Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/12/2016 – Dave Asprey

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/12/2016 – Dave Asprey

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Asprey

Recorded 07-11-2016 – Release Date 07-12-2016

Production Number #1856

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Adam opens the show with a “Jew Fro” intro and he welcomes the gang to the show, Adam asks Chris to put the clock up and explains Gary is off at the other shop working on another show, BB has a “Coffee is for Closers” #TopDrop intro.

Adam is on his 4th podcast of the day, two ADS ep’s and a new Reasonable Doubt, Adam says they had Christopher Darden on the show and brings up some of the questions he asked him.

Adam explains he asked Chris if he could have never been involved in the OJ case, would he choose that.


BB has a lemonade out of lemons reply, he says it’s tough and Adam asks him to answer for him, Gina gives her reply and Adam tells Gina she’s correct.

BB was unclear that Adam actually asked him this.

Adam brings up a piece of information that was brought to Chris’s attention about a week ago, he explains that Chris got a lot of stuff from people after the initial trial like the Bruno Mali shoes that were only in the Civil trial.

Gina asks why the information was withheld.


Adam talks about the 30 For 30 on the case, the jurors and their inability to properly render an opinion or verdict.

Chris has the clip of Christopher Darden telling Adam about a woman who saw OJ Simpson on Bundy the night of the murders, Adam argues that people tried to assuage their guilt and goes over how this person has lived since they saw him.

BB assists and they paint quite the picture of a middle aged woman now closer to death who wants to clear things up, they go over how damming the evidence of OJ being seen on Bundy would have been.


BB says Jay Leno and Adam mistakes it for J-Lo as Adam puts them in the shoes of this middle aged white woman and how he would have reacted if that was his wife who told him about this.

Gina asks if Christopher had a lengthy chat with this woman and Adam says he doesn’t watch any of the OJ related media and he wasn’t a fan of Adam’s suggestion they buy the large Isotoner gloves and have him try those on instead.

Gina covers her mouth in disbelief that Adam actually asked that, Adam brings up the time he asked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about his prospects for an early death abed on his height on the KLSX ACS.


Adam has a horrible accident in Chris Maxipada’s Prius analogy, BB has a nice use of Chris’s “You Suck” Drop and Adam goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Where have the miniature bell peppers been his whole life and new non gooey mini tomatoes edition

Adam says all of the gloves should be on the same template and the same size, much like an on modified car that has been in an accident.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Scott tells Adam about his “make a buck mode” and Adam explains his rule of thumb of not trying to save nickels when you can be out earning dollars.

Scott asks about hiring after the show became big, Adam says Nate contacted him about hiring some new guys for the film productions, he then tangents off about how he might fire Andrew from the other shop.

Adam says he does have a “bet and spend on you” theory of life, he mentions all of the costs of the studio and BB is now churning out the drops in response to the conversation about the expense of his rarely used Replay 360 machine.

Adam doesn’t have exact advice for Scott and tells him to figure it out. Adam mentions a story involving a beanie, cap or hat that he had confiscated at an airport security checkpoint while traveling, what?


Adam is now sharing what happened with Andrew, he explains the layout of the other shop and how the lobby looks, he says the sectional sofa was off its mark and he asked the guys what was up.

The ant guy had come by and sprayed for ants, Adam says you really need to have a lot of work going on in your house to really hate humanity.

Adam talks about how he ridded his latest house of rats and how maintenance people still eave the access cover open ready for new rodents to enter.


Adam says these people do this because it’s not their house and he goes over questions for the guys over at the other shop, other Brian and Andrew.


Adam talks about his history of pool guys, he tells the story in full after apologizing for it.

Adam has a new pool guy story, he says he forgot the guy’s name and then 5 minutes later he was yelling at Phil his dog, unaware the pool guy was also named Phil, so Adam didn’t get away with his ruse for even 8 Mounties.

Adam says he now has a real pool guy, he carries his own trash bags, Adam got him some pool man treats, hilarious!


BB mocks Adam for making his own rubber furniture pads, Adam is now sharing photos of the sofa with the rubber square pads hanging out from under the sofa and on the other side it’s complete absent from beneath the couch leg.

Adam is going over his reaction to the messed up couch, he took Andrew over to the scene of the crime and is now asking the gang to give their take on what the fuck is going on.

Adam says the one good part about being he boss is telling people to gather round and listen, he says it’s like friend prostitution.


Adam says that back in the day when he would say Hey man and try and tell his buddies something helpful or give advice and they would say “Hey man! Pffft (Fart Noise)” in reply and he talks about being called grandpa Walt by them.

Adam calls for a hero to rise at the other shop to start paying attention to this stuff, BB says the only two scenarios that make sense and Adam is trying to figure out the paradigm shift in society.

Adam has a “head bitch at Hoffman Travel” and talks about faking work orgasms to keep the boss happy, employees never cared about their job duties but the boss does and you need the boss to think you do too.


Adam is doing True Car Live Read

Maxipada just got his new Prius from True Car Edition

BB has another use of “You Suck” from Chris


Chris is now on mic and gives the full history of the gloves used by OJ and worn by OJ prior to the murders, Adam is now sharing his inability to understand how all of those educated people overlooked this very simple angle and idea.


2nd Caller Harry, he wants Adam’s take on the new Pokémon Go augmented reality app. Adam loves being able to turn his pool light on and off with his phone, that’s good technology.

Adam is bummed out by anime, he says it’s jagged and disconcerting.

Adam says he’s so thankful he never learned to read as he never got into comics or playing cards, he needs a boomerang or something he could do.


Adam says he took a long walk with his son and his friend and Phil E. Cheesesteak, he tried to tell them how lame they are.

Adam says they are weird and look strange, he tells Japan to take their cues from us, we are the artistic sheriff and lists off the various exports they like.

Adam is now making exception for ‘Speed Racer’ he’s well versed in the show, he lists off the full cast and is now going in depth on my favorite Racer X.


Adam is riffing about his Mexican wrestler max and gives his full history, Adam is now almost perfectly recalling the details of Episode 50 the antepenultimate episode of the series “The Trick Race” which originally aired August 31, 1968.

Adam says punch to the head but it was a punch to the gut, Adam riffs about the bygone era of coldcocking someone’s memory away.

BB is now mocking Adam for having this photographic memory of his childhood anime offerings while shitting on Pokémon, Adam tells them not to get him started on ‘Kimba The White Lion’ and Gina almost does, funny reply from BB.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ which mentions a poisonous red back spider bite on a penis.

Adam says poor Dave Asprey as this just reminded him of something and Dave is going to have to sit through it.

Adam praises his bulletproof coffee and the MCT oil, Dave shares his apprehension to guesting on the Dr. Drew podcast, he was expecting a beat down not the reaction he got.

DDP #202: Dave Asprey


Adam, asks if Dave has a bar he can give his son that’s not full of junk, Dave is telling them about his cashew based bar that his kids love, it’s similar to Halva which leads to an extended discussion about Halva and how nobody had heard of the stuff while they were in Europe and the guys stopped to try some.

Adam feels sorry for Dave because of the Halva thing too, this and the Red back spider reference.

BB is unfamiliar with Halva, Gina is familiar and Adam says it’s like you poured honey into sand and shaped it into ab rick the Jews must always punish themselves.


Adam says nobody liked it, Dawson enjoyed it and said everyone else did too, Adam mocks him for shitting on his point.


Adam goes back to Bulletproof Coffee and asks him why he got into this health realm, Dave shares how his brain works after creating ‘The Bulletproof Diet’ based on his own experimenting and biohacking.

Dave talks about his various groups for foodstuffs, Adam jokes about Halva having a throaty pronunciation and how even their deserts names induce phlegm.

Dave talks about dairy protein and Adam seemingly asks if Eggs are considered dairy, what!?


Adam talks about using skim milk instead of butter or whole milk which he prefers, Adam wants Dave’s basic breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dave tells Adam about his coffee preparation with grass fed butter and they mention Kerry gold.

Adam talks about things he’s just not doing, but he would rather have the enjoyable food choice and Dave talks about midday craving and how his diet makes him not care about food anymore.


Dave shares how he brings a flask of “brain octane oil” and he once again professes he just doesn’t’ care about food, Adam asks him about eating pussy, wow!

“Wild caught”, wow BB!


Adam is now having Dave walk him through his dinner, he says 70-80% of his calories come from fat and he says when he weighed 300 lbs. he worked out 6 days per week and spent hours at the gym but it was all wasted effort.

Adam wonders if the information we’ve been fed about health and weight loss and absence of real information isn’t a serious oversight.

Dave shares how he first learned of the Atkins diet, he talks about how bad food makes your tired, yell at your friends and act like a jerk, is he implying something?


Dave says it’s illegal to call saturated fat “Healthy Fat” and Adam jokes about Mike August not even eating Halva, Dawson is on mic and Adam is telling him to be quiet.

Adam says, he bought some cheese with August and Chris but nobody bought a brick of Halva to go after sampling it.

Adam talks about the possible savings in medical costs by properly educating our populace about food and health, Dave says micro decision but doesn’t mention any mycotoxins oddly enough.


Adam mocks 9/11 conspiracy theories and says the government isn’t that good.

Gina talks about unlearning everything she learned about eating and food her whole life and how she was angry at Vinny initially and has now responded so well to the changes.

Dave talks about losing weight and how he was scared about the 8 table spoons of butter per day he was consuming that didn’t lead to any consequences but instead was the source of his health benefits.


Adam talks about being in Chichester England and how he just brought tennis shoes, he trashed his shoes and didn’t have boots, he told Nate he was going to need to borrow his and Nate freaked out.

Adam went into a local spot called Red back boots and he asked them about the song, the red back spider song from Australia that used to get played on Dr. Demento.

Adam is now playing the red back spider song for the gang and Dave, Adam is talking about Nate’s relief at seeing Adam had his own boots.


Adam says it’s because Nate cares so much and does things right, he was just having fun with the boy and BB says it’s akin to when he orders an Uber and his drunk buddies freak him out as he doesn’t want a bad rating from the driver.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam talks about having to hump these boots they’re looking at around Europe.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the even larger planned attack by the Dallas terrorist who killed police during the BLM protests.

Adam talks about how this was destined to happen with the language about it being open season on black people, Adam comments on how the race bating has been ratcheted up since Obama took office, instead of realizing how evolved we all are those among of us who profit off this narrative won’t let it die and move on.

Adam talks about the drumbeat of this message, Adam says of course black males are singled out, he talks about crime statistics and makes a point about men being the first group singled out.


Adam is talking about real racist and uses Hitler to make a point about extermination of a race, this cop thing only effects males, they’re scared of black males as they commit the most crime, Hispanic males 2nd and white males 3rd.

Adam says if this was happening to exclusively women it would be a different conversation but because it’s men the gender is not ever factored in.

Adam wants the definition of systemic and he doesn’t think the system is setup to kill black men.


Gina reads the definition and Dave brings up the problem of people behind bars for victimless crimes, Adam agrees and he doesn’t want all of these young brothers in the joint for smoking a joint, let’s have that conversation.

Gina has comments from the Dallas Police chief Brown and Adam brings up the family of the shooter, he says his mom could have dropped a dime on him and stopped this.

Dave talks about the robot based execution the cops pulled off and how scary that is, Adam is cool with it and jokes about there being plenty of time for backup apparently.


Adam is commenting on a news piece he saw on the lack of execution drugs in the united states and how the reporter winced at the notion of a guillotine or firing squads, hilarious “the guy in the hood sharpens the blade, pretty strong union…” line from Adam.

Gina has a clip from Chief Brown talking about the choice to use the robot.

Adam talks about the chiefs’ personal history and how his partner was killed, his son was killed and he’s directly tied to police related shootings.


Gina has more details about the crime his son committed he shot and killed two officers according to Gary and they go over the details of how Chief Brown’s son killed two officers one month after his father was sworn into office.


2nd Story is on the first Pokémon Go related robbery, Gary says that Sonny and Lynette are playing this game and Adam jokes about his making him rich.

Gina has the details of the robbery and how the teens placed a beacon to attract people to the trap where they would then be robbed at gunpoint.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live read

God would use Castrol for his car or Pegasus or whatever edition

Gina has an OW challenge question, Gary gets on mic and Dave offers up some expertise too


3rd Story is on the results of UFC #200 and Adam mixes up Frank Mir with Dave Mirra, he says you know MMA is a volatile sport and you can’t bet on it as the guy who fought both men in the Hunt vs. Lesnar bout predicting the wrong outcome.

Gary went with Frank and lost some money and then won some back with the title fight with Miesha Tate.


4th Story is on the purported sale of the UFC and Gina has a clip from a sportscaster talking about Dan White’s tweeted smiley face emoji.

Adam is talking about the evolution of MMA over the years and he says politicians don’t know shit and mocks everyone who was denigrating it, John McCain included.

Dave tells Adam that MCT oil can mitigate TBI with athletes.


Dave is telling them about his mild concussion and how he even had stem cells injected into his brain after hitting his head while vomiting form food poisoning.

Dave calls for more testosterone for the UFC and BBB has a Tito Ortiz drop.

Adam asks about Grass fed beef and if he can name any steak joints that regularly sell grass fed beef, Dave is now living in Vancouver on Vancouver Island, he used to be in San Francisco.

Gina wraps the news and Gary has the info on Taylor Steakhouse.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Adam says the alarm guy is the perfect opportunity to leave the access panel off under your house edition


Adam plugs the upcoming cruise and live events, along with the new hat.

Adam gives out Dave’s plugs and wraps up the show with his new “Hey Man Pffft!” drop