Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2013 – Jay Mohr

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2013 – Jay Mohr

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Mohr

Recorded 07-07-2013 – Release Date 07-08-2013

Production Number #1115

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Adam is opening the show to what is now considered an “oldie but a goody” #TopDrop.

Alison has some praise from random party goers for Adam’s Fund Anything campaign for “Road Hard”.

Adam is now off on a tangent in the spirit of DIY, he’s breaking down the idea of worrying about a pitch more than the product, Alison has a great marketing related point and BB has a solid drop bringing it all home that everyone seems to overlook.


Adam is bringing up his problem with bizarre flavors and it seems like he’s getting at the story from early January about trying to mix up some “Better Man” cocktails with Lynette, Bill Simmons and his wife.

BB and Adam are having a great back and forth about flavored booze and now Adam is indeed telling that very story as first told on ACS #652 “State of the Union 2013” (Production No. 984)

Adam has the words “that have been uttered a thousand times, by a thousand poets”, do not miss this insane one liner describing his initial thoughts upon sniffing the maple rye as featured in this story.


Adam just proclaimed it a “Drunken Donut” and has instructed someone to “write that down”, does he mean me? I am now writing it down just in case because apparently August can make millions with it, that’s probably true actually, let’s do this!

Adam is explaining how “The Great Magnet” has struck again, he was once again trying to wrangle the ingredients to whip up some “Better Man” cocktails with Bill Simmons and his wife.

This story is prime Carolla, it never stops, gold! Adam’s whiny “Why did you get maple rye” is future #TopDrop material.


Adam is now on a “Rye Run” Riff, he’s mixing hilarious “Acting” reactions with pure aggression.

Adam is now joking about the person who brings back blueberry bagels after completing a bagel run and Alison picks up on it immediately bringing it to reality and making it even funnier.

They’re all breaking down Adam’s story, solid.


Adam is telling the gang about his nephew Casper staying with Adam while Lynette and the kids are vacationing in Florida.

Adam is quoting his reaction to his basic questions about driving and his interest level in driving.

Adam is connecting this to his theory on everything in society flip flopping, Alison and BB have interesting and thoughtful replies.


Adam is going in depth on the “Odyssey” starting with their entrance onto the freeway onramp.

Adam is stopping and going back to picking up his nephew from his mom’s house, he’s describing the “compound fracture” shiver he experience in reaction learning that Casper stayed there for two whole days.

Adam has some commentary on his mom’s daisy chained wall mounted air conditioners followed up with his take on the “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” on the electronic sign out front of his high school.


Adam is pondering the toll messages like this take on the collective psyche of our society and how it compares to the “Have a Great Summer” signage of past years.

Adam is taking this to the cops, telling them to do their jobs, Alison and BB are in the mix and making the idea complete.


Adam is back to the drive with Casper and how prepped the kid as his “Wheel Man”, he’s claiming he enjoyed himself but took it easy, possibly in part because of the Maple flavored booze.

Adam is once again quoting Casper and explaining the sad reality that Adam with a buzz is a much safer driver than Casper at that moment or anyone on earth if you ask this Superfan, Alison says anyone who is just starting to drive and BB objects.

Once again Carolla’s infamous nonexistent luck strikes again, he’s telling that gang about the Blow Out that took place followed up with a super rare instance of throwing his back out while changing the tire and installing the spare.


Adam is going in depth on the maneuver required to remove the spare from the trunk of a car and how there is no ergonomic/work safe way to complete the task.

Adam is describing his reluctant assistant mechanic Casper, this story is gold!

Alison wisely asks what car this was, it’s Lynette’s Audi and Adam is explaining he couldn’t use his car due to the screw obviously emerging from the tire on it, can’t Adam have a working tire!?


Adam is now describing the guy he encountered who possessed the exact same jack that wasn’t working for Adam due to the 2nd blown tire and proximity to the ground.

Adam instructed Casper to call up “Uber” and request a car to grab them from their roadside hell scenario.

Adam is recounting the further details of trying to get Audi “care” service and once again quoting the hilarious Middle Eastern man who couldn’t produce a flashlight for anything less than 10k.


This story is very reminiscent of #Classic Loveline where Adam had a few legendary car breakdowns over his decade of work, with extremely similar outcomes, including once requiring him to bring guys resembling extras from a Scorsese movie on air.

Adam’s description of the sound emitted from the car while dragging it back away from the road.

Adam is saying now is where the story “gets bad”? Lynette’s question about why he didn’t leave a note is almost as hilarious as Adam’s crazed reaction.


Adam’s recounting of his wakeup the next morning and the extent of his efforts to avoid a bogus parking ticket are almost as funny as brutal the descriptions are.

BB has some compassion for Casper and his hesitation to assist Uncle Adam with his very grim morning activities.

Adam is so in depth on this story, it’s a rare variant style for the ACS where Adam dominates the first 45min with a personal story despite what people joke about.


Adam is wrapping the story clarifying that Casper is a great kid and his back is still killing him, most importantly the cars we’re returned safely.

Great “Steve Maple-Rye” comedy with BB and Adam is doing a great “” live read and when this Superfan can afford supplements “If Onnit don’t make it, Superfan GIO Don’t take it”, so listen to Ace!


Jay Mohr is returning to the show for his 7th visit to the ACS (Jay has only done the ACS format) and Adam is floating his “holiday jogger” theories past Jay, Jay is quite familiar with Adam’s take but disagrees.

Adam is now describing his new invention of disguised jeans/khakis and running shoes/penny loafers and how when combined with yelling for an unseen dog completely excuses your intentional “shame the rest of society” based jogging.

Adam is on a great chutney riff, now he’s asking Jay where he jogs on the topic of “the break even work out” where you utilize the semi crappy hotel gym in order to not be worse off than when you arrived at the La Quinta Inn.


Jay now has Adam on the topic of the “Female Running Grimace”, Alison is calling it Bethany Frankel Face and Jay has a moment reminiscent of his recently discussed 1st #Classic Loveline episode from 2001.

Jay is now telling the gang about a recent run that meant a lot to him, The Great Magnet strikes again as the very Perry on Jay’s iPod appeared before him running the opposite direction.

Adam is telling Jay that the barefoot detail makes the story all cohesive for him, Jay’s got a DAG-esque dismissal of Alison.


Adam is now demanding some “Big Momma’s Got It All” from Jay, Adam is describing his actual mom and Jay has an idea for a contest to come up with this character’s official first name.

Adam is describing the typical reaction of a mother on “Cops” and contrasting it to his own mom, Jay is asking Alison, BB and Gary what their parents would do and Jay’s mom is apparently Mathew McCaughey.

Adam is sharing his mom’s “Jon Stewart VHS” anecdote from circa 2005.


Alison just gave a nice assist to Jay, they’re back to his anecdote where his lying led to his mom spanking him in front of the cops.

Adam has written down some new scenarios for Big Momma to reenact with him in order to make up for his bummer childhood, Jay is on fire and Adam is killing it with subtlety.

Jay just made an incredible point while arguing with Adam in character as the DMV employee “James”, this is gold!


Jay has now worked the Fund Anything video into the improv scene and Adam as James keeps insisting she stop bringing up his past and personal life.

Jay’s being super self-deprecating and considerate thinking the bit went on too long, it didn’t, could’ve been 5 minutes longer IMO.

Adam is now telling Big Momma about his impending root canal, they’re now in the dentist office and Big Momma is talking to the periodontist.

Unlimited Percocet and begging Big Momma not to “shit in the tank” are the highlights of this 2nd round.


Hooray for Baldywood

You can hear Jay enjoying the brilliant Mike Lynch/Richard Banks theme song.

Bryan saw “The Lone Ranger” and was enthralled with what he describes as one of the all-time greatest action sequences that opens the movie and equally solid scene that closes the film.

Jay is busting out his Colin Quinn and Bryan is further describing the film, now Adam and “Colin” are discussing the band “KISS”.


BB was bored for the middle 2hrs and change and now he’s giving shit to people who criticize him for not giving enough plot information about the movies he reviews during this segment.

Adam is getting BB to clarify the boring elements from the middle of the movie and Jay as Colin is joking about Helena Bonham Carter smoking in all of her performances.

Jay is explaining how he needs to transition from Eddie Vedder in order to slide into his Johnny Depp impression, Adam is telling Eddie that he names his drink after the Pearl Jam song “Better Man”.


BB is instead advocating for “20 Feet from Stardom” a documentary about backup singers, he’s comparing it to a hybrid of “Standing in the shadows of Motown” and “Searching for Sugarman”.

Adam is now joking about Big Momma playing with “The Rolling Stones” to contrast against their tiny frames, such a bizarre idea.

Jay is telling the gang about “The Black Crows” and Mike Dawson is now on mic confirming what Jay said and adding to it with topical information.


Jay is getting existential with his Johnny Depp and now sliding into Matthew McConaughey, BB is now jumping into wrap up his segment, how forward.

BB is further describing the plot to this other movie he’s recommending instead of “The Lone Ranger”.


Adam is recounting a conversation with someone about the documentary “Senna” and how he had decided the person should have known about it so was covertly trying to shame them buy going over the description several times.

Alison and Jay are now jumping in and Adam is defending “Senna” while breaking down the life story of the famous driver.

Adam and Jay are doing a great improv scene with Jay doing “Big Momma” filming a Pine-Sol commercial that ends with some genuine laughter from the boys.


Now News for this episode, it’s one of the rare shows not to feature the segment, good news for Alison is she was extremely memorable on this episode despite not even getting to her “main” segment, cohost indeed!

Adam is wrapping the show, giving the appropriate plugs and saying Mahalo.