Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2015 – Charles Johnson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2015 – Charles Johnson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Charles Johnson

Recorded 07-05-2015 – Release Date 07-06-2015

Production Number #1609

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Adam opens the show to “fireworks scare his dog to death” intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB mentions a fan named Cody, he runs and Adam Carolla themed Facebook page and BB plugs his fundraising page, he’s going through cancer and needs support from fellow fans.

BB comments on the beach he saw of Adam at the beach in Malibu, Adam was planning on visiting the colonies in the fanciest part of Malibu.

BB is asking a Rich guy question about owning beaches, Gina explains that private beaches aren’t truly private and anyone can set foot on the property.


Adam talks about people renting these place for the summer and says that Phil Rosenthal set them up, he was planning on going to Bill Simmons rental about 3 miles down PCH.

Adam is reading the stats from Gary, Rob Reiner rents his smallish place in the Colonies for 100k per month, and Adam is breaking down the real estate costs and extrapolates the value to the sale price.

Adam says they heard Justin Bieber was next door, they both didn’t care about him but wanted to see him, Adam says they instead hung out with Paul Reiser and now Adam is describing the stairs that were blocked by security.


Adam is describing Paul’s new boxer puppy was tormenting Sonny, Adam told them to chill and liked the dog fucking with Sonny, he was amused by it.

Adam is describing the way the dog picked Sonny as his victim and is killing it with the description of the events, he says it was fine and the dog was doing what dogs do, and Gina asks if any mounting was involved.

Adam is explaining that much like a dog it had chosen it’s one “target” and was hassling Sonny all day.


Adam is describing the fireworks barge and how they park it outside the beach, Adam says this is the one “here ya go” freebie from the home owners association for the billions in taxes they provide.

Gina is telling them about corn holing over the weekend, the game relax!

She describes her full grown dog having a panic attack from the fireworks, Adam says that Molly doesn’t freak out and isn’t wired that way, BB brings up his dog and tells them about the two frozen banana stands on Balboa Island.

Gina and BB both reference ‘Arrested Development’ and Adam asks him about the house he was staying at, he says they saw 5-6 different firework shows.


Adam is talking about the nice element of Americana, he says douchebags look down on it and he further describes how kind and laid back everyone was, Adam is arguing against the Thurston Howell view of rich people that many non-wealthy people have.

BB says the kids were being nice, not even a shitty teenager to be found.

Adam says there is nothing wrong with this country and Gary is now sharing some of Lynette’s social media photography of their day out.


Adam is now doing a Blue Apron live read


Adam talks about the confederate flag controversy and gets to the car from ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ and Gary now plays the car horn from The General Lee.

Adam says we simply replace the horn honk with the ‘Sanford and Son’ intro music, Adam says this would be a great meeting in the middle.


Adam is sharing how he was hanging out with Bryan after the show on Thursday night, Adam describes the live band Karaoke going on.

Adam is saying it was going great until someone played Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason’ and he comments on her winning a Grammy is an affirmative action win, Adam is commenting on the guilty old white people who vote on things based on trying to seem hip.

Gina admires Adam’s ability to hit the post while declaring it a piece of shit, Adam is still ranting over her song, Gary is telling him it won the Grammy in 1997.


Adam is talking about the guy who got up and chose this song was trying to elicit street cred for being progressive which actually makes him kinda racist and shitty.

Adam says this is why he would be a horrible bandmate, he notes ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease as a fucked out choice and says all fucked out choices are bad, in response to Gina asking about some Journey tunes over Tracy Chapman.

Adam forgets he sung ‘Summer Nights’ on Loveline in 1998 and we have the clip in full now.


Adam is talking about ‘Summer Nights’ being a hot chick karaoke song that a fat chick couldn’t get away with.

Adam says that ‘Give Me One Reason’ isn’t on anyone’s playlist, Adam says that if Lou Reed is in the rock and roll hall of fame than anyone who has picked up a guitar and can talk is now eligible.

Adam says that Lou Reed is so fucking bad they used a montage of him smoking to induct him in the hall of fame, nobody knows his music.


Adam says it’s unfair to give awards to these non-talents, Adam is commenting on Joan Jett and mocks the lyrics of ‘Cherry Bomb’ and her getting inducted with a cover song.

Gina is sharing her take on Joan’s cover of “everyday people’ and says she doesn’t like it despite liking Joan’s work, BB plays the “Macaroni and Cheese” drop.

Adam says it must be so great to be on the happy side of the cool guy spectrum, be able to pretend to be progressive and hip and enjoy the fake persona/lifestyle they’re creating.


Dawson gets on mic to give an educated opinion on Lou Reed and his work, Adam is mocking him for talking and smoking his way into a career.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam has some cocktails at Phil’s house, Lynette beat Adam out of bed today!

Adam jokes about her beating him in bed, like assaulting him.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Lee, he wants to know who doesn’t smile in response to the ‘Sanford and Son’ theme song, Lee compliments Lou Reed and his work in ‘Rock and Roll High school’ and gets to his question.

Lee wants to know where Ozzie’s at, Adam is commenting on Oswaldo and their on again/off again relationship, Adam is talking about he would arrive home to Ozzie chatting and not working.

Adam is sharing his take as the guy cutting checks and how he wants to see people working when he arrives.


Adam compliments Oswaldo and his work in ‘The Hammer’ and shares how someone tweeted him that the movie was airing on Starz, Adam says he was sent a screengrab of the movie with a “two star” ranking on Starz.

Adam was trying to figure out why he was getting a 50% rating and wanted to figure out if it was 2 out of 3,4 or 5?

Adam shares how he would rather have an extreme reaction, good or bad, not down the middle.

Adam wants to know why the network is rounding down, BB shares how Netflix rounds up and Adam is informed it was Cinemax, not Starz.

Adam says he talks to Oswaldo from time to time and lends him tools, he says he loves the guy and says you know who your friends are and what they’re about.

Gina compliments his wife and Adam is bitching about her abundant use of “White Diamonds’ perfume.


“White Diamonds smells like perfume that is meant to annoy” – Adam

BB recommends Ozzie’s IMDB page.


2nd Caller Reese, he asks Adam about giving people advice who let it go in one ear and out the other, Adam says he’s quit on many people, he explains he could have gotten many guys jobs and after about 5 attempts he let them flounder, as long as it’s their prerogative.

Adam tells him to calibrate his own divining rod and to be completely at ease with that person then talking shit about you, Adam is explaining that he’s fine with people claiming that Hollywood changed him.

Adam is now using the offer to work as a writing assistant as the catalysts for the person who has too much self-respect to lower themselves to work an above entry level showbiz gig.


Adam says that most people take their shitty tendencies to the fucking grave and will fight tooth and nail to not change bad behaviors that haven’t served them in life.

Adam tells Reese to sleep like a baby tonight.


3rd Caller Paul, he wants to know proper urinal etiquette, Adam is saying you should always go to the furthest side to avoid forcing the next guy into being your piss buddy.

Adam shares how he doesn’t like pissing into other dude’s piss, Adam is telling duded to flush their own urinal, Adam says he knows the guy doesn’t want to touch the handle, he doesn’t care, just do it!

Adam doesn’t want your piss spray on him, fuck you you’re not done, and Adam wants to find the parents of these people and says that when he’s in charge these people would be put down, he’s right.


Adam is now giving out some plugs for their 4 live shows in Las Vegas, Gina asks if Adam is going to get hypnotized, Adam says it doesn’t work on him.

Adam is sharing how he wears the Lord of the Jungle hat and explains how he’s now cap-less and this is a nice fitting hat.

Gina has a funny “should be bigger” idea for Adam’s small font name on his own hat, Adam is threatening to take a sharpie to it.


Adam plugs Take a Knee and Daddy Stop Talking

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Charles Johnson making his ACS debut, they return to a listener voicemail with an idea about opening a dialogue about race.

Adam is sharing how he once screwed around with a black chick and a white chick, Adam’s infamous non-threesome story, one gal was heavy set btw.

Chuck is now breaking down how he was banned by twitter for free speech, he explains that typing “take him out” regarding research was then used to claim he was making threats of violence.


Adam is bringing up the double standard of Spike Lee tweeting out the wrong address for Zimmerman and how that would have gone if it were trump.

Adam asks Chuck what he’s going to do with the red hair and white skin he’s going to be labeled as a racist, he mentions his Asian wife and how people are always trying to throw that label at him.

He wants to know what he must do to then be viewed as non-racist, Adam says that marrying an Asian lady makes you whiter.


Adam is talking about Asian people and how they’re success kicks them out of the minority category, Chuck agrees and he shares how he used his account to find truth and bust liars.

Adam talks about the news and how they use stories to get eyeballs and attention, Adam mentions Pat Tillman and the complex story behind his tragic end.

Adam is now sharing how he still views Pat as a hero despite him being killed by friendly fire, even if the news media does not or can’t sell that story.


Chuck is crushing it, he’s got facts and Adam is bringing up the Duke Lacrosse coach who was fired and blackballed based on a lie told by a stripper, Adam says that guy didn’t do anything.

Chuck says that’s how it works and this is how they construct media narratives, Chuck says you used to be fired for being shitty at work, not for having shitty views.

Adam is commenting on how social justice warriors try and back pedal from the accusations and only dig themselves in deeper.


Chuck shares what he learned from Andrew Breitbart, Chuck explains how they want to do away with men’s rights at college campuses.

Chuck talks about the rolling stone story and the bogus rape case, Chuck is now quoting the woman who intended to take people’s rights away with her lie, he has the videotape.

Adam is commenting on how he needed to meet Hugh Hewitt in his studio parking lot as he can’t give out the address due to death threats.


Adam wants to know when the progressive left have redefined free speech, when they started going after people they used to defend, Adam wants to know when it turned into a narrative.

Chuck explains the left became the establishment and is now making a point about the CEO of Reddit and her bogus lawsuits.

Adam says once you call everyone a racist or a homophone you dilute the word and it loses all power and meaning, Adam says this is the salad days for actual racists.


Chuck shares how racists feel about this stuff and him as a person, Chuck says if everyone is a racist than nobody is.

BB is now commenting on the death threats for Hugh Hewitt, BB is commenting on the theatrical element of broadcasting and reporting like Chuck does.

Chuck shares the nature of threatening language and what is or isn’t legally actionable.


Adam is plugging Chuck’s website and references his lost unaired interview with NPR, Adam is now breaking down the interview and the landmine they planted, the “gotcha” questions.

Chuck says this is why he records all of his interviews with the press, so he always has the full unedited piece to prove what was actually said.

Adam is back to the NPR interview, Adam is commenting how John Waters interview aired but his didn’t.


Chuck says his company is now suing Gawker for claiming he shat on the floor and screwed a sheep while in college, Adam asks how the twitter ban even works.

Chuck is going in depth on it, he references Joss Whedon for what would be the 2nd time to happen in the last 3 weeks in the Carolla Digital studios, he was mentioned on a recent Ace on The House.

Chuck is going in depth on what was done to him by twitter and the “social justice warriors” who seek to end freedom of speech/thought, he explains who he is taking the fight to and mentions a lawsuit.


Gina asks if he ever regrets going forward with an item or story, he’s telling them about a guy who posed nude in college and says he screwed up on that one, he says he doesn’t really regret much.

Chuck shares how they were able to expose hypocrisy and lies in media, Adam talks about the lies for the greater good, he says he will tell his kids his dog went to heaven, he now cites the secondhand smoke death stats and references other “good lies” and further explains the logic that goes into lying for the greater good.

Chuck says that’s not the point of journalism, Adam agrees and they agree you should just go into government if that’s your level of thinking.


Adam is doing a Legal zoom live read


Gina asks if Chuck has ever considered running for office and he explains his politics, he makes some solid points and compliments the ACS with Ted Cruz.

Adam is talking about the rules of art, he uses a band writing a song by committee to make a point about boring the content is that comes from censorship.

Adam is further going through his analogy of your favorite artists hobbled by social justice warriors, Adam makes a point about the lack of honest thought and opinions in modern politics.


Adam wants to know what we’re really asking for, he wants to know if we want censorship and down the middle with everything in society.

Adam asks what the endgame is, he comments on the twitter jokes that were shelved in fear of upsetting certain groups.

Chuck shares his appreciation for the extreme sides of both parties, the middle is boring and useless.


Adam is asking why the sweet spot in the middle is the comfort zone everyone claims to want, Gina asks if this is going to turn around in response to the extreme pressure towards censorship.

Adam is commenting on the confederate flags being removed from Amazon, Adam says it’s a nice societal tell and can be used to identify racists.

Adam jokes about not having the cock shaped molds at your bakery if you don’t want to cater a gay wedding.


Adam talks about the all-female gym his wife belongs to, Adam is fine with not being allowed entry and says he doesn’t need to go burn down the gym.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda


Gina’s News

No news today


Adam is now giving out the plugs and mentions the new show from Skip and Alison Bedell ‘Hammer and Nails’ and BB has a telling “the lawyers finally said yes” comment that Adam responds to which now explains why the show has taken so long to be released.

Adam wraps up the show and plugs his wife’s efforts with Mangria, telling fans to come say hi while they’re in Vegas doing the live shows.

Chuck was a solid guest, this was better than his episode of the JRE and that was like 7x as long (guest portion) not bad.