Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 252

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 252

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-30-2015 – Release Date 07-05-2015

Production Number #252 – Lazy River

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Adam opens hour #2 with a thanks for telling a friend/Get it on intro, he says he’s realized that advertisement campaigns don’t work like they used to.

Adam talks about the P&A (Prints and Advertising) campaigns that aren’t enough to overcome bad word or mouth, Adam says the only way a band can take off is with word of mouth.

Adam and Drew are now breaking down word of mouth, Adam says it’s good enough for a career but enough for single projects.


Adam shares the common story for how a comedian is able to build up a career, Drew asks Adam about his favorite young comedians.

Adam comments on the growth and development of Adam Ray and Brad Williams, Adam plugs Take A Knee with Sharon Levy, Drew has some even deeper knowledge of her career trajectory.

Adam talks about the need for a motor to get ahead, Drew is bringing up her education and says it’/s not just the motor, Adam doesn’t know that’s she well educated.
Gary is on mic confirming Drew’s angle, Adam says her college experience has nothing to do with her taking over Hollywood, Adam says her motor is first and foremost.

Adam asks Drew to guess who has 0 education but makes up for it with his faint outboard motor.

Adam is asking Drew if he could choose smart or a motor for his kids, Drew says smart is more important.


Adam is now playing a clip of Sharon on “Take a Knee” and she’s talking about learning of the term “backdoor pilot.”

Adam is sharing the method they use for recruiting bomb and drug sniffing dogs, Drew shares Natalia’s observations about his dog Rex, when she asked why Sonny can’t be more like the dog.

Adam is sharing his desire for an Envelope house, Adam is describing the various items she wants for the new house, he even quotes her hilarious “or we could put Sonny in the bathtub” one liner.


Adam likes that she’s busting chops now, Adam is breaking down the lengths she’s gone to describe the type of Lazy River she wants, not a mote.


Drew is doing an AVG live read


1st Caller Joe, his girlfriend is considering carrying a child for her gay ex-boyfriend, Joe’s sharing his feelings about this and the possible boundary violations.

Adam agrees with all of Joe’s feelings, Adam says that at age 25, this is a weird life detour, Drew agrees and now they’re breaking down this choice.

Adam says we’re in the era of “progressive hero” so these things that have felt like “What the fuck?” are now fair game and get you celebrated for embracing them.


Drew says when you start getting into a zone that becomes harmful for the child, Joe gets on the line to dispute what is or is not healthy for this hypothetical kid, see he’s gone to college so he knows more than Adam and Drew and their expertise, he then claims it’s not to be a progressive hero, he’s caught up in too.

Joe says they have had a good close relationship, Drew is now clarifying and Joe is failing to tell them about carrying the child and plays down the involvement angle.

Adam pitches “EggBay” once again and jokes about Sophia Vergara’s eggs.


Adam is saying why don’t we be super progressive and old timey at the same time, Adam says that once the gay couple is married and stable, then have kids, the same advice he would give any couple about having kids.

Drew is now offering up some practical advice about open adoptions and shares the nefarious path often emerges with these cases.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Simpli Safe Man


2nd Caller Jessica, she’s concerned about possible repressed memories from childhood, she recalls being told to stop touching herself, Drew explains how young children sooth themselves.

Adam shares how his son was grabbing his junk while holding court for the family, Adam had to tell him to quit holding his dick.

Drew is asking about her family history, Adam is backing him up and asks what the batting average is for being “concerned” about certain people.


Adam jokes about Sonny kicking hypothetical child molester Matt’s ass and now Adam is asking what Drew what good this can lead to.

Adam can’t tell you with certainty that he wasn’t molested at 6 months of age, someone could have diddled his ding dong, why not just abuse coworkers like Adam.

Drew has some insightful comments about how to deal with this stuff in therapy, Adam says it’s the “what’s in the hotdog theory of life” and says double up on the mustard and the onions and enjoy our lives.


Adam comments on the people who comment about him being an asshole or having bad oral hygiene, Adam says he can go back and think of people who have literally sabotaged him, Adam says it’s moving on time and says he doesn’t get the life of staring in the rear view mirror.

Drew brings up Adam’s bitching about now deceased relatives, Adam talks about his high school football memories empowering him.

Drew is now making a point about overcoming adversity, he’s sharing his son’s insight to getting past a reading problem, a broken femur and getting through college.


Drew shares how he almost fell off a cliff and explains how he had a life or death moment, he had to choose to live and keep going, he describes a naturally occurring chimney like structure and how time compresses when your life flashes before your eyes.

Adam talks about Drew’s son and his steady and measured approached that was forged in him, Drew says he doesn’t have that trait and Adam says merely having the “get the fuck to work” gene/ability.

Adam shares his desperate grasp for survival and Adam says he was only good at football and then ended up on the bench on the B team for high school.


Adam says that his dad is 140lbs of nothing and doesn’t possess a muscle, he needs two hands for a coffee cup, and he explains his mature decision to ride the bench for the Varsity team.


Adam is explaining why sitting on the bench in football is so much worse than baseball, Adam is talking about why baseball is geared towards hanging out.

Drew shares how a coach kept him from quitting, Adam explains how he was told to keep his weight down to make it as a start on the B team.

Adam says that was for losers, he wanted to play in the big game with the star players.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda

Drew wants one too edition

Adam talks about Chris Laxamana enjoying the Monterey Historic races and the various cheeses he finds there.


Adam is back to the “I willed myself” discussion, Drew shares his own experience with football during his freshman year.

Drew shares how he ended up becoming captain of the team and Adam is going over the program the Jr. High offered for weightlifting with a super-fast workout circuit.

Adam further describes the weight program at Valley College and waking up to go train.


Drew is now doing a live read for ‘Self/Less’


3rd Caller is not on the line asking about rights/privileges when it comes to marriage, Adam is talking about the in perpetuity you stay rich if this goes south element to marriage and how it’s not a helpful motivating factor in relationships.

Adam is sharing how a buddy of his has a metaphorical gun with one bullet for his marriage, it’s her taking half and getting sprayed with cash.

Adam talks about people who don’t need to hold up their end of the martial bargain who then get rich for helping said marriage fail.


Adam is talking about this cuts both ways and sharing an example of women he knows where their husbands are lazy and don’t contribute.

Adam tells everyone to be careful regarding the unintended consequences for requests and demands, Adam talks about the unions that bankrupted GM and left Detroit in the mess it’s in.

Adam talks about people who only can work fast food as a backup option and uses Chris and Matt as examples, saying they get half of the business if they get fired.


Adam is asking Drew what he would do and Adam says he’s the first to admit he would have taken a handout, Adam is now using Mario Lopez to make a point about reinvention and plugs his Take a Knee episode.

Adam is now giving out the plugs for upcoming live shows and wraps up the episode.