Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2014 – Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2014 – Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

Recorded 07-08-2014 – Release Date 07-09-2014

Production Number #1363

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Adam is opening the show with a solid “Get it On, Mandate” intro with some patent troll information and comments about an article that Adam read about the process.

Adam is explaining how the experts cost so much money and how they’re required to battle the experts of others.

BB is playing the “Don’t be a One upper” #TopDrop from the 2006 KLSX morning show with Christine Dolce, Adam is mocking the pitch used to book her on the show, he’s mixing up some of the details of the Vida Guerra booking too.


Adam is joking about David Wild winning the ass and back sack competitions, he’s sharing how women who are known for their butt-cheeks aren’t often at their best before 10am.

They’re further explaining that it’s from the May 2006 ACS, Adam is telling them about Dr. Drew having breakfast with Rosey Grier and “The Thing with Two Heads” which inspired the artwork for “Ray and Lorenzo” on Carolla Digital.

Adam is now playing the trailer for the movie and Adam is having them stop it as Alison is having some great reactions, Adam is mocking the line “too much” and David has a great point about it being a copywriter being paid by the word.


They’re back to the trailer, Adam says that Ray Milland is acting in this film equivalent to a young woman with the drugs wearing off realizing the mistake she’s made by agreeing to star in a porn, a very specific analogy about regret and awareness.

Adam is discussing Hollywood with BB and reading some of the details of Ray’s career, David Wild mixes up what he heard earlier, Adam mocks him for not knowing that Rosey is alive, Drew had breakfast with him today.

Adam has a great description of a bygone Simi Valley, wow!


David is telling the gang about his latest project and now Adam is riffing about Quest Love being one of the coolest names to drop about who you hang out with, he’s like the “Radiohead” of cool black celebrity friends.

David is joking about his name dropping, he’s telling them about going to work with the Roots as the house band for a show, Quest Love lead the band in happy birthday for David after his family arrived for a supervise visit, great story.

Adam is doing a live read for Life lock, Alison is stepping in as per usual with a hilarious Rochester riff.


Alison is jumping in to share her response to getting her blood drawn, they forgot to do a few tests and they required a signature to release the results to her.

Alison is now lamenting how the woman sent it to the wrong email address, after sending it to the wrong person twice.

Alison says she spelled it Alson, she doesn’t know if she can trust this facility, this one turd is ruining the whole punchbowl.


Adam is sharing Alison’s pain and bringing up how there needs to be consequences for people fucking up, David has a funny one liner.

Alison wants to know if this is just how it is, or if she’s around some wildly inept people.

Adam is now drawing a contrast between the wildly smart doctors and the severely damaged and wounded folk with dolls eyes surrounding them and their practice.


Adam has a funny architect comment to cheer Alison up, works nicely.

Alison has a nice summation of her dilemma, David has a funny anecdote about dealing with a 72yr old woman in charge of an email chain for the Grammys.


David is setting up his song, it’s the British Invasion theme, he chose “The Who” song “So Sad about Us” and Adam comments on how crazy it is that they’ve been around so long.

David is saying they’re great together still, after a rough period in the 1980’s.

David is recommending the Pete Townsend demo version and has a brilliant encapsulation of the British invasion.


Adam chose “The Dave Clark Five” song “Plain all over” due to the driving sound, David has a nice anecdote about a conversation with Eddie Van Halen.

David is telling them about an upcoming special with Tom Hanks and joking about how he was in it too much, Tom confirmed that and said he had to get Dave Clark to fill in and replace some of David Wild’s dialogue.

Adam jokes that like a concentrated laundry detergent a little David Wild goes a long way.


Adam has a 2nd song choice “Concrete and Clay” and David says the movie “Rushmore” made him fall in love with it all over again.

Adam says this used to be his song then “Rushmore” took it from him, Adam says he knew it from the oldies station.

Adam is now setting up “Soul Bossa Nova” this one was taken from him by Mike Meyers, Adam first heard it in “Take the money and run” and he’s explaining the scene.

David asking Adam his feelings about Quincy Adams, Adam says he loves him and his love for a new hot blonde every 5-6 years.


Alison asks about Nastassja Kinski and her career prospects, they’re now watching the scene from the movie “Take the Money and Run” and BB says it’s not a sound-alike, it’s the real version.

David thinks it’s a rip off and Adam is trying to figure out who’s correct.

David says Rushmore is the best soundtrack of all time, he’s referencing the best tracks and Adam is demanding his street cred for being into Soul Bossa nova first.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam has a sad/sweet tidbit about seeing her sleep alone in the hall, instead of on his feet.

BB is now reading the information, they find out that it’s the Marvin Hamlisch version and the soul and funk was removed from the version Adam was familiar with.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jamie, she wants to know what the gang think about people who overshare on Facebook, Adam is giving his take as someone who uses social media mainly for self-promotion and jokes.

Adam says he doesn’t understand the live blogging element, he says we can’t all be interesting.

Adam wants to know how it’s going to work when everyone is special, Adam has a Rose bowl analogy, he’s now bringing up “Wow Wow Wubbzy” and he tells Jamie that he doesn’t think people could handle how little everyone else cares.

Adam has a “spit in your mouth” analogy to prove a point about the similarities of life and he says if you knew how little other cared you would kill yourself.


David is sharing his difficulty with Facebook, Adam is asking Jamie about her marriage and she’s telling them about having a kid and having the life sucked out of her.

Adam is giving her constructive criticism, Adam says let’s not be a bummer in front of the kids, even if you’re a bummer in the next room, the kids pick up on it.

Adam says he would rather have been physically abused than lived in his bummer household, Adam has another tidbit about feigning enthusiasm, hilarious reply from Jamie “Holla!” which will be a new drop.


David echoes Adam’s sentiment about his parents always made him feel loved, how nice.

Adam is getting to the basics, tell your kids how awesome they are and how awesome their mom is, he talks up Lynette and then talks shit about her on air he says.


2nd Caller Joe is considering a vasectomy at 24, he’s got a doctor to agree to it and Adam calls back “The Thing with Two Heads” and Adam is sharing his take on him not shitting out kids.

Adam says no at 24, Alison agrees.


3rd Caller Jay, has a beautiful recommendation for BB’s book and a nice plug for Mangria, David appreciates it.

Jay is telling Adam about how he uses his advice on a daily basis when dealing with his students, his “Act as if” advice and now Adam is going in depth on how change can also come from the outside, not just within.

Jay is telling them about the advice regarding denigrating others not raising your ship, Jay is telling them about his amicable divorce and post-divorce dating life.


Should he start seriously dating a woman with some red flags at age 23, Adam says red flags don’t change to green until your 30s.

Adam is joking about “Flags coming out of the closet” and Alison, BB and David all have killer follow up quips, good stuff!

Adam is being very wise and giving some insightful advice to the fantastic Jay.

David says that this podcast inspired him to write a 14k word treatment for a new book, it’s too early to say and Adam jokes about it sounding like a page turner.

They’re heading to break, nice work David Wild!


They’re back from break and Alonzo Bodden is returning to the show for his 11th appearance, Adam is sharing his love for Alonzo’s passion for mechanical shit.

Alison references “Singles” after Alonzo quotes the CEO of google about the end of the era of car ownership, Adam has a killer joke about Alonzo being the one black guy to not know that movie.

Alonzo is bragging about his new purple Cadillac.


Adam is telling them about DAG and how he was mocked or not having custom rims, Alonzo says matte black and Adam jokes about that being his former porn name.

“Holy Shit that’s a commitment to black” – Adam on women sleeping with Alonzo.

Adam is now asking him if he’s ever been on a woman’s experimenting bucket list, he confirms it and says he’s afraid to be with an Asian woman, he says that everyone he knows gets hooked on them.

“Its gateway snatch” – BB fucking killing it.


Adam is now bringing up how most of the guys he knows who get into Asian woman do it more for a cultural element than just the exotic racial element.

Adam is now bringing up the Tijuana strip clubs and how the strippers react there vs. in Las Vegas.

Adam is now asking Alonzo about Latina women and the pressure on them for having “hot Latin blood” and how they might feel pressured to perform in the bedroom.


They’re now riffing about southern black churches, Adam has a killer joke about them talking/hyping a shit out of the preacher’s ass.

Alonzo is telling them about his mother and her quotes about the black funerals, he’s going in depth and has some Jesus riffing.

Adam is taking it back to Alonzo’s trade education and how he ended up making 50k right out of high school, Adam tells him he always uses him as the prime example of trade school and vocational education.


Adam is now trying to figure out if Alonzo ever crossed paths with his stepdad, Alonzo assumes he probably did.

Alonzo says they were known as “The New Yorkers” and tells them about getting a jay walking tickets on his first day in Los Angeles.

Alonzo says that they had a pass to get in and out of Burbank for an hour before and after work before cops would pull them over for driving while black.


Alonzo is telling them about retrofitting and rehabbing aircraft and getting used to a schedule flying around the country.

Adam is now asking Alonzo if he ever worries about planes, Alonzo is telling them about seeing an engine catch fire and what he told the woman sitting next to him.


Adam is now doing a live read for the providers of his latest bed, Adam is saying why you should save money to splurge on a good bed, and you spend a large portion of your life in bed.

Adam is finishing the live read for and brings up the “knees up higher than your heart” rule of thumb for blood flow, he jokes about the cruel god who do this and foaming from the mouth after a nap with the vibration setting on.

Adam is going even further into how important it is to spend your money wisely, rich, poor or in-between and now Adam is telling them about his reconditioned Salvation Army mattresses.


Alison’s News

1st Story Her top story is on a disgruntled Yankees fan who is suing the MLB and ESPN after being mocked on air for falling asleep in the stands.

Adam has a killer “he’s now scared to nap in stadiums” joke and they’re now watching the clip.

Alison has the rest of the details, BB thinks it must be a mistake and Adam says the worst part is that they will probably settle with this guy, he’ll get 250k.


Adam is further explaining how it sends the wrong message and enforces the wrong behavior, Adam is now giving a 1-10 scale of how soft that mockery was for the sleeping fat man.

Alonzo is making some excellent points and Adam jokes about the guy being employed at the Velveeta factory and not being able to find his ribs.


2nd Story Is on New York State approving Medical Marijuana, Alison is reading the quotes from the Mayor and now Adam is giving his take on pot.

Hilarious stadium neck joke and now Adam riffs that doctor’s whole profession is now writing notes for crazy people, Alonzo is telling them about a doctor buddy who recommends patients for medical marijuana.

Adam just wants it legalized and over with, he says let everyone get married and get pot and move it along.


3rd Story Is on a pet store owner who will be eating pet food for an entire month, Alison is sharing her quotes and Adam is now explaining that there is now doubt his dog has a much healthier diet than his kids do.

Adam is joking about the creek washed sprouts and Alison has a great “and fondled blueberries” one liner.

Adam has a crazy “well the dog will drink a couple of cans of orange soda a week but…” and now Alison is telling them about her dog’s food smelling good.


Adam and Alonzo are debating the old ladies eating cat food urban legend, Adam says he’s thinks its’ a myth and uses the prices of tuna fish to prove his point.

Adam is now bringing up the special episode of Good Times with the neighbor living off cat food.

Alison is asking about tuna in oil vs. water and Adam is now further exploring this idea of pets vs. pet owners diets and Alison blames “free will” and Adam says he’s ate a metric ton o bugles and Molly’s only ate the ones that fell of his face while gorging.


Adam is now asking who was telling him they didn’t like Bugles, someone in the dressing room in Phoenix, he’s unsure who it was and he’s sharing the logic of “not good for dipping” and he says he’s blocked them out of his head, nice “fill me” joke as he says Bugles present.


Adam is doing a live read for Go To meeting.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.