Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2015 – William Shatner and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2015 – William Shatner and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest William Shatner and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-01-2015 – Release Date 07-02-2015

Production Number #1607

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Adam opens the show to a Star Trek themed intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB has Matt Atchity’s “Kid Food Is Good” line as today’s #TopDrop and Adam thanks the fans, saying his family depends on them and his daughter might not get a “Lazy River” if they don’t continue to support the network.

Adam is explaining how he tries to get the healthy Chinese food and his kids’ get the less healthy orange chicken type dishes and he ends up eating their leftovers.

Adam says that Shatner just got back from a motorcycle trip across state lines, Adam talks about his book event with Phil Rosenthal and how Phil’s name is next to mensch in the dictionary.


Adam is telling Gina about how Phil feeds him and is now bringing up “Dade County Black Prom 1977-1985 Blue Eye not need apply” his coffee table book.

Adam is asking for a never-ending reel of horrible best man wedding speeches and a reel of never ending embarrassing MC work by people mixing things up for intros.

Adam is now playing a clip of the guy bringing Adam and Phil out on stage, BB defends the guy and says he must have been nervous.


BB says it’s easy on losing your place, Adam says “just the beats” and Adam talks about the experience in Mansfield Pennsylvania, he was doing a free show where only 80 people shows up.

Adam says that Lynch had this… and says this inspired a scene in ‘Road Hard’ and Adam explains how they were staying at the same hotel with oil drilling guys, Adam says this was 2010’ish and he was lamenting his existence and career.

Adam told the guy to cut down the list of credits, Adam says its 2011 and they’re playing a recording, this must be from Lynch, oh yeah, this!

This is rough.

Adam is letting it play out, he says he wanted to choke the guy out with the mic chord when he passed him, Dawson has some pro-tips regarding emphasis/enthusiasm and volume when holding a mic, everyone weighs in and they move on.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, on a speakerphone and unaware of how badly he sounds, BB gets in a “stoned” joke and Adam is now stopping to address him not being aware of the etiquette.

BB is offering up some advice and Gina shares how you must tell people to turn their radio down when they call in, still!

Alex is telling them about farting up the place while his boss was in attendance, Adam says he gauges people but wouldn’t fire someone, he mentions how you can see when someone is drunk what kind of person they are.


Adam talks about bad drunks, Gina says she’s only been drunk 2-3 times in her life and she usually stops drinking as she becomes annoying, Adam says he wouldn’t deduct points for farting, he would deduct points for bad judgement.

Alex tells them about the boss who was doing a keg stand, BB says be the 2nd drunkest guy, never the drunkest guy.


2nd Caller Sonny, he wants to hear the “Wrong Closet” story as told on CLL #527 No Guest 10/06/1997 and BB mixes up the details, CLL #527 was coincidentally re-released on the same day as this very episode, how bizarre!


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam’s family is enjoying this bed more than him, his wife does her work from her laptop on the bed edition


William Shatner is now joining the show for his 2nd appearance and first phoner, he was last on ACS #1383.

Adam compliments his virility and asks him about his cross country motorcycle ride, Adam brings up Paul Newman and how worn out he would get by racing in the heat, they both go in depth.

William is telling them about passing out after an extended trip driving through southwest, William is telling them about dealing with custom builders.


Adam says he’s known many custom builders and says it’s always up to the last minute for them to finish the build, William is telling them about a steel trike that doesn’t steer.


William is describing the trip and how he made a documentary out of it, he’s unsure where it will end up and he describes it as a monumental journey.

He uses flowery language and Adam stops when he seems to say people died, but it seems they just “retired” or gave up on the journey.

Adam is back to William’s incredible zest and passion for life, Adam is asking him if he’s always had it or if it’s kicked in since he’s gotten older and he knows his time is running out.


William is describing the various people he meets and the opportunities he has to intervene, he’s now getting to the notion of “god and country” and he comments on actually seeing the country on the back of a motorcycle.

Adam is telling Harley Davidson to use him as their new spokesperson, Adam is asking William if he would prefer a horse or a motorcycle.

Adam is now bringing up William’s wife who was a gamer and was willing to join him for the whole drive, Adam is asking if they had the in helmet communication system and jokes about what he would do with his wife on a cross country trip.


Adam is joking about him and William being the charter members of ‘The Monks of Sturgis’ and BB jokes about them being two of the least quiet monks who have ever lived, Adam jokes about them beating up strangers.

Adam is wrapping up with William, he shares his desire for an Envelope house, Olga tried to talk him out of it and Adam is sharing his take on being active and excited for projects as you age.

Adam learns that William is 84, Adam now says he thinks that he was chillaxing a lot more 60 and 40 years ago, Adam is giving his take on attacking life as you age and lose the opportunity.


BB is commenting on Betty White and now trying to lessen his motor by factoring William’s opportunities, BB drops his point.

Gina comments on how he’s just active, not active for an old guy.

Adam is sharing his theory about doing 50 pushups until you die and how you might not ever lose the ability to do them right up until the end.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is now back to Sonny, the caller and he’s giving the full story of the “wrong closet install” and explains who he worked with at the time, 3-4 born again Christian gang bangers.

Adam is sharing how he flip flopped the address, he brings up Hartsook Street, and he screwed it up again even trying to retell it.

Adam explains how seeing the address and noting “oh that’s my street” and Gina comments on how someone surely would stop him from installing a closet.


Adam gets to the series of factors at play that led to this mix-up, he explains the Mexican maid let him in and he then proceeded to demolish the closet.

Matt comments on how headset, clipboards and tool bags can get you in pretty much anywhere.

Adam is commenting on the messy closet that led to him cleaning it out in a discourteous way, BB has a sound interruption.


Adam explains all of these houses were cookie cutter designs, hence why the custom shelving worked, he says it varied by a few inches and he says they would bring wood with the “last pull” not complete to then finish on the job site

Adam shares the “you don’t leave without a check” order for the job and how that led to the nanny discovering his mistake regarding the address.

Adam says the worst moment is the “aha” recognition moment, going from certainty to full fuck up mode like that.


Adam shares how he backed out all of the work and ran for the van, Adam says he told his boss at a drunken Christmas party later that same year.

Adam slept ok as everyone needs their closet refreshed every so often.

Adam is now describing the woman who wore Birkenstocks and drove a Subaru at the actual service address who wasn’t interested in hearing what kept him so long and that idiot missed the best story she would have ever heard as fresh as possible, she would have been the first audience!


Rotten or Fresh the Rotten Tomatoes Game

Update on the last game, Gina thinks that she and BB tied that day and Adam was the only loser.

BB says a few listeners tweeted them that they had tied the game, Matt says he can always go back and dig up the tie breakers for that day/game.


Movies set in Louisiana Edition

1st Movie ‘The Big Easy’ (1987)

Nobody has seen this, Adam might have or saw part of it.


2nd Movie ‘Interview with a Vampire’ (1994)

Adam saw this one in the theaters but is/was unclear if it was any good.


3rd Movie ‘Live and Let Die’ (1973)

BB brings up the modern reviews that mess up the scores for older films, Adam is asking about the score for various movies and Matt explains that most of the reviews for this movie are newer and explains the pre-1990 lack of online reviews for many films, can’t track those down?


4th Movie ‘Hard Target’ (1993)

Matt explains the plot and Adam is now sharing his argument for why man is not the ultimate prey, he jokes about a bear taking a human out near instantly and says there are no head starts for the ultimate prey.


5th Movie ‘Fletch Lives’ (1989)

Adam says the original is one of the less shitty Chevy Chase movies, Matt reads the updated score for the movie.

Gina learns this is post ‘Funny Farm’ and Adam reads the total scores, Gary reveals it was a 1 point separation between Adam and BB before that last movie.

BB plays the “let the baby have his bottle” drop of Adam for Adam.

Gina asks if they ever want to play “2 out of 3” rounds and Adam tells Gary they’re unable to crunch the numbers for this week and last week at the same time, Gary says they just did that but it’s not done yet.


Adam is now doing a live read for Mazda


“He went to school in Arizona, I think he knows what he’s talking about” – Adam on Gary and his math skills.

Adam is now plugging Rotten Tomatoes and they head into the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorce, Gina has some of the details and explains they’ve been separated for 10 months and she cites the drinking and gambling that’s driven a wedge between them.

Adam says the index of sorrow for him drops when people are both good looking, rich and have a nanny doing the heavy lifting.

Gina says it will be a 150 million divorce, Adam gets right to her cash and is quite fair, Adam is saying that once someone has their own 10 million dollars they don’t get any money from you during a divorce.


Adam is talking about the sliding scale of child support and Gina brings up the “manner in which they were accustomed” rule for divorcing and Adam asks if anything else in life works that way.

Adam says there is no guarantee for the person earning the cash and Adam asks why there are different rules for rich people and poor people when it comes to the cost/need to raise them.

Adam doesn’t get why she gets half off the ‘Argo’ money and now Gary is back on mic explaining that last week Gina and BB had a tie.


Gary is now going to get the tiebreaker to wrap up that game, Adam is asking where Matt Fondiler is.


2nd Story is on Matt Groening being sued by his former nanny, who claims that he treated his help like animals and shares his alleged concern about his children growing up surrounded by Spanish speaking staff.

Adam is telling Matt to lawyer up and spend some F Me Money on this, he says he knows what it’s like to feel like you’re living in a telenovela, he brings up the time his cleaning lady screamed at him for using his own bathroom.

Adam is now going to participate, Adam jokes about them being all knotted up.


Tie Breaker from the last RT game


‘Dodgeball: A True underdog story’ (2004)

Adam gives his take on this movie, he brings up Ben Stiller’s possible real world body dysmorphic disorder and the wrench throwing that would’ve left some characters in the ICU at best.

Adam is further sharing his less than emphatic take on this movie.

BB takes the win by 1 point, Gina thanks everyone for reliving this.

BB is happy as can be and sarcastic to match.


Adam is doing a Quick Books Live Read


3rd Story is an effort to identify a woman known only as Sam who is suffering from Amnesia and Ovarian Cancer, Gina has some of the vague details.

Adam says if you’re going to be claimed by cancer in 14 weeks would you want to remember, Gina asks Adam if he wouldn’t.

Adam asks if she has the knowledge of her own impending demise, Adam says that could be a blessing and Gina brings up how they did a gynecological exam after finding her wandering.

Adam jokes about doing it in the back of the squad car over doing it curbside, Adam is saying out of all of the tragedies in the world, this and the Affleck divorce are old timey problems he can hang his hat on.



Lord of the Jungle: Jeff

Adam is asking Jeff about his toilet, Gina notes with an elongated bowl, Adam jokes about Torrance being ‘God’s country if god hated us” and has an even funnier “yeah it is!” reply to Jeff who is optimistic about the place he lives.

Adam jokes about a Smokey and the Bandit for commodes to import full flow toilets into California, he shares all of the details and BB plays some ‘Toto’ music after the toilet company is brought up.

Adam is trying to recall a movie with Joe Namath called ‘C.C. and Company’ from (1970) and Jeff reaffirms his shitting pro-tip about importing toilets.


Adam is doing a Trunk Club Live Read

Don’t get shot up by terrorists at the mall edition


Adam is asking Gary if he can’t find a better photo of the 3 wheel chopper (trike) with a toilet, Matt now comments that the tie from last week was his fault and he apologizes for not updating his numbers before recording.

Adam gives out the plugs and then wraps up the show.