Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 160

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 160

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-08-2014 – Release Date 07-13-2014

Production Number #160

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Adam has a great thank you themed intro, Drew is now getting Chris on mic to tell Adam about “Kopi luwak or civet coffee” and now Adam is commenting on the use of “Scat” and how it was used multiple times by his recent hiking partner as discussed on the Adam Carolla show.

Adam is commenting on the bizarre scat great magnet connection, Adam is now asking Drew about the term scatological and it’s appropriate usage.

Adam says he is fine with this, he’s not ok with the “10k dollar grilled cheese sandwich” style publicity moves, where the just put a diamond on top of a shitty grilled cheese.


Drew says he wouldn’t drink it, it’s too far an attempt to make it special, and it’s no longer special to him.

Drew is bringing up the mirror he noticed in front of the latrine and Adam is now telling Drew that he did notice there was a mirror in the bathroom before, he just didn’t remember noticing it.

Adam is now waxing poetic about adding mirrors to a home and he’s got a nice “Courtney Cox’s home” analogy then jokes about using mirrors to see your cock more.


Drew is bringing up the windows Adam had over his sink in his old house, Adam tells Drew that was the very kitchen where Jimmy Kimmel took a hit of the fart coffee can.


1st Caller Timmy, there is some confusion about where in New York he’s calling from, Adam and Drew are losing it a bit trying to get the location out of him.

Tim is telling them about his fiancé and the arguments between them, Drew wants the latest example and he gives it.

Adam has a 25 vs. 51yr old dudes analogy about locking them in a room, great quote and self-satisfied sniff, basically commenting on age and declining testosterone adding reason to men.


Drew says “when somebody wins, you both lose” in regards to relationship arguments and Adam advises him to switch to Tim, but never Timothy.

Adam is sharing his wisdom of looking back on life, he’s telling him to embrace the POV of his future self and wisely evaluate his situation form a perspective almost removed from time.


2nd Caller Eric, he filed for divorce 3 years ago after one of his wife’s boyfriends was hitting his kids, Adam is now interrupting and asking to talk to Dr. Drew the man, not the doctor.

Adam is now saying that he can’t imagine hitting his own kids, but hitting someone else’s kids goes into the realm of insanity for him.

Adam is now explaining his take on hitting other people’s kids and what kind of person is capable of doing that.


Adam says he would sooner slide into a booth at Bob’s Big Boy and start eating someone else’s meal next to their spouse before hitting someone else’s kids.

Adam says this reeks of drug addict behavior, his wife and her embezzlement, Drew says bipolarity and Eric is agreeing with him.

Eric is sharing his current hatred for women and he’s worrying about his sons, he’s really worried about himself and if he’ll get over it, or partially and after Drew steers it towards his kids, he finally asks about himself.


Adam has a hilarious theory about Jews congregating on the coasts of the country, Adam is now telling Eric to walk through the NFL hall of fame and to look at only the busts of dead former players.

Adam is now bringing up the Deacon Jones “Head Slap” clip, Adam first discovered this in 2004/2005 after the launch of the NFL network.

Adam was watching it and came into Loveline with a head of steam, I don’t think Drew has ever seen the clip before but he’s heard it and now Adam is explaining it as if Drew was unaware of this.


This originates on Classic Loveline, Adam is now setting up a clip rule of thumb for Gary and they’re playing the clip.

Gary says that people need to see Drew’s reaction to that clip, Drew loses it.

Adam is telling them about NFL films cutting the clip after Adam discovered it and pointed it out.

Adam and Drew are now discussing the origin of Adam discovering this clip late one night with his red wine in front of the big screen, little do they know they’re doing the exact “memory” thing Adam riffed about the mirror earlier.

Adam is now ranting about the “He/She” politics of language that started in the 1960’s and ranting from the POV of men who don’t get upset about aircraft carries being called “she”, they’re too busy building them.

Adam is now referencing “Too Tall Jones” and taking it back to the head slap, he’s explaining why he could have just said he.


Adam is having them play the clip one more time.

“They’ve outlawed the head slap, domestically and on the Gridiron” – Adam

Adam is arguing that this must be film and from 1972, saying it went molested for 40 years, not quite placing the exact lineage nor his own first viewing of it in 2004.


Adam is now getting to the legacy career of Deacon Jones, Adam thinks it was his playing days when he was being interviewed, and Gary thinks it was the 1980’s.

Adam is now telling them not to defecate on the point, Adam thinks it was shot on film, Gary thinks it’s because they’re watching someone filming a computer screen.

Adam mentions Rosie Greir and Drew reveals he was with the man this very morning, Drew explains why and even references “The Thing with Two Heads” which was then covered later in the day on the Adam Carolla Show.


Adam is doing a live read for Bark Box.

They’re riffing about “The Thing with the Two Heads” and now playing the trailer, Adam is mocking the 1970’s “cop cars driving into ditches” era of filmmaking.

Adam and Drew have a nice reaction to the “Now You Know You Got to Go!” line and they’re having Gary rewind it and Drew is losing his shit, wow!

Adam is mocking the use of “too much” in the copy read by the announcer, Adam is joking about Ray Milland lamenting his life while filming the movie, reminiscing of his time on Broadway, the toast of town.


Adam is now mocking his dead grandma’s reaction to masculinity and almost disgust with it, she would always compliment ballet and dancers over physical activities like football.

Adam is trying to figure out what motivates that passive aggression.


Adam is now asking Drew about Dinesh D’Souza and his documentary, this is the Rotten Tomatoes 0% discussion Adam had on the Adam Carolla Show #1362 with Alison and BB, apparently Adam doesn’t feel they were tracking his point.

Adam is now breaking it down for Adam and they have a quick Jules Dash sidetrack, Adam does the “HE or SHE!” thing over and over again.

Adam tells Drew to read the score and he accidentally shits on Adam’s point, Adam starts yelling about it, mocking Drew’s instincts.


Adam wants to know why this country hates itself so much, Adam has a great Nicaragua analogy to prove his point about this being about our country and the bias in the media.

Drew is bringing up the critique they often get about “not understanding America today” and Drew questions what that even means.

Adam is now trying to tell Drew about Dinesh’s documentary and the large role that Alexis de Tocqueville plays in the movie.


Drew completely misunderstands Adam, Adam calls back “The Thing With Two Heads” as he eases up mocking Drew after he tries to blame the listener not being able to track when it was him as the listener who couldn’t track.

Adam is getting to the underlying problem with this movie, its arguments for capitalism.

Adam is now arguing about capitalism vs. historical sieges and theft done by other nations who didn’t embrace the system.


Adam is getting to how capital and capitalism used to be a good word, not something that should be shunned.

Drew is now doing a live read for AVG cleaner.

Adam is wrapping up the show with the standard closer as of late.