Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2013 – Julie Samuels and Mark Geragos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2013 – Julie Samuels and Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Julie Samuels and Mark Geragos

Recorded 07-01-2013 – Release Date 07-02-2013

Production Number #1112

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Adam has a passionate intro and nice #TopDrop work from BB in honor of his absence and Bruce filling in yesterday.

Adam is teasing today’s guest Julie Samuels and her work defeating “Patent Trolls” and Adam has a great example using George Clooney’s image to sell merchandise while citing the amount of money these trolls cost our economy.

Adam is hammering home the 29 Billion that ends up being wasted fighting these animals, Adam is remarking on his lack of anger and hostility in regards to being sued and how it means that you’ve arrived.


Adam is citing a buddy who was being sued for 50k per month in child support and alimony to make a point while he cites his podcast being the biggest target.

Adam is making it clear how they can’t be sued as they aren’t doing anything but putting a recording on the internet, he’s now breaking down Mark Cuban and his “F US” money as BB puts it.

Adam wants tort reform and has a nice mention of the lobbyists in Washington who allow and pave the way for attorneys to get away with this.


Adam is now bringing up the bizarre/mysterious Asian gentleman wandering and staring at his house during the night.

Alison wants to know how Adam was able to spot the guy and he’s attributing it to his always on patrol status and hyper vigilance.

Adam eventually called into the security dept. and had it explained that the gentleman is special needs and Adam is now recounting their one on one chat that followed and that did not disappoint.


Adam is now explaining the Dan Aykroyd-athon with his new neighbor the curious Asian observer, this is wonderful!

BB and Alison are helping flesh this out and Adam has a great reply to BB’s idea about the guy knowing other celebrity birthdates.

Adam is using this as an example of his profiling abilities and how he’s always right and who can argue as he’s right again, like always.


Adam is telling people to tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live to see his big crowd funding announcement for “Road Hard” his latest film project, make sure to check your local listings on Tuesday July 2nd to see it live.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw “The Heat” and has some great comedy with Adam about his “unyielding desire” to see “White House Down”.

BB is giving an extensive profile of the film and the cast, he’s flowing really well and making clear points, excellent work!

BB is calling it a good version of an ACS “Made up Movie” and Adam is doing an improv with BB “Well it is my show …” gold!


Adam is giving his take based on the commercials and BB is giving his number #1 movie pet peeve while dropping a nice plug for his other podcast “The Film Vault”.

Adam and BB are discussing fake phone numbers in movies and Adam is sharing an anecdote about trying to get a partially obscured phone number on the driver’s training car from his NBC sitcom.

BB is calling this movie a solid B while saying to see “This is the End” before this one.


Adam is telling the gang about his buddy “Snake” making a super rare appearance in town, the first time in over a decade.

BB attempts to use Adam’s billion/million joke but Alison quickly puts him in his place, similar to a dog chasing after a cat scratching away at the furniture, but like a cool glamorous dog and a creepy hairless cat.

Adam is explaining the “Ace on the House” episode that was recorded where they just went over all the old stories, this Superfan has heard the episode 5 times and somehow they were able to fit in 98% of the stories in a single hour, gold!


They’re now playing the “Chain Flail at the Galleria” story where Adam, Snake and the boys put some unruly hoodlums in their place, this clip as chosen by Gary is simply perfection, nice work champ!

They’re now breaking down “Snake” and his unusual yet refreshing nature in response to his lack of complaining, Adam is joking about his leather bomber jacket that “was like half a cow” used to protect his head in the parking lot scuffle.


The guys are doing an amazing “Draft Kings” live read with tons of original content discussing Adam and his “luck”.


They’re back from break with Julie Samuels, making her debut visit to the ACS.

Adam is asking her about when “Patent Trolls” became a cause for Mark Cuban, she doesn’t know that but she does know of when this line of almost criminal money making started.

Adam and Julie are breaking down how the Patent Troll process works along with some of the clearly obvious cases where they use the patents for extortion.


They’re going super in depth and this Superfan can’t help but thank the Great Magnet for Mike Cioffi and his brilliant choices throughout the years that might end up protecting Adam and the show.

Adam is asking Julie how this will affect the podcast world and Adam is drawing comparisons between people who borrow money then mock the amount to large companies losing millions.

Adam is explaining that they just record the podcast and don’t actually distribute it, he’s got a hilarious “pod father” sarcastic yelling reply and now he’s complimenting Julie’s looks, gold!


Julie is explaining the origins of patents in the United States and now segueing to how the system has fallen apart, Alison has a great follow up question.

Julie has some great points about the pharmaceutical industry and why it’s not the same as software or computer based technology.

Adam has a beautifully worded point about the world chasing the internet and its technology but never being able to catch up, hilarious train comedy coupled with a serious point, brilliant.


Adam just dropped a great Star Trek reference that he tops with a Gremlins one liner in response to BB’s props.

Julie is taking it back to the serious side and explaining how technology could be forever put off course by this kind of frivolous lawsuit.

Adam is calling what he does uniquely American, explaining how he turned his misfortune into the fortune of him and his staff of family and friends who help create the show, that is then distributed by other companies, not Adam now Carolla Digital so HA!


Adam is calling what these trolls are doing the complete opposite of the pirate ship and what it means to be an American, Julie is now giving an example of one troll claiming that Wi-Fi access is infringing on its patent.

Julie flat out calls it extrusion and Adam is comparing it to the mob, Adam is clearly stating he doesn’t see what their case is against Adam or any other podcaster.

Julie says she can’t speak to their case but can talk in general terms about patent law.


Julie is explaining what she and her staff at the EFF are attempting to do in trying to get the original patent reexamined and tossed out.

Adam is bringing up the court of public opinion, hinting at the vast army of NRA level passionate podcast fans who will not stand for anyone taking our Carolla Digital Banana clips away.

Adam is in good spirits and seems hopeful while giving props to Obama for his words about the patent troll problem, Julie is very informative and a great guest.


Adam is asking for advice but Julie is being very above board stating she cannot offer any advice, BB is stepping in to ask some general questions.

They’re now digging into the connection to the eastern district of Texas, Julie is explaining the whole nature of the scam.

She brought up Marshall Texas, oddly enough Adam was recruited to play their post tragedy, now he’s being sued from a shell office located there, how evil Great Magnet of the universe.


Julie is proclaiming herself the “Domesticated spotted Jew” Adam often jokes about while doing a riff in a southern accent and mocking ignorance.

Julie is announcing a new project where they’ll be showing all the letters from the recipients of this type of patent trolling.

Adam is now on a crazy riff about sewing all of the letters into a giant lawyer, great burning in effigy comedy from Adam and BB, this episode is outstanding!


Julie is explaining some positive and honest reasons for patent laws, citing some universities that have fair practices.

Julie is telling the gang the very nature of her appearing on the ACS is a huge turning point for the conversation about patent law.

Julie is telling Adam about Mark Cuban’s involvement.


Mark Geragos is now joining the show via the phone, Adam is explaining the conversation to Mark who has a telling laugh that BB picks up on.

Adam is telling Mark about his epiphany while listening to the police dept. interview with Zimmerman.

Adam is explaining that during his interrogation Zimmerman admitted he was screaming for help and how weird it would be to lie about it in this day and age, hilarious riff about Dawson screaming for help then Adam shooting him, whoa!


Mark is giving his take on the case along with the latest developments, he thinks the police department is paying back the prosecution and how he’s never seen a lead investigator vouch for the lead suspect like this.

Adam is asking some intuitive questions about the length of this case and wants the Vegas odds for the outcome, Mark is calling it 5 to 1 against a conviction including a hung jury.

They’re all breaking down their thoughts on this detail of the case along with the likelihood of someone taking credit for another person’s scream.


Adam is telling the gang about Nick Santora, Alison is sharing a hilarious anecdote about a note Nick passed her during his last ACS visit.

Adam is sharing that Nick is having some serious health problems and might have to have his spleen removed, Cousin Sal blamed Nick’s newfound love for Mangria.

Nick is so smart he double checked the work of his doctor who fucked up the work, Adam is asking about that must have felt pretty good and Nick broke down the short lived appreciation, heavy stuff!


Adam is sharing the dual side of this coin where people don’t stay too sad about things, he’s got some good points about enjoying meals and activities even after the death of loved ones.

Alison is feeling better about her own reactions to this very specific ephemeral thing Adam is describing, she’s say something like “happy moments don’t last long enough” and Adam totally agrees.

Adam is now breaking down his many conversations with Seth MacFarlane about missing his flight on 9/11, dating all the way back to 2004 Classic Loveline and the early days of the podcast, he’s using Seth as an example of how it’s never satisfying and why it can’t be.


Adam is citing Jay Mohr as the only example of someone he knows who changed from being an asshole, Alison wants to know if Adam has firsthand experience of this.

Adam is finally citing Jay’s 2001 loveline appearance where Jay went off because Adam and Drew weren’t laughing.

Adam is now breaking down him and Drew’s go to move when they wanted to secretly talk shit about the guests.


Adam is now quoting Jay’s KLSX morning show phone call where he told Adam he used to be an asshole and turned it around, Adam is sharing his own experiences with Jay over the past 5 years to further his point.


Alison’s News

Her top and only news story is on the name of Jessica Simpson’s new baby, it incorporates the name Ace and Adam is explaining how he earned that nickname like a fat guy might be called stretch by his abusive friends.

Alison is now quizzing Adam about his childhood abuse from his buddies, she wants to know if Adam got the most of it, Adam is explaining that yes he did get it worse but it was due to Ray and Chris being too physically impressive.

Adam had a hilarious pussy comment that BB follows up with something worse, Alison is quizzing Adam about his lack of “hot ass” and he’s explaining the delayed gratification tactics he employed to move ahead in life.


Adam has a great point about both of the guys who we’re living the opposite life still driving pick-up trucks while he is running a podcast empire, hilarious joke about it being stolen away.

Julie wants to know if they’re still behemoths and Adam is breaking down both guys while describing Ray and his lack of preemptive pain when making decisions.

Adam is telling the story of the time Snake caught Ray cheating with Chris’s girlfriend, BB has a hilarious comment about Julie’s “awesome” expression that you can almost hear.


Adam has a great “hey Kool Aid” description of Chris and Ray battling through walls and doors once word hit the street of Ray’s shenanigans with Chris’s gal.

Adam is explaining why it’s not a good posture to look at yourself as a victim of bullying and instead count yourself as a combatant trying to stay in the mix.

BB has a hilarious callback to Sonny and his claims of bullying, Julie actually agrees with Sonny.


Adam is taking it back to the news story and joking about the name and has a closing riff mocking the idea of “he works alone” to make someone sound mysterious.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is telling the audience to buy tickets for Caroline’s as they’re on track to sell out, he’s sharing how Mike August knew the sales were good because he wasn’t being bothered, hilarious description.


Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping the show, great episode, go get ‘em Julie we’re all counting on you!