Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 370

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 370

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Theo Von

Recorded 07-05-2016 – Release Date 07-06-2016

Production Number #370 – Aerodynamicized / Very Deaf Looking (With Theo Von)

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Adam opens the show fresh from Europe with fan favorite Theo Von returning to the ADS, Adam says they might not even be kindred spirits but people just like him on the show.

Adam brings up Dr. Drew’s controversial appearance on Theo’s podcast, where he made the comment about Teen Mom after it was leaked to the media.

Theo talks about the pointers that Drew gave him about dealing with Adam, Adam is now commenting on Drew’s decade long campaign to convince the world he’s an asshole.


Adam has Gary get on mic and he brings up the 3 year favored nations deal they had at LoveLine, Adam says when you do a tag team you must do it this way, unless Drew Carey and Theo Von finally team up for that big gameshow, Theo would be paid less, he’s less established.

Adam is making a point about LoveLine and how he grew the show with this comedy and instincts, Adam explains how they lowered his million-dollar salary to 325k per year or less, refusing to explain to him why.

Adam asks where is LoveLine now and Gary asks what is LoveLine, ouch!


Adam is now sharing how he approached Drew with the renegotiation and how he told him to not sign his contract before they came up with a plan, he says they had gone a year without contracts and Drew who is supposedly intimidated by Adam.

Adam says he found out from their old shared radio agent who Adam shit-canned after learning Drew re-signed his contract without talking to Adam.

Adam says Jimmy Kimmel wouldn’t do that in a million years and he paints a funny scene straight out of a ‘Taken’ movie or ‘Syriana’ and Adam explains how most people wouldn’t have spoken after that, Adam didn’t like what he did but decided to overlook it and move on.


Adam explains how much the radio agent lost for simply not picking up the phone and speaking to him, Adam explains what James Babydoll Dixon would have come up with and his reaction to this bad deal.

Adam explains how he insisted they re-pay him for his lost wages and he explains how Babydoll kept saying it was a signing bonus, Adam wanted the exact different he wasn’t paid and Theo asks why they call him Babydoll.

Theo brings up how Dutch people resemble the deaf, the volume of Gary’s voice laughing from the booth would be heard by even those without cochlear implants, my god he loved that funny observation, hilarious reaction from the booth.


Adam jokes about the Dutch and how they’ve Aerodynamicized themselves out of evolution, they’ll cut right through some wind according to Theo.

Theo says he used to ride his bike through the hood as a kid, he would let kids ride on his buddy pegs and handlebars, hilarious “Light Rail” riff with Adam.

Adam says people forget how much doubling and tripling down on bicycles people used to be Adam says brothers don’t have their bike ratio worked out, either stealing a bike while on another bike or multiple black guys on a single bike, they can’t quite get it to match up, the person to bike ratio.


Adam talks about stacking up dudes after a jump/drop off where they would jump bikes, The Moor Park Drop Off and Theo tells Adam about feeling a breast bud on a peer as an adolescent.

Adam is bringing up Dr. Drew’s take on child on child sexual abuse and Theo quotes an old rule about sleeping hole to hole, pole to pole but never pole to hole when bunking up with his childhood pals.


1st Caller Jeff, he wants to know about Theo’s time on ‘Road Rules’ as he was a part of one of the definitive casts in the show’s history.

Theo says he got cast in a game show and he explains how they would get anyone to drive the tour bus, he says he dared the driver to stay up for as long as he could, after 2 1/1 days the guy went crazy, he choked a woman out for shitting on the bus.

Instead of a ‘Road Rules’ story he told a different story, Adam is now quoting Mr. Toomey/Toomey who denied him access to algebra and the advanced math’s that he’s now well versed in.


Jeff wants to know when Adam is coming back to town, they miss him in Atlanta and Adam brings up the now closed down “Ski Chalet” he performed at, he tells Adam about seeing him at the Tabernacle theater.

Jeff shares how his wife reacted to Adam’s hilarious comedy set after protesting about not wanting to go, she then claimed Adam was staring at her but.

Adam admits that possible and he talks about the male gaze and how it’s not really staring, it’s monitoring and observing and he lists a bunch of automotive examples.


Adam is now doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Heat coming through the glass, nothing sadder than shag carpet bleached out in a motel room edition


Adam and Theo talk about the quaint notion of a peeping tom, they riff about the bygone era of simple peeping, Adam would rather someone gazing upon him than to be assaulted with a hammer without reason.

Adam says he was a peeping tom, he explains how they knew where the cute girls lived and where their bedrooms were, Adam says in the modern era why go out and beat off in the bushes with a nearby raccoon to witness it when you can see Kim Kardashian get plowed by Ray J.

Theo talks about the romantic nature of Adam and the Raccoon.


2nd Caller Doug, he sounds like a smooth jazz radio DJ and Doug rolls with it nicely and the it quickly becomes annoying.

He wants to know about Adam firing off extra urine “salvos” as he’s described in the past and how to compensate for the extra spray and stream.

Adam recommends pissing in the sink, he says if you’re 6 foot or taller enjoy pissing in the sink and enjoying pissing the yard if you’re a homeowner.


Adam is now listing off some standard construction measurement building codes, it’s universal across the board and he explains why.

Adam talks about torso vs. leg height, he is now trying to break down the math of how one must be 6 foot 8 or taller to use the kitchen sink for urinating.

Adam is riffing with Theo about how Penn Jillette is the only sized man who can really take advantage of pissing in his kitchen sink.

Nick has a joke and chimes in.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam tells them to get rid of some callers.


3rd Caller Jake, he wants to know about leasing a car vs. buying one and Adam explains how it’s a tax loophole and argues against the shitty people in the audience who critique him for having his wife drive a company car.

Adam is not for offshore accounts and money laundering, he does understand people trying to combat the government who is constantly trying to rape him, he is willing to give 40 cents on every dollar, but he is being asked to give 51 and now he must hire a guy to find ways to get that lower within the crazy rules the government made up.

Adam is now asking Jake about being a government contractor, he says they’re updating nautical charts and Theo mocks him with a “charts, huh!?” and Adam goes back to Jake asking him about the need to chart stuff that’s already been charted, re-charting the pre-charted?


Adam jokes about guys dressed like the flying Dutchman showing up at his door and Adam asks him about wrecked vessels they find over time, even stuff from Pre WW1 that was thought lost forever.

Adam says he would go with a purchase and tells him to use True Car.


Adam is now doing a Webley Live Read

Be your own boss even if you can’t get on your own computer like Adam edition


Adam is asking Theo about his upcoming standup schedule and shows, Adam is sharing how local radio tours work and how they end up taking a week of your time to promote the shows and stay through Sunday night with multiple shows.

Adam is talking about hiring guys like Artie Lange to play the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, they got nothing to do and a stack of cash, Theo says he’s heard of comedians who have lost their paycheck before ever checking into their rooms.

Adam is talking about the relative price of cocaine over the past 3 decades, he can now afford coke that it’s $30-40 a gram, it was over $100 a gram when he was digging holes for a living, Adam says he was aware that two lines of coke was relative to 5 hours spent underground.


Adam says he would even do that with the cost of an Amstel lite at a bar, Adam says don’t even bring up Sushi, everything was measured in “hole time” and Theo brings up hookers and measuring that by the hole as well.

Adam gives out some plugs and asks Theo about Howie Mandel, who has a new granddaughter apparently and is really into his family unit.

Adam praises the Jews and their family structure, Adam jokes about Hitler on a Holiday and he plugs some upcoming shows.