Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/07/2015 – Dani Klein Modisett

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/07/2015 – Dani Klein Modisett

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dani Klein Modisett

Recorded 07-06-2015 – Release Date 07-07-2015

Production Number #1610

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Adam opens the show to a funny “the only character would be anger” intro from Dawson and Lynch referencing ‘Inside Out’ the latest Pixar movie.

BB plays Gina’s “Drunken Cornholing” quote as today’s #TopDrop, as expected.

Adam says it sucks being a dad now, he explains when he was growing up the dad was a scary character lurking in the shadows of your friend’s house.


Adam is recalling playing badminton in the backyard of David Vendeg’s house, he says they don’t make a good badminton kit, always junk from China.

Adam recalls the way the Papier-mâché wrap started to unravel in his hand, Adam was in fear he was going to be punished for the damage, the tears and mucous from the 8yr old child who made it in China.

Adam is recalling the horrible experience of trying to end the game and put the racquet back in the box.


Adam is sharing how he came into the studio and noticed Stephanie Wilder Taylor’s kid with her feet up on the chair, he politely asked her to put her feet down, he was afraid to ask as not to come off the wrong way or then get shit for it.

SWT’s kid was awesome and politely took her bare feet off the chair, he came back an hour later and his kids had their feet up on the chair along with SWT’s, so he then just made Sonny the target and told him to get his feet off the chair, which influenced the other kids to follow suit without him having to risk making them feel badly or upsetting anything.

BB is sharing his own anecdote of dealing with a scary dad when using his friend’s pool, Gina shares how she was accused of stealing 35 cents at age 9.

Adam jokes about her being a c cup.


BB is now back to the swimming commands he was given, Adam thinks that’s good parenting and not abuse, Adam is now sharing how he had a funny exchange with Matt Fondiler regarding the love between Matt and his parents.


Adam jokes his parents have too much pride to not cut him loose and start over or move on, Adam is explaining Matt told him that he was going to his parent’s house for hot tubbing and drinks.

BB asks Adam if he doesn’t sit in hot tubs and pools with his kids, Adam says he does now but at 30 he might instead meet them at the beach.

Adam is explaining his plan to build a conference table for the conference room, Adam is explaining how Matt Fondiler was carrying masking tape in place of a tape measure that Adam had asked for.


Gina has a funny VHS comment and Adam is back to super adorable Matt Fondiler, Gina says he could teach Matt to drive a manual transmission.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam says lookout for the super annoying guy bucking as he attempts proper heal/toe shifting techniques.


Adam is bringing up the highway patrol and their “thing” of ignoring actually dangerous situations, he is telling the gang about a guy doing 90-100 in a beat to shit old car and how he could see the car bottoming out and describes how the cops follow behind and don’t risk getting clipped themselves.

Adam is making a point about the increased danger for the public, Adam asks if they should check a box on licenses where you sign agreeing that if you lead anyone on a high-speed pursuit you consent to being shot to be stopped, not head blown off, but everything else is fair game.

Adam wants to know how someone would feel about their kid being killed by this guy that could’ve been stopped by the cops.


BB mentions Mark Geragos and Adam gets a plug in for their new podcast, Adam is now back to the “plenty of time for backup” reality we live in, he pitches a new super realistic cop series.

Gina brings up spike strips, Adam shares her love for them.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Charles, he wants to know what they think about ‘The Death of Superman Lives’ the documentary about the failed movie project.

BB explains the backstory very concisely, he wants to know if BB knows about what went wrong.

Charles says Nicholas Cage looks scary as shit, he wants Adam’s take on the new movie ‘Creed’ with Rocky training Apollo Creed’s son.


Adam says he just complimented Paul Reiser on ‘Whiplash’ and says he stumbled upon it and kept watching as it was that good.

BB is now describing the low stakes of the movie, Adam says he tried to bore the fuck out of his kids with a short bit of ‘Boyhood’ and he says he saw a scene that encapsulated that movie and describes the bicycle alley scene with the girl.

Gina then compares that movie to ‘Slacker’ which was Richard Linklater’s first film and uses his signature style that he has employed for several films.


Adam says that if you want that experience go to foothill boulevard and wait for Junior high school to let out and you’ll get pure uncut this, not sure why you want it.

Adam says films that show off how hard they’re not trying don’t impress him and seem like jacking off.

BB gives his take on ‘The Internship’ and describes an opposite of “trying too hard” and they move on.


2nd Caller Kyle is building a Gazebo, he says he bought the house about a year ago and wants to know if he should shingle his roof despite using cedar fence boards.

BB asks him about his “fenced in porch” and Adam is trying to figure out what he’s doing it, Adam is telling him to put a tilt on it.

Adam says put some shingles on it, he says use what’s on the existing house and Kyle asks about Caelan Biehn who he describes is technically John Connor, They’re all now riffing about Caelan fucking up Adam’s coffee and bios.


Kyle killed it, Adam is now bringing up his dad, he says that his dad looked like Angel from ‘The Rockford Files’ and his buddy Chris’s father looked like James Garner, when standing together they looked like the cast of the show.

Adam has to explain this to BB who acts as if he wasn’t present or paying attention during the last live show.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Therabreath


3rd Caller Nick, he says he was watching a documentary on Jerry Rice that needed with his time on Dancing with the Stars and he wants to know if Adam wants to be remembered for his experience on that show.

Adam is sharing the legacy of his grandfather and his writing and how he’s only remembered for ‘The Mole People’ and Gina asks how Adam will be recalled.

Adam says whatever it is they will fuck it up, Adam says the only way to structure anything that means anything to you is to do it yourself.


Adam is sharing the sales deck that needed to be put together, Adam said he had to review it with a fine tooth comb and add ‘ITunes Podcast of the Year’ and the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ in there too.

Adam has a funny Danica McKellar reference, gold!

Adam is describing his efforts to put the most famous foot forward.


Adam jokes about how he’ll be remembered, a fan of the passion fruit.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Ted 2’

BB has the details, Adam says he saw the early cut of the first movie during preview screenings, and he never saw the final cut.

BB asks if that bumped him, Gina shares her appreciation for the first one, Adam is trying to be positive and BB breaks down the plot.


Adam explains he missed the premier due to the live show at the Irvine Improv, Adam is asking if this movie is suffering from its predecessor and wants to know if the jokes are lesser or not.


BB says he loved ‘Ted’ but the jokes didn’t land in the sequel, Adam is commenting on the role novelty plays in entertainment, the Jamais vu effect.

Adam says Seth works with the same guys and doesn’t believe the movie can’t be bad, BB breaks down the plot weaknesses and is picking apart the plot framework.

Adam is commenting on Mark Wahlberg still playing himself while playing his character in the movie, Adam uses Burt Reynolds to make a point about the tangential universe where Burt isn’t a famous actor.


BB quotes the Charlie Hebdo joke from the movie, Gina asks about pot and explains he’s not an expert on that kind of partying.

Gina shares an anecdotal account of the film from a sober and not sober friend, Adam agrees that pot makes everything better and they both have stumbled onto that very same Jamais vu topic, it stimulates the amygdala which controls novelty.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Draft Kings Fantasy Golf Contest

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Dani making her ACS debut, they come back to a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro that she seems to enjoy.

Adam gives a nice plug for her book.

Adam is asking her about “the rules of comedy” and asks her about teaching comedy at UCLA.


Dani’s now explaining the main rules of comedy and explains how they tie into marriage, BB has some follow up questions about the course.

Adam wants to hit those rules again, Adam is commenting on how gay couples might stand a better chance of longevity than different sex/gender couples.

Adam is explaining how things “mean something” to his wife that don’t have any inherent meaning from his POV.


Adam is now curious if lesbian couples last longer than gay male couples, Dani shares her anecdotal knowledge and Gina confirms it.


Adam is commenting on gay couples that have separate bedrooms and they fuck in the kitchen, Adam is recalling building separate beds for a gay couple.

Adam is asking her what guys need to do, she says that impulse control and thinking before you speak is the most important tip.

Adam comments on that being beaten out of men and how it goes along with them losing the lust for life, Adam is commenting on how men can’t be programmed so selectively, when you try and tamp out one thing you might extinguish others.


Adam is now commenting on how he couldn’t get the universal remote to shut off the TV and describes shutting off the amp and accidentally shut off his wife’s TV too.

Adam jokes about the hopes for a robotic/automated future will always end with you being raped by a terminator in act 3.

Adam is now describing how his wife addressed him and he was trying to tell her how to turn the amp back on, she fired back with a “What!?” and he decided to chamber it and not correct her.


Dani compliments Adam for doing that, she asks how breakfast was and if they talked, Adam explains she was still asleep.

Gina asks if Adam went to bed right away or was pretending to be out, he says it didn’t feel good and explains you need to understand who/what you’re married to and not internalize anything.

He says at that moment she was a full blooded Italian woman with a head of steam trying to solve the TV problem, he didn’t take it personally.


Adam is commenting on how men verbally abuse each other and how that toughens up their exterior and how women are often more catty or rude behind each other’s back.

Dani agrees and makes a point about men and women, Adam is talking about marriage and moving on, right or wrong, not letting things fester.

Dani agrees and makes a point about commitment, Adam has a killer “shouldn’t scream I wish I didn’t have kids with you!” one liner.


Dani asks about the most surprising things he and Lynette have done for each other, Adam says he’s woefully bad with those, Gina brings up the Dixie Chicks story, hilarious.

Adam talks about the guys he’s know who have a fair bit of chick in them, not pejoratively, it’s perhaps better, but it’s just different than him.

Adam is talking about his daughter and her pal making breakfast for them, Adam had to bail but had them present it to Lynette.


Adam talks about his wife staying home during his last race, he shares his distaste for mother’s day, father’s day and birthdays.

Dani is commenting on this and Adam is now sharing his “if you tell me you don’t like guacamole I don’t believe you” theory on being set in your emotional ways.

Gina asks about a lack of empathy, Dani is now asking about Adam’s joy of celebrating her birthday, Adam says he’s not tough and it has no meaning to him, he would rather see her achieve something, aging doesn’t feel like an accomplishment.


Adam says he fakes it and talks about building a beautiful rope swing the other day, it felt good and says he took her with him while he was measuring their land to figure out what size of house they’re going to build.

Dani is talking about the difficulty of commitment and Adam says you should spend your entire relationship trying to be more like the person your partner wants you to be, hopefully meeting in the middle before you die.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the cloud of debris that was thrown into the “catch fence” during the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, Gina sets up the clip and BB brings up Jurassic Park.

Gina says that 13 people were evaluated and declined treatment, Gina shares how NASCAR addressed the confederate flag displays, which has now caused the exact situation they were trying to avoid, BB remarks on the upside down California flag that’s apparently visible.

Adam has a killer “or something that rhymes with ways” one liner


2nd Story is on man who was reunited with a middle school classmate when being sentenced by a Miami Judge, Gina plays the clip from the courtroom.

Adam jokes about avoiding the school to prison pipeline for 32 years, Adam comments on how this is bound to happen, BB asks if they ever run into people they know from childhood.

Gina has all of the details and Adam says he would base most of the punishment on the burglary charge.


3rd Story is on the statistics of women changing their last names after marriage.

Adam is commenting on the thinking about this, he mentions careers and what would be most advantageous for the kids.

Adam says you should also weigh what sounds the best, Adam has a killer “McCool vs. Semen-Moccasins” example, hilarious!


Adam is commenting on how women typically want to get married more often than men, Adam is now using the statistical averages and how they don’t need to be turned into pejoratives, a woman’s biological clock and processes are to be considered and respected, it important.

Adam is commenting on how nice it is being white where he can insult people of his same race, he comments on Tony Villaretardo running for state governor.

Adam is commenting on his legacy of incompetence and how they’ll all need to leave the state.


4th Story is on the older sister of the Charleston shooter setting up a GoFundMe page for her honeymoon that disrupted by her brother’s crimes.

Adam is commenting on the spouses who are supposed to be there to prevent you from doing stupid things, Adam jokes about the 10th and 11th victims in Charleston being her and her pal Becky who didn’t get to catch a bouquet.

Gina quotes a comment from the page, Adam says the first question is if the world even knows if you exist, if not and your brother is a crazy racist terrorist, perhaps don’t draw attention to your connection to him.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam plugs Take a Knee with Mario Lopez

Adam plugs both his book and Dani’s and BB closes the show with Adam’s “God it’s so good being white” comment.