Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/03/2013 – Lee Cheng

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/03/2013 – Lee Cheng

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lee Cheng

Recorded 07-02-2013 – Release Date 07-03-2013

Production Number #1113

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Adam is opening the show with a quick anecdote about the kids being away in reply to BB’s #TopDrop.

Adam is explaining Lee’s role in the fight against patent trolls and teasing his appearance later in the show.

Adam is now telling everyone how much he loves the news portion of the podcast and how they’ll be doing the news up top before Lee joins the show.


Alison’s News

Alison wants to know what proves legitimacy more, a business card, T-shirt of CD.

Adam has a hilarious “Prince of Persia” riff and BB has a great magnet moment describing his Persian classmate who was the one guy he knew who carried a business card.

Adam is making a larger point about equipment and items not readily available to him in his youth that are common among the majority of people today, in particular custom labeled T-shirts and bags.


Adam is now going off on the hot iron press used for T-shirts calling it the worst hot day job, right up there with “hot mopping tar”.

Adam is now telling the gang about the “Cold Jerky” T-Shirt and contest that took place among his friends for a period of time, BB is helping flesh out this story, so to speak.

Adam has a great hoarding joke in reply to his old buddy Rudy winning the contest, Alison is now telling the gang about her custom button maker and Adam is riffing about the “Creepy Crawler” oven, hilarious!


Adam is riffing about buttons, he has a new theory about buttons being worn more frequently in high crime city centers and is pondering one being utilized as an impromptu bullet proof shield.


Her top story is on a woman whose baby was taken away after testing positive for opiates due to a poppy seed bagel, Adam assumes the woman had priors and Alison has the actual facts.

BB wants to know if the poppy seeds cause any form of an opiate high or if they just test positive, he’s for sure been in the room when Bruce and or Drew have given that answer.

Adam is now joking about how much the average woman would pay to have her 4 month old safely fed and changed by someone else for part of a week, hilarious riff.


They’re all now breaking down the reasoning for the hospital running these types of toxicology screenings.

Adam is now riffing about Matt Fondiler running a “Tijuana toilet paper” with his car vs. taking it out for a detailing and how his reactions would differ to a totaled car outcome based on the reason.

Adam is now joking about spending time in his socks while waiting in line, he’s now riffing “Terminal Velocity/Wars” his new game show in the vein of “Supermarket Sweep” where each team has to try to remove all their belonging and then put them back on while on the move.


Adam is now on the topic of the prison grey bins used for belonging at the airport, Adam’s got a great point that Alison adds to nicely.

Adam’s now on a Vin Di Bona tangent and requesting a list of all of his television game show projects, Adam is really in love with his new TV show.

Adam has a great level of appreciation for Vin’s work on “MacGyver” which I enjoy as I host a podcast that reviews every episode of that series.


Alison wants to know about people wheeling their bags and how Adam feels about the various styles, he’s comparing it to the people who sit in chairs backwards and explaining he’s secretly jealous.

BB has


2nd story is on the new G-Hog ammo, pork infused paint bullets used to prevent Muslims from entering heaven.

Adam has a hilarious joke about garlic infused bullets for vampires and BB is explaining he’s right and how it closely resembles a plot from “True Blood”.

Alison is reading the quotes from a religious expert to clear things up and Adam is joking about his laziness from preventing him from reading the Karan and how if more people read it we could end debates.


Alison has an almost biblical allegory actually using the bible as an analogy, Adam and BB have an almost perfectly timed joke about who will do the narration.

Adam is now adopting “the pork bullet” as another nickname for his penis and BB has a hilarious reaction to Adam’s question about the bullets not working.

Adam is riffing about why he would choose the pork bullet over the traditional and has a nice Hormel joke to cap it off.


3rd story is on Fred Armisen confirming his exit from Saturday Night Live, Alison is reading his quotes and Adam is joking about them while appreciating his 11yr run.

Adam is now explaining why Fred seems mysterious even after interviewing him, he’s explaining how comedians who do characters tend not to have a strong “base” unlike someone like Artie Lange or Tracy Morgan.


Lee is now joining the show and he’s got some wonderful words for the patent trolls and the attorneys who represent them.

Lee is calling it the latest iteration of legal driven entrepreneurship, he’s making some brilliant points and telling the truth.

Adam has a great “give me your pants” riff explaining how this is extortion, his reasoning is also flawless, this extremely compelling pod.


Lee is giving an example of someone who was initiating frivolous lawsuits and Adam wants to know why we can’t limit people on how many suits they’re allowed to file,

Alison has a great point and Adam is trying to clarify his, Lee seems to appreciate the graphic description.

Adam and Lee are discussing how this battle in the “Troll Wars” starts to affect everyone, Lee is going in depth on his background and how he got involved with


Adam has a great comparison to the “luxury tax” found at many hotels and Adam wants fine print on everything telling you how much money went to pay for attorneys.

Lee is explaining how people are paying over 100s of billions per year to these patent trolls and how it slows down our economy and progress of technology.

Adam is asking Lee what he knows about the case against him and the show, Lee is explaining how many of these patents are bought up by people who didn’t originally file them.


Alison is now asking how these bogus patents were filed and approved, Lee is explaining that the conception of an idea is not what brings value and how some of these technologies are almost inherent rights to the internet and modern technology.

Adam has a great point about the juries in these cases and the average education level, Lee gets in a funny aside to boot, Lee is awesome!

Lee is going in depth on the case against Adam and now Ace is sharing his “take back the streets” candle through a paper plate moment and how this battle could be the time to finally call for that.


Adam is asking Lee if there any more moves he should be making, Lee is now responding that they’re on the right path and the audience is the biggest weapon in this fight.

Adam wants to know whose pocket these trolls are in, Lee compliments Adam’s understanding of how Washington D.C. rolls.

Lee knows these animals better than anyone, he’s breaking down their movements and tactics to keep themselves rich while hiding.


Adam is now joking about Trolls being the most sophisticated and least sophisticated creatures to exist, much like the tablet being the oldest invention and the newest.

Adam is now on a great riff about living under a bridge and how it’s not the best place to attempt a strike from, gold!

Adam is now joking about his personal EMF field much like Jubilee from the X-Men that scrambles technology around him.


Adam is sharing an anecdote from Chris Maxipada about how Adam’s body sabotages lav mics, it’s now confirmed!

Golden aside from Alison referencing Adam’s mom and her biorhythm wheel, brilliant!

Adam is asking Lee about his “Don’t Settle” T-Shirt and the meaning behind it, teamwork baby!


Alison’s News part Deux

4th story is on the newly public debate in China about happy ending massages and the legality of them.

Adam is telling Alison about the guys who sing the praises of such services, Alison has some funny quotes about the code phrases used and Lee has a killer one liner.

Lee is a truly great guest.


Adam is now joking about the idea of someone else beating him off, he’s comparing it to watching someone else do shitty carpentry, nice back and forth with Alison.

Adam is now connecting the feeling of never being offered a happy ending to never being hit on by a gay guy, Alison just left Bryan a choice drop, even Adam comments on it!

Hilarious liver joke from Adam and even funnier literary reference that doesn’t involve any phantom tollbooths, holy shit Aceman!


They’re now super in depth on what the process must be like and Adam is going in-depth on the “regret/refractory” period after finishing.

Adam is explaining why and how men can differentiate this from an intimate act, he’s drawing comparisons to women getting full body massages and the hypocrisy of that compared to a “rub and tug”.


Adam’s doing a great live read, this Superfan just used the promo code himself!

Adam is wrapping the show and giving out the appropriate plugs.