watched for almost an hour while Lynette was prepping for the brunch, he’s describing “Clash of the Titans” or “Wrath of the Titans” based on cable airings and the plot synopsis I’m going to guess its “Wrath”.

Adam is asking Alison to confirm that no chicks on earth are into the sword, sandals and super powers genre.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Pacific Rim”, he’s got some kind words for director Guillermo Del Toro along with a solid breakdown of the film and its plot elements.

Adam is ranting about the future and technology in sci-fi films, BB is agreeing and asking why they didn’t set the timeline further out.

BB is calling it a technological masterpiece while adding a caveat about the plot and characters not working for him.


Adam is wondering why a Bunker Buster couldn’t penetrate the shell of a giant monster turtle and why the military doesn’t just shoot them in the eyes.

Adam is now on a tangent using a wild bear attacking in the woods to further make sense of the plot and point out the leap in logic.

BB is recommending “Pan’s Labyrinth” over this movie while praising its spectacle.


Adam is now reading the list of banned items from a local beach, including no kite flying.

Adam is on a “Pop’s Carolla” riff explaining the slippery slope of this element of society that leads to these kinds of signs along with how the signs and rules only get stricter over time.

“Dog’s on a plane, not on a beach, really!?” – Adam

Alison has a great question about the universal traits of giant movie monsters and what it says about human psychology.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the verdict in the George Zimmerman case and they’re both surprised it was reached on Saturday.

Adam and Alison are commenting on the weirdness of six women trying a case for a man and how the inverse could never happen, Alison agrees and poses an interesting Jodi Aria hypothetical.

Alison is explaining how she expected this verdict based on the reasoning of frequent guest Mark Geragos and Adam is sharing his take home message from the news coverage.


Alison is updating BB on the knock knock joke and the comments from the lawyer saying he stands by it, Adam is explaining how we as a race need to do a lot less “standing by” mistakes.

Adam is going off on the joke and how hilarious it was that for once a legal disclaimer directly and immediately effected the very attorney responsible for it, he’s seem to enjoy that.

Alison reports that Zimmerman will get his gun back and Adam has an appropriate reaction.


2nd story is on Glee star Cory Monteith’s suspected overdose in Vancouver.

Adam is explaining what kind of guy he is by his reaction to this news story and his pondering if he’ll be staying in the same room upon visiting the city in two weeks.

Adam is now sharing his idea about Harry Connick Jr.’s birthday being September 11th and how people might react to hearing him celebrate it post 2001, gold.

Adam is talking about guesting on Leno and seeing one of the Glee actors, he’s now off on a tangent about the photos in the green room that make it clear they’d rather have the people in them featured over you.


Alison has now got them spun off talking about young people nowadays, Adam is going off on and is now on the topic of blue cotton candy, this is insane.

Alison is sharing an anecdote of a screenwriter friend who lies about his age in order to maintain his workload.

Adam is explaining the youth orientated focus of a comedy writer’s room and how the older guard gets pushed out, he’s tying plastic surgery and wellness/anti-aging products as the ultimate example of this same mode of thinking.


3rd story is on the San Francisco news blunder where they aired 4 joke names, Alison and Adam’s reactions are priceless and Adam wants to know what’s happened to the news and their fact checking abilities.

Alison is reporting how Asiana has claimed they might sue the NTSB and the local news station.

Adam is now calling for his “Harry Seaward” bit from the old morning show on KLSX.


Alison is now having them play the apology video and is now giving his take as a professional prank caller, how he would have slipped in two real Korean names and then two joke names thinking it would have to be caught by someone.

Alison is reporting how the company is making racism accusations when it’s more a tasteless joke using wordplay/puns, Adam is explaining how he treats massive violence/death when it comes to joking around about world events.

Adam is getting into how he doesn’t want people sued for jokes and how it’s the antithesis of progress much like the signs found at his local beaches prohibiting the majority of activities.


Alison has an update on the death toll and is now confirming that one of the deceased girls was indeed run over by a fire truck after surviving the crash and being expelled from the aircraft.

Adam is predicting a lawsuit and explaining why they have a case regardless of circumstance and how things will be chipped away about the personal lives of the emergency workers if they can’t get a settlement via other means.

Alison was watching the Zimmerman coverage but Mark Geragos wasn’t on screen and Adam is now mocking the idea of “starting a dialog about racism”.


Alison is wrapping the news to her great new “Dick Tater” drop and Adam is appreciating his Cro-Magnon like noise in reply to Alison’s joke from the drop.

Adam is now bringing up Kelly Ripa and how they had a long conversation towards the end of the night, Adam is explaining that August was also there and he sent him after Johnny Knoxville to make a deal to create moonshine for commercial sale.

Adam is now sharing an addition about Mike August that was worked into his speech, Adam is joking about Babydoll and August and their beaver like behavior, perfectly timed for Adam to witness.


Adam is describing August’s behavior around other people’s food as not unlike that of a homesteader and the ways in which he was raiding everyone’s room for cupcakes.

Adam is explaining that we’re now at over 500k, more than halfway towards the goal to fund Adam’s new feature film “Road Hard”.

Adam and BB are doing a live read and Adam is wrapping the show.