Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2013 – Mike Lawrence, Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2013 – Mike Lawrence, Live from Amalfi

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Guest Mike Lawrence, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 07-03-2013 – Release Date 07-05-2013

Production Number #1114

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Adam is opening the show with Mike Lawrence live from Amalfi making his ACS debut and he’s got a rant chambered in response to Olga preparing high grade chicken breasts for Molly.

Hilarious riff about Adam hiring someone from the audience to kill his dog and a great “Mendoza” topper from Mike who is unknowingly referencing the movie “A Low Down Dirty Shame” starring Keenen Ivory Wayans whose talk show Adam and Drew did several times in the late 90’s.


Adam is bringing up the fancy wet dog food for Molly now requiring diced fresh chicken, Alison has a wise follow up asking about Molly’s increasing snootiness, hilarious “flushed her down the toilet” reply from Adam, holy shit this is gold!

Adam’s fast forward of 4-6 months of what Molly’s tastes will have evolved too is painfully hilarious.


Adam is now asking Mike about his journey and getting some halfhearted responses, Adam’s now digging into Florida and explaining his childhood conceptualizing of vacation destinations.

Adam’s preconceptions about Florida vs. the reality he found is pretty great and Mike is backing him up before telling the gang about his dad.

Adam is explaining to Mike not to say “not a janitor” when discussing his dad and sharing the only other phrase that immediately makes people assume the worst.


They’re now in depth on Mike’s dad and Adam is connecting it to the time his ex-girlfriend punched him and the just desserts of the next guilt filled afternoon.

Alison has a solid question asking how to always find people when they’re remorseful and Mike has a solid Florida joke.


Adam is telling the gang and the audience about his most recent Kimmel visit and the Fund Anything campaign for his new film “Road Hard”.

He’s breaking down the brutal almost 4yr fund raising process for “The Hammer” and how superior this new crowd funding revenue model is.

Adam is now setting up the crowd sourcing video starring him and Bryan Cranston filmed at Bryan’s house, they’re now playing the video in full.


Adam is now giving the backstory on how the video came about, including Bryan’s work in an upcoming “Big Lizard” movie.

Adam has some closing kind words for Bryan along with a thank you for helping expedite this new movie and its production.


Adam is telling the gang about hanging with Armie Hammer backstage at Kimmel, BB saw “The Lone Ranger” and is teasing his “Hooray for BaldyWood” coming up next week.

Armie was just listening to Adam, this great magnet moment was induced by Carolla Superfan and driver to the stars Fred Who also is responsible for getting Alec Baldwin hooked on Carolla via fan/homemade #Classic Loveline cassette tapes.

Adam was informed he was doing Kimmel for his record 43rd appearance, he’s citing what pisses him off and is describing the “wall-o-fame” highlighting past famous guests and A-lister’s and what his “no self-esteem” self-experiences in reaction.


Alison has a funny idea and Mike has an angle for Adam to top the A list guests using his 43 trump cards, Adam is explaining that Armie was using Adam’s standard dressing room.

Alison has a great declaration of Adam’s power move, Armie was telling Adam about their friend in common, The Superfan Personal Driver to the Stars Fred who appeared on ACS #536 (Production Number #868) Originally Released on July 17th of 2012.

Adam is bringing up his other misunderstanding “The Long Ranger”, along the lines of Pia Zadora, Star Trek/Star Trak and Obi One/Obi Wan/Obi Juan.


Adam has a hilarious stat about Mexicans that calls back to his 2004 #Classic Loveline riff about the Mexican space program and charging other cultures for American scientific findings.

Mike has a funny one liner and Adam is calling it back, they’re now bonding over the love for Armie Hammer’s great name.

Adam is referencing his previous “pork bullet” naming for his penis and Alison is bringing up how the name implies a smaller delivery.


Adam is explaining the nature of the modern talk show segment and how people don’t often stick around for other guest’s interview segments.

Adam is walking the gang through his abandoned on stage banter bit, glad I got to hear this.

Armie promised to guest on the podcast, BB is mocking August but if Armie can guest (I.e. is allowed) on the show, August is the man to do it.


Adam had Dinner with Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly.

Adam is sharing the Michael Bublé anecdote from the dinner and his “I’ll bet your dick is bigger” chambered compliment attempt for Emily’s current bf John.

Alison is right in the mix and helping Adam flesh out why he was uncomfortable and what he was trying to gauge, Adam is now telling the gang about the power move he pulled when Jimmy got up to use the restroom.


Adam is joking about his fake reaching for his wallet and comparing it to people who use their hands poking through a sweatshirt to rob a store with an imaginary gun.

He got to use a new variant version with John who actually did end up trying to pay while Kimmel was away from the table.

Adam is back to his power move and how he walked out with “half a pig” and has a great response to Alison asking how he excused himself with the meat.


Mike has an anecdote about his grandma and Adam is now getting to how he was burned by the overpriced valet upon leaving the restaurant.

Adam luckily only had moths and dust in his pockets and wallet but was made aware the parking lots now take credit cards.

Adam is making a great point about less expensive eating establishments having free parking and how a place that costs 10-100x more per dinner should be offering free parking.


Adam is breaking down his attempts to read the parking signs throughout Los Angeles, a drunken audience member is echoing him and Adam stops to admire/remark on it then picks right up.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the troubles in Egypt, Adam has a funny Middle East riff than BB jumps in to correct and claim it’s only classified as Africa due to its geography.

Alison looked it up and thinks Adam might have a point, BB has a beam of condescension in response and Mike has a great observation about that very argument being responsible for much of the unrest throughout history.

Adam is now on his “SNL fake news from the 1970’s Trouble in the Middle East” riff along with his reaction to the “it’s not the people” argument, hilarious Planet Asshole one liner.


They’re on a great middle east, fake Morrissey name confusion and now Adam is connecting it to the head trauma lessons of his youth, Mike has a topper that makes it real and Adam is running with it, gold!

BB is now in the mix with an odd/even tangent making this even funnier and darker.


2nd story is on a statement from the Warden in regards to Aaron Hernandez and his impending nuptials, Alison has the facts including the legal loophole that might be at play.

Adam is now waxing poetic on incarceration and how it should prevent you from getting married as the rest of your rights have also been infringed upon.

Adam is on his Tex Watkins rant, Mike is telling the gang about the vending machine selections he experienced in the visiting area for prisoners.


Adam is now guessing what Mike’s friend was in prison for, his last guess is insanity and perfect comedy.

They’re now on a riff about manatees and Adam is asking what we even need them for, Mike has some factoids and Alison is wisely guessing he learned this info in “Florida School”.

Alison reacts as if she’s never heard this claim of manatees being mistaken for a mermaid and now Mike has them off on a “Wendy’s” riff and Alison is widely attributing it to Adam not liking sharp corners.


Adam is explaining the extreme lengths he takes his “dog earring” to, Alison mentions flow and Feng shui and now Adam is riffing a new female buddy cop movie “Flo and Funk Shui” using  a great setup from Alison and Mike, gold!

Adam is now explaining the practical reasons for why he clips corners on the custom furniture and carpentry in his various homes.

They’re now reminiscing about Andy Rooney and his eyebrows, further connecting him to Adam.

Adam is explaining how he has to get his brow waxed to prevent it from growing up his face like ivy and how he always asks for his brow to be sculpted in the position that “makes it look like he’s listening”.


BB has a nice joke connecting Adam’s riff back and now Alison is asking Adam about his pain threshold when it comes to waxing.

Adam is describing his hair and it’s resistance to being removed from his body.

Adam is explaining how the brow artists will always remark on the scar on the bridge of his nose, he’s now explaining this super rare story of how he acquired it to Mike.


Adam is sharing Jimmy Kimmel’s stiches story and the hilarious way he injured himself while at lunch and completely sober/lucid.

Adam is blaming the one hour limit on parking meters, he’s got a great follow on rant about them keeping his fucking extra quarter.

Alison wants to know what the reasoning for the extra interior stitching was along with sharing how she’s unnerved by the extra room for stiches inside the cheek.


Adam and Alison are breaking down “Believe You Me” and Adam is connecting it to the super lazy “little piggy’s” bit for kids.

Hilarious reaction from Adam about not wanting someone around his kids doing that bit.

Mike is explaining his album title to Adam, he misspeaks and says “bone” instead of metal while trying to describe the indestructible metal that lines the bones of Marvel Comics character “Wolverine”.

Adamant=Stronger Than and ium=metallic alloy, “Stronger than metal, metal”.


Adam is giving plugs and wrapping the show, make sure to contribute to his Fund Anything campaign for “Road Hard” and with as little as 20 bucks you can get your name in the credits for all time.