Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2016 – Alonzo Bodden and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2016 – Alonzo Bodden and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alonzo Bodden and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-05-2016 – Release Date 07-06-2016

Production Number #1852

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Adam opens the show to a wicked “everyday was independence day” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam welcomes BB and Gina to the show and BB has an Alonzo Bodden #TopDrop and Adam brings up his feelings about filmic themes and how something like a movie about Benghazi would of course be met with a tepid reaction due to the political left.

BB has his own point about a documentary made by the son of the late great Nora Ephron and he dares critics not to give that movie a positive review in contrast to what Adam was saying.

Adam says it’s pretty simple and critics happen to left leaning types of people, it’s really easy math and he says a movie about tortured prisoners in Abu Ghraib would get a higher score than ‘American Sniper’ and he uses the actual scores to prove his point to a slight suspect BB.


Adam says it’s not even a judgement, more of an observation about behaviors.

Adam jokes with BB about prepping for the game before he showed up, very funny riff about Adam’s lack of preparation for all thins.

Adam sings the praises of Pixar movies and he comments on the low score of ‘Cars’ in comparison to the other movies made by the studio, he says he’s figured out that it’s because critics aren’t into cars or mechanics.


Adam says that ‘Cars’ is every bit as great as the rest of the Pixar movies, BB disagrees, what!?

Adam says this theory is that ‘Cars’ is only slightly worse than the rest of the pack of Pixar movies, they should get 100% and this should get 90%, Adam says this story is about a successful person and not about someone who is a victim or trying to find a parent or something lost.

Adam says he was surprised by the 25% drop for ‘Cars’ and Gina brings up all of the Albert Brooks movies that just got flooded onto Netflix.


Adam is talking about having some live Maine Lobster shipped to his house, he recreated a scene out of the movie ‘Annie Hall’ and Adam says he would never do this, order them, he says don’t do any favors for him, Lynette offered to have them taken to the butcher to be chopped up and prepared.

Adam says you can’t sleep on lobsters, you either got to cook them or find a live manatee next door that is hungry, Adam got the lobsters from Rob and he says he had to cook them one at a time.

Adam describes Sonny’s reactions and Adam says he squandered a window, the lobsters start to wake up and acclimate and move around, stretching, you need to get them from container to pot right away.


Adam says Natalia of course wanted to throw it in the pot and kill it, Sonny didn’t want anything to do with it, Adam says his kids are getting on to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ he wanted to try ‘This is Spinal Tap!’ but instead decided upon ‘Defending Your Life’ and Adam is now quoting the movie along with BB.

Gina watched it too, it’s one of her favorite movies and Sonny found it on Netflix, within days after it was added to the service.

Adam is going over some of his favorite jokes, everyone else is peppering in more jokes, they’re all throwing out great jokes from the picture. Gina and Adam disagree on a joke from the movie, they both heard different words.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live read

Gina has another challenge question, can oil filters last for 10,000 miles?

Adam talks about the magnets that now are added to filters, Gina corrects the joke from the movie and it’s ‘The Inner Circle of Thought’ and Adam says if they were at lunch he would have never corrected her but he released listeners would be paying attention to her mistake and want him to correct her.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he brings up Adam’s “Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best” slogan and asks for a free shirt or hat in exchange for a copy of ‘Sex Boat’ and Adam jokes about the movie using “top, bottom and missionary critics” and Adam realizes Matt’s never heard of ‘Sex Boat’ to which he replies with the movie ‘Boat Trip.’

Adam is now talking about ‘Boat Trip’ and he marvels that the film was made in the modern era, 2002.

Adam goes off on the movie and then moves onto how kids won’t have their first porn movie in the future, BB isn’t sure if they still make feature length porn and Gary gets on mic with a simple and hilarious “yes.”


Adam talks about the bygone era of porn and Gary is now talking about the market for HD films and content, leading to new movies and high end productions which is alive and well.


Adam is back to the caller and he asks if it’s a “box set” and Adam tells him he likes Sex Boat but it’s not worth that, Tom agrees.

Adam is joking about Gina muffing a line from ‘Sex Boat’ and correcting her on that, BB jumps in and adds to the comedy, Adam is now riffing about waffle house and how simple and evocative the name is, akin to sex boat.

Adam says most porn tittles are take offs from existing brands and media.


BB says he went to see ‘The BFG’ and brings up a trailer he saw for a film titled ‘Monster Truck’ where a monster drives a truck, BB says he’s convinced the title came first for this movie, before the script.

Matt says the trailer is like something you see in a movie spoof, Gina asks a follow up and the move on.


2nd Caller Nate, Adam and BB signs his wife’s pregnant belly, he wants to know what they do for a name these days when it comes to naming kids.

BB says him and his wife are trying to keep their baby name a secret, Adam asks what part and BB says the name, Adam’s silence speaks volumes.

Adam says your baby name secret is safe with him like your idea for a reality show, he doesn’t care.


Adam talks about all of his friends with 9-10-year-old kids with Zoe and Chloe names for their kids, Gina says it’s the same thing with vintage names and Adam talks about how many Jennifer’s and Michelle’s he knew while in school.

Adam says you don’t want your kid to have the worlds coolest name as they will coast on it, when you name a kid “Jermajesty” they will coast unlike someone with a regular plain name like ‘Stacey’ which Adam recommends for a name.

Adam brings up how he learned of the name Natalia, from the actress on Saved By The Bell The New Class.


Adam says if you just take Carolla and put it in a vacuum you know it’s an Italian name, his first name threw people off hence he chose Sonny to answer Gina’s question.


3rd Caller Jason, he wants Adam’s take on ESPN’s the Body Issue, Adam jokes about Matt Fondiler rejecting their calls as Adam is too busy.

Jason brings up the nude photos and bare male assed Conor McGregor, Adam jokes about praying for a little back sack and says everyone needs clicks and downloads, skin is the best way to get hype and attention, it’s just the way humans are.

Adam is with the audience, he doesn’t want to have to picture Connor posing nude, not the Connor he knows.


Adam says that when you see a picture of Conor’s ass, it’s not going to be a revelation, it’s going to look like you expect, exactly as you expect.

BB brings up Vince Wilfork posing and they move on after he describes his physique to Gina.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Movies Set in Hawaii Edition


Adam talks about being pressed for time and being in an uncomfortable conversation where you had to rush through it so you could move on, Adam ran into a friend while in Cannes and he had to go meet a guy at a shop and was told about having his appendix burst while on vacation in Hawaii by that guy which Adam also had to rush through instead of asking follow up questions.


1st Movie ’50 First Dates’ (2004)

Adam says this is a very nice Adam Sandler movie and he comments on the insane violence found in most of his movies, citing ‘Mr. Deeds’ and how you would feel about a friend you had in real life who did that stuff.

Adam says he caught the last 8 minutes of ‘Octopussy’ and he observed that grip was the most important attribute for action movies heroes, it’s always the grip, more than biceps or physique.

Adam talks about the bad guy sending a henchman after James Bond after he’s already survived to clinging on the plane for so much time, proving he had superior experience and grip strength.

Adam is now setting up the ending of ‘Octopussy’ and he’s providing light commentary and telling Gary to go back 4 minutes, Matt brings up ‘Moonraker’ and Gina has him repeat that title, did she think he said “raper?”


Adam is now doing more commentary over Roger Moore in the ending to ‘Octopussy’ and they move on, Adam gives his remaining thoughts on ’50 First Dates’ and he says it’s before Sandler started to slide theatrically.

Everyone weighs in, Matt reveals the movie is rotten.


2nd Movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ (2008)

Adam likes the move and BB protests too much about the penis scene, everyone weighs in and they move on.


3rd Movie ‘The Descendants’ (2011)

Everyone gives their take on the movie and they make their guesses.


4th Movie ‘Godzilla’ (2014)

Adam says the problems with all of these movies is that they are immune to military weaponry, he thinks we could “get ‘em” and BB laments Cranston’s limited time on screen.

Adam goes low with 54%.

Matt has the actual score, Adam says he saw it and kind of liked it, BB weighed him down and screwed him on this one.


5th Movie ‘Aloha’ (2015)

Adam goes with 11% and BB shares his limited plane options, he chose the Entourage movie over this flick and he loves Cameron Crowe.

Adam gets the results from Gary, surprising game.

BB comments on Cameron Crowe losing his fastball as a director, BB loves ‘Vanilla Sky’ and so does Gina, Adam recalls the car Tom Cruise was driving in the accident scene but doesn’t recall seeing the movie.

Matt hates the movie and won’t spoil the twist ending that lost him, he hates that gimmick he’s vaguely eluding to.

Gary has the info about Tom’s car in the movie and the GTO manufacturing years.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Ray would never invent a product and start a company to protect Adam like this guy did edition

Adam gives out the plugs for Matt and they wrap up the first half of the show, they head to break and into an ad for Car Cast.


They’re back form break with a listener voicemail suggesting a new slogan “if you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em” that’s only vaguely racist.

Adam plugs Alonzo’s new show and says it’s the best possible venue for his interests, expertise and comedic stylings.

Alonzo tells them about building an apache helicopter and Adam says he would make the worst henchman as he would have way too many questions and follow ups.

Alonzo is making his 15th appearance on the ACS, his 14 previous visits are available via the PodcastOne Premium subscription and via the archive.


Adam says he would also make the worst military commander or solider as he would suggest multiple attack vehicles, we have more than one apache to use against Godzilla.

Adam comments on the “take care of her” instructions for henchman that can be mistaken for various different orders.

Adam saw Alonzo on Jay Leno’s garage, he comments on being 2 for 3 and says he did guess the third car too, Jay talked him out of his own answer.


Adam says Jeff Foxworthy did the same thing to him when he was on ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ and talked him out of his original and correct answer.

Adam and Alonzo comment on the phrase “it’s a doozy” coming from Duesenberg’s, Adam is now sharing how the Ferrari log and Porsche share a horse, Adam does some Jay Gibberish and explains how Jay will surprise you with factoids and brain teasers like that from time to time.

Adam asks Alonzo what he’s driving, he tells them about his 300 horse power BMW SUV, he says his car tends to sit in the garage and go to waste, Adam asks if Alonzo ever rides with DAG, he says no and they mock Adam for the racial presumptions implied by the question.


Adam calls DAG the black Norm MacDonald when it comes to stability and reliability, Adam talks about Norm not driving as a rule, Alonzo brings up the guys who have given up their cars and only use smartphone apps and car services.

BB chimes in and Alonzo explains how he started using Lyft after a guy drove form Pittsburgh and got him, he says that when you’re out in Freedom Pennsylvania you are kind of stuck.

Adam has a funny “May I Dance with Your Date?” quote and Adam asks Alonzo if he has a spindly white guy voice for ordering cabs, Alonzo is riffing about cab drivers who keep their seats all the way back to give their “papers” legroom.


Adam brings up the driver who was in full recline and was reluctant to even go forward by one click, Adam is sharing the photos and mocking the horrible driver.

Adam says nobody conducts less business than these cab drivers with their ironic mobile offices.

Ada masks Gary about a clip, he says he didn’t know they were going to do it and promises to pull it up, Adam is mocking Gary as he suggested the clip.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the latest in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Email server and the F.B.I.’s decision to not file charges nor prosecute her in anyway.

Gina explains more of the details and Adam talks about the emails that were mass deleted by her staff and how suspicious that part seems, since those were never recovered.

Alonzo chimes in and explains how plain dumb this is, he brings up the partisan politics element of this and brings up how this would have gone down with George Bush with a left leaning investigation.


Adam is riffing up the idea of an “Umpire New Network” where an umpire can rule what the narrative is, take the Fox News side of the story and contrast that to the Huffington Post version, which is closer to the truth.


Gary has more details and Adam says this won’t stop Trump’s “crooked Hillary” narrative.


2nd Story is on the Donald Trump tweet with the star of David included, Gina has the details on the origin of the racist meme and explains how he covered it up with a new tweet with an altered image.

Gina explains the meme, attempts to and Adam asks what Trump means by this, Adam is unclear on the intent of this and could buy that he knowingly did it.

Gina explains how often the star is mistaken for a Sherriff’s badge, Alonzo says just stay away from your Nazi related images.


Adam is now suggesting they should circumcise the sheriff’s badges so they can be used as emergency throwing stars while in battle with criminal assailants, a last ditch weapon option.


3rd Story is on a man who accidentally shot and killed his son while shooting at a firing range, Gina quotes the man who says the gun didn’t kill his son, he did.

Adam is now bringing up smart guns and how nobody will sell them, he says everyone shakes their head and doesn’t get why the NRA won’t budge on them, Adam says they do have a point and they’ve realized the government is relentless when it comes to rules and regulations and they’ll never budge.

Adam says on one hand he’s not a fan of the NRA on the other hand he sees how the government won’t quit and will take everything, Adam comments on the animal nature of humans and the dad going to address the burning flesh and accidentally shooting his own son.


Adam is commenting on driverless cars and the fatality comparison to human drivers and error and how some people will always turn their nose up at the stats, just like primitive natives afraid of anything different.

Alonzo brings up the guy who died while in autopilot mode driving his Tesla, Adam and BB riff about the ‘All State commercial’ where they address this, hilarious back and forth.

Gina has the rest of the details, she says the casing fell into the back of the father’s shirt, Alonzo gets some “yeah but still” instructions from Adam.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Ranker Podcast on PodcastOne


4th Story is Joey Chestnut’s return to glory with the crown in Nathan’s annual hotdog eating contest.

Joey was previously on the ACS back in the KLSX days, he guested 5 times starting with June 15th 2006, a decade ago!

He came back on July 5th 2006 and then again on August 28th 2006.

He returned in 2007 during the ‘Red Menace” era of the show with Danny Bonaduce as a forced in third chair/wheel/lead guitar with bad strings, he returned on June 28th 2007 and then his final appearance on air with Adam was on November 2nd 2007.


What now feels like a Jack Silver mandated booking actually turned into a legendary bit as a hilarious guy would call in as Takeru Kobayashi, Joey’s former greatest challenger/opponent and past Nathan’s champion.

It turns out that guy was Jo Koy, most fans including myself had no idea until it was revealed much later on the podcast after Jo started guesting just a few years ago, weird and long Carolla podcast history all related to Mr. Chestnut.

Adam says that if any hetero guy was likely to be able to be talked into sucking his dick it would be Joey Chestnut; Adam is joking about the urethra not being rifled.


Adam says that as far as oral comes in terms of jobs, a guy eating hot dogs would be someone to shoot for, Adam talks about this being the most American of activities.

Adam wants to know what happened to Takeru Kobayashi and Gina has the details on Joey, saying he’s relatively fit and only 32 years old, man what have I done with my life…

Gina wraps the news with a hilarious riff of Adam and BB talking about how one learns they can swallow multiple hotdogs, this is something you got to learn at camp and not at the mess hall, although there will be a mess.


Adam and BB riff about Joey being tired at camp due to all of the “Activities.


Adam is doing a Bark Box Live read

Adam says his dog looks like Vince Wilfork


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show as Alonzo thanks them for his Ace Award and he tells them about his motorcycle, that one the ugliest bike in a show.

See the photos on the website, wow this bike is intense.

Adam is sharing his reaction to those bikes when he drove an Isuzu Trooper and he realized the bike was more powerful than his car.

They’re all commenting on the bike and his mechanic’s plan to repaint and build the bike to resemble the current incarnation of the hulk.


Adam plugs the upcoming Vegas Live Show, along with the Live ‘For Crying Out Loud’ coming up in L.A. and BB steps in to explain the venue for their that FCOL.