Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 372

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 372

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 07-10-2016 – Release Date 07-11-2016

Production Number #372 – How Your Feeble Mind Works

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Dr. Bruce is in for his first of 3 appearances, he has a great “Where’s Dr. Drew!?” quote from Classic LoveLine and Adam brings up how much fans enjoyed hearing comedian Theo Von filling in for Drew.

Bruce is incredulous that anyone without a doctorate could fill in, Adam is bringing up the way he was paid the same as Dr. Drew for LoveLine yet they would air best of if he wasn’t available, but would go on without Drew when he was chasing a nickel.

Bruce doesn’t recall hearing Adam’s pleas about Drew being overpaid for his role on LoveLine, Adam is asking Bruce about his work in the hospital and he talks about the problem with Riverside and “slip and fall” type of cases.


Adam says he can’t have an honest conversation with Drew and Bruce on air, people have two modes where they either disagree or just shut the fuck up because they’re cowards.

Adam says people are scared to tell the truth and it would be like if doctors were afraid to tell their patients they had AIDS, that’s not serving the patient and Bruce brings up the risk of being fired from a day job for sharing your opinions.,

Bruce has an example using patient’s information, Adam is saying he just using that as an example to bring up the black lives matter stuff.


Adam asks Gary if this is doomed to not work out, Gary confirms it is and they move on.

Gary shares his rule of thumb that in the studio it’s a radio show, live on stage it’s a comedy show, interesting.

Adam is bringing up the real world cop shooting statistics. Adam talks about it being males first and foremost, he’s getting to profiling vs. discrimination.


Adam brings up Adolf Hitler and how he exterminated all walks of life from the groups he wanted eliminated, he was a racist who hated all Jews.

Adam asks why cops don’t focus on black females, he wants to know why it’s overwhelming black males and Bruce says it’s profiling based on crime stats.

Adam is now mocking him and doing the throat stuttering noise, Adam is now addressing reality on reality’s terms and he brings up how Hispanic people are responsible for the 2nd highest amount of street crime.


Adam is bringing up how this is a pattern based on who commits the most crime.

Adam says it goes right down the line of crime statistics, he says he doesn’t know if that makes it right but that is what is and it will be that way forever.

Adam talks about the large Armenian population of Glendale and how increased crime form young Armenian males will lead to more profiling.


Adam is taking it back to Hitler and his hatred, Bruce has a counterpoint and explains how historical issues lead to placental correctness, Bruce s against the hate speech for cops and is moderate in his views, acknowledging historical racism and disadvantages for black people.

Adam is back to profiling and how he profiles every car on the road, he doesn’t pull up behind short people, short squatty people are bad drivers, holy shit!


1st Caller Tim, he brings up Adam’s analogy about Dr. Drew and the sheet metal(?) and Tim says he wants a bumper sticker that says profile. Adam says he would be a fool to eliminate profiling he says we’re trying to limit profiling yet we constantly have to do that as humans.

Adam says the woman walking with the sunglasses and a hat was not a danger to Adam or Sonny, but he did see a couple with a dog approaching them wearing a muzzle and he was able to see a possible Danger he was assessing threat risks not tactical alert but keeping an eye out.

Adam says every time there’s a car coming at him or a person it’s full profile you can’t stop it don’t be ashamed of being human being.


I’m saying that pays taxes and worried about his kids he doesn’t care anymore Bruce asked image question, he works in a bar had a customer recently had a seizure while drinking he wants to know if there’s a correlation.

Bruce talks about withdrawal seizures and Adam jokes but the answer is just not to stop, Adam is Bringing up Richard Belzer and his appearance on ACS #172 where Adam got into it with him about service animals after learning about his wife’s seizure detecting dog they travel with on airplanes.

Adam is now teasing his two big ideas for when he is in charge, Adam brings up the illegal selling flowers on Forrest Lawn drive.

Adam is going on with the black market he says he’ll start a Mangria stand and sell his own products via cases and bottles just like the guys selling flowers.


Adam says he won’t be involved the hell hire illegals to do it for him, he’s back to Richard Belzer and Adam has proved what a dog could possibly do to help with a seizure.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock

Adam switch plates not switchblades Edition


Adam is asking Bruce about the seizure alert dog he wants to know why a dog would work better that medication, Adam is telling Bruce what’s going on with his feeble mind as he mistakes switch plates for switchblades.

Adam says Bruce is doing an autocorrect that his father is rolling around his grave because he doesn’t know what a switch plate is the cover used for switches like light switches.

Adam says Bruce knows what a switchblade is he doesn’t know what is which plate is so therefore his brain corrects it.


Bruce is now bragging about his construction knowledge, he mentions rebar and removing it from various ethnic people while working in the E.R. and Adam is now trying to get Bruce to do some math.

Adam praises Gary and his math knowledge.


2nd Caller Peter, his teenage son is dealing with drug addiction, he dropped of the line but they answer his question anyway.

Adam is now bringing up the body and its battle for homeostasis, the body wants buoyancy, it’s why he likes things with balance as he feels it’s your body trying to find the sweet spot for ideal function.

Adam is now bragging about his balance board skills he can do a full 180 he can’t do with 360, Bruce says this should be an ultimate argument against Asperger’s, Adam is pissed and says he has no time for an argument based in insanity, that doesn’t serve the person making it.

Bruce is trying to support Adam and says Adam is perhaps protesting too much, Adam this is fucking insane that him being aware and conscious means he has some kind of disease or condition.


Bruce is commenting on his stool height, Adam said he saw him fucking with it before the show and knew it would come up.


Adam is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


Dr. Bruce mispronounces Garanimals and Adam is giving him shit for it, Bruce just telling Adam about no longer needing to wear scrubs while at work.

Adam says the problem is all the nurses and techs now wearing scrubs and ruining it for the doctors, it no longer feels like something of the elite so doctors have gone back to shirts and ties.


3rd Caller Jay, hung up.

He experienced some performance anxiety and lost his boner while with a new partner and wants to know how to overcome it for the future, Gary says he had this happen and has a knowing “Cialis” name drop, Dr. Bruce predicts he talked to Dr. Drew about his boner problem, Bruce chimes in and they give further advice.

Bruce says this is a good lesson on drinking in moderation, Adam is talking about using placebos to help a guy on the 2nd try after a night with whisky dick that prevented activity the first try, Adam says a guy is likely to take it easy on drinking the next time but might be mentally blocked, Bruce hammers home on Drinking and Adam admonishes him for missing the point.


Adam is doing a Warby Parker Live Read

Gary has a bunch of pairs from them and recommends them highly, he was using them pre-sponsorship

Adam is talking about his Lasik surgery and Bruce presumes Adam had the surgery to help with long distances.

Adam finishes the read


Adam is now deconstructing his statement, he had a procedure to help with fine print, Bruce presumes he got it for spotting trains and shares what he got his for.

Adam presumes its more people getting surgery for fine print, not long distances, Gary and Bruce disagree.

Adam is now bringing up the logic, he says he doesn’t feel it’s common to young people and Chris says he always wanted Lasik but his eyes were still growing and changing, Adam jokes about his mom getting him a boob job to give patients a good view when he was bending over their hospital bed as the nurse his family presumed he would become.


Adam is now giving out the closing plugs and wraps up the show with a mention for the cruise, Adam wraps up the show.