Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2016 – Willy T. Ribbs, Live from Leicester Square Theatre in London

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2016 – Willy T. Ribbs, Live from Leicester Square Theatre in London

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Willy T. Ribbs, Live from Leicester Square Theatre in London

Recorded 06-29-2016 – Release Date 07-05-2016

Production Number #1850

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Once again Adam introduces the live show, this time from the future, after the show had been recorded and he was back in the United States it seems, or he’s acting and pretending.


Adam is doing a couple of live reads including Zip Recruiter and Round Up

Adam on 30 sec window use after turning a car off and removing the key.


Adam gives out some plugs and wraps up the intro with a plug for the upcoming live episode of ‘For Crying Out Loud’ with his wife and Stephanie Wilder Taylor.


Adam opens the show with a great intro from Dawson, presumably written by Lynch.

Adam talks about flying in from Ireland and he says they hate the guts of the English people and Adam is now riffing about their feud.

Adam jokes about Catalina island being pissed about California, who cares.


Adam asks about Willy T. Ribbs and if the audience is familiar, he gives a quick recap of who he is and teases his arrival.

Adam wants a clip of Willy that Adam put together on the plane, a little montage package to introduce the crowd to Willy.

Adam ash a killer “if you don’t turn the lights on” joke about them not finding Willy due to his skin color, Adam is being pragmatic, not racist, they’re stealthy that way.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st WCACA The Goodwood Festival of speed, Adam mocks the locals who have never heard of the festival despite living in close proximity to it.

Adam is joking about being a tall glass of water, tap water.

Adam comments on now showering for the whole European trip and his effort to fit into the Newman car, he got pinched and injured by the car.


Adam is sharing how wild it was to drive the car up a driveway in the rain with racing slicks.


2nd WCACA Wimbledon, Adam immediately gets to female players having to stuff a spare ball up their cooze, then they have to figure out if the ball is on/in their pussy or asshole, Adam doesn’t know why they need an extra ball.

Adam mocks the logic and says he couldn’t serve very well with a ball up his ass, Adam says it’s weird to carry an extra ball and riffs about another sport having extra balls or pucks for hockey.

Adam likes that the trophy is a huge shield that you can eat crab off of, he doesn’t like the Wimbledon and Wembley Stadium, he gets confused.


Adam likes the grunting and says he’s now annoyed by it and jokes about watching it from his den and leading his wife to believe he was beating off; he was beating off but didn’t want to advertise it.

Adam is talking about the strong men competitions where the guys make almost no noise, Adam doesn’t approve of keg tossing normally as a rule of thumb, he doesn’t need some guy named Magnus messing up his kegger, holy shit this is hilarious!

Adam says other than that he has no feelings about it.


3rd WCACA European Union, Adam riffs about the pounds GBP they converted that dropped in value by half upon arriving at the next airport.

Adam jokes about asking for a raise of hands to see who voted which way and then have a group battle, Adam says that the UK doesn’t need to hang out with Europe, they’re a different class of people.

Adam says he barely got a boner while walking in the red light district, he had heard about it his whole life and jokes about the overweight women that he would have to be paid to fuck, funny euro callback.

Adam jokes about the Tranny alley full of dudes who look like John Lithgow.


4th WCACA The Lack of TSA at London Heathrow airport, Adam liked it and loves the automation, he contrasts it against the TSA in the states.

He describes the interaction with the TSA agent who wanted him to toss out his coffee and told him to go on and git, as first discussed on ACS #1738.

Adam has a killer horse in a western analogy and jokes about ‘Chief Proud feather” and improvises a hilarious scene between himself and the Chief, so funny.


Adam moves on and sets up a clip of Willy T. Ribbs kicking ass in the 1980’s, mowing through some gears!

Adam is doing live commentary over the clip, Adam address the widespread fan complaints of when he stands back silently and watches video, Adam tells people to look it up on YouTube and brings the man on stage.


Willy says he was waiting for Adam to talk about Serena Williams ass, he comments on her “house trailer” and Adam says he speaks for most white dudes and says it’s too much ass for us.

Adam doesn’t have enough cock in the bonnet.

Adam thinks the problem is that he just doesn’t have enough cock for the job, hilarious apex and racing terminology while Willy introduces the term Whooty, white girls with booty.


Willy says that Whooty is the black man’s kryptonite, Adam prays for the day when kryptonite is the black man’s kryptonite and not a fat ass, hilarious!

Willy is now walking Adam through his upbringing and Adam jokes about his father holding up liquor stores as he tells them about his early days of shooting.

Adam jokes about the unsuspecting quale that never saw black hunters coming, Adam takes it back to pussy and eating after Willy brings up the family meals.


Adam is now bringing up his old teammate “Squeak” who said he didn’t eat anything that got up and walked away, Willy now dispels the myth that all black men don’t eat pussy and even adds in a “rat with cheese” picture for everyone to imagine and mull over.

Adam riffs about it and Willy tells Adam about coming to the UK to race as a young man, he talks about his evolution in the different leagues of racing.

Willy explains his relationship with Paul Newman and Muhammad Ali, to contrast what different types of guys they are.

Willy explains how he first got a call out of nowhere from Paul who got him a sponsorship to come race and beat him.

Adam jokes about Willy not being paid for appearing tonight and they talk about his son the championship shooter, Willy’s son will shoot a terrorist’s balls off from stage left.


Adam is now asking about the racism in NASCAR and how he was received when he got on the scene, he’s got a “but that was cool” and the genetic malfunctions he understands regarding some of the more racist and close minded people native to this country.

Adam brings up Humpy Wheeler, he then adds in a fake uncle names “Brodie Knob” and Willy talks about how redneck the races were, he shares his hilarious reply to the first racist roadblock he got.

Willy says when someone says “you’re going to get what’s coming to you, that’s no good” and Adam jokes about the RLD and hearing the same thing.


Willy shares why he didn’t race the car they provided after the vague threats, Adam is talking about Willy’s nature and how he was a bit of an asshole himself at the time.

They riff about Bill Cosby and Willy has a great woozy one liner, he is now telling two stories, one story with Muhammad Ali and the other with Bill Cosby.

Adam asks about Bernie Ecclestone, the king of Formula 1.


Adam asks if he was the guy who wanted to break up the TV rights and cites some information as portrayed in the film ‘Rush’ and Willy says he has got to be packing, hilarious reply!

Adam comments on how it’s all cock talk with him tonight; Willy is now telling his Bill Cosby story.

Adam asks why it’s always some huge celebrity ringing up Willy out of the blue, Adam only hears form his mom wanting to borrow money.


Willy is telling the story of his first meeting with Bill Cosby, Adam is reacting to Willy stating that Bill Cosby will be appearing in the documentary, he shares his hilarious reply where he said he could record it from behind bars if they wait until the end, Adam has an honest and amazed reaction.


Ivan’s News

Adam says he doesn’t know Ivan and just met him when he was hanging out around the shop, Adam is joking about Aluminum and the proper pronunciation.

Adam mocks his huge mistake by bringing up WWII while in Amsterdam, hilarious description of what they did during the war.

Ivan brings up Adam’s cell phone call from ‘Goldie’ Penn’s manager who need some money that Adam owed him.


1st Story is on the Donald Trump visit to Scotland, Chris pulls up the photo of a person who stood behind Donald and used a static electricity balloon to raise his hair up.

Adam quotes his “like Don King” explanation for Trump, he really emphasizes how he stropped a man to death, Adam is now addressing the notion of “taking something back” like take our country back and what that actually implies.

Ivan brings up Boris Johnson and someone in the audience calls him a cunt, Adam is now joking about Nazi emblems on gold balls.


Adam is now talking about the giant guitars in mariachi bands, Willy doesn’t know what he’s getting at and he gets in a nice tootsie roll joke.

Ivan has even more tweets from comedians reacting to Trump, Adam now comments on the douchebags who are trying to make a statement and glom onto an asshole, why does everyone need to make a political statement.

Willy says that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are silent as they are already in the pocket of Donald Trump, wow!


Adam asks if they ever need a black leader in the U.K., we’re lousy with them and he can donate one.

Ivan says they are a lot more progressive over here, Adam says save that story for the next war and Ivan says that you were a bit late too, hilarious speaking Japanese joke from Adam.


Ivan wants to argue the use of cunt in the U.K. with Adam, Adam shares his theory about saving the power of a c bomb and not using it to complain about overcooked lasagna, Adam likes it to have the power and for it to be a punch to the cunt when used against a woman.

Ivan is arguing that it’s still a taboo word on television and in most circles, Adam wants to use cunt for the day he catches his wife blowing his best friend.

Adam says that Ivan is 6 minutes into the news and he’s heard it 130 times.

Adam cusses him out, hilarious!


2nd Story is on some of the new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary, including cunty, cuntish and cunted.

Adam calls Ivan a hypocunt or “hippocunt”, someone who is a hypocrite about cunt usage.

Willy is telling them about being called a WOG upon arriving in the U.K. in 1987 and Adam jokes about saying Wogga, instead.

Adam asks how many Urban Dictionary entries he has; he’s told he has 9.


Adam explains ‘Behymen’ to Willy and he quotes Chris Rock with a joke about flat assess.


3rd Story is on a BBC reporter who used the term “nonce” which Ivan explains; he gets to the pronunciation of pedophile.

Adam jokes about Willy’s range and how he can drive a podcast in addition to all of those cars.

Adam calls Ivan a Nonce and mocks his unsatisfying photograph.


4th Story is on Sarah Palin, Adam interrupts and says we don’t respect her and Willy asks if Adam’s had sex with her, what!?

Ivan explains how our political system translates to theirs, Adam predicts their doom and they talk about the use of the term “liberal” and “conservative” and how it all depends what dinner party you’re at.

Adam says that Sarah Palin is a joke to us, the equivalent of an exhibition in the Jim Rose Circus.


Ivan quotes her comments on Brexit and Willy even confirms that nobody in Texas takes her seriously, Ivan says he knows a brother who boned her, he says it was Glen Rice, Adam asks if he can smell his dick.

“he thawed that ice up” – Willy


5th Story is on a crocodile that was spotted prowling London’s docklands.

Adam is commenting how we must all presume they’re everywhere, Ivan has the reveal that it was just rope mistaken for one after Adam’s extended riff.

Adam is telling Ivan to knock if out the park if he’s trying to shit on the MLB, Adam defends American football and calls Rugby too homoerotic and says scrum sounds gay, hilarious.


Adam is telling Ivan that the tight shorts in rugby is too much, too homoerotic.

Willy is commenting on the Rugby uniforms and how black players couldn’t wear those shorter shorts, Adam jokes about NBA shorts and brothers changing things.

Ivan brings up the beefeater hat, he wants one black guy with his hair shaved into the shape of a beefeater hat, instead of wearing one, like topiary with afros.


Ivan reveals he plays tag rugby and he immediately defends himself for taking up the tag variant after 13 years of real rugby, he is myopic and he comments on the steep incline in skill from the collegiate level to the pro leagues.


6th Story is about Keanu Reeves extremely warm reception in England, Adam comments on how they hung out with him and interviewed him for the latest carcass. Adam thinks we’ll have nothing but celebrity dignitaries and figureheads in the future.

Car Cast #8.26

Willy says that Caitlyn Jenner will be in the documentary and he shares how he almost got into a fist fight with Caitlyn/Bruce.

Willy tells the story of exiting the parking lot and running into Bruce and his racing opponent, Willy shares his “you throw spears” reply and explains how he nearly got into a fist fight with Bruce Jenner in a parking lot in Portland Oregon.


Ivan asks about the Heathrow express and Adam jokes about that being his nickname for “Tag rugby” and he gets into another story.


7th Story is on the logo and announcement of ‘The Grand Tour’ and Adam is now mocking Ivan for his disrespect and fakery, Adam is crushing it.

Ivan tells them to stand on the left-hand side of the London underground, Adam jokes about getting an umbrella shoved up his ass, Ivan was purposely telling him to use the wrong side.

Adam is talking about Mike August and his horrific driving, Chris Laxamana quotes Mike August who shouted “Back to back world war champs” at a woman they nearly hit while driving the wrong way on a one-way road.


Willy shares what he learned about hand signals and crumpets upon moving to England in the 1980’s.

Ivan shares some classic slang and acronyms for getting busy, Adam has a solid c bomb as they wrap up the show, Adam tells people to keep an eye out for ‘Uppity…’ the title of his upcoming documentary, did they shorten it and lessen the impact? Is it in flux?

The show ends before we get the answer, fantastic live show, Ivan was even great too.