Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 375

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 375

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Adam Ray

Recorded 07-11-2016 – Release Date 07-14-2016

Production Number #375 – DUDE, Maintain!

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Adam opens the show with Adam Ray in studio, Adam is asking Gary about Adam Ray’s missing bio, Adam Carolla says he’s being a douche as time is of the essence and he can’t wait on Gary to provide the bio.

Drew is still globetrotting, Adam brings up Adam Ray’s work in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ which opens this Friday, Adam is commenting on the TV seasons and theatrical film release dates that confuse him.

Adam is commenting on the 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, Adam asks Adam Ray about the premier, he comments on Bill Murray’s presence at the premier.


Adam says he thinks his problem in life is that he’s super compete tent, nobody bugs Bill Murray nor Norm MacDonald for a ride from the airport, Adam Ray busts out some of his Norm MacDonald impression and Adam bust out some improv with him.

Adam says don’t buy a truck, you will get hit by your friends asking you to help move or pick up their stuff, the Bald Bryan Syndrome.

“I told them to look for the dude who looks beleaguered” – Adam


Adam says the two things he will tell his son are never own a pick-up truck and always reach for your back when getting up, sending the message you’re constantly in pain and unable to help.

Adam brings up the dude’s he knows who have perpetually bad backs, Adam Ray has a funny on the way to Papa John’s dead grandma riff.

Adam is saying no pickup truck, back sounds and undisclosed or unspecific food allergies, to be able to force people to eat where you want to eat, a dab of Epstein Barr virus and migraines, nobody is going to demand his son take a functional MRI to read his brain and see if he’s truly having a migraine.


“AIDS doesn’t get you invited to the BBQ” – Adam

Gary is weighing in along with Adam Ray


Adam says that as far as the Bill Murray’s and other super famous guys who get to do whatever they want to do, Adam Ray is speculating on a day in the life of Bill Murray, Adam says his mom pulled off this same way of life, you needn’t be rich nor famous.

Adam says his father admitted he pretended to be useless so people would leave him alone and let him get by doing less, Adam says it’s effective.


Adam Ray is riffing with Adam about how effective Jim Carolla’s plan was, Adam ask Adam Ray about his dad who split when he was 9, about the same time Jim Carolla moved into his ex-wife’s parents’ home.

Adam Ray gives Adam a recap of his dad’s various moves, he shares his experience on Middle Island visiting his dad.

Adam Ray brings up the Gooney Birds that own the island and tells Adam about his family’s dissolution and evolution over the years.


Adam says it’s a weird concept to think about breaking up a marriage and moving in other kids and merging families, it’s a very weird bit of business to throw on a kid.

Adam Ray think 10 was an ok age to handle the divorce and the breakup, Adam says kids are super narcissistic and in theory it’s something you need to work out of them.

Adam Ray is sharing the story of this shitty kid who sucks he has to encounter named Nathan when he visits his nieces.


Adam says kids with mullets are sporting a conscious tell, their parents are trying to let you know what a shitty kid they have.

Adam comments on the Hispanic girls with pierced ears at very early ages, Adam Ray has a cock-ring variant and Adam is bringing up the tattooed teens playing in high school sports.

“they sent a guy up” – Adam joking about these kids being tattoos In Utero


Adam is not a tattoo dude and Adam Ray tells Adam about almost getting one, he wanted to get his nieces tattooed on him, Adam says that’s a pussy wetter.

Adam Ray is doing a great drunk Adam Ray impression I presume; Adam Ray shares how his buddy talked him out of it.

Adam wants an app, called “Dude Maintain!” where you can use it to advise you what the best move is in any given scenario, don’t fuck that fat chick with MMA fighter husband, don’t punch the cop’s horse, don’t eat the pancakes.

The app would just be Adam yelling “Dude Maintain!” at you.


Adam says it’s like a cop yelling halt!

Adam Ray now sounds like the guy in the infomercial pitching the app and mocks himself for it, hilarious!

Adam Ray is presenting the female version of the app; Adam is having Chris right down the idea.


Adam says if you don’t need a dude maintain app, then he doesn’t want to hang out with you.

Adam is riffing about the guys who simply don’t drink, no bad history, no reason not to, they just don’t care for it nor alter their mind in anyway.

Adam says a couple of beers and a nice buzz doesn’t mean his arms are flailing or he’s out of control.


Adam says the guy who doesn’t drink is probably the same guy who rides a recumbent bike, he makes a point about mountain bike guys raveling packs, recumbent cyclists are always alone.

Gary didn’t have to sift to find an example of google images.

Adam says what is the guy saying to the world, Adam Ray says he and Adam would be the worst drug and alcohol prevention speakers for something like the D.A.R.E. Program and Adam then takes it to a rehabilitation counselor for sober adults, hilarious quotes from both guys.


Adam is now telling everyone about the microbrew revolution and brings up how Sugar is just as addictive as alcohol, Adam isn’t a brain scientist.

Adam is still riffing like he’s speaking to adults and Adam Ray takes it back to the DARE program, Adam has a funny “I dare you…” reply.

Adam is telling these people they stopped drinking right when it got good, describing Fireball whisky to the crowd.


Adam is telling them not to Uber it, he’s pitching them on the pass for the microbrewery tour, for sure drive your own car, for sure!


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Adam Ray is saying that Al Pacino should play Adam in that bad alcohol counselor scene.


1st Caller Josh form Atlanta, he’s’ a little high but had some thoughts about a useful PSA idea, he brings up a bunch of unrelated ideas but says his wife suggested a PSA on how to properly interact with police officers during traffic stops.

Adam is now talking about weird PSA’s that air in the middle of the night, he’s citing a water safety themed one with George Peppard.

Adam says you could cast Dennis Hastings (Haysbert) as the cop in this hypothetical PSA, Conan O’Brien as the motorist, regardless you would get claims of racism, before anyone saw a frame seeming in spite of the casting.


Adam says that the best way to get out of a ticket is by not making them want to write you a ticket, Josh says he has a friend whose old white guy dad thought it was appropriate to start walking toward the cops during a traffic stop.

Adam says going for the glovebox and Josh seems to know about details of the recent officer related homicides that haven’t been revealed.


Adam is now talking about PSA’s and Adam says he landed in Salt Lake City and saw the sign about Rhino poaching, he wants to know who is doing the poaching, human trafficking and elder abuse, does it stop anyone from doing these things or does it just bum out 99.9% of the people who see it.

Adam says this idea is great, get a cop to narrate the scene like a Southwest airlines safety video.

Adam Ray is now riffing about “queefs in front of kids” and other non-issues.


Adam says he imagines the guys who built the hoover dam didn’t sit around talking about the plan to start work, eventually you must just begin.


Adam is back to his ‘Dude Maintain!’ app and they go into a live read.


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Adam gives out the plugs for Adam Ray’s podcasts and film roles, he’s now in the new cast of MADtv, he says he was meeting with casting after his last appearance on the show, he sent Adam an email telling him how this was a nice warm up for the audition.

Adam says most people walk in cold, coming on the podcast and getting things lathered up before an audition is not a bad idea.

Adam Ray comments on ebbing in the studio for the inception of the Carolla Cruise during his last visit and they wrap up the first hour.