Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2016 – Danny Trejo and Craig Moss

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2016 – Danny Trejo and Craig Moss

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Danny Trejo and Craig Moss

Recorded 07-07-2016 – Release Date 07-08-2016

Production Number #1854

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Adam opens the show with a magnificent bastard intro, Adam teasers the arrival of Danny Trejo who will be soon opening a taco stand of his own.

Adam talks about the fans who brings family members and BB has a Chris (Christopher) Tyson (Titus) #TopDrop and Adam welcomes the gang to the show.

Adam is talking about the live lobsters he was given by Rob and how as a young man growing up the closets he ever got to seeing a lobster was a sign.


Adam says his family were so predictable in making everything seem so outrageous and hard everyone became broken by them, he jokes about an “Alan Hale’s Own” TV dinner where he could sample some imitation lobster.

Adam is explaining how he and the kids were left alone with the Lobsters he talks about his gene that allows him to not mind danger or extreme circumstances, he doesn’t need to witness gore and brings up the faces of death videos and the other series produced by the guy who created Girls Gone Wild.

Adam says that Elon Musk gets his rocks off sending people to Mars, he doesn’t need to watch people get cleaned out by commuter trains from late night VHS tape advertisements.


Adam talks about how he is sensitive about shellfish, he doesn’t want to witness the killing and cooking, he eats hamburgers but doesn’t need to see the slaughter house and he explains how Lynette wanted to take the lobsters in to the butcher and how Adam felt like that defeated the purpose.

Adam talks about night swimming with Sonny who had a stint of 8 months, more like 10 if you ask him where he was living without a pool.

Adam jokes about blaming Phil for drowning Sonny after he tried to top Adam’s point/pain of living without a pool his entire life.


Adam is now asking for Alan Hale’s lobster barrel; Gary is on the hunt.

Adam is describing how the kids’ reacted to the lobsters, Natalia was shoving the claw back into the pot and challenging the dying creature, Adam said it did not make the “noise” but the tails did curl up which indicates a reaction to something, for all of his PETA friends.


Adam says it didn’t quite work and they just mashed lobster guts and butter, he talks about trying to grab the lobster with the metal tongs.

Adam is now reaction to the Alan Hale Lobster Barrel image that Gary found and he talks about his buddy who was the Burbank Citizen for the year for stropping a rape and his connection to the Lobster Barrel.

Adam wraps up the lobster experiment story and talks about his first Airbnb experience and how greatly it reflected against his most recent one, Gary gets on mic to confirm how beautiful and luxurious the first place was at Goodwood last year


Adam talks about women and being attractive and makes a point about the relative life of a dumpy chick vs. a hot chick, he says the woman who was running the Airbnb was a formerly hot blonde, she was frazzled and still cleaning the place up when they arrived, Chris is on mic

Adam says he used to trust Matt and says he hit a home run last year, he did not hit that home run this year and he sat and watched Cribs reruns on BET.

Adam was chomping at the bit for the next episode of Cribs, he says it was the low rent version of the show and he just needed something American.


“Danny Bonaduce Welcome to MY Apartment” – Adam on the post-divorce lifestyle of Danny.

Adam says that Mike pulled up the Airbnb that had a picture of her kid and dog, BB says the picture of her china is an indicator of it not being a good place to say, they are using landmarks and minutia to fill up the pictures.

Adam talks about crashing at Nate’s place, Adam says the tour of this Airbnb was akin to the planning for March Madness at the KLSX ACS in 2009.


Adam is sharing how the woman needed to work out of the place they would be staying in, Adam was totally open to her coming back to work for half a day but what are you going to knock of the cost for him, he doesn’t want to live a world without reciprocity, he says only a formerly hot blonde would deem that would be ok.

Adam abandoned Chris there before Dawson showed up, Adam shares how he took over Nate’s AirBnB


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Adam mixes up GED and GPA edition

Adam should have hung out at Harvard and met a buddy so he could later say “at Harvard” like he went there so he could defraud friends and potential employer’s edition


Adam asks for a Bill Maher clip from a few weeks ago, he brings up Hillary Clinton and her lying, he says people would have just rather her been accountable and told the truth, faced the music.

Adam talks about Bill Maher and his stance on Islamic Terrorism and how he doesn’t follow the party line with that issue.

BB agrees and he has a sports analogy, to prove you’re not just a home team fan “homer” and Adam brings up the Kate Steinle Law and how people who don’t’ support that are lying, they are trying to play towards a base and protect their position and voting body.


They are now playing the clip of Bill Maher where Bill corrected a guest objecting to his point about Islamic terrorism, BB and Gin both weigh in and Adam is ranting up a storm and making up hypothetical insane conversations.

He has a solid Ford Explorer analogy and makes a point about societal progression using mechanical and engineering progress to frame the analogy.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read
Adam had to bring somebody else’s dad, didn’t walk onto a car lot until he was 32 edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jonathan, he asks how Adam was doing, he was doing good…

Adam says that Jonathan’s doctors have given him clearance to drive, he was in a bad accident in a Murano, he tries to tell them about a helicopter something and Adam asks if the Murano or Charade is a worse car name.

Gina brings up the Dodge Attitude they rented in Mexico, Adam talks about Dodge stepping up to the plate to make piles of shit now that Pontiac is out of the game, they need cars for people who like cotton candy flavored vodka, any openly fake hood scoops leftover that they can use.

Adam is back to Jonathan who tells him about the helicopter accident where he survived, he says they were replenishing ammo for special forces and got hit by an RPG which resulted in a super hard landing, he says he shattered his legs, his back was broken and he tells them about the rotor that decapitated the other 3 guys in the helicopter.


Adam references the guy from Bill Maher and Jonathan explains he’s having trouble with his car and getting in and out of the car, Adam says the good news about being paralyzed is that your upper body will be jacked as you will be doing dips every day without choice, BB asks about a van and Adam suggests a Murano, comedy gold! Even Jonathan cracks up.

Adam is arguing against the notion of being stuck in a rut or typecast, anyone can break out in the free market, look at Audi and look at Bryan Cranston, they both overcame any attempt to pigeonhole them as one thing.


Adam is doing a Oberto Beef Jerky Live Read

Adam says buy 5 packs and keep them in your car, backpack and spread them around edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with Danny Trejo and Craig Moss both making their ACS debuts, Adam asks about the fundraising campaign and they joke about Danny’s illustrious career.

Adam asks Danny about his taco stand, he says they don’t have any lobster tacos, he asks about the vegan tacos.

Danny says they make it all, he quotes how people react to the options and he brags about the brisket taco they survive, Adam brings up an old place that would do a BBQ brisket taco.


Danny says they have a “Wrap” and shares his discomfort with calling it that, it’s a burrito, Adam cracks him up while joking about us taking that away from them like we took California, wow!

Danny loves it and calls it beautiful, he tells Adam he grew up in Pacoima and Adam says it’s been Mexico there for a long time, they even have Danny Trejo murals.

Danny went to Poly high and all of the rest in the area apparently, it did not go well.

Adam jokes about authentic Mexican food at taco bell and they have some local guy chatter about the old teams and mascots, they get into his other high school Monroe, closer to Encino.


Adam jokes about Danny Trejo digging the school to prison pipeline, long before Huffington Post and Adam asks him what led to his life of fighting and respect based bad decisions.

Adam is riffing about Danny’s mom and her familiarity with all of the vice principals across town and he says he got his diploma in San Quinten Prison.

Danny was rejected for a job in the joint because he didn’t have a diploma, he tells Adam about selling 4 ounces of sugar to an undercover agent, he says if he would have given the money back they might have been more lenient with his sentencing.


Danny says he did about 19 months in San Quinten and then moved onto Folsom, Adam jokes about this going from Vice Principals to wardens, now we got to shop around for other planets to send him to, in hopes he might be rehabilitated and get along there, like The Hulk in the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline which Adam has never read and has no idea exists unless he’s watched the animated film with Sonny.

Adam is asking him about prison life and the segregation along with currency system in the joint.

Danny tells them about Jewish guys running numbers and sports betting, Danny talks about protection and extortion and says he was even getting money sent to him after he got out of prison and he says you are either predator or prey in prison.


Adam asks if prison isn’t the most realistic experience of humanity on earth, it’s base level humanity without bicycle helmets nor protection.

Danny talks about a prison riot he was involved in and he says that drawing blood on a guard was a “gas chamber offense” what!?

Adam goes to Craig who has no stories about the joint.


Adam is asking Danny if he’s ever had to work with guys he didn’t see eye to eye with, Danny is now quoting Eddie Bunker aka “Mr. Blue” from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and they transition to the movie ‘Runaway Train’ which Adam loves and says is wildly underrated.

Adam praises the cinematography and the train driving through a white quilt of snow, Adam is trying to conjure the year the movie was made, Danny had just said it and Adam missed it.

Danny says he was hired to train one of the actors to box, he explains how he started boxing with Eric Roberts and Danny shares an Andrey Konchalovskiy anecdote, delightful!

Adam asks Craig about their new movie and they move on to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the murder of Alton Sterling and the murder of Philando Castile, Adam hammers Gina to reveal that Alton had a gun that he had brandished earlier in the evening and was selling CD’s (discs, maybe pirate movies) illegally outside of a storefront.

Adam says the murder of Philando Castile troubles him much more, he explains why and that nobody deserves to die in this situation but Alton had knowingly put himself in a situation where things like what happened can happen, it still doesn’t make it ok nor right.

Adam is very clear, he says not every one of these black men who are murdered are heroes or upstanding citizens, citing some other shootings and the behavior that preceded it.


Adam talks about cops and the type of people who want to get into that line of work, they are the guys you expect them to be and they’re looking for a fight.

Adam tells the cops to knock of the chicken shit traffic stops for things like broken tail lights, they had no cause to pull this guy over.

Adam is talking about cops as income generating earners for the city and how hard it is to turn that faucet of cash off once you start it.


Adam says whatever you skin color is when the cops yell gets on the ground you got to get on the ground, Gina has a clip of from the Facebook video of Philando Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds.

Danny weighs in and Adam gives his theory on the stun gun that Cousin Sal brought into The Man Show, of course someone was going to get shocked.

Adam says it’s a self-selecting group who become cops and Adam says his only protest on this is when people say it’s open season on black people, Adam says we just don’t’; report it when it’s white people, it’s everyone who get this treatment.


Adam has a “black car” accident narrative theory on this, he says there are plenty of footage of cops shooting white people and Hispanic people, it’s not just one group, the stats back that up.

Gina asks if they are approaching large black men with a different mindset when approaching black men, he says it’s based on crime stats and can’t be weeded out, they got guns and are some of the dumbest guys you went to high school with, it’s going to happen.


Adam says the lager group is males, just males, not black men, it’s about who commits the majority of crimes.

Gary has the details on the Dylan Noble case where they shot him while he lied on the ground in front of them, Adam says it’s wrong, but the narrative of its black people is poisoning us.

Danny has never seen this reported on the news, he was executed by cops, why no story? It doesn’t fit the narrative.


Adam says of course if you’re in the black community you’re going to feel this way, it’s the narrative you’ve been fed, you watch the same TV he watches.

Adam says the news agencies need to report every death at the hands of cops or tone down the instigation, Adam says that CNN has something to do with pharmacies in Ferguson being burned down.

Adam brings up how they use “kid” and “gentle giant” to inflame these things worse, Danny brings up the Michael Brown shooting.


2nd Story is on Sarah Silverman’s Epiglottitis and hospitalization, Adam talks abbot the irony of this as she’s always been so focused oral hygiene and was the first person to introduce tongue scarping to him, hilarious vagina comment from Ace.

Gina talks about Sarah’s experience and they discover it’s a bacterial condition that can be transmitted if someone sneezes on you.

Adam is talking about the difficulty in spelling these complicated names, he ends up giving to the catholic big brothers in place of these conditions as he can’t spell them when put on the spot.


3rd Story is on Jon Jones suspension for a potential doping violation and Gary has the late breaking update of Anderson Silva filling in for Jones.

Adam is trying to comment on Jon’s self-destruction, he says in a sport where many fights come down to a coin toss and you are somehow not subject to that, the way Jon is maybe you can’t keep it together.

BB plays a clip of Tito Ortiz comparing boxing and MMA to checkers and chess, Danny disagrees and gives his take, Adam jokes about boxers playing dominos, which Danny enjoys.


Danny praises Floyd Mayweather and his level of talent which has evolved past the limits of the art, he’s able to do stuff nobody else can do, Adam has a “Mike Titus” joke while joking about Yesterday’s show where he kept calling Titus “Tyson” and Adam is back to Jon’s potential huge paydays.

Adam loves Floyd Mayweather’s uncle and they move on.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live read

Adam plugs the challenge videos they have with famous drivers racing on simulators and the real tracks


4th Story is on Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, Danny is riffing about “nana” and they talk about how sad it is that a woman’s looks can be used to determine if it’s likely she was harassed.

They are now playing a supercut of Gretchen Carlson’s looks being brought up on the show.

Adam tells Gina this is a 0, we’re supposed to be upset because her colleague called her pretty, Danny shares a joke/sexual harassment anecdote about a waitress interaction.


Danny says it’s a different time, Adam says we could put together a montage where it seems like Gina is harassing him and him her, they might even be able to get 20 seconds of BB agreeing with him, just maybe!

Adam says most women like to be complimented on their appearance, Men don’t care as much, he can’t stop the part where someone feels threatened by Danny for being polite.

Gina wraps the news with more drops of her out of context.


Adam is doing a Live Read for PodcastOne and the premium subscriptions.

Adam wraps up the show with a “I submitted Brock Lesnar” windbreaker idea for Frank Mir to start sporting. Hilarious out of context clip of Danny quoting on his taco customers from when they first joined the show, “husband” ha!