Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/07/2016 – Christopher Titus and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/07/2016 – Christopher Titus and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Christopher Titus and David Wild

Recorded 07-06-2016 – Release Date 07-07-2016

Production Number #1853

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Adam opens the show to a “Boys of Summer/calls his balls” intro and Adam asks who has been in the studio and left a coffee mug out, moved all of Adam’s tuff and generally caused a kerfuffle.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show including most frequent all time guest ever David Wild, he plugs his new show ‘Greatest Hits’ and mentions Wiz Khalifah which leads Adam to riff about his performance style after his pointing above filled appearance on SNL.

David tells them about booking ‘Hanson’ on one of their first ever TV gigs, he got them on the MTV Jenny McCarthy sketch comedy show, Adam immediately starts riffing sarcastically about how there is no human funnier, the same tone and disdain he had for the show back in 1997 still present, somethings never change, it was a very bad show though, he’s right!


David is telling them about his first listen of ‘MMMBop’ and Adam is asking about the song with the Ginger and Wiz Khalifah, he calls it payback for slavery, the red haired guy plays his ass off while the black guy says “yeah” and Adam says it sounds like vitriol but he’s really just jealous.

Adam is now suggesting his own Doug Benson-esque show where other comedians perform and he just leans and says yeah.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the Wiz Khalifah performance from SNL, Adam said he called Lynette in the room asked her what job she would choose on stage with only a short time to prepare, she chose Wiz’s gig.


David is now mentioning the other upcoming guest performances on ‘Greatest Hits’ and BB is telling the gang about his trip to Kauai, he says it’s a laid back and sleepy island, you can knock out all of your stresses and work and BB says his wife looked great in her bikini while pregnant, she didn’t look as huge as the other women on the beach.

Gina reacts to the photo and Adam also says it’s a beautiful picture, BB further describes how remote Kauai is and how unlike Honolulu it truly is.

Adam loves the rainbow photo that Christie took, he mocks BB and BB now lists of the various celebrities he saw including the “Flex seal” guy, BB talks about the dining patrons nearby who “honor” their daughter’s Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich related wishes, he continues to mock the use of “honor it” and Adam is now bringing up a recent episode of Ace on the House that they taped just prior to this recording apparently.


Adam is talking about AOTH: A Thousand Conversations with a Clown Car Full of Retarded People and the awesome dad constructing him kids a treehouse/man cave and how his phone call alone asking them questions was more efforts than Adam’s dad put into raising him or worrying about him being entertained.

BB further mocks the conversation with the family who had the peanut allergic child, Adam is bringing up ‘Plumpy’nut’ and Gina is now telling them about her vacation with her dude in Cabo San Lucas.

She talks about the “C” on shower handles in Mexico, it does not sound for cold, it stands for caliente.


Adam wants a universal standard for knobs used in showers and sink construction, Hilarious joke about Gina jogging on the beach from Adam.

Gina is further describing her vacation, Adam says it’s no “Christie Rainbow” and David chimes in too, Adam is talking about his latest cigarette observation, he says while in the south of France, in Nice etc. everyone smokes and there are ashtrays and receptacles every several feet, in Amsterdam everyone still smokes but they have no such receptacles, because  they’re not facing the music on who they truly are, they don’t want to endorse behavior but in doing so they lessen their quality of life stepping on butts everywhere.

David asks if anyone spotted Adam and what they thought, not so much but they did spot Brett Favre in the south of France and he’s now getting to a corporate gig where Chris Martin of Coldplay was performing which led to an epic misunderstanding with Mike August.


Chris is now on mic and they talk about the efforts to get to parking lot H for the Jaguar party, Chris mocks the “first I’ve heard of it” out of August and Adam says it’s awesome unless you’re trying to get to the Jag party otherwise it’s “problematic” (he is using it again, hopefully it doesn’t become a thing like Rogan.)


Adam is now Doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Parker, he wants to hear about Adam’s upcoming Listener cruise, is he the guy who set it up?

Adam is describing the cruise, BB is fearing for his life and Adam jokes about his ability to sell things and how it’s not wise to talk about maritime disasters while promoting things, Adam says Parker is the guy who set all of this up and thinks it might be the very same cruise from the legendary trip he took with Jimmy Kimmel in 1997.

Parker is further describing the events of the cruise, he says he can’t figure out the math on these boats and Gary has a photo of Parker and his wife drinking Mangria on one of his previous cruises.


Adam says you go to NYC for $130 and all you get is bed bugs, how do they keep the costs so low for everything included he explains you only get one bottle of Mangria for the cruise, every passenger will get one.

Adam jokes about the Superfan thinking of how great it would be to be trapped on board with Adam for a few days and how miserable Lynette sees that, Adam says he’s going to be out and having fun, he’s not going to lock himself in his room.

BB finds out about the gambling onboard and Adam doesn’t warn him about the nickels from 97, they joke about Ray joining them on stage and Chris is lured into playing.


Parker has the details on where to book your ticket and where to get more information, thanks to BB’s promoting.

David asks about the Mangria availability onboard.

Adam says they need to break this off into chunks and they move on, Gina wants a bonus show of just nonstop Mike August stories and Adam mocks the arguments he has with August.

Adam is back to the corporate gig with Chris Martin.


Adam is now talking about the other corporate gig he saw which was Chrissie Hynde playing live for the Lord Marshall estate, Adam recalls the time Chrissie Hynde guested on the KLSX ACS and did 3 segments of gold and said something akin to “they could date” and Adam is sharing how he walked up to see Chrissie but he was too late, she walked off stage into a Range Rover and took off.

Adam was bummed about her not playing his favorite ‘Pretenders’ song.

Hilarious riff about people performing at corporate events to make money and how it’s not the gig you necessarily want to advertise.

Adam is sharing how August asked about Chris Martin getting paid for the live show, Norm Pattiz explained the I Heart Radio connection and why Chris wasn’t getting paid.


Adam explains how Chris abandoned a song after it not going well and how Will Smith came up and performed with him for a track.

Adam says he could tell by Chrissie Hynde’s performance that she didn’t want to be performing for the car audience perhaps, just rich white gearheads, she pumped it out and left but was sure to perform a full set to get paid, Chris had no concern for getting paid.


Adam is going over the multiple laps he did with August who kept insisting that Chris Martin got paid, they were told by Norm he was paid nothing and Adam is now quoting Mike’s “you’re not in Coldplay” and “you don’t know what he would do” comments.

Gina incredulously reacts to that fact that August was driving.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam says you can’t go out of town if you get one, it’s too good edition

The sound of the vibration drowns out the sounds of your family and home edition


Adam gives out the plugs for David’s show and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Christopher Titus making his 8th appearance on the ACS, he’s a classic LoveLine veteran/legend and also visited Ace n the KLSX ACS morning show from time to time, awesome guest!

Adam plugs Titus’s upcoming 7th comedy special, Titus jokes about stepping around the name dropping from the last segment, possibly unaware of the theme of David Wild’s appearance, he knows everyone, although this time it was Ace, odd “Great Magnet” coincidence.

Titus is telling them about taping at the upcoming Center theater and explains why he comes up with a new special every 18 months, why he doesn’t recycle his old material.


Adam talks about the wide variances in comedians, he contrasts Jeff Ross against Titus and makes a point about their relative effort levels.

Adam is joking about Doug Benson as a bee, he’s the only bee that doesn’t’ fly, hilarious animated movie created within 45 seconds, great riff between Adam and Titus, Adam clarifies that he loves Doug btw so don’t trip internet comedy nerds.

Adam is talking about the entrainment business and he likens it to senior citizens slipping the bathroom, describing a virile 70-year-old man who went fast after breaking his hip, losing his muscle mass and going full gray.


Adam jokes about Titus doing shows after his death, Titus says he knows Adam didn’t want to talk about the movie for ‘Special Unit’ but he greatly appreciates him letting them use his warehouse for the movie and says they tore it apart and then put it all back together for him.

Adam is frazzled and explains he wanted to wait until the movie has a home or way to see it before plugging, to help Titus I presume as he’s been plugging this movie for years, it eventually exhausts interested parties, similar to how a crowd funding campaign can sometimes lead to less enthusiastic viewers at the end of the process. Adam calls Titus “Tyson and they mock him for it, so Adam goes to the phones.


2nd Caller Jason, they joke around for a moment about the “Tyson” thing


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Jason shares how he adapted Adam’s “take pride in what you do and do the best you can” logic for a job interview, to answer the question of his dream job.

Titus shares how he once made 18 Big Mac’s in 3 minutes and then quit as there was no room to go any further, Gina brings up Adam eating the old Filet-o-Fish sandwiches by the dumpster, he is adamant that they weren’t expired.


3rd Caller Joe, he’s yelling to someone that he’s on the phone, Titus thinks it’s a bit, I think he lives with his mom or someone annoying.

Joe is sharing how his wife makes him get 2nd and 3rd opinions on car repairs, he’s always right the first time and he jokes about him being into Maybach and exotic cars, he mocks his claim to owning “multiple cars” and he says he was a custom home builder he now makes custom electronics for a living.

Adam is now sharing how he asked Matt Fondiler about his frames on his glasses, Adam needs someone and wanted some frames like Matt’s.

Matt told them they were very expensive frames, then Adam asked if his dad bought them for him, he did for his birthday.


Adam talks about his weird arguments with his wife, citing the “he’s just chewing his bone over there” reply form Lynette when Adam wants him put away so he doesn’t chew up the sofa.

Titus is now defending Joe’s wife and calls him an idiot, Titus talks about having a stretch of time where he was being an idiot and why his wife was right not to trust him in that time.

They all guess and Adam pegs that it’s not his first wife, Joe admits to being an asshole during his first 3 marriages, this woman had never been in a relationship before.

She’s in Delaware, the furthest state form New Mexico and Joe, hilarious riff with Adam, BB and Titus all weighing in.


Gina asks if Joe has ever spent time with her in person, he explains she’s clearing up some affairs after her father’s death a few years ago.

Joe says he’s one of the world experts in guitar pedals, Adam is bringing up the guy Charles who wired the studio and knows everything but it doesn’t translate into one ounce of pussy, Joe is like that guy.


4th Caller Paul talks about the carpenters he knows who have constructed their own coffins, he wants to know if Adam would design his own coffin after dropping 13k on Lynette’s father’s coffin.

Adam shares how Lynette undershot the price of the coffin, saying it was 1300, it then shot up to 13k and Titus says his dad didn’t want this and Adam asks if he has a daughter, he did, Adam forgot about the “Tragic Rim shots” incident from Classic LoveLine where Titus went over his sister’s suicide.

Titus says that his dad wanted to be burned in a cardboard box, Gina doesn’t think Adam would have a very expensive coffin and Adam says he would have to pay for it, Adam calls Titus “Tyson” again and Adam says he’s sleep deprived as his dog slept on his head.


Paul asks about BB and Adam says he can’t build any coffins and cites his brain tumor.

Adam says Rod Sterling (Serling) and they continue to mock him for fucking up the names of everyone on earth including a guy he’s been broadcasting with on air for 16 years.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Oscar Pistorius’s 6-year prison sentence after shooting and killing in his girlfriend, Adam thought he got away with this.

Titus jokes about his deceased ex shitting in the bathroom and how a criminal would never do that.

Adam is commenting on the situation and how there is not a lot to hang your hat on as a prosecutor and Adam brings up the law and how it doesn’t address things like yelling out or following due diligence before murdering someone.


Adam says if Lynette went missing you could get reams of evidence about their arguments over the years and with all of his exes, yeah arguing helps but it doesn’t prove murder.

Titus witnessed a guy who was calming down his girlfriend who was holding a baby and screaming at him and saw her accuse him of hitting her when he just grabbed her shoulders.

Gina has the details on a case where a woman used her baby as a weapon and Adam further describes is take on the Pistorius case.


Adam says the problem with “I panicked” is that it’s hard to argue with, now Titus is arguing a counter point about him being an Olympian and dealing with extreme stress.

Adam jokes about hearing one gun short and running, like in a race, Titus laughs it up and they further go over it and wrap things up.


2nd Story is on Penn Jillette claiming that Donald Trump threatened to send contestants of ‘The Apprentice’ home if they refused to support him for president.

Penn further shared his feelings about taking part in the show, Gina asks Adam if he had experienced things similarly, Adam brings up his only gripe about Clay Aiken winning the final task and Arsenio taking the title of ‘Apprentice’ and he brings up its possible connection to Arsenio’s new late night show that briefly aired after the season ended.

Adam is bringing up the fight against the patent trolls and the article that says Adam settled the case, like he paid them off, not that they exhausted the trolls.


Adam say settling implies impropriety or guilt, Titus talks about his legal battle with his ex-wife and Adam wishes journalists were better than this, he says it was the Wall Street Journal (The Washington Post), it’s an easier way to go to make Adam sound like a douche so they do it.


Titus talks about the claims of abuse from his ex-wife and the story that was ran by the ‘National Inquirer’ and Adam is further describing how the article was easily researchable, he wants Gary to pull up a recently favorited tweet.

Adam is forgetting that last time Christopher Titus was on for ACS #1326 and pledged to contribute $2,000 USD to the patent troll defense fund, to which he probably did, someone give him some props!


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


3rd Story is on a new baggage screening system, for checked baggage not carry on so it won’t slow down TSA wait times.

Adam is riffing about how people will view us form a historical context, it will seem like the airports are some special place, he’s commenting on the terrorists now focusing on security check points over flights and passengers, ironically the more security we have the larger the bottleneck of humanity to slaughter.

Adam is making sense out of things with is crystal brain and he jokes about BB and his pregnant wife stripping down to their underpants while traveling to Kauai.


Titus tells them about going through the Burbank airport where they seized his wife’s grandfather’s heirloom knife.

Adam is talking about how society is a step behind and they would like us to now focus on airports as they plan another attack someplace else.


Adam is doing a PodcastOne Live Read

Titus has a “Tyson Podcast” too edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and he gives the taping date for the 7th special from Christopher Titus, 2 shows at the Center Theater.