Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2013 – Anthony Jeselnik and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2013 – Anthony Jeselnik and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Anthony Jeselnik and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 07-09-2013 – Release Date 07-10-2013

Production Number #1117

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Dawson has a hilarious intro for Adam, Dameshek is in studio and “over the moon”.

Dave is excited about Anthony also being from the banks of the free rivers, Adam knows all 3 as BB fails to list them off and Adam credits Dave for his knowledge about them.


Adam is setting up his two sticking points for today’s podcast, he’s bringing up his “etiquette one” while mentioning his crowd funding campaign to finance the movie.

Adam is teasing the press conference at ACME Theater where he’ll be announcing the cast for “Road Hard” that will be re-released as a podcast, thanks for the heads up BB.


Adam is telling the gang about calling a show for his press tour, he called in early and asked the woman conducting the interview if she saw the video with Bryan Cranston.

Adam is noting her lack of response to the content, Adam is explaining the “coasting to a stop” method of response in contrast to her more abrupt head on collision style.


Dameshek is throwing Assistant Producer Gary under the bus, Gary is now on mic as Dave turns the blaster on him, and Adam wraps him up with a funny aside trying to avoid getting blasted himself.

Adam is now telling the gang about once gain “graciously opening his home” for Doc Bruce and his kids, Adam is hinting at their past pizza affront because they didn’t have topping preferences.

Adam is now riffing about his reaction if one his is parents adult friends wanted to hang out with him or buy him stuff in contrast to how children treat adults now, BB is jumping in with a nice childhood anecdote.


Adam is now telling the full previous incident from roughly 4yrs ago, Adam is just as impassioned about the “offense” as he was then, inspiring!

Adam is telling the gang about Bruce coming in to record a guest stint on “The Adam and Drew Show” starting with Episode #59 “Dr. Spazz”.

Adam is walking them through the latest response from Bruce’s children, this will be dubbed the “Nothing and Broccoli” incident, to differentiate between the earlier story.


Adam is now bringing up the joke of raw pizza dough landing on people’s heads, this is another bit of lost sitcom humor, among his “Soufflé Humor” and “Benedict Arnold Comedy” observations.

Alison has a breaking news alert, BB has a nice but slightly delayed drop to denote/mock the importance of what she’s saying. Adam has a “He Knows You’re alone” reference but I think he might be thinking of “When a Stranger Calls”.

Her mug tastes of soap, she’s now convinced that the porcelain has been permanently infused with soap, perhaps the dastardly work of a man who punishes other types of porcelain?


Adam is going off on people who leave the small last swig of coffee at the bottom of their mug just to ensure it stains, Dave is bringing up his own microwave user gripes.

Dameshek is tossing Gary under the bus again, for comedic effect. Alison is joking along and asking why he’s still employed, she follows it up with some genuine love.

Adam is going off on the soap makers who leave his cups and mugs reeking of booze, Adam is now blaming the coffee pot for the universal soap taste.


Adam is going off on the produce wash that Lynette buys for the kids, he’s clear to make note that nobody would buy it for his wellbeing.

Adam is telling the gang about his nephew playing Lacrosse and connecting it to his theory on the specificity of sports shoes and how they’re unnecessary.

Dameshek is now working hair conditioner into the mix and Alison has a “finishing rinse” topper.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave is asking a question but interrupting himself to plug his great NFL podcast, the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

Adam has a hilarious trident one liner and Dave is asking the gang if all the NFL mascots were to battle who would win, Adam has a hilarious reply and Dameshek is now breaking down the “reality” of each creature doing battle.

Hilarious “True?” delivery from Dave and the gang are now breaking down the various options.

Creep of the Week: Dave has brought a get out of Jerk Free card for the color green as he wasn’t in town last week nor will be next week, he’s now defending Green while calling it a bastard color.

Adam is now explaining why blue and purple are children’s colors and Green is a mature adult color, he accidentally insults Alison who loves purple much like this Superfan.

Alison has a great shade of green point to follow up Adam’s hilarious self-satisfied sniff.


Dave is calling button fly jeans the “Creep of the Week” and he’s explaining why despite Alison noting they look good on him.

Dave is now breaking down his process of “making water” and how the button fly puts him in panic mode in fear of a neat miss, Adam picks up on the same thing and jokes about Dave as a fighter pilot.

Adam is sharing his problem with button fly jeans, in particular the lowest button that he can never seem to get to.


Dave is now bringing up the labyrinthine front on briefs and boxer-brief underwear, Alison is now bringing up her POV of trying to assist a partner in navigating the dong/Wang maze found in men’s underwear.

Adam is critiquing Alison and it’s gotten very weird in the room, Adam is now bringing up the front flap on jeans that covers the zipper.

BB is now bringing up “Road Head” and suggesting the dong maze on underwear is assistive in that activity.


Anthony is now making his 2nd appearance on the ACS, Adam is mistaken thinking they have worked on a roast together, but they did work on stage during his last appearance on ACS #662(P.N. #994) from January of this year.

Adam is asking Anthony about working for Jimmy Fallon, Adam is contrasting his work writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live and how he viewed the job.

Alison has a great point and question about Adam having success before moving back to the writer’s room and Anthony has the opposite reaction, Adam is blaming his “wrong motor” for why he enjoyed it.


Adam is asking Anthony about his show “The Jeselnik offensive” and how a modern series works on comedy central.

BB is asking Anthony about “9/11 Babies” and he’s now explaining how it was green lit for air.

Adam is touching on the insane conversations with executives and standards and practices, Anthony knows exactly where he’s going and agreeing with him.


Adam is telling Anthony about “Monkey-ed Movies” the TBS interstitials that became a series in the late 1990’s and how Tom Stern worked on those and for the Man Show.

Adam is explaining he’s also the guy who unlashed his first tire during the infamous “Tow Truck Story” from the Man Show wrap party.

Adam is explaining how they argued against Comedy Central in reply to the Albanian/Supermarket joke in a Man Show episode featuring Tom’s apes.


Anthony is telling the gang about the notes he gets from the network and how he responds to them, Adam is explaining the “good cop/bad cop” him and Jimmy would employ while dealing with the studio and executives.

Anthony is telling the gang about his reaction to fan expectation and not wanting to be a people pleaser, Adam is now on a hilarious “fart-hat?” riff in response.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a video making the rounds showing a Michigan woman attempting to hire a hit man to kill her husband to acquire his 400k life insurance policy.

Alison is setting up the clip where she’s explaining the motivation to have her husband killed.

Anthony is now explaining how her husband is arguing for no jail time on her behalf, Adam is joking about hiring an illegal immigrant to test his meals for him if he was in the husband’s shoes.


Alison is now asking if guys should be relaxed while receiving oral sex in response to Adam’s riff, she’s now got Adam up in his head and ruined BJ’s for him.

Alison is setting up another clip where the methodology is discussed, Adam is mocking her understanding of the question and enjoying the cop in the clip.

Adam and Anthony agree that other than posing as John’s working the Heidi Fleiss Case as heard in #Classic Loveline Episode #94 that playing the hired hit man in one of these scenarios is the most prime police gig.


Adam and BB are now doing a great improv reenactment of Adam talking to his commanding officer requesting a boat filled with coke and cash, gold, Ace Awards 2013 contender!

Alison wants to know if the rest of the gang are good at picking out undercover cops in a crowd, Adam is now telling his story of the time he spotted an air marshal midflight.

Adam’s got a crazy sock on a dog’s paw comparison to explain the look of a beefy white dude in an ill-fitting jacket, to explain the air marshal he “opened up like a can of sardines”.


Alison wants to know why the Air Marshals are undercover and Adam explains it with a tiny bit of inside info, no worries as he’s already revealed it before at least 2 times and it’s common knowledge regardless.

They’re all now theorizing on the length of prison this young lady from the videos might be expecting, now Adam is telling Anthony about “Nice Job” his new reality series.

Adam seems to want to move on and Alison is instead making a great point about how another man will fall in love with this woman again in her life, Adam is joking about it being out of her system and Anthony has an alternate point.

Adam is now joking about lying about his insurance policy beneficiary and payout information while explaining that some people cannot resist the allure of a few hundred grand and would throw any life under the bus to obtain it.


2nd story is on a crazy thing happening on a soccer field in Brazil, Alison is explaining what went down between a player and a referee who stabbed him.

This is insane and wonderful, nice work Alison.

Adam and Anthony are now riffing in reply and Adam is citing all the reasons soccer attracts this much violence, he’s going in depth on the racism of the fans in Spain.


Adam has a great riff working in BB, then a topper “fake Hitler mustache night” and using Spain’s world cup win to prove away the existence of god.

Alison is now asking what it would be like to be in the shoes of someone attending the game as a guest of someone else, very interesting hypothetical.

Adam is now delivering a great “The More You Know” about soccer thanks to BB’s fast drop work.


Adam is now telling the gang about “The Two Escobar’s” and the plot behind the ESPN “30 for 30” where a player kicked a ball into the wrong goal and was promptly murdered upon return to Columbia.

Alison has a great question about the strength required to quarter someone, Adam has a prime response and Anthony has a nice one liner about the availability of machetes in Columbia.

BB just wrongly attributed the cross walk flags to Portland Oregon as opposed to my hometown Kirkland Washington.


They’re now breaking down the type of person who decided to become a referee and what a thankless job it is, Adam is on a “duck a puck” tangent while they praise NHL referees.

Adam is joking about his signature “puck drop” a play on his NFL football touchdown celebration that also involves miming a poop.


3rd story is an update on the Asian crash, about the automatic landing equipment not being engaged.

Alison is giving alternate possibilities while Adam brings up the SFO glide path being down and the protocols they employed.

BB is bringing up “amnesty Bins” found at airports, Adam is trying to make sense of what he’s describing.


Alison is asking the gang about watching “Locked up Abroad” and how tense she gets while watching the reenactment of the person getting arrested.

Adam is now riffing on “the role of acting dicey” and how easy it is to pull off even as an amateur actor.

Adam is referencing his volunteering to toss out the expired McDonalds food to how he would react if he was given the job to empty the “amnesty bin” and how he would treat it like “Storage Wars”.


Adam is now explaining his hypothetical policy on smuggling drugs, he’s listing his friendly list of countries he’ll work with, and he’s citing the Norway school massacre to explain why he would do business with Norway.

Adam now wants the stats on the Norway shooter and his “Safari” against kids, Anthony is now bringing up Karl from “Die Hard” to explain why he didn’t gather as much ire as he deserves.

Adam is now remarking on how bizarre society is, explaining that it’s all a numbers game with him and how 69 bodies stack up against the public outcry against someone like Paula Deen.

Adam is now joking about the Norway shooter looking like he could be in an ABBA tribute band while mocking how Norway would probably deem there legal system as highly evolved.


Adam is doing a live read, reading an update on the Norway shooter and how he spends his time, Adam is explaining how society can indulge these crazy people by letting them go on to spread their insanity.

Adam is now giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.