Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/14/2015 – Dan Finnerty (The Dan Band) and Dana Gould, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/14/2015 – Dan Finnerty (The Dan Band) and Dana Gould, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dan Finnerty (The Dan Band) and Dana Gould, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Recorded 07-10-2015 – Release Date 07-14-2015

Production Number #1615

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Adam is doing another in studio intro, he brings up Dan Finnerty and mentions his marriage to Kathy Najimi.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam plugs the archive and Take a Knee.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Hilary Clinton promises complete transparency edition.


Adam is opening the 2nd show with Dana Gould sticking around for another show, awesome!

Dan is making his 4th appearance on the show (5th if you count the non-podcast release of Laughs for Bald Bryan) Adam is commenting on the live show with Howie Mandel where he got loaded.

Adam says his long promised dinner with Howie and his wife is finally going to happen, Adam asks Dan if he does this with anyone.


Dan mentions Lou Diamond Phillips and brings up Dan’s birthday from a few years back where Adam was seated between Meg Ryan and Helen Hunt.

Adam is sharing the anecdote of Helen telling him about ‘The Hammer’ and how Meg Ryan had no idea who he was or what he did.

Dana has a Meg Ryan marrying John Cougar Mellencamp question, Adam jokes about him taking over the Dixie riddle cups.


Adam is sharing how once you reach a C celebrity status you get asked to appear on a warmed over old game show.

Adam was on ‘Win Lose or Draw’ and explains how his first instructions were for ‘An Elephant never Forgets’ and I now recall actually seeing this on TV when it aired in syndication first run.

Dana has a killer “twin towers” suggestion, Adam explains this was pre-9/11 and if he had said that he would now be burned as a heretic for having the knowledge of the future.

Adam says it’s really hard to use a Sharpie and illustrate memory.


Adam thinks he and Drew were both on the show, Adam tells Gary he will have to scrub the bottoms of the Ultranet to find it.

Adam and the guys talk about old daytime commercials, Adam is sharing his theory on the changes in daytime TV over the decades going from education based to lawsuit based, reflecting the change in culture in the process.

Adam asks about bathtubs with hatch doors and how he wouldn’t be able to resist opening it while someone is in the tub.

Adam jokes about getting through vaginal mesh, Adam wants some details.

Adam comments on Dana Gould mixing some intense jokes.


Adam comments on women’s luck for having so many genital accessories, they get an aisle dedicated to products for you to stuff in your snatch, we only get a bag to choke our cock.

Adam is killing it and riffs with Dana about their various virginal experiments if they were women, Adam shares his novelty tampon string idea.

Adam comments on the no return policy of sex toy shops and how they must turn on vibrators before you leave.


Adam asks if there is some kind of code where the guys must stand up on a crazy 6 foot riser.

Adam is sharing the story of renting porn, he can’t recall the name but he used to use it when telling this story.

Adam is sharing the story of the porn rental/school bus shaming story.

Adam is sharing the story of him and Jimmy getting free cable while on the road for Kevin and Bean.

Adam says that he’s sure Jimmy wasn’t building his kids complex playground toys but was able to master this VCR hacking technique to get free porn.


Dana shares the story of seeing a guy exiting a porn place, Adam is now asking a hypotheticals and Dana riffs about the western doors at video rental places and the “shame” squeaking they would do.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Tonight

1st Movie ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ (1992)

BB gets the point


2nd Movie ‘The Hangover’ (2009)

BB again


3rd Movie ‘Miss Congeniality 2’ (2005)

Come on Dana you’re a loser you should know this, you probably jack off to this!” – Adam


4th Movie ‘Honey I Blew Up the Kid’ (1992)

Dana with the point, Adam didn’t know that was an actual movie.


5th Movie ‘Last Vegas’ (2013)

BB very early!


6th Movie ‘Duets’ (2000)

Gina with the point

Adam is now just playing for gay pride, hilarious “Cruising tougher” callback from Adam


7th Movie ‘Showgirls’ (1995)

Gina very quick again


8th Movie ‘Casino’ (1995)

Gina kills it again


9th Movie ‘Dodgeball a True Underdog Story’ (2004)

Dan gets the point.


10th Movie ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ (2013)


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a music festival that’s using recycled urine to make beer, Adam is telling these white people to cool their jets.

Adam is sharing how Ray pissed on him at his 10th high school reunion, he shares what a bitch the 10yr reunion is if you’re not doing much.

BB shits on Adam’s point.

Adam shares Ray’s “Old Times” excuse he had to give it up for, Adam is bringing up his buddy John who had a fichus tree they killed with beer urine.

Adam says he’s not able to pee in his new sink, it’s too far back and he can’t get to it.


BB asks if Adam pees outside, Adam says nothing says home ownership like pissing on your own Tera firma, Adam is now giving some advice on bathrobe pissing and how to avoid soaking yourself in pee.

Gina is telling them about witnessing a woman pee like a dude after swimming nude, Adam comments on his daughter peeing with intense ferocity, dumping like a C-130 on a forest fire, he says chicks don’t brag about their pee power enough.

Dana is telling them about assistive devices for women to pee while standing, Gina has the details about them and says they tried them on the morning show.


Adam comments on how he thought someone couldn’t pee while wearing a tampon, Adam is asking Gina about her lucky friend who pees while standing.


2nd Story is on the museum of fine art in Boston cancelling Komo Wednesdays and Adam asks if we should just outlaw Halloween and predicts our grey jumpsuit future and jokes about the lack of problems we have in society.

Adam shares his ‘Sanford and Son’ theme song compromise idea, Adam jokes about honking at black folk, the world’s fastest man and slowest pedestrian.

Adam is explaining his theory.


Adam jokes about getting a can of corn through his windshield and how he doesn’t think all black people travel with a can of corn.

Adam is now arguing against trigger warnings and being too sensitive, Dana comments on the open letter from Stephen Fry.

Adam says if you’re offended fuck you, go through life in your super miserable posture, Dana is sharing the Amy Schumer joke that came under controversy recently.


Adam tells Dana he’s offended and Dan shares a joke he gave on twitter and mocks the idea of punching down, Gary is on mic and giving the details.

Adam tells Gary to say the words, nobody cares.

Adam comments on his mom telling him about her hurt feelings and how he refused to apologize, Adam is telling them about the time Drew’s sons came over to make their pine wood derby cars.

Adam is sharing how Drew’s forced thank you ruined it for him.


Adam talks about dung beetles and their low self-esteem, Dana comments on reincarnation and Adam says that Dung Beetles are the only creatures that pray to be eaten.

Adam is now commemorating his wonderful dog Molly and shares his New Year’s resolution of relaxing and taking shit easy.

Adam comments on how his car was being driven into the backyard, he shares how the shit was sucked up and sprayed out the wheel, Adam was doing his crazy dance and was throwing punches and kicks into the air screaming “why me motherfucker!” and he has Gina wrap up the news.


Adam comments on his wife’s lack of back up assistance when he’s behind the wheel and she’s outside the car, Adam comments on going to dinner and how he could tell his front bumper was dipped into the red.

Adam had to get out of the car and then doubled back to move it to then enjoy his meal, he shares how Lynette let him back up without giving him any guidance.

Adam is telling Dan to do a song, he’s sharing a new original song from their new Album.


Adam is asking Dan about his filmography and he comments on BB fiving him a weird look, Dan is now singing them the new original song, it sounds awesome!

Adam gives out the plugs and compliments the song, he says it’s a nice departure from the covers.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol

Let’s not be a dung beetle


Adam says that Dan has one more song, he busts out some ‘Candy Shop’ and he’s crushing it, Dan always brings it.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, that’s it for night one!