Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2016 – Paul Scheer and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2016 – Paul Scheer and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Scheer and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 06-30-2016 – Release Date 07-01-2016

Production Number #1851

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Adam opens the show fresh from LAX, the sound is a bit funky and Chris is running the board as Dawson is still airborne or just landing.

Adam has a million stories but wants to save them for the next ep, BB has some stories from Kauai and Gina was in Cabo.

Adam welcomes Vinnie to the show, he gives and update on Gina’s 20 lbs. of weight loss, Adam goes right to the ticket sales for Vinnie’s upcoming live show, BB has a funny bit with Vinnie professing not to be a comedian.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he wants to know if Adam heard about the pornography purported to be discovered at Michael Jackson’s manor.

Adam talks about Snoop Dogg being to pot what MJ was to weird, he references Mike Tyson and his eccentric and erratic behavior.

Adam has some thoughts on ‘Man in the Mirror’ and BB plays it so Adam can mock the weird throat noises he makes in the opening; Gina has the details on what was found.


Adam talks about a conversation with Mike August about only needing a slice to know who someone is; he cites the Mike Dawson Lisa Loeb date story from the KLSX morning show.

Adam only needs to see one of these kinds of pornographic images to know what you’re into, Adam says child pornography isn’t like cigars, nobody has one lying around or was given one they might use some day.

Gina has the details on a cast member from ‘Glee’ who is on bail after being caught with the same kind of material, Vinnie has some follow up questions about MJ’s death and the investigation afterwards.


Vinnie is making weird throat noises and gurgling in disbelief, Adam is impersonating him while BB tries to jump in, Adam is now riffing as Vinnie the incredulously gurgling attorney.

Adam is reminded of Florida as that’s where Tom is calling from and he brings up the story of the first Tesla accident using autopilot, Adam presumes it must be the fault of the truck driver as he doesn’t have all of the information yet.


2nd Caller Andy, he wants to know if Brexit affected the price of his Newman car, Adam has a quick bit of Michael Jackson noises and mocks himself and explains he bought the car over 6 months ago.

Vinnie comments on Brexit and Gina has some more details, Adam explains to Andy it’s not an auction it’s an event, Adam talks about driving through the crowd of people who were running in front the cars.

Adam says Maxipada will show the picture and Adam reacts to some incredulity form somewhere, the booth? And says though he has a ton of pictures he was briefed on this one in the car on the way to the studio.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Reverie Bed

What Adam missed most while in Europe Edition


3rd Caller Colin, he loved the Ireland show, he wants to know what happened with Ryan, did he fall to pieces after being roasted for 20 minutes?

Adam explains how Ryan craped the bed, with the look of not being on stage, the one BB used to have for the first 249 live shows.

Adam found himself on stage with three people not doing a lot of talking and needed to keep things moving, Adam is now breaking down the various people in the pictures.

BB has a “hot for radio” comment that Gina despises and Gary loves apparently.


Adam explains why he hasn’t had Norm MacDonald on the podcast and Bill Simmons hasn’t returned recently, Adam explains they both won’t leave the west side and he shares his efforts to teach Norm MacDonald how to drive.

Vinnie’s reactions are priceless, gold!


4th Caller Ramone, he wants to know the best and worst parts of Goodwood, Adam is talking about the rain and the tires typically brought for a race where rain might be a factor.

Adam explains they only had slicks and didn’t have rain tries, Adam talks about his quest to get the guy who sold him the car to acquire a set of rain tires after he suggested it, Adam agreed to pay for them.

Adam talks about the tires being “grooved” and explains the process, Adam goes over the tire dilemma and sets up a clip to perfectly capture how the rain only began falling right as he approached his starting position, Vinnie’s reaction is telling.


Adam is now having them play the video and he’s explaining everything to the gang, Vinnie misses the ending bit Adam wanted him to see.

Adam goes back to Ramone, Adam brings up Chris and says he’s never seen Red Dawn, then who engineered the Basic Cable Commentary?

On the most recent episode of Resume podcast ‘The Watercooler’ #031, Chris, Gary and Matt all profess to having never seen ‘Red Dawn’ but one of them would have to have engineered the BCC and probably even emailed me about it, odd, do they not watch it along with the guys while recording?


Basic Cable Commentary #6: Red Dawn


Fit or Bullshit

Vinnie tells Adam about doing ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and his conversation with Lynette about the gym and he compliments her, Adam jokes about Vinnie’s gargling noises and they roll into the game.


1st FOBS best early morning drink, Vinnie explains why he came up with this question and references Adam’s recent Postum rant, explaining why he added that as an answer.

Adam brings up James Babydoll Dixon and his sugar consumption, right up there with the legend Dr. Bruce, Gary gets on mic to confirm his outrageous sugar consumption and Adam says it’s more urgent to get him off of sugar before the cigarettes as he was discussing with August.

Adam talks about human cravings and how coffee is something the body craves; BB has a killer child pornography joke mid coffee related wisdom from Adam.

Vinnie brings up some of the misconceptions about coffee, Adam talks about sitting next to August on the flight and how he watched him enjoying ‘13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ and how he was still under the impression the YouTube video and or cartoon led to the attacks, Adam rants about the media some more and they move on.


2nd FOBS The amount of water you should drink per day, the gang all weigh in and talk about water consumption.

Vinnie tells them about Ghrelin hormones and Adam jokes about Ghrelin gum and they move on.


3rd FOBS What’s the best beer to drink, lite beer, near beer or traditional IPA’s

Vinnie recommends the IPA due to the alcohol content, Adam is now asking him about the same 12 ounces, is it all calories, Vinnie says go with the beers he enjoys and just do that.

Vinnie says an IPA is closer to a distilled liquor, Adam brigands up Vinnie’s “eat a real cookie if you’re going to eat a cookie” theory on diet and weight loss.


Adam plugs Vinnie’s podcast and they move on, Gina laughs up the joint and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Paul Scheer, he asks Adam about Jay Leno’s infamous rolled car, the Hemi under Glass Barracuda.

Adam is talking about the accident and they are watching the footage.


Paul is making his 5th ACS appearance, his first guest spot on ACS #100 the first edited and now restored podcast episode.

ACS #100 Uncensored (feat. Rob Huebel & Paul Scheer)

He was back again on ACS #325, ACS #1130 and ACS #1653 available via the archive.


Adam messes up centrifugal force force and explains how the arm restraints work in race cars, Paul says that Jay dying on the road would be the best way he could go out.

Adam is bringing up his “Jay Leno died in a steam car accident in 2038” joke that Jay never laughs at, where a kid gets admonished by his space teacher for his report on Jay Leno as she thinks he’s mixed up the technology of different centuries.

Adam is now plugging Paul’s new show, it’s a parody of teen shows and he describes the characters, he says Scott Wolf is one of the parents.


Adam and Paul are now talking about the ‘Leprechaun’ film series and Paul doesn’t get why horror icons needs to terrorize outer space, Adam says all of these horror franchises and all film franchises eventually ape the ‘Emmanuelle’ series.


Gina’s News

Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

1st Story is on the planned active shooter training excursive that was mistaken for a real terrorist act, resulting the base being locked down.

Adam mixes up Edwards and Andrews Air Force bases, talking about his carpet cleaning history, he’s really frazzled from flying and comments on it.

Adam talks about looking for a gunman while hanging out at the airport in Europe and Gary shares how he and some buddies exited ‘Now You See Me 2’ early after a patron screamed and freaked them out.


2nd Story is on the human body parts that washed up on the beach where the Volleyball games will be played in the upcoming Olympic games.

Adam talks about the year 2000 and the presumed changes that will be coming, Adam mocks ‘Timecop’ for being shot in 1994 and taking place in 1998 (2004), I think he’s thinking of Demolition man, which was shot in 1992 and released in 1993 and took place initially in 1996 before jumping ahead to 2032.

Adam has ranted about the urban hell-scape of 1996 which included a proper cryogenics program that actually worked.


Adam is making larger options about civilization, he thinks we peaked and plateaued back in 1984 and we’re now rolling backwards and there are body parts on the beach for the Olympic games.

Adam and Paul are predicting a sad future of drones and Paul cites the “no hospitals go home” signs up in Rio, Paul asks when Rio became bad and Adam says ‘Blame it on Rio’ was a good movie.

Adam blames the equator for this behavior, he says everything for him is about cars and cultures are exactly like the cars they create, it’s too warm in Brazil for cars to be manufactured.


Paul brings up how crazy OJ Simpson went when he moved to Florida.


3rd Story is on Miss Teen USA doing away with the bathing suit competition, Adam jokes about the middle east questions that Mario Lopez asks these young gals, how about doing away with that part.

Adam would say put them in bikinis and do away with the questions, Paul offers up an alternative plan.

Adam says it’s got to be bad for the guy who has been the judge for the past 20 years but has to miss this year due to unrelated issues, having everyone presume he’s a pervert who had only been in the game to scope out young chicks in swimwear.


4th Story is on a woman who visited the Lincoln Memorial and went viral on the internet with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, Adam brings up the sign language in the lower portion of the screen while in Europe, Chris gets on mic to say they just watched old episodes of ‘Cribs’ and BET while France, it was the only stuff in English.

Adam says the one good thing about traveling is you don’t see anything for a week as everyone else’s TV sucks, they don’t have shit.

Gina and Paul react to the sign language, Adam says he’ll cut Amsterdam and Rio some slack, but the UK need to throw CNN and some alternate TV options in.


Adam talks about the lack of news covering the terrorism in Turkey, Gina has the clip of the woman singing the Star Spangled Banner, Adam is providing some light commentary over it.

Paul brings up “Chewbacca Mom” and says it’s our biggest national export, viral videos.

Adam thinks those stories are all about the other types of stories in the news cycle.


5th Story is on the ‘Do Not Pay’ Robot Lawyer, a chat interface bot used to help people get out of paying for traffic tickets.

Paul says he feels bad for the cop who doesn’t make his quota due to this app, Adam talks about Amsterdam and how you know our country sucks is when you’re in a country where you see someone park in the wrong direction or something minor and freak out about how much trouble they’re going to be in.

Adam talks about the lack of parking enforcement and traffic cops in Amsterdam, you don’t see a bunch of shitty signs and Chris calls the whole town a well-oiled machine.


Adam tells people to take our streets back and Adam brags about making Nick drive through red lights while driving them back from LAX.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


6th Story is on American’s 10 gay friendliest cities; she lists off the states.

Adam reacts to the states listed and she says #2 is Inglewood California, Adam says that’s because everyone is so drunk and fucked up they don’t care about other people’s actions.

Gary thinks it’s all about proximity to the LA forum and the Ariana Grande’s concerts she mentions as one of the proximity based criteria.

Gina wraps up the news after Adam’s theory about them selecting the non-obvious cities to try and work a different PC angle with the article.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read

Gina has a Castrol challenge question

Adam explains “break in” oil, he says that little pieces of metal shavings and rubber would get worked into the oil, Adam says James Dean died while breaking in his Porsche, driving it out Buttonwillow, he was trying to get the car race ready by clocking the initial miles to get it “broken in.”


Adam is plugging the upcoming live show with Frank Mir, the man who made Brock Lesnar tap out and is one of the all-time greatest Heavyweight fighters in the history of the universe.

Gina plugs the “Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best” logic and explains the story behind it to Paul, Adam talks about stealing food from homeowners while working as a starving carpenter, he would at least make sure to turn the label back in the same direction and make sure not to take too much so the homeowner would realize it and be pissed.

Adam talks about Ozzie and his behaviors with the nut bag in 2007 and 2008 which lead to many, many rants!


Adam talks about washing dishes by hand vs. using a dishwasher, Adam says it’s hard to argue with “it’s yucky” like trying to argue with people who eat steak but not ground beef or cheese but not melted cheese.

Adam says this isn’t his way of doing things, this is how the manufacturer suggests it.

Paul talks about his dishwasher arguments with his wife and explains how hesitant she was to prewash dishes, he bought a top of the line dishwasher to prove his point and still June Diane is leaving gunk covered pans in the dishwasher and having them come out half cleaned.

Adam wraps up the show and gives out the plugs, solid episode!