Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2013 – Brian Posehn and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2013 – Brian Posehn and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Posehn and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 06-30-2013 – Release Date 07-01-2013

Production Number #1111

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Legendary 3 time Classic Loveline guest Brian Posehn is now making his 3rd visit to the ACS.

BB is absent today, attending a funeral.

Adam is telling the gang about the assistant coaching he did for his son’s game, he’s now calling for some acoustic work for all gymnasiums, he’s explaining why.


Adam is now missing BB, Alison still isn’t and her reply has looped Adam back around to not missing him, Adam is going off on back up beepers and gym buzzers for being louder than they need to be.

Adam is on a crazy riff about rolling out of his bed during an earthquake while breaking down the radius for danger behind a truck.

Adam is quoting his screaming from earlier in the day and asking Alison what she would do with Sonny, he’s explaining his super speed but lack of aggression, Adam labeled him “The Vegetarian Cheetah” so hilarious!


Alison has a nice reaction and ponders what it would be like for Sonny if he became vegetarian, Adam is rolling into an anecdote about the super expensive steak dinner Sonny was objecting to.

Adam is breaking down the 7 and younger division rules, he’s telling Alison how they trained the kids to follow the rules despite the other teams with inferior coaching not being able to grasp them.

Adam is asking what he should do and fearing becoming “that guy” the yelling dad who seems too involved, Alison is right in the mix with Adam and felling the weight of the story.


Adam was forced to finally approach the ref and bring up the rule violations and was met with bullshit blow off answers from the out of it referee, Adam is citing how he doesn’t invent his own reality like most others, Alison agrees and cited the abundance of this involved in sports.

Adam is explaining the rest of the events in great detail while citing human motivation, from what I gather all the other coaches and teams are chock full of cheaters that get a pass from the out of it referees.

Alison is summing things up nicely, I really enjoy this vibe of just the two of them bonding over a story.


Adam is describing the epic heat wave, lamenting this childhood treks up to the attic of his Dad’s old A-Frame house and recommending radiant barrier to all home owners.

Adam is now bringing up the freeway signs in Los Angeles and how it’s a symptom of a larger problem in society, Alison is helping him explain what a bad indicator it is.

Adam is connecting this to the barefoot in public epidemic, he’s describing the tweets he’s been getting while images from his twitter feed are displayed.


Adam is explaining this is further evidence of the human race becoming self-involved douchebags and how soon airplanes will nothing but feet and dogs.

Adam is describing the guy splitting traffic on his motorcycle to make a larger point as Dr. Bruce enters the studio, Adam is telling the gang about his “huge move” he now intentionally makes to make it obvious he’s clearing space for motorcyclists.

Adam was 0 for 10 on his recent drive and is describing the “thank you” of the old days common among motorcyclists and how that’s a further example of the shifting attitude in society.


Adam is now breaking down the 2 uncomfortable “I Love Lucy” moments at his house from earlier in the day, the first was the attire worn by the cast along with the casual chain smoking.

Adam actually has the name “Eddie Grant” of the guest character and seems to be getting into this show, he’s connecting it back to his “no one exists except for me” the narcissism epidemic in society and across the globe.

Bruce is explaining the dangers of rating and reviewing doctors, he’s now quoting a story from an article he brought up a few months back.


Alison has a “wonky” point about how she’s observing society falling apart, she’s citing the “do you” advertisement tactics and Adam is agreeing while adding to the point.

Adam is launching into his rant against the creators of “Wah Wah Wubbzy” and the message behind the song “you’re the coolest” along with his attempts to get the kids to shift their interest to “The Simpsons”.

Adam is making the initial announcement about his new film being funded via the crowd on “”.


Adam just mentioned that Bruce is actually from Fontana and Bruce is chiding Adam for his last minute invite, Adam is explaining why it was so late.

Adam is now having the control room play a YouTube mix of all the in car cameras showing Adam’s latest race, he’s giving a plug for the YouTube video while explaining why it’s fun.

Adam has a nice BB mention aimed at Bruce and Alison is taking it back to the movie asking Adam where fans can go to show support, the Official Facebook page is another place to check out as well.


Health Watch with Doctor Bruce

Adam is asking Bruce about his stories, he’s telling the gang about Ray and his dog bite along with demands for antibiotics.

They’re now playing the theme as Adam mocks Bruce and his car, Bruce is now telling the gang about trying to get Adam to look at Ray’s foot to help him out.

Bruce is now telling them about Ray and his dog bite, Adam is explaining his lack of footwear as a lifestyle choice and using their late night mid-winter Denny’s runs on a doubled up motorcycle.


Bruce mentions his son is now making prank calls after they joke about his kids and their pizza orders, Adam is explaining how he also made prank calls but it was due to a lack of options and internet porn.

Bruce is now bringing up the nosebleeds common among kids being admitted into the ER, Bruce is explaining why.

Adam just mentioned he’s been trying to get his kids to do the “yoga headstand” and he’s now going to demonstrate it for Alison and BB, you can see the video on the website via the show page link.


Bruce is doing terrible “play by play” asking Adam questions the whole time, hilarious yelled response from Adam when asked how much of his bodyweight his arms are supporting.

Bruce is telling the gang about the possible dangers of the new HIV testing kits, he’s citing the number of infected college kids in the United States and Adam is suggesting the numbers are inflated much like 2nd hand smoke related cancer deaths.


Brian is now making his 3rd visit to the podcast, Adam has some plugs or his new album and is tying it to the listener voicemail about pre and post fart weight.

Adam is suggesting his own attempts to meter his weight by removing clothing to make his weight lower, Alison is telling him that it’s very typical woman behavior and Brian is sharing his experience at the doctor’s office.

Adam is asking Brian about his journey once again, his childhood in Sonoma. They’re now breaking down how crappy parenting and low self-esteem lead to them thinking many jobs and life choices weren’t available to them.


They’re discussing the changes in society that lead to kids thinking they can do anything Brian is joking about people wanting him to critique their early stand up sets and Alison and Adam are agreeing and adding to it.

Adam is now joking about people playing fake saxophone and how it looks like playing an instrument vs. playing a fake trumpet with a finger in your mouth, in response to his “YouTube channel of him doing gay porn or playing a fake saxophone in an 80’s movie” idea.


Dr. Bruce is now attempting to shit on Adam’s point about shadow puppets being unacceptable with today’s kids and Bruce is trying to tell him about his finger puppetry that the twins used to enjoy.

Bruce forgets the name of his own finger animal and Adam has a funny Peabody joke that Brian picks up on and tags, hilarious!

Adam is breaking down Lynette’s recent “Emergen-C” run for his cold prevention needs, he’s explaining how he instructed her to get a chub pack and how “tropical” flavoring is a cop out and tastes like shit.


Lynette got the tropical variety because they were out of the orange and now Adam is lamenting items that too closely resemble the standard flavor, hilarious description that Brian seems to appreciate and one again tags back, gold!

Adam is taking it back to the kitchen and the interesting discussion with Lynette, “I knew you’d be pissed no matter what” is now being broken down as a response while he cites his one man quest to destroy tropical flavoring along with Passion Fruit.

Adam is explaining how he would’ve preferred just a single box of the tropical to tide him over till the orange flavor was back in stock.


Alison is now fearing her impending marriage because of these type of events, she’s now breaking down her attempt to move the AC vent position along with Daniel’s failed attempt and her request for him to move it again.

Alison is explaining how she needs to change while Adam and Brian explain how guys don’t really care and she had nothing to fear, she can’t fuck things up.


Adam is joking about now getting hooked on the Tropical Emergen-C and forcing himself to consume it all until it’s gone, Brian seems to appreciate the craziness.

Adam is explaining how he can’t throw food away nor waste energy, he’s breaking down his attempts to get the wait staff to scrape all the plates into one doggy bag feed trough and their shaming attempts in response.

Adam is now joking about his hypothetical reaction should some part of the meal be included, he’s further explaining how they ask him shaming questions and Brian even agrees Adam is being pretty clear.


Adam is joking about a restaurant that would win his business for life via random free key lime pie slices and how there is always less food in the takeout container than you remember.

Alison and Brian have some nice reactions and now Adam is plugging Brian’s upcoming “I said yeah to that? I guess I got to be there” tour and Adam is lamenting his own similar agreements.

Adam has a great “hot sand fisting” metaphor and Brian stops to object, hilarious!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Alec Baldwin quitting twitter after his wife was falsely accused of tweeting during James Gandolfini funeral.

Alison is now reading some of Alec’s tweets in reply to the article, Adam’s initial reactions to the details are pretty great.

Brian has a great singing along to Wu-tang vs. yelling at a member to go along with Adam’s comments about racial slang and how it’s worse when directed at someone of that group.


Adam has a quick comment in reply to Dr. Bruce mocking the concept of “white privilege” while Alison reads the reaction from GLAAD along with Baldwin’s apology.

Adam is now breaking down why GLAAD can’t come after Alec due to his politics and work with them, very astute understanding of hypocrisy from the Aceman.

Gary is attempting to find out if this reporter was gay, he’s explaining why it matters with a hilarious “Irish/Beaner” comment that Brian agrees is actually funny.


Adam is explaining that Alec essentially falls back into his childhood defenses against these people when he gets into public arguments.

Adam, Brian and Bruce are breaking down all the classic childhood disses and insults, Gaylord and QueerBait are now being riffed.

Adam is doing a solo morning show duo improv of Gaylord and QueerBait, I wish Patton Oswalt or even BB was in studio to jump in for the 2nd role.


Adam just was told this reporter isn’t gay and is now declaring it less offensive while explaining that Alec’s natural abilities and acting gifts allow him to operate with impunity unlike people like Paula Deen who are dependent on sponsors.

Alison seems to agree and is now asking what crimes one is allowed to come back from, she’s explaining that Paula Deen can’t come back from her comments.

Adam is taking her argument and using talent and ability to explain how people can get past just about any wrong doing, he’s comparing the sins of Paula Deen to Michael Jackson.


They’re on a hilarious riff about Paula’s book being number 1 on amazon, good stuff.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving plugs and wrapping the show, very unusual vibe but I really enjoyed this one, nice work gang!