Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2015 – Kevin Durand

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2015 – Kevin Durand

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Durand

Recorded 07-09-2015 – Release Date 07-10-2015

Production Number #1613

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Adam opens the show to a funny Subway intro, Adam is talking about the upcoming live shows in Las Vegas and they start talking about the possible ‘Gronk’ cameo at the Mangria pool party.

Gina’s heart is broken she missed the show with Mark Duplass, BB plays a clip of him as the #TopDrop and he asks Gina about a week of morning radio hosting, she filled in and took the lead.

Adam is saying that Radio is mostly about reps and the invisible work you do, he says never discount the invisible part of life, unlike flying a plane or lifting weights radio airtime is the same, it’s just not visible.


Adam, Gina and BB are all riffing and go on some light tangents, Adam has some funny one liners, and Adam teases the upcoming guest Kevin Durand, acting legend.

Adam is telling BB and Gina about his time at the kabob place and how the music was pumping, he recorded the sound from the speaker and has a photo of the elderly gent at the counter, far removed from this music demographic.

Adam is offering up some possibly superior music choices, BB says this kabob place is trying to assimilate, trying to rub it in.

Adam is now having Nate join them on mic to explain how many times he’s asked them to turn it down.


Adam doesn’t want any stats about people drinking or eating more when they’re annoyed, Adam has Nate wrap it up and tells him it was one comment too many.

Adam jokes about stabbing the kabob through his skull.

Adam says if you can find him the human being who wants that music at the kabob hut then he’ll concede his argument and stop bringing this up.


Adam is doing a Lifelock Ultimate plus Live Read

You’re thinking about killing yourself at the kabob hut edition


#LOTJ – Lord of the Jungle


Eric is this week’s recipient/winner and he tells them about his wireless tailgate speaker.

Adam asks him where he tailgates, he’s going up to Red Rocks and he’s seeing Marilyn Manson and Death Cab for Cutie, Adam talks about Smashing Pumpkins and Manson playing in Vegas.

Adam would prefer to see Blues Traveler at that venue, Adam says his trip to Red Rocks was ruined by the assholes running the stairs all day.


Eric says not only that but they also dedicate the venue to Yoga on certain days of the week.

Adam and BB are riffing about Adam’s thoughts as he’s trying to appreciate the beauty of the venue and the majesty of the scenery but is preoccupied with the cut/ripped dude.

Adam has a series of killer observations, very funny.


Adam talks about the most amount of free time equals the most amount of time to stay in shape, Adam is recalling all of the movies where guys get yoked in the joint.

Adam is talking about the various workout crazes, Adam says someone should start a prison gym.

Gina and BB have some great one liners, Adam jokes about the optional showers and BB says they should cut this out, he’s kidding but this is a great idea!


Adam is back to Eric and Gina wants to know if this is like ‘The Greek’ venue, Adam compares the two.

Adam wants to know the percentage of people who work out for them or to shame others and feel superior, Adam brings up the guys with the bike racks perpetually mounted.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Life Read

Dawson might not have to move edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chad, he wants to know Adam’s take on hitchhikers.

Adam is explaining that it’s 50/50 with picking them up, it’s an even split if it’s going to be dangerous or safe.

Adam explains it’s 50/50 for both the driver and the hitcher, Adam is telling Gina about the guy holding a huge sign with “Portland” on it, Adam is remarking on this guy’s bravado.

Adam is sharing the found wallet statistics they learned from the old morning show and Gina shares that Caelan lost his wallet and it was returned.


Adam puts his business manager’s number in it and Chad wants to know if he should feel guilty for not picking this guy up outside his work, should he stop and explain he’s only driving 2 miles.

BB asks if it’s technically illegal to pick up hitchers and Adam jokes about getting blown.

Adam is trying to recall the super cool dude from ‘Stand and Deliver’ who was the last driver to pick him up while he was hitching.


Adam wants the guy’s IMDB page and shares the laments of a “good carpenter” who said his specialty was everything.

Gina asks Adam about holding his thumb out and he describes his attire on his last hitching day.


2nd Caller Spencer, he mentions that Blues Traveler were just at Red Rocks on the 4th, Spencer says he was listening to Classic Loveline, he was doing it the wrong way via illegal 3rd party uploaded YouTube clips that threaten the very existence of the content he claims to enjoy.

Spencer is bringing up the Veal/Venison episode.

Spencer was listening to this episode



Adam is now addressing me directly, telling me to compose this list, whoa!



1st Time the Game Is played

“01:00:05, greatest veil or venison answer. Venison is in Italy”

– In 2013 a user on Loveline tapes claimed to be the girl who called in and claims she was doing a bogus call, it’s unclear if this is true, it was the first night you were doing the bit, the person claiming to be the caller could be just trying to “ruin” Classic Loveline, many people now go back and claim to be a part of the show or try and reveal some “secret”, Bald Bryan has even done it on air on the ACS, quoting some “fuzzy information” while trying to take away the importance of the legendary batting cage call.




“Caller Jose fails the veal & venison test in spectacular fashion (truly funny).”


MONDAY, MAY 20, 2002


“A great Veal/Venison call where the caller things Veal is snake and venison is fish.”




“Towards the end they play “veal/venison”.”


TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2004


“The guys ask Chris to play Veal and Venison, my favorite Loveline game, at 22:30. His answers are Veal=fish; venison=deer. Adam has been probing the depths of Chris’ mind for the first time lately, which is probably what prompted him to make Chris play.

The guys ask a girl the Veal or Venison question around 27 minutes into the show and she gets them both right. Then Adam throws in calamari as a bonus question.
Caller: “Fish eggs.”
Adam: “Fish eggs. Alright. This game is like one big national mad lib.” (As is tradition with this game, they never reveal whether the person is right or wrong).”

Adam says the callers never knew both of the answers and recalls the funny responses, Gina can’t believe the Italy one happened.

Spencer wants to know if Adam has a plans to come out to Denver, Adam says if they can get those step running assholes to knock it off and he cites August and his toilet paper liberation from Denver.

Adam says that he doesn’t get effected be elevation and notes the time Jimmy may have yacked in an elevator.


Adam says he can take two sleeping pills and 5 highballs, you might hear it in his voice, and Gina wants to know if this is mind over matter or his genetic composition.

BB says it’s GRIT and Adam says he as a strong gravitational pull towards sobriety, Adam says when he’s not had a couple cocktails he’s hyper aware of everything to an almost annoying degree, he drinks to make his senses less sharp.


Adam is telling them about broomball/hockey and how he found a detractor on the other team who was not a fan of Adam and he jumped straight up in the air without anyone warning him or any signal, the douchefuck on the other team smashed his face into the boards.

Adam says he “felt” the guy and cites how they were supposed to fight in the parking lot after.

“You do seem like you would be a drag to eat acid with” – Gina about Adam

Adam says he can shrooms with the best of them, Adam talks about windshield grease and how it distracts him and needs to be dealt with or will bother him the whole drive, I know exactly what he’s talking about.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda


Adam is teasing the arrival of Kevin, he says he has a remote that allows him to watch computer content on his 70 inch screen.

Adam is going over this Marantz receiver display and the tech woes of trying to watch Kevin’s last movie project.

Adam says he has not seen the movie ‘Dark Was the Night’ but will be watching it tonight.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Kevin Durand making his ACS debut and I haven’t been as excited for a booking since Garret Dillahunt.

They play a listener voicemail from a caller who spent 5 months in solitary conferment, Adam wanted to watch the movie on the big screen and says he hated it when people watch his movies on their laptop.

Adam says Kevin is one of these guys who is so nice it doesn’t make sense until you discover he’s Canadian.


Kevin is telling the gang about his dual nature and references his hockey playing, Adam talks about his height and he says he goes out of his way to be kind and not intimidate people.

Adam has a killer “blind old man” one liner as they riff about Kevin being like Frankenstein’s monster.


Adam talks about being the guy in a movie who discovers a body in the first act, Adam is saying if you ever accuse a guy of not being dead in the opening of a film then you’re quick to die.

Kevin realizes that’s Steve Agee and Adam says that is Steve, he wasn’t sure at first and he explains Steve’s history with Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam is asking them about where they shot the film, he asks about the post processing look, Adam says it looks like “no sun ever shines” and asks him about the latest season of ‘The Strain’ and Gina asks him about his role on ‘Vikings’.


Kevin says he has a deal with his wife where he has to buy her a bag every time he has to make out with a new actress.

Adam is explaining the way women like men to burn calories and money for next to nothing, in their name Kevin adds.

Adam is talking about women react to picnics with the thoughtful planning.


Adam is joking about the “show you me you love me” element to buying jewelry and handbags.

Gina says the 28$ version of the bag doesn’t have a serial number, Kevin has some wisdom about giving in and accepting things in marriage.

Adam asks how long he’s been in Ireland, Adam is asking about Comicon and BB wants to know if he’s involved in the new ‘Deadpool’ movie, citing his role in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, a question easily solved with google and somewhat obvious due to the recasting of ‘Colossus’ for said Deadpool film.

Gina compliments his role on ‘Lost’ and he drops some character names while giving some insight into his character’s off-screen backstory and motivation, very cool for ‘Lost’ fans.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the confederate flag that’s being removed from South Carolina, Gina has Southern California flub she blames on Kevin and his on and apparently off-screen effect on women.

Gina plays a clip of Republican representative Jenny Horne who Adam claims is “flying the menopause flag” and Adam says he loves this question but doesn’t like the symbolism and small stuff that society focuses on, while ignoring the bigger issues.

Adam is ranting about how the flag being removed won’t do anything, he says its good but don’t let it satiate you, he says you need to focus on the real issues.

BB comments on Kevin “focusing and studying Adam’s rage” and Adam talks about oppression and makes a point about upsetting someone vs. oppressing them.


Adam has some brilliant insight about oppression and this rant will be clipped up and spread across the internet.

BB asks about the symbolism of the flag and Gina talks about southern pride, Adam is now making a great analogy about Native American people and offensive mascots.

Adam says we can all just focus on a flag and move on, Adam spins out of the rant and his voice goes up in tone a bit, he’s being nice for the guest.


Adam has a killer fire island and Davey Jones’ Locker series of references.


2nd Story Is on Ariana Grande licking donuts at a bakery, Gina has the details and sets up the security camera footage.

Adam talks about background dancers having access to hot chicks and BB brings up Kevin Federline, Adam comments on the various dancers that end up with famous women.

Gina plays the surveillance footage, Adam has a killer fuck the donut comment that Kevin seems to enjoy.


Adam is saying that everyone is going insane with the attacks on her and defends her comments, Adam says she falls under the heading of “I don’t know what she does” and explains she could be a performance artist placed on earth to fool him.

Gina comments on the security footage with audio, thinking it might be a prank.

Adam asks who made the donuts and thinks everything that went into them was far grosser than her, he says you should be honored to have her licked donut and jokes about getting her to lick a maple bar, Kevin also likes that series of jokes, nice.


3rd Story is on the United Airlines and NYSE outages, Gina says it’s a pretty big coincidence without having all of the background information re: “broken router” and Adam jokes about Bill Cosby and Ariana Grande praying for an attack on the grid.

Gina brings up how hackers can monitor you from your camera, Adam jokes about people seeing him jack off, and this is hilarious!

Adam is now asking what you should put over the camera, Gina recommends a Band-Aid and Adam jokes about “daddy’s computer having a booboo” and Adam wants to know why you need the camera.


Kevin and BB disagree with Adam, they like skyping.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


4th Story is on an Uber driver threatened to cut a woman’s neck if she cancelled a ride again, Gina plays the clip and Adam wants to know if there is some kind of driver exchange program and comments on the UK driver having the same accent as the dude who picks him up from the airport.

BB brings up Columbian neckties after Adam references Jack the Ripper and Adam says he can’t even pull a fishhook out of a fish.

Adam is telling them about the Mexican fishing boat where they beat the shit out of the Eldorado with bats, Adam doesn’t dislike fish that much.


Adam asks why flies have blood and shares how it makes him uncomfortable, Adam is telling them about going fishing in Cabo with Tony Barbieri, this must have been 2004.

Yep this was the trip he returned from to make it for this episode


“Shots to the face” – Aries


Adam is telling them about the cabin door swinging open on the Aero Mexico flight, he shares the security risks of the planes not being retrofitted or even having the door closed.

Adam has a fine point about Aero Mexico planes being just as capable to be used for terrorist attacks, Gina wraps the news to her out of context question to Kevin about being so handsome and playing such intense characters.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Credit Karma

Adam wants to know his credit score, Gina shares that bad credit is a deal breaker for her.

Gary says he needs some off air information, BB has a killer “how much do you love me?” line mocking him.

Adam plugs ‘Take a Knee’ and the upcoming live shows, he plugs Kevin’s new movie and the new season of ‘The Strain’.

Adam closes out the show to a strange closing drop of mouth techno music.