Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2015 – Skip Bedell and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2015 – Skip Bedell and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Skip Bedell and David Wild

Recorded 07-07-2015 – Release Date 07-08-2015

Production Number #1611

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Adam opens the show to a great “see what condition his condition was in” intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB plays the quote of Adam mocking dudes who style their hair, Skip Bedell is in studio making his 3rd appearance as a guest on the ACS, 4th total if you include the Mike August meeting confusion cameo episode.

David Wild is also sitting in, making his 88th visit, though again there could be 1-3 more lost appearances that need to be quickly sorted out to make sure we line up the exact numbers before he reaches 100, he’s already got the most bookings out of any guest/friend of the show, nice work.

Adam is commenting on wrapping up season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam compliments Skip on stepping up his game this season, Adam shares how unusual it is for a show to order a new season pickup without waiting until the last minute.


Adam asks Skip if he has any jobs lined up back home, Skip shares the details of two interior remodels he has going on.

BB comments on Adam’s midseason complaining, Adam says he thinks it’s down 31%, BB says that’s oddly specific and he explains the weird “coach up” things that get solved by season 3.

Adam says it’s people and the process becoming more efficient and Adam has a Minnie Pearl references that David says doesn’t jive with the Spike audience, forgetting spike used to be TNN and Minnie had more than likely graced the channel many a time.


Adam is commenting on the wardrobe items with tags still connected, Adam through all of his shit onto the sidewalk and she asked why he did that, she said they talked about it “just once” and Adam jokes about income disparity.

Adam further describes how they now have a well-oiled machine, Adam is now paraphrasing some quotes from ‘Parenthood’ and Skip agrees the show is about 40% more efficient.

Skip is now quoting Adam screaming at people, Gina says that Skip makes Adam seem really nice this season, Skip shares how they test his nerves and he jokes about David Wild punching him in the face just to engage in some violence.

Skip is about to bail, Nooooooo!

Great cameo, David says that Skip might be the nicest guy in all of the Adam Carolla world, Skip says he’s messing with his rep.


Adam is now focusing on David and asks him about his family vacation in Italy, he says he was seeing Bob Dylan live.

Adam references Lou Reed, BB asks why music critics like his work so much, David explains the dark content he wrote about that critics respond to.

Adam mocks his talk vocals, he says Lou Reed is the ultimate example of guys in Tribeca jacking themselves off, Adam says that one decent song shouldn’t get you in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.


Adam says that he can’t sing, he shares his love for nontraditional voices, he doesn’t like talk singers, Adam is commenting on the track David Wild requested.

They’re listening to ‘New Sensations’ by Lou Reed, Adam now has another proposal where Adam presents him 50 shitty Lou Reed songs and David admits he sucks, David asks him to cite just one and he says this one, gold!

Adam says this song is the most that can be done with his voice in a studio, Adam says he’s a poser and it’s an affectation in place of having talent or an ability, Adam says it’s the masculine version of Yoko Ono.


Adam says that everyone is fooled by the eyeliner and the cigarette, Adam says he wishes he didn’t know who Lou Reed is, Adam is now mocking all of the open mic comics who took up all of the slots and wasted everyone’s time and kept guys like him from getting up.

Adam is commenting on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gina cites Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, David has them play another song of Lou Reed.

Adam says he has room for ‘Crash Test Dummies’ and ‘Ween’ and clarifies that he has no problem with ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ nor ‘Boyhood’ he just doesn’t think they should be up for best movie of the year, he has to finish the war.


Adam is doing a ‘Game of War’ Live Read

Gary is playing the game and shares the details of the Carolla hashtag.


Adam is now asking David to dig himself out of the Lou Reed pit, Adam asks who Lou influenced, and David says he hates songs about rock and roll.


David is playing another song, Adam says if this was Karaoke he would throw a shoe at it, Adam is saying his inability to sing is still a major problem.

David Wild is making a point about Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen, Adam has a funny “died in a industrial accident 3 years and still get a singing career” and Dawson is on mic, he’s saying he did like the first track but now gets why people hated ‘The Velvet Underground’ and says this sucks.

David explains how ‘The Velvet Underground’ were the NYC equivalent to a band like ‘The Doors’ and David has them wrap up the music.


David tells them about ‘Guns and Roses’ and ‘Ramones’ popularity in Italy/Europe, Adam asks for some ‘Gina is a Punk Rocker’ to cleanse his palate and Adam jokes about Lou smoking his eye liner by mistake.

David talks about Lou not getting much love with his solo stuff and Adam plugs David Wild’s involvement with CNN and their decade’s series.

David is telling them about a live show he’s working on, Adam reveals he’s never been to the Grammy museum, BB suggests a possible live show from there, cool!


Adam is doing a Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Corey, Adam asks BB why the phone doesn’t work well and BB says these phones at the studio were purchased before they were there, what?

Corey explains his marriage dynamic and Adam comments on how nice it would be everyone cared less about their heritage, your only celebration should be your bank account and your family and he mocks Native American posers.

Adam asks why we hold Native American’s to such high esteem, David has a solid ‘Reservations’ comment that BB responds to with a burn drop from Laura Kightlinger.


BB says “one of the good ones” and Adam tops him with a “so they’ve all been executed” reply after learning that Corey has not relatives in prison.

Adam is now asking him if he cannot sing, Adam is telling Corey the Village Voice is going to love him, Adam’s back to his wife and her religion.

Adam is talking about praying and brings up ‘The Secret’ and how someone confessed to trying it and he shares his own attempted conversion to Buddhism by Jung Hee Li, the young gal who was in love with him in high school.


David is telling them about “figuring out god” and explains he mediates every moment while walking and thinking about life.

David thinks there is something but thinks that it’s arrogance to think you know what that thing is, David has what sounds like a Joe Rogan esque take on nature, minus the DMT.

Adam is talking about all of nature’s creatures and how we all view life through our specific POV, Water Bison’s included.

Adam is now breaking down the notion of a GOD and how the human mind constructs it, hilarious Water Buffalo GOD riff from Ace, this is gold!


Adam is being very clever while explaining the borderline insanity of GOD based beliefs, he is removing the narcissism, the insanity and says what’s left.

Classical Music and long walks or “Lou Reed and short sprints into oncoming traffic!”

Adam says you can find God in nature and inside of you, he tells people to pray for a better car, a thinner wife, whatever.

Pray then work, no praying and waiting.


Adam is back to Corey and asks him about his profession, he’s awesome!

BB dubs him ‘Corey the Cranky Flower Delivery Man’ and he exits with class, nice.


Adam is now plugging his upcoming live shows in Vegas, Adam once again affirms how he’s down to try and be hypnotized, but it doesn’t work with him.

Adam cites the guy who is guesting and how he got Howie Mandel shaking hands, Adam says that Howie is on Adam’s list of cool guys to get dinner with.

Adam asks how cool he would be if he got a cold and needed to be secluded from the kids for 3 days, the bloom is off the rose once you get home, very solid point by Adam.


They’re now watching Howie shaking hands on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and Gina comments on the hypnotist resembling Drake.

They’re all peppering in live commentary over the clip, Adam has a killer “oh hold on now, he’s skull fucking him now, the jokes on’s everyone else Howie has full blown AIDS…” reply, this is genius!

Gina is asking some follows up and now David wants to know if the hypnotism was real or not, Adam tells Gary to text Howie.


Adam mentions Lord of the Jungle and a guest who is doomed not to make it Kevin McEnroe.


2nd Caller Arnold, he wants to know about people who claim to be able to multitask, text while carrying on work conversations.

Adam is giving him some affirmatives, Gary says that Howie’s number changed, Adam jokes about not listening and takes it back to God, Allah or The Great Magnet.

Adam talks about how humans can recall the last 6 words anyone says, BB does a nice reenactment of this, Adam talks about his wife and how she’s unable to this and he just leaves and comes back to avoid a fight.


Adam says this is a relatively new thing to ask of our brains, David talks about how freeing it was to be away from the phones while in incredibly expensive hotels.

Gary is sharing his email to Howie and his reply, it was real and Howie was pissed.

Adam says Howie is so good he’s probably penalized for being himself, Adam says he could play some heavy roles and is good at 20 different things.


Adam says just be Michael Jackson and is now explaining his theory, focus on one thing and you will get paid.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam explains that Skip and Alison wanted to go grab Sushi with him for his birthday, Adam had Matt find a place nearby.

Adam describes how weird it is was, Adam says that the woman who works at the Sushi place, either Dragon Cunt or never stops bowing.


Adam says this was Dragon Cunt, he’s breaking down the scene and Gina’s jumping in along with BB, Adam is further breaking down the ordering process.

Adam says they were ordering for Skip who wasn’t there yet, Adam is now breaking down the “5, you have 5, 5 more of these” back and forth that rivals the 1999 “He Say His Name Was Bobby!” wrong takeout food incident.

Adam shares how they were telling them to buzz off after refusing to let them take the sushi to go, Skip was telling Alison to stand there and shovel this high grade sushi in before they stepped over the line and left.


Adam is mocking the “stick by our guns” stance from Dragon Cunt, Gina has a good point and BB seems to have figured out what place it is and name drops them.

Adam told them to settle up and Adam then got the car and pulled around, Adam talks about the California Roll with the huge x through it, Adam says he likes that roll.

Adam once again references the guest who didn’t show up.


Gina’s News

Adam says that Jo Koy must play ‘Dragon Cunt’ during his next appearance, David Wild brings up Gina’s news intro that’s a ‘Hair’ sound-alike done by the genius musician Rich Banks.

Gina explains it and shares how people have reacted to it over the course of this year, with most now considering it an earworm.


1st Story is on Bill Cosby’s statements while given in a sworn disposition in 2005, Gina is now quoting the details and Adam asks about Quaaludes which are no longer manufactured.

David brings up a solid point about the man’s hypocrisy, Adam says he doesn’t like the distinction of celebrity excusing treating someone with less privacy than anyone else.

Adam is now using Alec Baldwin to make a point, Adam is joking about Bill trying to fuck the “loophole” that Gina just referenced.


Adam says you heard about him being a dick but didn’t hear the roofie stories, Adam is now riffing about his older brother Kurt, as if he’s a younger guy trying to share an urban legend, the chick on Spanish fly who impaled herself on the stick shift story.

BB is now joining him and Adam says his takeaway is to not wear condoms, Adam says that Spanish fly is cockroach legs.

Adam asks if you can imagine a world where this got started with Henry Winkler, Adam says there has to be some truth there.


David Wild is now agreeing with Adam’s point about a zone of privacy, David is commenting on Bill drugging women and raping them, Adam talks about the grey area of “using his _____” to then further incriminate or damn someone, Adam’s point is you meet people however you meet people, that’s not a “worse part” and he uses Airline pilots for his analogy.

Adam has a hilarious ‘Showgirls’ “you could’ve got a free dick sucking” riff.


2nd Story is on the raid of the home of Jared Fogle the (former) Subway pitchman, Gina has all of the details and Adam is humming some music (Dan Fogelberg?)

Adam is now asking about Jared’s run as the spokesman, Adam asks if the bloom shouldn’t already be off this rose, BB talks about how he wasn’t allowed to talk in the commercials.

BB has a lot of knowledge of the Jared campaign, Adam mocks his lack of charisma and BB brings up a “Clay Henry” campaign meant to replace Jared that never took, Gina thinks it must have been a regional ad.


Adam jokes that Jared is as flat and lifeless as their processed Turkey, BB mocks the ad and Adam has seen it, Adam jokes about Gina and BB not being as committed to the Hoagie society.

Adam is asking about the details, Gina has a creepy quote of “production stuff” and Adam brings up Howard Lepidus “producer” credit on The Man Show, maybe this is like that.

Adam says that his son should be the new spokesperson for Subway and Adam is recalling a story of his wife making a separate run for Subway for Sonny who prefers that over the quality place.


Adam is asking if the could imagine having such a considerate mother, Gina asks if Sonny complained for it and Adam says that he doesn’t have a complain gear.


Adam doesn’t care, he thinks his son will be fine not getting his way at 7.

Adam says even better reason to let him grow accustomed, but Adam further compliments his wife and what an amazing mother she is.

Adam asks if you can imagine your mom or dad doing that for you.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

“Not a sofa with a computer” – Adam

BB plays an out of context quote of Gina.


Adam jokes about Gina being high all of the time, he’s now talking about Howie Mandel and his craziness, and he’s bringing up Bill Cosby and his insane behavior.


3rd Story is on Floyd Mayweather having his world title repealed for failing to pay the 250k required, Adam says he could be pissed at the sanctioning bodies and Adam says it doesn’t really matter as everyone knows who the champ really is.

Adam does think it is fuck me money and says he’s sure that Floyd has paid millions over the years to them and now he’s thinking fuck you.


Adam is talking about Don King and how he stomped a man to death, Adam is trying to recall the details and says it was a documentary and mentions how the Klitschko’s were talking about how Don King was trying to recruit them.

Adam says that he was using a player piano to try and outsmart Don King, he was used to outsmarting Leon Spinks.


4th Story is on the public access to Carbon/Carbone beach, Adam and Gina go back and forth on the pronunciation and Gina has all of the details of the legal battle.

Adam talks about the “beach access” that’s given to homeowners on the beach, Adam shares how his sister was staying at a place with beach access.

Adam is now explaining it’s not even worth it, you could just walk down Point Dume and further states it’s all about perceived exclusivity.


Adam is now sharing his attempts to get the real reason for it from realtors who only confirmed what he suspected, David brings up burkas and Adam has a funny reply.

Adam says the commute to the beach is equally “schleppy” and David Wild shares how bummed he was not to hang out with Adam and Paul Reiser, Adam has an ok retort.


Adam says that people who pay more than their fair share should be able to get a chunk of private beach.

Gina says they should be able to use it as their yard, Adam talks about the coastal commission and how Suzanne Somers told them she couldn’t rebuild after spending her whole life in Malibu.

ACS #217 (feat. Suzanne Somers)


Adam is now explaining what a pain in the ass the coastal commission is, Adam is sharing his experience of talking about building his house in Flintridge and he was told those guys were cool and will take his money and let him build a house.

Adam says it’s the part where the government has disdain for the people who give them control of everything else, Adam likes them having control but says the lack of completion only breeds contempt for the people paying the bills.

Adam has a solid cable company providers analogy, Adam talks about the non-famous people you meet who you can spot would be incredible asshole should they ever actually get success.


Adam is talking about how everyone he knows is scared shitless of the cops, Adam asks why we should be scared, well they made us scared.

David compliments the airports of Europe and laments his return to the fine folks at LAX, Adam says he turns the radio down when a cop is following him, even when stone cold sober.

Adam says that riverside you can build whatever you want, Texas too.

Adam says he would go nowhere near the coastal commission if he needed to build anything, Adam has a funny permit anecdote.


Adam shares what the experience of a building inspector shutting down a job site is like, Adam is thanking the good cops who aren’t interested in robbing the taxpayers.

Gina wraps the news to a new drop of her quoting a chat exchange from the Jared from Subway story.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

BB once again plays the clip of Gina saying she hates this piece of shit, Adam doesn’t laugh nor comment. Adam gives out the plugs and wraps things up.

BB closes the show to Skip quoting Adam shouting “I’m fucking burning in the sun!”