Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/12/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 373

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/12/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 373

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 07-10-2016 – Release Date 07-12-2016

Production Number #373 – 0 For Life

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Adam has a standard mandate to get it on intro, Dr. Spaz is peeing and Adam opens the show asking Gary about Lasik surgery rates, for near vs. far sighted correction.

Adam is now filling in Dr. Bruce and Adam recommends it, saying it has undone itself a bit and he might need a “tune up” now, he’s fine with a temporary solutions and results.

Dr. Bruce is talking about the video of his surgery and his reaction where he couldn’t watch it, Adam brings up Lynette’s sonogram and he says we’re such pussies when it comes to birth.


Adam says it starts with the sonogram, Adam says he doesn’t have a gear that gets excited over stuff that is ever prevalent, it’s more low self-esteem than narcissism.

Everyone on earth was at once point in utero, Adam brings up Sonny who is now demonstrating good ball skills, using his left “bad” hand to dribble ambidextrously.

Bruce brings up Sonny cheating at HORSE and Adam says this was a real game, he couldn’t cheat.


Adam is now talking about the “gelatinous mush pots” that are newborns, he says in the infirmary (the nursery) the kid has no idea who or what you are.

Adam says he didn’t want the video of the sonogram, Adam has a “you’re going to regret it” analogy as he mocks the never ending attempt to get dads to care about stuff they don’t care about.

Adam says he never regrets anything, he’s got a killer “lamb chops” line and he tells people to shut the fuck up, several times.


Adam doesn’t go back and try and unravel shit that happened a year ago, he says he did help the tech and acknowledges telling this story before, his “how is this going to help” reply to her how is this going to hurt.

Adam says he thinks you are in danger of freaking someone out by showing them footage of them as a zygote much like Bruce and his eyeball surgery freaked him out, Bruce sees his point and they move on.


1st Caller John gave up skydiving when he became a dad, he talks about his never ending need to get back to it and how he craves a jump.

Adam asks how dangerous it actually is, he has a point about his daughter and his wife lobbying for her to get horseback lessons, he wants to know the statistical dangers of horses vs. dirt bikes.

Gary has stats.


Adam says your wife might be ok with you driving a two seater car vs. sky diving and Gary has the low risk stats and makes a point about women and stats that Adam agrees with.

John has done over 300 jumps and he’s witnessed 3 fatalities, Adam asks him about them and how he witnessed them.

Adam is talking about the record setting jumps that clearly have increased risk, Adam says he should promise to only go for the safest jumps, a jumping compromise.


Bruce brings up the thrill seeking gene, he says it’s not connected to addiction and Adam says uh oh as Dr. Drew has always correlated the two, John says he is an addict as well, nice crystal ball Bruce.

Adam talks about his wife’s main concern of filtered water over pool gates, Adam says you don’t want Spock from ‘Star Trek’ raising your kids, it makes sense that she was concerned with the water, it’s what you want but it’s not practical.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Bruce rented a car and Adam and Bruce are both addicted to cars edition


2nd Caller Kris the lady gal, Adam’s mom is also a Kris with a K, she’s sharing her efforts to find a good therapist and how difficult it seems.

Bruce says get a list from your insurance provider and Adam is now saying that people want to find a good gym but the guy’s with the biggest muscles are in prison, they have free time and grit, you can do chin ups off a pipe.

Adam says find a therapist, they needn’t be the best, but you need to spend an hour each week to focus on you and your issues.


Adam is giving her a realistic expectation for therapy and he says she needs to actively get involved in her own care, she brings up fat therapists and doctors who smoke, it’s not about them.

Adam says Chris’s attitude is wrong and she doesn’t’ want a therapist, this is an issue that Adam and Drew have dealt with a lot, people who critique care givers and use their personal faults or habits to reason as to why they can’t help them.

Bruce has practical advice and Adam is now telling her that she’s lying to herself, Adam is being harsh as he detects her bias and he has a funny male patterned baldness excuse she’ll use next.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Bruce accuses Adam of slurring the promo code, but it’s his feeble brain that doesn’t grasp ADS edition

Gary gets on mic to help Adam explain how Bruce got it wrong with his weak mind when he attempted to gaslight Adam.

Adam didn’t slur ADS, that’s the show abbreviation!


Adam is telling Gary they need to review it to see if he slurred the promo code, Adam asks Gary if he ever tries to hide or bury reality when he’s proven wrong as Bruce implied.

Bruce is now declaring this narcissism and Gary confirms what Adam said, saying at worst he’ll try and explain why his brain made a mistake.

Gary has the clip for them to listen to it, ADS, not slurred, just quick in its pace.


“alright well then shut up” – Adam


3rd Caller Albert, they just had to put down their dog of 14 years, he wants to know how Adam and the family dealt with it.

Adam says aside from Sonny his family is pretty self-involved, Sonny shed some tears.

Adam talks about Molly’s last year of life and he says the part of life nobody talks about is hitting the ground running after a loss or breakup, having time on your hands only leads to more sadness.

Adam says his kids have such a rich and busy life, everything isn’t invested in the dog, you should be the same way and be so distracted and have so much going on that you never get to sit and let the ulcer of sadness bleed out.


Adam says that people sent in letters after Lynette set up the fund in Molly’s name, Adam talks about reading about the “rainbow bridge” and even Sonny got over it.

Adam brings up movie stars and guys on their 3rd or 4th marriages, not hung up on the past.

Bruce says that’s the sign of narcissists who lack empathy, Adam is bringing up his time on the jobsite and how devastated he was when a girlfriend dumped him, later on in life when he had success it didn’t hit with the same impact, he had a lot going on.


Adam says having a lot on your plate helps things, Adam asks Bruce to ask him when his dog died, Bruce doesn’t and Gary gets on mic to ask him.

Adam is having them play “switch plates” for the gang, Adam admits it’s a fast take.

Adam is talking about the human brain and how one can impose their own word over anything that is close.


Adam is now talking about Bruce being 0 for 2 and 0 for Life, the title of this episode.

Bruce talks about individuals who move on and use women, Adam is saying Charlie Sheen doesn’t have any guilt over past loves and moving on.

Adam says people need more guilt and there is not enough in this world.


4th Caller Scott, he says he has 3 kids and they have kind of snubbed his side of the family after a divorce, he says they chose mom and left him behind.

Scott says that his wife was the one cheating and the kids don’t know that, Adam says the reason for divorce factors in and now they’re adults, maybe they need to know.

Adam talks about his father and his fair bit of pride that causes trouble with him and Adam’s sister, Adam is sharing how his dad recently asked him why he doesn’t’ call and Adam says his dad has never been to the other shop with all of the cars.


Adam asks Gary if he’s seen Jim Carolla one time since he stopped doing his podcast 4 years ago, Adam is making a larger point and Adam says he listens to people talking about their parents not having a backup college picked out for them, everyone has a beef with their fucking parents and as a person without parents he knows what it’s really like.

Bruce has some advice for Scott.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

America’s greatest problem is horse thievery edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.