Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2015 – An Evening with Adam Carolla and Phil Rosenthal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2015 – An Evening with Adam Carolla and Phil Rosenthal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest An Evening with Adam Carolla and Phil Rosenthal

Recorded 06-30-2015 – Release Date 07-01-2015

Production Number #1606

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Adam is doing an opening preamble with a solid intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is explaining that he’s breaking format with the show today.

He plugs Take a Knee and #LOTJ Lord of the Jungle


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam is excited to drive a stick again

“If you’re not a driver GET OUT!” – Adam with a great delivery.

They’re now being introduced by a guy with either extreme nerves or just terrible information, he mentions “Everyone Loves Raymond” and then “Stop Talking Daddy” holy shit!


Phil comments on it immediately, Phil is making his 4th appearance on the show, Adam shares how they heard an announcement about a car that left its lights on in the parking lot, and he says he hasn’t heard one of those announcements in 27yrs.

Adam is quoting Mike Tyson after Phil gives some plugs, Phil is going in depth on the story of Natalia and her friend and how he considered letting the kids walk to the yogurt place without an adult.


Adam is joking that his daughter is a whirling dervish and his son is drifting through life on Propofol, Adam is sharing how he announced the new “envelope house” he’s going to build, he shares his daughter’s requests for a bowling alley and a lazy river.

Adam thinks they have something to do with Austin Texas, he’s trying to help Phil imagine it and brings up how they used to be referred to as a moat.


Adam shares how Artie Lange pointed out to him the “Frozen Yogurt/FroYo” thing and he brings up the Dog Door/Doggy Door one he observed.

Phil’s reasons it’s because it needs to sound cute, Phil asks Adam about stranger danger as he tells the remainder of the story.


Adam is responding to Phil’s comments about the manipulation his daughter used to engage in, Adam explains how she always preferred mommy over him.

Adam is explaining how his daughter is starting to put together how the family dynamic works and Adam describes how he would hand off his kids when their diapers were full.

Adam shares how his daughter would fake pooping “poo poos” to keep him from picking her up, Phil has some insightful follow up questions.


Adam is telling him not to make it all about the parent, Adam is now describing how his daughter would react to him opening the front door.

Adam says he’s not threatened by 3 1/2yrs olds emotionally, he’s now riffing about how dumb kids are and how he chose to ride the storm out and didn’t try to intrude nor force her to like him.

Adam says he didn’t do a goddamn thing other than not do a goddamn thing.


Phil is asking about the buffet in Reno story, Adam is clarifying that they were in Tahoe and he was driving to Reno to perform.

Adam is telling the glass of champagne offer in the lobby and how his wife chose to buy her own bottle, Adam brings up the per diem of 100$ per day and has a great exaggerated laugh in reply to Phil.

Adam asks Phil if as a Jew he would like to take a few minutes and walk this one off, Phil is rolling with it and he’s hilarious.


Phil brings up his family rule about never touching the minibar, Adam is saying that his greatest fear came on his birthday this year.

Adam saw a cheese platter, bottle of wine and some fruit that his wife had ordered for him, Adam is describing the 78$ of room service that he tried to stuff into the minibar.

Adam is describing how any item removed activates the tab, Adam says you know when someone is ripping you off when they throw in a second one for free, ala the ‘Wonder Mop’.


Adam is describing the 58$ minibar tab that was immediately taken off by the kind staff member, Adam wanted to explain to him that he was storing his cheese plate in the fridge but didn’t get a chance.


Adam is back to the champagne and what it felt like to see his kid knock over her glass, Adam is sharing the “drink it now, drink it!” ending to the champagne story, Adam jokes about his tongue licking up the remaining drops of the booze like a gecko.

Adam is back to the 100$ Per Diem that was haunting him, Adam is describing the buffet and how his daughter announced she would like a menu, the chocolate chip pancakes story.

Adam has a killer Candy Spelling analogy for his daughter’s age/taste for the finer more expensive things.


Adam shares how his wife reacted to her chocolate chip pancake requests, Adam is explaining how much he likes his wife’s laser focus on the kids and their wellbeing.

Adam says he agrees with Phil about the teachable moments that are slipping through their fingers.

Adam has a “dad was a good guy” hope for his kids future take on him, Phil asks Adam about the movie ‘Inside Out’ and references a theme about “core memories” and now Adam is telling the audience and Phil about taking his kids to Fontana to help him prepare for the race.


Adam shares the experience of coming in 9th place and how his son will bump him up a couple of notches, Adam says he’ll usually correct him and hear how his son will rationalize and make a case for him to be better than he is.

Adam explains his 200+ horsepower deficiency against the top 5 vehicles and then blames his driving for not beating them.


Adam shares how he doesn’t want to play video games with the kids and wants to do things with them instead of staring at screens with them.

Phil is telling them about fishing with his son in a “stocked lake” and how they had a great day until they caught the fish.

Phil shares the traumatic memory of this event.


Phil is asking Adam about his own childhood and references the audiobook vs. the physical book, Adam gets distracted by a June bug and “Daniel Son” snatches it out of the air and escorts it outside for them.

Adam is talking about his parents and their constantly put up on demeanor and is describing how he broke down the 30 cent cost to drive him to Van Nuys and how he thought about how awesome it would’ve been if he was never born in response to his mother’s “it costs money every time you start the car” and is now taking it back to his kids and how he asks them about how great their life is and how they got each other as parents and children.


Adam wants his kids to think that they have the greatest mom and cool dad driving race cars, Phil talks about how pro therapy Adam is.

Adam doesn’t think it’s a lifestyle and he thinks you need to put the work into action, he says don’t make it a situation where you sit in the steam room at the gym for 50min and don’t work out.

Adam says he doesn’t know that you’re ever cured of your upbringing but he thinks you can avoid grafting that stuff onto your kids.


Adam is now referencing Dr. Drew’s late father without mentioning him, Adam is now making a larger point about moving on from your family of origin.

Phil asks Adam how he feels about his parents, he says he pities them and explains how cool his warehouse is.

Adam says the saddest experience anyone can have towards you is feeling bad and moving on, it’s worse than someone hating your guts.


Adam talks about how he will drive past his house on Father’s Day with the kids in the car without even thinking about driving past the house.

Adam says the people who live that way don’t know they’re missing out, only the sane rational people avoiding them do.

Phil and Adam have some further discussion and move on to the audience.

“You’re one of my heroes because you’re truly a renaissance man that came from nothing!” – Phil


1st Question Is Adam worried that his kids will pick up on any residual negative traits from their parents or form their lifestyle, Adam says he doesn’t need to make his kids have the best childhood ever, they’re already in the 99th percentile for children on earth.

Adam says he thinks they’re both kids and says they do grow up in privilege and all he can do is screw it up by intervening or getting in the way.

Adam mocks the Q&A format and the extended tangent they’re on and Adam describes his “Gravity Simulator” theory for raising kids


2nd Question what is driving Adam to write and release so many books, Adam says it’s because he hates waste.

Adam says he writes a book while using Bluetooth and driving and dictating to Mike Lynch.

Adam goes in depth on the process and his need to not waste things/ideas.


3rd question they heard Sonny on the podcast and wants to know about Adam’s take on swearing and his kids.

Adam talks about the ‘Road Hard’ cut and how his wife would put a hand over his kids face when the boobs were on screen.

Phil Rosenthal brings up Adam’s recent rant about the ‘Tropic Thunder’ edit airing on Comedy Central.

Adam is now riffing about the things his son doesn’t do or say and even takes it to a hypothetical future where his son is a repressed caricature, holy shit this is hilarious and dark!


They wrap up the Q&A and Phil is informed this will be airing as a podcast.

Adam has everyone give Phil a hand and plugs his new project, he has some very kind words about Phil following his passion and muse with this new show about travel and cuisine.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Dollar Shave club


Adam closes out the show, solid!