Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 07-10-2014 – Release Date 07-11-2014

Production Number #1365

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Adam is giving an unusual intro themed around Amazon click through, Alison says she was thinking about how she wanted the “Noooo” scream to be #TopDrop and it was magically that very drop, like her brain tweeted it.

Adam is explaining that last night after they finished the show, Adam and August headed out to super convenient Pepperdine University, the exact direction of where Adam lives.

They took August’s mom and dad with them and Adam explains he was doing a talk and Q&A with Ben Shapiro and explaining the nature of the event to BB.


Adam says that Pepperdine needs to close and turn into a Timeshare, how a kid can ever do better or want to leave that.

Adam explains he was ready to get home after the meet and greet, Adam explains that Mike’s parents perhaps had too much iced tea.

Adam was ready leave then August’s mom had to use the restroom, Adam is upset that she didn’t go when he was still signing and only a few people were left.


Adam is being kind but trying to share his lamentations about waiting in the parking lot and how it took so long that Mike’s dad actually got out of the car to go search for her.

Adam is getting to the “I must do something” move people do when time passes, citing Mike’s dad walking to check on her as an example.

Adam told Mike he was crawling out of his skin and was even considering taking off and calling an Uber to pick them up, Alison wants to know Mike’s reaction.


Mike was sharing his observation on old people and kids, Alison mocks him for being a parenting expert all of the sudden.

Adam is now mocking Mike’s convenient math about when they would get back to Adam’s house, BB Is bringing up how surprised people are that Mike August is so fit after hearing about how much he eats.

Adam is now sharing an interesting facial hair conversation about August’s dad time coaching football, he explained to Adam how the brothers wanted to wear a moustache and after hearing their reasoning he agreed, then whitey glommed on and took advantage.

Alison has a funny one liner that everyone misses.


BB has a killer “We have these thin lips” impression of a white guy from the team, so fucking funny!

Adam is explaining how football used to be, the team element, we’re all in a uniform and in unison, Alison says “keep your freak flag in the closet” and Adam kind of agrees.

Adam says he’s fine with it, it’s not mandatory to join the team, comparing it to clubs that require you to wear a blazer.


Alison is joking about them wearing a uniform for their live Podcast tours, Adam wants jumpsuits.

Adam reveals Mike August’s real last name, he’s now asking BB about his medical updates.

BB is telling them that the radiation was only done 5 years ago, he’s under Avastin treatment and Adam jokes about them feeding BB his chemo like the way they feed Molly treats.


Adam is telling them about filming a pickup tonight for Road Hard, a new ending beat, he thought of it and he’s explaining how when you think of a great idea you can tell when everyone reacts to it immediately saying it makes sense and works.

DAG is going to be joining them for that, Adam says he wears black NIKE’s and blacks out the swoosh, he’s telling them about the gaffers tape applied to his shoes by the wardrobe dept.

Adam was trying to educate the film staff about why you can’t put gaffers tape on everything, Alison wants to know why it’s done.


Adam has a killer “L.A. Gear” joke and shouts that nobody knows why you can’t show logos in movies, nobody has the answer, and they just do it.

Adam is now commenting on how everyone is wired, they’re not interested in the movie’s outcome, they just need to do their job, taping up the world you film in to cover all logos.

Adam is giving out some plugs and wrapping up his point.


Who The F Sells This S

Adam is telling them about his mom buying a mini gardening trowel of the penny saver for 99 cents, so it’s not all gay code in craigslist.

BB wants to know why people still buy this stuff secondhand when brand new costs the same price, Adam is joking about his mom resisting the smell of life or new trowels.

Alison is joining him and they’re killing it, Adam now has his mom on P. Diddy’s yacht after buying a new trowel.


Ada now offers up the “environmental” angle, i.e. not buying another piece of shit from China, but his mom ain’t doing that.

Alison wants to know if she should get into gardening, Adam is now telling her how she needs a dwarf lemon tree, Adam is giving his “you made fish” explanation.

Adam is telling her that Roma Tomatoes go/grow sick in their climate, Adam is sharing his frustrations about his family at home not taking care of the gardening and tree planting while he works 5 days.


Adam has a funny herb/herb then Basil pronunciation.

Adam is now doing a live read for Blinds Galore, themed around how hot it is around them and how cool your car would be if you had in car blinds.


1st Caller Eric, he’s selling a “Vampire Stake” and now Adam is joking about being out shopping during the week and spotting a wood and silver steak for 3.50, well below Eric’s 5$.

Adam has a great Transylvania one liner and now he’s asking him about the stake, he says it looks like a paint stick stirrer that he painted while high.

Eric was building a wall of weaponry, Adam wants to know if he’s looking to turn a profit or if this is a gay hookup ploy.


Adam is now asking Eric what’s gone wrong in his life, hilarious wording about wasting his time making things to kill vampires and jokes about his dad also having passion like Eric.

Adam has a killer “Trebuchet” joke and he’s now asking Eric if he’s married and they find out his wife works at a Casino, she’s a banker there.

Adam is now asking Eric about his missing kids, turns out he does have some and now “Eliza” is on the phone and Adam is telling her to run away from daddy, as fast away in any direction.

Adam is trying to get Eric into Internet porn or a sports team, he’s now asking about the drop process, should Adam meet him in the park or at his house, BB has a funny Vampire Steak one liner.

Adam is joking with Eric further and Alison and BB are in the mix too, they’re now wrapping up with him.


2nd Caller Ted, he’s selling used golf balls and claims people use their free time to retrieve them, leaving out the likely meth-head reality.

Adam is asking him follow up questions, now Adam is joking about him living a luxurious life and asking him how long he’s been selling the equipment, he’s now in his late 70’s, he used to own a driving range in the 70’s, a course in the 80’s.

Adam is now saying that running a driving range in Monterey sounds relaxing, Adam is asking Ted about his wife and has a hilarious tennis ball/utility balls one liner.


Adam is now wrapping up with Ted, his new prime demo, the O’Reilly demo, Adam says he wants to get to the point where he doesn’t give a shit, where you’re done trying to change your partner.

Adam has a great “Dean Van Der Sloot” one liner as he’s trying to reply to Alison about her question regarding being freshly married, Adam has a strange preface to warn her of what could come if they don’t turn the jet engine off once in a while.

Spread it around, don’t burn it out, now a relationship is like a bowl of hummus and a jet engine in the same analogy stew.


Alison asks about Drew and his wife, Adam is telling her how they relate and that they’re not the unhealthy variety of inseparable, Adam is explaining how he doesn’t like going to movies and dinner alone, but he wants to travel for work solo to get it over and done with as quick and as efficiently as possible.

Adam is now doing a draft kings live read.


3rd Caller Kevin, he’s calling from the Sherman Oaks area, he’s selling a book he bought in 05 or 06 about finding a career.

Adam is now asking him about his current job status and has a funny point about his unemployment.

Adam is joking about him taking time off to sell shit on craigslist instead of sailing or doing anything else typically done by people trying to relax and enjoy time off.


Kevin tells them about his girlfriend’s business rehabbing aggressive dogs and now Adam is joking about the giant suit used for training attack dogs.

Adam is riffing about what the dogs must be thinking about the giant suit, it’s got to lower the dog’s self-esteem and he’s comparing it to the scene in “Casino” where Joe Pesci can’t knock someone out.

Adam is joking about having her feign pain so the dog won’t lost its sense of self-worth.


Adam is asking Kevin all kinds of follow up questions and he defines himself as a “cord cutter” and Adam ends the call in disgust, joking that putting cigarette butts out on kids would fly easier in his world.

They’re now taking a break.


Back from break.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw “Life Itself” the documentary about Roger Ebert, he’s sharing how it was directed by Steve James and Adam and BB both praise his “Hoop Dreams” for ushering in the era of the modern documentary that’s entertaining and embraced by a larger audience.

BB is giving his take on how great the movie is, Adam says he was watching the first iteration of “Siskel and Ebert” back in the 190’s on public television.

BB is describing the graphic and “brave” footage of Roger in the hospital, BB is describing the great outtakes from “At the Movies” between him and Gene.


Alison get BB to grade it an “A” and BB has some interesting insight about Richard Roeper not appearing anywhere in the doc.

Adam says that getting his movie onto “At the Movies” was the highlight of his life and very surreal, everything lost was worth it for the 1:20 clip of them reviewing “The Hammer.”

Adam wants to know why the show has gone away, BB is saying it’s dependent on the personalities and Adam argues that even lacking the chemistry the show format was strong enough to continue.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the Phil Johnson nomination being pulled by the Obama administration, Alison has an interesting point about what it would’ve mattered anyway.

Adam has a funny “wheelbarrow” joke and he’s sharing how they try to pull shit in Washington, if nobody notices they get away with it and sometimes people raise a stink and they immediately back down.

Adam says he doesn’t expect the government to ever protect or help him.


2nd Story Is on leaked Britney Spears track without auto tune, she’s now playing the audio and clarifying the various arguments about how it could be altered or a scratch track.

Adam is joking about Yoko Ono trying to use auto tune and the machine just saying tilt, Alison has a killer “Officespace” reference.

They’re now playing it side by side and Adam wants to know when auto tune became ok, BB says it was quietly done for years before anyone was really aware in the mainstream.


Adam is waxing poetic on raw talent and Alison has an argument circa 2000 about Britney’s talent vs. Christina’s and now Adam is giving various examples of true talent.

Adam says he wants imperfection and describes a mess thanksgiving dinner.

Alison is now sharing the comments from the producer on the track, excusing Britney’s warm up tracks and Adam jokes about his families vocal warm up techniques, hilarious!


Alison is now asking Adam and BB to rank the most successful women who can actually sing, Adam is giving his take on Mariah Carey and Celine Dion vs. Christina Aguilera, Adam says that X-Tina sounds like she’s doing an impression of a popular singer.

Adam is now giving his take on Pink after her 2003 Loveline, Alison is trying to give a nice compliment about how popular Adam and his shows are that you meet so many fans of his work in so many different places.

Adam is now sharing his own example of what Alison just cited that Adam hates where people do 2 laps of telling him how they’re not fans, Adam is describing the 3rd lap and how he started walking away.


Adam jokes about Spiderman up the street defecating in a dumpster as an alternate photo-op and he’s now explaining how these people need to lean not to insult people.

Alison is offering up the “they’re nervous” argument and Adam is now saying that the most common nervous move is flip flopping order of being a fan, telling the person they’re your fan instead.

Alison is sharing the caveats people give about her joining the show but now like her on it, Adam jokes about punching and fucking a beehive.


Adam is now using his own encounters with George Clooney to make a point about not putting your foot in your mouth.

Adam is doing a live read for Reverie beds.


3rd Story Is on the upcoming live action take on Disney’s “Dumbo” and Alison is now giving her take on Dumbo but keeps saying Disney instead of Dumbo, Adam is now subtly citing other names of movies to move past it and get her back on track, smooth.

Adam is now waxing poetic about the lack of adolescence in past decades in comparison to now, they’re using the dark elements of the early Disney’s children films.

Adam says you can control these things, part of being a kid is having nightmares.

Adam is arguing for the roller coaster element of filmmaking and wants to know if we must dust off every old property, Alison is wrapping up the news.


Adam jokes about animating mops in his house, now they’re doing a Life lock live read. Alison mentions her own medical records being sent to the wrong place after a funny “new boobs” whisper, Adam jokes about someone else getting pregnant with Alison’s record and BB has a cruel and killer closing remark.

They’re now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.