Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2013 – Road Hard Press Conference at ACME Theater

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/11/2013 – Road Hard Press Conference at ACME Theater

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Guest Road Hard Press Conference at ACME Theater

Recorded 07-10-2013 – Release Date 07-11-2013

Production Number #1118

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Adam is opening the show live from the Acme Theater, The podcast picks up as the Press Conference begins for Adam’s new film “Road Hard”.

Adam is singing the praises of “Fund Anything” and the people involved with the campaign.

Adam is now having them play a video of him heading to NYC to “press the flesh” with Donald Trump.


Adam is welcoming Kevin Hench to the stage, Hench is remaking on the comedy chemistry found between him and “The Donald”.

They’re joking about the years wasted with other comedic partners, Adam is explaining Kevin’s involvement with “The Hammer” and how it was a success despite other companies collecting all the proceeds.

Adam is explaining how a solid idea prevents writers block, Kevin Hench is referencing their days at the Man Show and how if Adam has an idea there is an above 90% chance it will be solid.


Kevin is now discussing the plot and backstory behind “Road Hard”, Adam is explaining his personal connection to the story and the “step backwards” you sometimes have to take professionally.

Adam is explaining that this story follows a comedian who was used to the late 90’s development deals and per diems now struggling to make a buck on the road on the other side of success.

Adam is joking about the types of shows that become hit TV, processing duck urine one liner is gold!


Kevin is telling Adam about the “Duck Dynasty” guys making a cameo on his Tim Allen sitcom, solid anecdote!

DAG is now joining the show as the first cast member, Adam explains he’s been promising to cast DAG for half a decade and explaining why he hasn’t yet seen the script but does already possess a cast and crew T-shirt.

Adam is telling DAG about why he was asked to leave “The Groundlings” and Dag is explaining that the rules very between different famous improv schools.

Adam is telling Dag about his role in the film and he’s asking Adam if he’s also encountered former assistants who have risen to power at a studio, Adam has and they’re commiserating.

Dag has a green room horror story and now Adam is running with it and they’re pondering the pentagrams of semen left in the various green rooms across the globe.

Dag is sharing the story of his “Togo” martini from a club, Adam is now explaining how he gets a bottle from his Mangria guy Steve every time they reach a financial or business milestone and the irony of booze being one of the two things that can end a career.


They’re now riffing some green room misunderstandings complete with a one liner from Adam that calls back his mozzarella stick BJ he gave to Dan from the Dan Band while performing live in Ontario in 2010.

Adam and Dag are discussing working at the Addison Improv in Texas and Adam is transitioning to the requirement to fly in a day early to do local press.

Adam and Dag are bonding over the BS answers one needs to have chambered while promoting smaller market gigs.


Adam is now introducing the lovely Illeana Douglas making her 5th appearance on the ACS, Adam is explaining why his self-esteem was too low to even ask her to be a part of the film and how she contacted them requesting to be involved, awesome!

Adam is asking Kevin to tell him if he’s getting to spoilery, Dag is interrupting to tell and anecdote about his ex-wife finding out that he did nothing all day in preparation of performing.

Adam has his own anecdote about his wife and the between show green room breaks where he calls home, something I have witnessed many, many times.


Illeana is explaining her own history with stand-up comedy and how she once won a comedy competition.

DAG is bringing up the bogus “women aren’t funny” controversy and asking for Illeana’s thoughts, she of course has an insightful and interesting response.

Adam is connecting all of male comedy to an innate fear of intimacy, things got heavy.


Dag and Illeana are joke hinting at a past (I presume) and Dag is asking the gang about being told they weren’t funny in person as they are on stage.

Adam is sharing the anecdote of the drunken Cobbs audience member who was dragged out by the police and arrested.


Larry Miller is now joining the stage, Adam just announced that Larry will be playing James Babydoll Dixon power agent to the stars, or at least a thinly veiled depiction of him.

Larry is sharing an anecdote about a backstage incident where all the producers jumped up and ran outside to prevent their cars from being ticketed.

Adam is now asking Larry about going back to standup after having such a varied career in TV and film.


Larry is sharing a story from the road that includes, fainting, smelling salts and a dead trooper.

Adam is telling the audience about his customs declaration that said he was traveling to Winnipeg for pleasure, despite his scheduled live show later that day.


Diane Farr is now joining the stage and Adam is describing why he thought of her to play his love interest in the new movie, she’s having fun with it and probing him for more information with is reasoning.

Diane was co-hosting MTV Loveline, with over 200 episodes recorded with Adam and Drew between 1997 and 2000.

Adam is now joking with Illeana about earning a nip slip in the movie, Adam is explaining how his fancy house will be used for the film now that the family has moved to the suburbs, clever!


Adam is explaining more of who the cast will play and the other ancillary players, including an “Action!” reunion between Illeana and Jay Mohr.


Audience and Cast Questions

1st question, will Peanut be making a cameo? Adam is explaining that there will be some Maya Angelou in the movie and Kevin is pondering a Pendergrass cameo.


2nd question from Dag, does he have any scenes with Larry Miller?

Dag is now sharing an anecdote from his first meeting with Larry Miller and they’re both almost paying tribute to the evolution of their lives and careers since, nice.

Larry is explaining that he came back from Vancouver just to make the press conference.


3rd question, is the movie going to be a straight narrative or a mockumentary style.

Adam and Kevin are now explaining how they may end up working testimonials in from various comedians, Adam is calling back the “Brown Roof Inn” joke as recently told on his appearance on the BS report with Bill Simmons.

Adam is now joking about collapsible plastic cups for drinking wine, Larry is chiming and describing the all-time low/bottom of using bathroom water cups to drink booze.


4th question, what do you envision the most challenging part of making the movie, Diane is in the mix and has a killer one liner.

Illeana just offered up her house in Connecticut for the production and Adam has a Scorsese slip of the tongue genuinely forgetting about Illeana’s past relationship with the man, gold!


Adam is offering up a genuine thanks and wrapping the show/press conference live from the ACME Theater.